God of Crime

Chapter 9 - The Second Skill #2

Chapter 9 The Second Skill #2.

Chapter 9 - The Second Skill #2

Compared to the first skill he had gotten, there was something different about this.

He had learnt Robbery, and now it was Voice Modulation.

‘It has been registered in the temporary skills window. This means it is not yet been learned completely.’

He guessed the reason for the difference.

In the case of Robbery, he had succeeded in using it on the pickpocket as soon as he had gotten the skill.

Tae-hyuk realized the conditions needed to acquire the skills.

‘I need to use the skill on someone else.’

He kept it in mind.

He would deal a big blow to the voice phishers.

It would be easier with the Voice Modulation skill.

Tae-hyuk used the Demon Revealing Mirror to activate Voice Modulation.

He changed his voice to Ha-ran’s.

[Voice Modulation has been used.]

-You can imitate the voice of Seo Ha-ran directly.

"Ah... Mic test. Mic test. Seo Tae-hyuk, you are handsome! ......Hum, hum.”

Tae-hyuk cleared his throat and remained silent.

It was the first time he was using the skill, so it was blended with his original voice.

'I should practice.’

The voice phishers had disconnected the call, but they would call back soon.

In the meantime, he had to master Voice Modulation perfectly.

Tae-hyuk looked in the Demon Revealing Mirror and thought of Ha-ran’s voice.

Then he used the skill.

"Tae-hyuk, the weather today is quite good!”

‘Ugh. This sounds like the voice of a transgender.’

It was half a man’s voice and half a woman’s.

Tae-hyuk tried several variations.

"Tae-hyuk, happy birthday. Tae-hyuk, today’s side dishes are your favourite sausages and stir-fried vegetables. Tae-hyuk...”

No matter what he tried, he was missing 2%.

"Tae-hyuk, it is morning. Wake up? Tae-hyuk, I love...”

The voice of a young woman flowed from his mouth.

'That's it!'

Tae-hyuk’s voice was converted to Ha-ran’s perfectly.

‘Anyway, will the temporary skill disappear if I learn a different skill? I need to learn it completely if I want to make it permanent.’

He started to understand some of the mechanisms.


The phone started ringing again.

Tae-hyuk pressed the call button this time.


It was a trembling voice that seemed like it would burst out crying at any moment, and it was exactly like Ha-ran’s voice.

On the other side of the phone, a man’s thick voice could be heard,

-There is no need to panic.Your little brother will be okay if you do what I tell you.

"I-is that so?"

-Of course.Have you found what I asked you to?

Tae-hyuk decided to draw out the time.

"I'm sorry. I don't remember what it was... Can you please tell me one more time?”

-The bankbook and seal. And bring your ID card just in case.Once your little brother...


-Yes, approximately 15 million won is required for Tae-hyuk’s surgery fees as well as the repair of the car.Do you have that much in your bankbook?

“Yes, there is enough."


The man’s breathing on the other side of the phone became rough.

‘That guy. Do you think you’ve got a sucker?’

"Then I'll look again.”

-Yes, I’ll call you back after a while.I’ll say it once more—Tae-hyuk’s life lies in your hands.


The call was disconnected.

"Kya. Whose life is in whose hands? What a famous line... A famous line.”

Tae-hyuk clicked his tongue.

The easiest way to catch them was to get assistance from Kang-suk.

However, as with most voice phishing scams, the other person would be in a foreign country.

...Perhaps, China or the Philippines.

Even if he carried out an investigation, would he be able to catch their tails?

He wanted to inflict damage directly onto them.

‘Wait. How about that method?’

Tae-hyuk had been in prison for 10 years.

During that time, he met countless criminals.

Among those, there had been scammers.

'I didn’t think I would use what Ilearnt from the Elder like this.’

The Elder was the nickname of a legendary scam artist who had stolen hundreds of billions of won in scams.

Even so, he had only received seven years in prison.

Compare this to his roommate who had received three years for stealing ramyun and 40,000 won...

The Elder told him about the prey that was easiest to deceive.

It was those trying to scam other people.

A scam artist who tricked other scam artists. That was the Elder.

"By the way, Noona is really genuine. The other person was so excited about catching a big fish.”

In fact, all Tae-hyuk had done was put a spoon in the rice that had been served.

Ha-ran had completely fallen for the voice phishing scam.

From the scammer’s point of view, it was like fishing at a fish farm.

Thus, the people hadn’t even noticed that the person talking had changed.

“Aigoo. Noona is just like a child...”

Ha-ran was innocent to the point of stupidity.

Maybe that was why she experienced such a tragedy in the future that Tae-hyuk had seen.

He walked slowly through the house.

"They said it was the bankbook and seal? If I’m going to pretend to be duped, it should be perfect.”

He searched through the drawer where his sister hid her valuables.

“Huu... I will teach Noonim how to doubt someone.”

Tae-hyuk really liked Ha-ran the way she was now. However, he couldn’t help feeling uneasy.

"Found it! ... Uh, what is this?”

It was a jewellery box that girls liked to play with.

“This is obviously her treasure box.”

He had no idea her words were so literal.

"Let's open it."

Inside were some photos and a doll that Ha-ran liked. There were valuables like the bankbook along with miscellaneous goods.

"Family photo?”

It had been taken before the accident that their parents had died in. The five family members were gathered together, smiling brightly.

Tae-hyuk felt choked up and couldn’t look at it anymore.

In the end, he turned over the photo and saw writing on the back.

Now, I am Mother and Father.

Ha-ran’s fine writing.


What type of heart did she have when writing this? Tae-hyuk’sheart ached just thinking about it.

“Wake up, Seo Tae-hyuk. Don’t you have to finish what you’re doing?”

He would soak in the emotions after the work was over.

"Uh, there is another piece of paper?”

He tried to put the family photo back where it was and discovered another piece of paper.

Tae-hyuk confirmed what it was.

Then something hot exploded in his heart.

It was a university acceptance letter.

The letter had the name of the university that Ha-ran wanted to go to.

"I’m so stupid that I couldn’t get into university, so now I have to get a job...”

Ha-ran had laughed while saying that.

It had been far from the case.

"That lie... Really stupid.”

Tae-hyuk wiped away something hot that was flowing down his cheeks and made a vow.

He was alive due to someone’s sacrifice.

It was now his turn to return the favour.

‘Yes, I will go to university with Noona.’

Tae-hyuk tightened his grip on the Demon Revealing Mirror and engraved the new determination in his heart.

He waited for a while, then he received a call from those guys.

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