God of Fishing

Chapter 1126 - Beast King Valley

Chapter 1126: Beast King Valley

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Han Fei was puzzled by the Giant King’s words. He seemed to have suddenly woken up. Shouldn’t he try harder to make breakthroughs and regain his memory earlier…

Suddenly, Han Fei’s face changed slightly. “Teacher, are you saying that my memory will change the relationship between me and Linglan?”

The Giant King said with a buzz, “Nonsense. Since your spiritual consciousness has been awakened, you should realize how extraordinary you are. You might not be from this era… No, you’re definitely not from this era. You’ve crossed the long river of time and returned here. When your memories are completely awakened, you’ll know why you came here. You’ll know where you should go… At that time, would you be able to bring that little girl away?”

Han Fei was confused. Although he had already activated his spiritual sense, he had forgotten too much. What river of time? He couldn’t understand it at all!

In short, the Giant King meant that he would one day leave this world.. But wasn’t there only one world? Could it be that he could return to the past or the future?

Han Fei’s heart sank. “I see, Master.”

The Giant King let out a long sigh. “Kid, you’re in a dilemma right now. Perhaps there’s only one little girl waiting for you in this world, but in another era, there might be thousands or even tens of thousands of humans waiting for you. You don’t have a choice. You’ll leave eventually.”

The Giant King continued, “Actually, I think you should continue to seal your spiritual consciousness. This way, your cultivation will be purer. Otherwise, if you open your spiritual consciousness a little, you will only be troubled by the various memories in your head.”

Han Fei’s face turned pale.

After a long time, he suddenly raised his head and asked, “Teacher, is there a way to seal my spiritual consciousness?”

The Giant King took a deep breath. “Even if I have a way, your Spiritual Sense has already been activated. As long as you break through or your soul is restored, your Spiritual Sense will also be opened. This process is irreversible unless someone helps you seal your Spiritual Sense every time you restore your Spiritual Sense. But obviously, this is not possible. Because once you are completely awake, you will resist the seal. You might not even be able to seal it.”

Han Fei gritted his teeth. “Please seal my spiritual sense first, Master.”

Ximen Linglan was currently cultivating “Hundred War Divine Hammer” hard. Unfortunately, even if she used all her strength, she could only make one round every time. After one round, she would be exhausted.

Ximen Linglan heard that Han Fei finished nine rounds the first time he practiced it and broke the record of the war giants. Hou Tu even secretly told Ximen Linglan that even the Giant King only finished five rounds back then.

This time, the pressure on Ximen Linglan was huge. Didn’t this mean that Han Fei’s potential was even greater than the Giant King’s?

After one round, Ximen Linglan took seven to eight deep breaths. Her gaze was firm as she swung her hammer again.

Hou Tu said, “Little girl, the chances of success are very low if you want to try the second round. That means your physique is already comparable to a powerful adult giant.”

Ximen Linglan shouted, “I can.”

Clang! Clang! Clang!


After she swung the hammer more than 50 times, there was a “crack” sound. Ximen Linglan finally couldn’t hold on anymore and her arm broke.

With a whoosh, a figure appeared and the Divine Healing Technique descended.

Han Fei grabbed Ximen Linglan’s arm and pressed it lightly. With a click, her arm was reconnected.

Before Ximen Linglan saw him, she said in surprise, “Idiot, you’re back.”


It had been half a year since they last met, and Ximen Linglan had been missing him every day. So, she reached out and hugged Han Fei.

“Next, next time, don’t force yourself.”

Han Fei scratched his head and cast a Divine Healing Technique on Ximen Linglan. Although Ximen Linglan was in his arms, he didn’t seem to feel anything at all.

Ximen Linglan didn’t notice anything. She raised her head and smiled. “Idiot, see, my strength is growing fast!”

Han Fei chuckled. “Good.”


The Giant King appeared and said casually, “Since you can finish a round, your physique can almost be comparable to an ordinary giant’s. Looks like you’ve also obtained the essence of Wang Han’s Great Acupoints Merging Technique. How well have you mastered it?”

Ximen Linglan quickly let go of Han Fei and said respectfully, “Senior, I’ve reached 16 acupoints.”

The Giant King nodded slightly. “OK, no wonder you can continue to hammer for more than 50 times. When you reach 8 acupoints, you should be able to finish two rounds. When all the acupoints are merged, you should be able to finish three rounds. After that, you might have a chance to finish more rounds when you become a peak Hidden Fisher, but it’s very difficult.”

Hearing this, Ximen Linglan’s eyes instantly lit up. “Thank you for your guidance, Senior.”

The Giant King nodded. “Um! Wang Han brat, there are still a few months before you go to the Beast King’s side. Help refine weapons! You don’t need to cultivate during this time.”


The Giant King shook his head slightly. “Then what are you standing there for? Aren’t you hungry after not eating for half a year? Hurry up and eat. This girl’s cultivation has just begun. Don’t disturb her.”

Although Ximen Linglan really wanted to see Han Fei, she still pushed him and said, “Go and eat. I’m still cultivating.”

Five months later.

At night, the moon was bright and the stars were scarce. There were snores all around.

At some point of time, Han Fei and Ximen Linglan had gotten used to this snoring sound. They could now sleep against the thunderous snoring.

However, Ximen Linglan was still awake.

She had just finished a meal and was cultivating the 108 Desolate God Body. When she was done, she took a deep breath and said, “Idiot, merging the major acupoints into one is so difficult!”

Han Fei sat on the cushion and watched Ximen Linglan cultivate. Hearing Ximen Linglan’s complaint, Han Fei scratched his head. “It’ll be soon.”

Ximen Linglan sighed. “Idiot, why didn’t Senior Giant King teach you how to cultivate these few months?”

Han Fei shook his head. “I don’t know. Maybe I’m too stupid.”

“Bah. If you’re stupid, what am I?”

Ximen Linglan practiced again.

It was not until late at night that she laid down on the cushion, exhausted. She did not want to move at all. “Sigh, idiot, you know what, I will definitely achieve a small success in three months at most. When that time comes, I will be able to finish two rounds of the Hundred War Divine Hammer. Then I will go to Senior Beast King and look for you.”

Han Fei smiled foolishly. “Okay!”

The next morning, the Giant King took Han Fei to the Beast King Valley.

When he saw Han Fei again, the Beast King looked Han Fei up and down holding his big rod and asked, “Why is this guy still so silly?”

The Giant King told him about Han Fei’s request to seal his spiritual consciousness.

The Beast King expressed his sympathy. “Just like when my wife died of old age, this king was heartbroken. This boy is quite sentimental. But that’s fine too. Anyway, this king only has one ‘Beast King Art’, and the rest are all combat skills. When the time comes, if he opens his spiritual awareness again, this king will help him seal it again.”

The Giant King said, “Although his spiritual consciousness has been sealed, this brat’s heart of a powerhouse is still alive. You have to suppress his breakthrough. Otherwise, it’s very likely that he will break through on his own.”

The big ape waved his hand and said, “Understood, understood. Leave! This king wants to teach my disciple.”

The Giant King scoffed. I’ve already taught him what he needs to learn. This kid is already ridiculously strong. What else can you teach? The Beast King Art will just be icing on the cake.

After the Giant King left, the ape curled its lips and said, “Old Gu is smart! Does he think this king can’t teach him anything? I don’t care if he breaks through or not. Once he breaks through, I’ll just seal for him.”

Having figured it out, the ape threw a rod that had been prepared to Han Fei. “Disciple, this rod will be your weapon in the future. I made it for you personally. Don’t throw it away.”

Han Fei scratched his head and smiled. “Yes.”

The ape patted its butt and said, “Let’s go. I’ll bring you to identify the old beasts. They’re all top-notch powerhouses. Hmm, let’s identify all the beasts first.”

The Beast King’s idea was simple: If the future generations of the beast race were in a bad situation, Han Fei had to recognize the beast race first before he could take care of them.

After all, many of the beasts weren’t very friendly.

Otherwise, the Remote Desolate Jungle wouldn’t have become a hunting ground for humans in the past, and the beasts wouldn’t have taken the initiative to attack humans.

“Roar! All law enforcer-level beasts and above, come here!”

The Beast King let out a howl, and all sorts of howls could be heard in the forest.

Swish swish swish!

The first creatures to arrive were naturally the explorers. Han Fei scratched his head. He seemed to have seen them before.

These explorer-level beasts included tigers, apes of the same species as the Beast King, single-horned rhinoceros, giant wild bear, lightning leopard, six-tailed white fox, beautiful white goats, elephants in black armor, and ordinary-looking water buffaloes…

Han Fei was also stunned. In the Grand Myriad Mountains, there were more than 50 explorers.

What a terrifying number!

This was just one Beast Race, not counting the Sky Race, the Spiritual Plant Race, and the Giant Race…

As for those above law enforcer level, there were even more. In a short while, the Beast King Valley was filled to the brim.

Among these creatures, some of them looked familiar to Han Fei, but most of them looked strange to him.

The first to speak was not the brightly colored tiger or the giant wild bear, but the Oddhorn White Goat that was glowing faintly.

At this time, the tall and proud white goat sized up Han Fei. “Is this human the oracle that the war giants said?”

The giant wild bear let out two loud roars. “I can feel that this kid’s aura is special. He doesn’t seem like an ordinary person.”

The brightly-colored tiger glared: “Why is this kid looking at me? I can’t help it. Among you people, my fur is always so outstanding. He must be shocked.”

All the beasts :”…”

All exploratory beasts could speak. In fact, most law enforcer-level creatures could speak as well. However, they had no right to speak in this situation.

For example, when the tiger was narcissistic, most of the law-enforcers were indifferent. Only the powerhouses of the same level, such as the Oddhorn White Goat, had a look of disdain in their eyes. The Six-Tailed White Fox even rolled her eyes and sneered.

Of course, the tiger might be used to it, so he didn’t mind at all, but narrowed his eyes and stared at Han Fei.

This was a sign of hunting.

However, Han Fei was still a fool and had walked the Invincible Path, so he didn’t react at all.


A large ape mocked, “Hai! This tiger has lost face again!”


The brightly colored tiger turned around and glared angrily: “Stupid monkey, shut up.”

The Beast King hammered the rod in his hand and said, “Alright, all of you shut up first. Today, the main thing is to get to know each other. At this moment, this king has already accepted Wang Han as my disciple. Other than this king having great arts to impart to him, all of you can also be half a teacher to him. The Hundred Beast Soul Subduing Roar is also a wondrous technique, and you must teach it to him.”


At once, the beast group became restless.

The giant wild bear said, “Why? What does this human kid do to deserve the Hundred Beast Soul Subduing Roar?”

The Six-tailed White Fox asked, “King, what’s his background?”

The water buffalo’s heavy voice said, “This child does not represent the human race, right?”

The white goat said calmly, “We can teach him, but we need to know why.”

The Beast King roared, “This has nothing to do with the human race. This child crossed the river of time and came to the Grand Myriad Mountains. In the future, the Beast Race might undergo a great change! Do you all understand? Old Gu even taught him War Body. What’s wrong with teaching the Hundred Beast Soul Subduing Roar to him?”


The beast hordes flared up again.

Most importantly, the name of the river of time was too shocking! A group of giant beasts looked at Han Fei in disbelief and thought, can this guy cross the river of time?

There were also some law-enforcers who did not even know what the river of time was?

Even the explorers only knew a little about it. It was a secret that they could never touch.

The Beast King glanced at the other beasts and said, “After this king imparts the art to him, I’ll let him go to your territory to learn. Teach him well! This matter will benefit our descendants for a long time to come. Do not neglect it.”

The old water buffalo nodded. “Okay!”

Since someone had agreed and it involved a huge secret, no one objected.

After the Beast King introduced the beasts one by one, the Beast King did not summon any Hidden Fisher-level creatures, mainly because those creatures would come too slowly.

Moreover, the law of survival of beasts was that the strong preyed on the weak. The strong didn’t have much sympathy for the weak. If the strong were in a good mood, they might not eat the weak, but if they were in a bad mood, then they would kill the weak in one go.

After dispersing the beasts, the Beast King looked at Han Fei, who was still in a daze, and said, “Disciple, let me teach you now.”

The Beast King was even more direct than the Giant King. He pointed his finger at Han Fei’s forehead.

Before he started to teach, he first inserted the Million Beast Album into Han Fei’s soul. As long as he didn’t pry into Han Fei’s soul, the Demon Purification Pot wouldn’t act up.

Han Fei felt as if thousands of beasts were galloping in his mind. Various creatures of the beast race appeared and then quickly melted.

The Beast King did it because he wanted Han Fei to recognize every kind of beast.

As for whether Han Fei would treat the beasts well in the future? Although it was hard to say, the Beast King felt that he could implant the concept of beast friendliness into Han Fei’s soul first.

So, the beasts in Han Fei’s mind became cute, and the friendly image of the beasts was imprinted in Han Fei’s mind.

Actually, even without this step, the Beast King was not very worried.

It was because if he didn’t see wrongly before, the situation of later generations wasn’t much better than the Age of Doom.

If the sea race had been the dominant force at that time, even if the human race had wanted to rise to prominence, they wouldn’t have attacked the Beast Race. The tens of thousands of races would have banded together to fight against the sea race. This would be the trend.

At that time, regardless of whether Han Fei was really friendly to the beasts or not, as long as he was not from the Sea Race, he had to ally with the beasts.

At this moment, a magical technique entered Han Fei’s brain. He tensed up and the technique appeared in his mind.

The Beast King roared, “Don’t resist. This is the secret technique of the Beast King Valley, the [Beast King Art]. It can help you transform into a beast and is beneficial to you.”

Han Fei calmed down and woke up two hours later.

Seeing Han Fei’s stunned expression, the Beast King was surprised. Why did Han Fei give such a look?

However, that expression quickly disappeared.

In fact, the Fish Transformation Technique appeared in Han Fei’s mind just now, but the Beast King Art was similar to the Fish Transformation Technique.

But in reality, these two techniques were fundamentally different.

To be precise, this Beast King Art was more like a transformation technique. However, there were limitations to this transformation technique. Han Fei couldn’t directly transform into a living creature. If he wanted to transform into a beast, he couldn’t just transform into their appearance. He had to understand their fighting style.

Other than transformation, the Beast King Art had an even more powerful ability, which was to stimulate one’s remaining combat power in advance and make one’s body bigger and stronger.

This was why those powerhouses would transform into 300-meter-tall giants at the drop of a hat. It was like a machine with a normal power output of 20%. However, using this method, it could directly become 100%. The consequences could be imagined! It was equivalent to a small universe exploding.

When Han Fei remembered everything, the Beast King nodded in satisfaction and said in a deep voice, “Disciple, I’ve taught you a lot. Remember to be friendly with the beasts.”

Han Fei scratched his head. “Okay!”

The Beast King laughed, “Go! In the next year, when you leave my Beast King Valley, you can go to the territory of those old beasts and learn the Beast King Art and Hundred Beast Soul Subduing Roar.”

The Beast King waved his hand and Han Fei disappeared.

When Han Fei appeared again, he found many apes and monkeys looking at him.

Some monkeys were sitting on a tree eating bananas.

Some were hanging upside down on trees, looking at him curiously.

Most of the apes were holding giant rods, their chests heaving as if they were going to fight Han Fei.

However, Han Fei suddenly frowned. Why is this place so familiar?

He turned around and saw a huge stone seat not far behind him.

Subconsciously, Han Fei looked at the mountain not far away and found a cliff. On the cliff was an extremely familiar rod technique.

“Monkey King’s Three Thousand Staffs?”

Han Fei murmured to himself. He didn’t know why he said that word. He just said it subconsciously.


One of the apes roared and pointed at a small ape at the level of a Hidden Fisher. “He’s here. Go try him. Let the human feel the Three Thousand Demon Rods of our ape race.”

Then, the big ape looked at Han Fei. “Human boy, although you are my king’s disciple, it’s not easy to walk out of the Beast King Valley. It’s even harder to walk out of those old beasts’ territories. You have to fight…”

Roar! Roar! Roar!

“Fight ~”

On the trees in all directions, little monkeys and large apes were shouting. They were eating bananas and watching the show excitedly.

The ape was already a law enforcer. He glanced at Han Fei and said, “Human… Human… Let me try… Can you handle it?”


The ape jumped up with a rod and smashed the rod at Han Fei.

Holding the rod given by the Beast King, Han Fei subconsciously attacked back.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

There were many staff techniques. That ape didn’t use any big moves right from the start. Instead, it was used to using all sorts of techniques, such as attacking, unveiling, cleaving, covering, pressing, sweeping, piercing, holding, lifting, pulling…

Han Fei’s footwork changed, and his body twisted irregularly. He switched between the rod techniques casually, as if he was very proficient in rod techniques.

One of the apes was surprised. “This human is quite good! Has he learned rod techniques before? He looks very skilled.”

An old ape said, “He must have learned it before. Look at his staff technique. From exerting force to twisting his body, he was fighting with ease. This child’s staff technique is probably quite strong!”

At this moment, the Beast King was also looking over.

However, these techniques were nothing to him.

In the eyes of a powerhouse, techniques were nothing! It was just some fancy stuff. As long as one was strong enough, they could only rely on their physique and reaction speed to fight.

When that ape used the Monkey King’s Three Thousand Staffs, waves surged like tides, one wave after another.

In a few seconds, Han Fei was blown back.

Just as the Beast King and the apes were gloating, Han Fei’s rod flashed across the sky and hundreds of rods were stacked up.


“How can that be?”

“How does he know the Three Thousand Demon Rods?”

The Beast King’s eyes widened and then were slowly narrowed. As a peak-level Venerable, he could tell that Han Fei was quite familiar with the Three Thousand Demon Rods.

Although he didn’t seem to be very proficient in it, it was definitely not the first time he used it.

“This kid has some connections with my race. It looks like he’s already come into contact with the Three Thousand Demon Rods in the era he is from. No wonder, no wonder. I feel like he’s related to the beast race…”

The Beast King grinned. That’s good! It was great since Han Fei had already had some connection with the beast race.

However, the Beast King frowned. Maybe it was because of luck that Han Fei could learn the Three Thousand Demon Rods. However, this technique usually wouldn’t be taught to outsiders. What kind of opportunity was it that he could learn the Three Thousand Demon Rods?

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