God of Fishing

Chapter 2870 - 2870 A Strange Usage of the Green Jade Stone Bridge (3)

Chapter 2870 - 2870 A Strange Usage of the Green Jade Stone Bridge (3)

2870 A Strange Usage of the Green Jade Stone Bridge (3)

Of course, there must have been such a person in history. Otherwise, how could “All Things Three” have been passed down? Old Han had said that one of the two cultivation techniques of Yin-Yang World was the Great Dream Heavenly Book, and the other was the All Things Three.

Combined with Old Han’s current strength, it wasn’t unreasonable that All Things Three was comparable to the Great Dream Heavenly Book.

Finally free, Han Fei came to the green jade stone bridge.

Han Fei couldn’t figure out whether this green jade stone bridge or the Great Dao on the two roads behind it was his original Great Dao.


Logically speaking, after becoming a Monarch, one’s Great Dao would transform into the power of laws. However, this Great Dao hadn’t changed at all, and he hadn’t gained any insights.


Han Fei stepped onto the green jade stone bridge. The front and back roads were actually the same for him. In the past, he took the front road. This time, Han Fei turned around and walked towards the road with the power of extreme cold.

Crossing the 10,000-meter smooth road, Han Fei looked at the snowy road in front of him and the looming huge gate in the distance. He took a slight breath and stepped on it.


The bone-piercing coldness penetrated into his body. Although theoretically this was his original Great Dao, it was freezing him. Around Han Fei, there were ice crystals condensing. If he didn’t move, these condensed ice crystals would soon freeze the space around him, and then Han Fei would be trapped in the ice of this space.

Han Fei didn’t hesitate. Since he was already here, he naturally had to take a walk and give it a try. At this moment, he had just entered this place, and the power of ice wasn’t that strong. A junior Sky Opener should be able to hold out for two or three seconds.

However, as Han Fei crossed a hundred meters on this road, even a peak-level late-stage Star Transformation Realm cultivator couldn’t hold on for more than five seconds.

Less than a kilometer, the extreme cold power here was completely comparable to the ice world in the Chaotic Wasteland. The last time Han Fei walked this road, he could only make it this far and couldn’t go any further because he couldn’t bear the cold.

This time, Han Fei felt fine. With his strength at the Dao Proving Level, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to hold out here for half a day.

Holding his breath, Han Fei quickly moved forward on the ice road. Surprisingly, every time he took a step, he left a footprint on the ice.

Three thousand meters, five thousand meters, ten thousand meters…

When Han Fei had walked 30,000 meters on this road, his body finally began to tremble.

With every step he took, there would be the sound of ice crystals shattering around him. Once he stopped, these ice crystals would freeze the space around him in a few seconds, and then he would have to retreat from the green jade stone bridge.

“I can’t even walk one tenth of this path with the strength of the Dao Proving Level?”

Han Fei was shocked. Although he didn’t know how far he had gone, it was definitely less than one-tenth. The huge door looked quite far away from him and didn’t seem to have changed much from the beginning.

Han Fei was helpless. He knew that he couldn’t pass the road. The green jade stone bridge was probably much more mysterious than he thought.

However, it wasn’t that Han Fei didn’t gain anything. He discovered that the longer he walked on this path and the farther he went, the better his bones, flesh, and spiritual power adapted to his Original Great Dao.

More importantly, Han Fei found that his Dao bone that was transforming into the Heavenly Dao Jade Marrow bone had an ice-blue color. Even the Dao patterns had undergone a slight change.

“This is my limit…”


Han Fei retreated from the green jade stone bridge and immediately felt his body cracking. Because he had to frantically resist the power of extreme cold, his body had been in a tense state, absorbing and locking a lot of the power of extreme cold.

Therefore, when this crackling sound sounded, the thousands of kilometers around Han Fei were instantly frozen, turning into a world of ice.

Han Fei was about to curse, thinking that the resources and spiritual plants within a thousand kilometers were going to suffer.

But in the next moment, something unexpected happened. In this world of ice, a few spiritual plants unexpectedly didn’t shatter but mutated.


“How is that possible?”

Even Han Fei himself was shocked. One of the mutated spiritual plants was an orchid.

This orchid was one of the many seeds that Han Fei obtained from the Infinite Mining Area. He didn’t find it special before, but this thing could produce a small mutation in this extreme cold. It seemed that this orchid seed was underestimated!

Logically speaking, these ordinary spiritual plants couldn’t withstand the extreme cold power, even if it was just a small amount of the power that escaped from his body!

Han Fei came to the orchid and information popped up in his eyes.

<Name > Mutant Ice Orchid (Newborn)

<Introduction > This is a mutated spiritual treasure that was eroded by the extreme cold power and an unknown power. Because it was corroded by the extreme cold power in a very short period of time and couldn’t shatter in time, the unknown power spontaneously borrowed its body and life potential to mutate it. In essence, the mutated Ice Orchid is not the same spiritual plant as ordinary water orchids. The mutated Ice Orchid can grow quickly under the baptism of enough chaotic extreme cold power and the unknown power. After its leaves mature, one can pick some to eat. After swallowing its leaves for 90 days in a row, one can master the Dao of extreme cold and increase his resistance to extreme cold by 10%.

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