God of Fishing

Chapter 3713 Side Story (4)

Chapter 3713 Side Story (4)

"Han Luoluo, I was just kidding!"

A moment later, Zhang Bushuai and the other two were beaten black and blue. They shouted, "Old Ren, help!"

"Teacher Ren, won't your conscience hurt if you just watch like this?"

"Teacher Ren?"

In the next moment, a rough voice shouted, "Bah, three men can't beat a little girl, and you still have the cheek to ask for help? Come here, each of you, practice 108 Desolate God Bodies."



"Teacher Ren, you'd better go about your business! We can handle this."

Ren Tianfei appeared and snorted. "Are you afraid now? It's too late. Practice."

At this moment, a Nine-Tailed Mantis Shrimp swam down from the sky and said, "Senior Ren, it's getting late. Many guests are coming today. Why don't you punish them later?"

"Humph! You guys are lucky."

"Uncle Ritian, pull us up."

Nine Tails said angrily, "I told you yesterday that there were guests coming today, but you insisted on running in the sea. Fine, you can wait to be scolded when you go back!"

Another moment later.

On a floating island.

In a large manor, the sound of flutes was melodious. In a large open-air kitchen, Le Renkuang was holding a dried fish in his mouth and humming a small tune. His hand was moving up and down in the void, and hundreds of big pots were shaking crazily in midair. A hundred flames rose to the sky. It was a scene, but not so beautiful.

Han Fei was seriously tasting a row of sauces on the side. He said, "Kuangkuang! Your new sauce is extraordinary! How did you come up with it?"

Le Renkuang snorted. "Who am I? Since you resigned as the God of Cookery, my ingenious ideas have been surging like a spring. You can call me the great inventor now."

Next door, Zhang Xuanyu and Yi Xiyan were sitting in the kitchen eating melon seeds. There was already a spread of melon seed shells on the ground in front of them.

Zhang Xuanyu said, "By the way, who are Xia Xiaochan and the others picking up? Why are they gone for so long?"

Han Fei said grumpily, "You'll find out later. Hey, hey, clean up all your melon seeds. If you have nothing to do, go over there to watch chess."

On the other side, Old Han and Tang Ge were playing chess. Tang Ge was frowning, and Jiang Linxian was watching the battle with a smile.

Hearing that they were going to let Zhang Xuanyu and Yi Xiyan come over to watch the game, Tang Ge immediately stopped them. "Don't! These two will make noises and disturb me while eating melon seeds."

Zhang Xuanyu shrugged. "Alas! I'd better just eat melon seeds here!"

Click, click, click…

The flute sound was melodious, mellow, and cheerful. Jiuyin Ling was leaning against the purple bamboo by the side of the house, playing. Not far away from her, Ximen Linglan was sitting on a chair sunbathing, holding a bunch of red grapes in her hand. Every time she stuffed a grape into her mouth, a faint power would rush out of her body, but before it reached half an inch, the energy would be sucked back by her.

From time to time, Ximen Linglan would stroke her belly because it was already bulging.

At this moment, after they finished eating, Ximen Linglan hurriedly shouted, "Xiao Jiu, come and eat too! There are so many of them. I can't finish them alone."

Jiuyin Ling chuckled. "They're all for you to eat. I heard that by eating grapes, you can give birth to a baby with big eyes. Xiaobai ate a lot of grapes when she was pregnant."

As soon as Jiuying Ling said so, she heard a group of noisy voices.

"Dad, I'm being bullied."

"Dad, Han Luoluo is bullying us."

"Uncle Han Fei, take care of Han Luoluo! Control her strength!"

"Yes, you'd better seal her."


On Nine Tails' head, the little girl crossed her arms and said angrily, "Who asked you to smash the fish at me?"

Han Fei chuckled. "You several men can't beat my daughter. How do you have the cheek to complain?"


At this moment, a door opened and Luo Xiaobai walked out with a book in her hand.

Han Luoluo immediately jumped off Nine Tails' head and bloomed beside Luo Xiaobai like a flower. "Mom, they hit me first."

Luo Xiaobai gently knocked Han Luoluo's head with a book. "Naughty. Okay, behave yourself. There will be guests later."

Hula! Hula!

The three boys who were complaining just now had forgotten that they had been beaten up. At this moment, they all rushed to the kitchen.

Le Renkuang immediately shouted, "Don't come over! There are guests coming. Whoever dares to steal food will be punished."

At this moment, beams of light appeared between the heavens and earth. After approaching this floating island, those lights turned into terrifying existences.

There were ferocious Kylins, divine trees that reached tens of thousands of feet, giant beasts with iron backs like mountains, giant birds that blotted out the sky, and azure dragons swimming in the void…


The children looked up at the sky and exclaimed.

Xia Xiaochan and Han Chanyi landed first and then said, "Everyone, this is it."

Han Fei looked up and said angrily, "Hey, hey, that's enough! I only have such a big space here. Are you going to collapse my island?"


"All right, let's become smaller."

The Primordial Kylin transformed into the size of a mutt, and the giant beasts transformed into humans with a thought…

In the blink of an eye, there were hundreds of people standing in the manor.

These people were carrying bags of various sizes.

Seeing the children staring at him, the Primordial Kylin and the others felt a little embarrassed. They immediately reached into their bags and took out a godly weapon, a Divine Fruit Dao Book with Great Dao runes flowing on it. Then, he roared in the gentlest tone he felt, "Come, boys and girls, this is your gift."

"Boohoo ~"

As soon as the Primordial Kylin spoke, Han Luoluo, Zhang Bushuai, and the others were frightened to tears.


Li Daoyi slapped the Primordial Kylin's head. "How many times have I told you to speak softly?"

The Primordial Kylin was also speechless. Isn't my voice soft?

Beside him, Cangtian was also speechless. "Look at what you took out. Is that something a child can play with?"

Han Fei was lost for words. "Hey… I said I would treat you to a meal, but what's going on? Are you moving?"

Cangtian laughed and said, "Junior Brother, we have to have a place to stay! Besides, it's better to have more people together, right? We'll settle down here this time."

With that, Cangtian beckoned to everyone, "Hey, everyone, stop standing. Let's find our territories first?"

Han Fei: "..."

Le Renkuang, Zhang Xuanyu, and the others also looked at Han Fei, thinking, Why did these Immortals come to live with us? You didn't mention it before!

Luo Xiaobai said, "Seniors, it's good for you to live here in seclusion. However, hundreds of thousands of ordinary people will move here soon. Seniors, you should indeed choose a good place."

Upon hearing this, Han Fei thought to himself, Luo Xiaobai is really smart. I wanted to set some rules for them, but once ordinary people live here, they will have to restrain themselves greatly if they want to live here in seclusion, so I don't have to do that.

However, the Immortals immediately knew what Luo Xiaobai meant.

Someone laughed. "It doesn't matter. We're here to live in seclusion, not to fight. We'll seal our strength later…"

Han Fei smiled and said, "That's it! Don't look for territory now. Let's start the banquet!"

"Come on… let's start eating…"

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