God of Fishing

Chapter 721 - A Chess Game

Chapter 721: A Chess Game

The Hexagon Starfish surrendered. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep the Spirit Awakening Fluid, but he just didn’t expect Han Fei to come so soon. Otherwise, if he could have had a few more days, he might have been able to break through to level-47. At that time, he would definitely become a powerful starfish.

The Hexagon Starfish took out 2,000 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid.

Han Fei was immediately furious. “Do you think I’m a fool? Hand it all in.”

The Hexagon Starfish grieved. “There are only 2,000 kilograms left!”

Han Fei sneered. “Dishonest starfish, do you think you have too many tentacles? You drank more than 10,000 kilograms, fine! But how can you tell me you have only 2,000 kilograms left? ”

Han Fei kept interrogating the Hexagon Starfish and even entered his gates to search around before he finally confirmed that that was all.

There was only 2,900 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid in total.

Han Fei was speechless. If he came one single day later, there wouldn’t be a single drop of Spirit Awakening Fluid left for him. This starfish was such a glutton!

However, this indirectly confirmed Han Fei’s guess: there must have been a lot of Spirit Awakening Fluid in the Undersea Chimney. Xia Xiaochan alone had snatched more than 20,000 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid. How incredible!

More than 20,000 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid, which was equivalent to more than one billion points of credit! But the Hexagon Starfish almost drank it all.

Han Fei asked, “When did Xia Xiaochan leave?”

“Just yesterday.”

“How much Spirit Awakening Fluid did she take with her?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s eyes rolled. “Not a single bit. She said she gave it to me. Therefore, the Spirit Awakening Fluid belongs to Starfish.”

Han Fei sneered. “I will confiscate the rest.”

The Hexagon Starfish: “…”

With a flash between Han Fei’s eyebrows, Little Black and Little White appeared. Without saying anything, Han Fei directly threw 400 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid over.

As a result, the lustre on Little White and Little Black became stronger, but they still failed to make a breakthrough.

So Han Fei threw another 500 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid to them. This time, when Little White swallowed 300 kilograms, she broke through and finally reached level-39.

Han Fei’s eyes lit up. Under the Hexagon Starfish’s aggrieved gaze, he fed all the remaining 2,200 kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid to Little White.

Swallowing it, Little White seemed to become more and more holy. However, she failed to make another breakthrough and seemed to be stuck at a breaking point.

The Hexagon Starfish said, “This, this must be a big bottleneck, and the Spirit Awakening Fluid must not be enough.”


Han Fei slapped the Hexagon Starfish to the ground. “Then why didn’t you save more for me?”

This was a pity indeed. He didn’t know how much Spirit Awakening Fluid was needed for a spiritual beast to make a breakthrough. However, as mysterious creatures, Little Black and Little White were extremely powerful, so they might need more Spirit Awakening Fluid.

Having no choice, Han Fei could only stop.

After all, this was only the third day for him to go to sea. The marine resources were so rich that it was impossible for him to seize them all in one or two days.

Han Fei believed that even if Little Black and Little White hadn’t been able to break through, they would do it soon. He would work out a way to get more Spirit Awakening Fluid to help these two little guys break through.

As for the other beasts, they’ll have to wait!

Unless he could get tens of thousands of kilograms of Spirit Awakening Fluid, there wasn’t enough Spirit Awakening Fluid for them.

Han Fei grabbed the Hexagon Starfish and pressed it on his shoulder. “Go, let’s find Xia Xiaochan.”

The Hexagon Starfish almost cried. “Starfish is not going. It’s too dangerous outside, and Starfish wants to stay here.”

Han Fei said fiercely, “Shut up! If you stay here, sooner or later you’ll be dug out by others.”

At this moment, Han Fei was full of doubt. Xia Xiaochan turned into a crab and left without taking a single bit of Spirit Awakening Fluid? Where did she go?

Since she had escaped, she would definitely be able to return easily to return to the Scattered Stars Island if she wanted to. After all, Xia Xiaochan also had a Wind God Boat.

Besides, if Xia Xiaochan was going back, she would have definitely brought the Hexagon Starfish with her.

And why did Xia Xiaochan give the Spirit Awakening Fluid to the Hexagon Starfish?

She knew Little White had the ability to track, so if Han Fei knew that she hadn’t returned to the Scattered Stars Island, he would definitely come to look for her.

So, Xia Xiaochan probably wanted to leave this batch of Spirit Awakening Fluid to him!

Thinking of this, Han Fei immediately slapped the Hexagon Starfish. “Did Xia Xiaochan ask you to give the Spirit Awakening Fluid to me when she left?”

The Hexagon Starfish’s tentacles stiffened, and his big eyes kept rolling. “No, she said it was for Starfish.”

Seeing the Hexagon Starfish’s reaction, Han Fei knew his guess was right. He sneered. “Okay, you bad starfish! Our labor contract is renewed for ten years. You’ve sold yourself to me!”

Hexagon Starfish grieved. “She did give it to Starfish…”

Han Fei didn’t listen to his explanation, but said indifferently, “If you can find her, then I won’t pursue this matter again, but if you can’t, I’m telling you, you’re doomed.”

Han Fei knew that something must have happened to Xia Xiaochan. He didn’t know what exactly happened to her, but something must have happened to her.

Because of this, she chose not to return to the Scattered Stars Island.

However, although Xia Xiaochan was not weak, the outer domain of the Scattered Stars Island was extremely dangerous.

Only Han Fei knew how many difficulties he had encountered in the last three days. The outer sea was many times more dangerous than the level-three fishery.

Little White was heading in a direction, swimming slowly. Han Fei was not in a hurry either.

Now that Xia Xiaochan had sobered up, no one could catch her. With the Metamorphosis Water at her disposal, Xia Xiaochan could change into anything.

Since Xia Xiaochan’s safety was not a problem, Han Fei was not that anxious. He planned to look for her while sharpening his skills.

However, little did he know that the Scattered Stars Island was in an uproar because of him.

The first one who jumped out was Zhang Xuanyu. He flew up and kicked Le Renkuang. “You damn fatty, why didn’t you tell me that? Am I still your buddy? How could you just let Feifei run to the outer sea alone? You really piss me off.”

Le Renkuang was aggrieved. “But if we all went with him, it would attract a lot of attention!”

Luo Xiaobai has just returned, and as usual, she was the calmest one. “Don’t worry. It shouldn’t be a big problem. At least Senior Brother Dashuai said that Han Fei killed a lot of sea monsters, and this is all credit, which should be able to offset the charges against him.”

Zhang Xuanyu was still angry. “The point is whether Xia Xiaochan is safe or not!”

Everyone’s heart did a flip. Indeed, no one knew this! According to the implications of Gong Wenhai and Yang Ying from the Dark Hunting Legion, Xia Xiaochan seemed to have run away after murdering other humans!

However, Luo Xiaobai and the others certainly didn’t believe this.

Luo Xiaobai instructed, “Keep an eye on Gong Wenhai, Yang Ying, and Shui Ran. The one among them who maliciously spread this rumor is the most suspicious one.”

Twisted Jungle.

Jiang Qin frowned. “Shall I go find them?”

Old Jiang shook his head. “No. The life tablets of the five of them are all in my hand and they are all right. As for why they don’t come back… Perhaps they don’t want to come back?”

Jiang Qin exclaimed, “But, this is too dangerous! They’re not strong enough yet to explore the outer sea of the Scattered Stars Island.”

Old Jiang sneered. “Don’t worry. These little guys are very cunny. If something happens, they won’t wait to die. Besides, the outer sea is so big. Even if you go to find them, it would be no easy task.”

Jiang Qin rolled her eyes. “Can’t you go find them?”

Old Jiang shook his head again. “If you can’t find them, I can’t find them either. Unless they are forced to use their Dying Strike, I can’t find out where they are. Besides, if I go out, Xue Shenqi will definitely take action.”

Scattered Stars Jail.

Zhang Teng scowled at the jailers. “Haven’t you got any news about that brat yet?”

A jailer smiled bitterly. “Boss, he is a Heavenly Talent, not a normal person. I can’t believe he actually honed his combat skills with thousands of real sea monsters. He must be a lunatic.”

Zhang Teng spat. “Fuck, I knew it! All guys from the Thug Academy are trouble-makers. Like a dragon returns to the sea, Han Fei has gone to sea. We won’t be able to find him anymore. Bring our men back!”

“Bring them back?”

The jailers looked at each other at a loss. “Are we not chasing him anymore?”

Zhang Teng said bitterly, “If we can’t f*cking find him, why bother? Are we that bored?”

Central City of the Scattered Stars Island.

Inside a certain palace, a gentle-faced young man was looking at a huge sea chart. On this chart, the Scattered Stars Island was just a palm-sized place.

The chart was densely packed with more than a thousand marked-out places that were randomly scattered.

Someone respectfully knelt down on one knee. “Marshal, there is no trace of Xia Xiaochan or Han Fei.”

This person was the famous Supreme Commander of the Scattered Stars Island, Xue Shenqi.

However, Xue Shenqi’s face did not change at all and his eyes were still fixed on the sea chart. After a while, he said lightly, “Well! I’ll give Old Jiang a chance and won’t pursue this matter… By the way, where is Tang Ge?”

“Tang Ge wants to go to sea, but he has been intercepted.”

Xue Shenqi nodded. “Release him. But keep an eye on him and don’t let him leave the island.”

After a long time, Xue Shenqi murmured, “Han Fei, Jiang Daqian, Thug Academy… Han Guanshu, what game are you playing? Now everyone is in the game, but where are Xia Xiaochan and Tang Ge from? You’ve disappeared for more than 30 years. What is your plan?”

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