God of Fishing

Chapter 737 - Han Fei’s Death

Chapter 737: Han Fei’s Death

Han Fei didn’t know what it felt like to be resurrected by the Immortal Seal until he really used it at this moment.

He found that he wasn’t really resurrected. It was just that the moment before he died, a terrifying power dragged his body into a nonexistent space.

His body that crumbled outside was no longer his own, but the Immortal Seal’s power, which essentially died in his place.

However, although the Immortal Seal died for him, Little Fatty had really been shattered.

Han Fei saw a gate in the chaotic void. He knew that he would be reborn if he walked through it.

He needed to walk out, and he had to, because a powerful force of attraction was pulling him out.

Besides, his plan was never about himself.

When Han Fei reappeared, Chun Huangdian looked at him with a smile. “In fact, it’s fairly easy to counter the Death Replacement Art. However, since you wanted a fight, I’ll just grant your wish. Do you have any other methods? Like a naturally-endowed spiritual beast?”

Han Fei said calmly, “My naturally-endowed spiritual beast is a Spirit Swallowing Fish that’s incapable of fighting. Launch your last attack!”

Having been faced with death once already, Han Fei knew that he would probably really die this time.


The golden auras of his fists were gathering brilliantly as Han Fei burnt his life essence.

However, Chun Huangdian was disappointed by what he saw.

On second thought, he realized that it was understandable. It was already remarkable how strong Han Fei had become on this desolate sea.

It would be outrageous to hope that the man was as strong as the real Heavenly Talents that he had seen.

Chun Huangdian chuckled. “Farewell.”

He raised his magnificent finger in a soul-stirring way.

When Chun Huangdian pointed his finger, Han Fei looked at Xia Xiaochan and said, “Trust me.”



Han Fei was going to embrace death, when an illusionary hand suddenly emerged before his eyes. It seemed to have burst out from inside his body.

Han Fei had seen such a hand before, when Old Bai showed it in an attack he performed.

Immediately, Han Fei realized what happened.

At some point, Old Bai secretly planted a Dying Strike in him and his teammates.

He never told him that probably because he didn’t want them to be too fearless.

However, Han Fei wasn’t thrilled even when he saw this illusionary hand.

He knew that it couldn’t be enough to withstand Chun Huangdian’s one attack.

As he expected, Chun Huangdian put on a smile of disdain. “Protection from an Explorer… It seems that this place isn’t so desolate after all. Unfortunately, you can’t save him even if you were here in person.”


Chun Huangdian regained his strength and didn’t suppress his level anymore. He pointed his finger, and Old Bai’s illusionary hand exploded.

It was an attack from an Explorer anyway. While Chun Huangdian’s attack was mostly blocked, some of its power still leaked out.

Han Fei wondered if this man was an Explorer too.

Han Fei didn’t know that the person he saw was merely a soul projection.

The remaining power from the attack still shattered half of Han Fei’s body.

Han Fei’s chest was half torn apart, and he fell down on the lake of Spirit Awakening Fluid.

At that moment, Han Fei thought that waiting for death truly didn’t feel good.


“Zhi liao…”

When Han Fei really died, Xia Xiaochan went crazy.

The Heavenly Cicada appeared above her head. Weird power burst out, and she broke the shackles.

The power was so terrifying that even Chun Huangdian had to step back and narrowed his eyes at her. “You’re truly as promising as I thought.”

Xia Xiaochan jumped to Han Fei’s body and cried hard.

In her eyes, Han Fei was merely comforting her.

She thought that Han Fei had done everything he could. He had used all the moves that she knew and didn’t.

At this moment, Han Fei was lying on the ground lifelessly. How could he survive when half of his body had been crumbled?

Xia Xiaochan suddenly looked back. “Help him! Bring him back to life! I want to take him away with me… Please.”

Chun Huangdian saw everything, but he wasn’t touched. He simply said casually, “You can’t save a man who’s completely dead. If you want to reverse the flow of time, you’ll have to pay a devastating price. Besides, I’m incapable of doing that.”

Realizing that she had no authority over the man whatsoever, Xia Xiaochan said with bloodshot eyes, “If you don’t kill me now, I’ll definitely kill you someday in the future.”

Chun Huangdian shrugged. “Whatever you like, little princess. You can settle the score with me when you’re strong enough to kill me. Now, I’m running out of time. It’s time to go.”

Chun Huangdian had paid a price to find Xia Xiaochan. His own body was still far away on the boundless sea. There was no telling how he instantly reached this place.

However, it couldn’t have been an easy and costless task to cross billions of kilometers.

At this moment, Xia Xiaochan was overwhelmed by helplessness.


She was already beyond devastated. It was like her heart was sinking and her soul was breaking.

The only thing that Xia Xiaochan could do was to hold on tightly to Han Fei’s broken body.

Chun Huangdian tilted his head and said softly, “Say goodbye to him. It’s time to go.”


As a tear drop ran out of Xia Xiaochan’s eyes, her body was grasped, and she disappeared from the sea which seemed to have been enshrouded by the God of Death.

However, even Chun Huangdian failed to notice that her tear glimmered in the dark water and flowed to Han Fei. It didn’t disperse but condensed into a bright blue drop of water.

At this moment, Old Jiang was preparing his sugar and attempting to cook meat devotedly.

He wasn’t bothered by the sound of the Heavenly Cicada earlier, because there was nothing he could do.


At this moment, the meat was already sending out a delicious smell.

All of a sudden, Old Jiang stopped his movement after a tiny crack.

Han Fei’s life monument had been broken.


A killing intent rose straight to the sky from the Twisted Jungle, and an unparalleled array suddenly appeared in the sky.

“Who did that?”

The moment of the outburst, dozens of shadows flashed from the Twisted Jungle, the depths of the Twisted Jungle and the center of the Scattered Stars Island and soon came to his home.

Xue Shenqi, who led all the visitors, looked at Old Jiang and asked, “Senior Jiang, why are you so angry?”

Old Jiang looked around at everybody intimidatingly and said, “I’m going to the sea. I won’t show any mercy on whoever dares to stop me.”

When everybody’s attention was focused on Old Jiang, a person disappeared from the fourth level of the Scattered Stars Prison and went missing.

In the Twisted Jungle.

Xue Shenqi narrowed his eyes. He knew that something great must’ve happened. The sound of the cicada echoed three times earlier, and then Old Jiang went on a rampage. Was there something he wasn’t aware of?

Also, what was the sound of a cicada? Where was it from? Was it related to the Thug Academy?

Old Jiang couldn’t have been more enraged. In his eyes, Han Fei’s death was almost impossible.

How could Han Fei have died?

When Old Bai gave the life tablets to Han Fei and his partners, he told him that a Dying Strike had been planted in them.

Even if Han Fei was incapable of resisting an enemy who was too strong for him, could he possibly withstand Old Bai’s Dying Strike?

Who near the Scattered Stars Island could’ve possibly neutralized an Explorer’s attack?

However, just now, Han Fei had died almost in the blink of an eye, and he didn’t sense anything wrong.

What did it mean?

It must’ve been an attack which crumbled the attack that Old Bai, an Explorer, had sealed.

However, how many people on the Scattered Stars Island, or even the Thousand Star City, were capable of doing that?

While the Twisted Jungle was in a mess and Xue Shenqi considered how to negotiate with Old Jiang, a boat quickly descended from the sky.

The newcomer wasn’t weak at all. He was an eight-star expert.

Having no time to care what happened in the Twisted Jungle, he reported in panic, “General, the Sea Demon Mountain is gone.”

Xue Shenqi: “???”

Old Jiang: “???”

Everyone: “???”

Xue Shenqi frowned. “Don’t panic. What do you mean by ‘the Sea Demon Mountain is gone’? Are you talking about the Sea Demon Mountain 130,000 kilometers away? What happened?”

The eight-star expert replied weirdly, “It’s really gone. The mountain that stretches for more than eight hundred kilometers has been entirely plucked away! It’s nowhere to be seen now.”

Xue Shenqi almost tripped over himself. “What did you say?”

Old Jiang and the other experts were shocked too. What the hell was that? A mountain that was more than eight hundred kilometers long had been plucked away?

Everybody looked at each other in shock.

That was too absurd! The mountain was almost half the area of the Scattered Stars Island… It had been plucked away? Was it not a joke?

Xue Shenqi looked at Old Jiang. “Senior Jiang, shall we take a look?”

A moment later…

Xue Shenqi and Old Jiang looked at the messy bottom of the sea in shock.

No sea demons could be seen around here, but they sensed that a great number of them had perished here.

What power could’ve possibly killed so many sea demons without even leaving their bodies behind?

Xue Shenqi said solemnly, “It’s indeed been plucked by force.”

Instantly, Xue Shenqi changed his expression. “Everybody, search for the mountain within half a million kilometers.”

Old Jiang was cold, wondering what secret Old Bai had been hiding.

Naturally, he had heard the sound of the cicada earlier.

But he didn’t associate it with Han Fei until this moment. At this moment, he confirmed that it had something to do with Han Fei.

If it wasn’t related to Han Fei, it must be related to Xia Xiaochan.

So, a question popped up in Old Jiang’s heart: who was Xia Xiaochan exactly?

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