God of Slaughter

Chapter 10 - Drag Her Down

Chapter 10 - Drag Her Down

At the bottom of the pool.

Shi Yan had gradually recovered his Profound Qi that had been exhausted from running from those Jade Blade Spiders. He had been secretly watching the surroundings of the pool very carefully. He wasn’t sure as to whether the giant spiders would come back or whether Mo Yanyu and Master Karu would come here. Just to be safe, he decided to stay in the pool for a little longer, and would only leave when he made sure he was no longer in danger.

With the Profound Qi flowing around his body, Shi Yan felt this short period of resting had already recovered the majority of his Profound Qi. His senses had become sharper and he could even hear the wind blowing through the grass and trees on the surface, despite the fact that he was still underwater.

Before long, he saw a beautiful figure show up on the shore. She was standing by a giant rock on the shore, probing her surroundings with a cold glint in her eyes.

Shi Yan suddenly became nervous and secretly dove three meters deeper. He would only swim around in secret when he had made sure that Mo Yanyu couldn’t see him from the shore.

Shi Yan was moving very slowly, afraid to make any ripple on the surface of the pool. He was very focused, swimming like a fish at the bottom of the pool. He even swam to different parts of the pool, just to make sure there’s no danger from different areas of the shore.

After making sure that Mo Yanyu was the only person on the shore, he secretly swam closer to the rock by which she was standing. He stayed there for a minute, looking up at the vague figure of the beautiful woman from the water. Shi Yan hesitated for a while, but still kept moving up in the water, very slowly.

“Fucking bastard! Don’t let me catch you, otherwise I will make you suffer so much pain that you will beg for death!” Mo Yanyu was cursing on the shore. Her face was twisted with anger.


Suddenly something rose up from the water beneath her feet. Mo Yanyu was shocked. Before she could react, one of her beautiful legs was grabbed by something. She instantly felt stunned by a strong wave of energy and her body weakened and fell into the pool.


She felt her soft abdomen heavily punched by something and a sharp pain was spreading to her whole body. Mo Yanyu started to sink with a higher speed. She could barely breathe and had already swallowed a lot of water from the pool, which almost choked her tears out.

When she finally came to her senses, Mo Yanyu found herself grabbed by someone and dragged to the bottom of the pool in a brutal manner. When she could finally take a closer look, she instantly realized that she had fallen into Shi Yan’s trap due to negligence.

“Oh crap!”

Mo Yanyu was shocked by this. She knew that she was not a good swimmer so she wouldn’t want to fight with Shi Yan here. She was grabbing the water with both hands, trying hard to float up to the surface to plan her next step.

“Huh, want to run? Try me!”

Shi Yan couldn’t help but snort. As soon as Mo Yanyu was dragged into the pool, he could tell that she was not good in the water. At that moment, Shi Yan realized that this was his best shot get revenge for himself and humiliate Mo Yanyu at the same time. How could he let such a great opportunity pass by?

With one hand firmly grabbing Mo Yanyu’s beautiful leg, Shi Yan kept dragging her down with all his might. His other hand kept pounding hard into her abdomen with a strong fist, determined to make her swallow some more water.


With another fist on Mo Yanyu’s abdomen, Shi Yan felt her skin, which was previously soft, suddenly became as solid as a steel. After this hit, she was not frustrated at all, but still working very hard to reach the surface of the pool.

On the other side, after the hit, Shi Yan felt an intense pain on his fist.

She is using her Profound Qi for self-defense!

Shi Yan instantly realized that Mo Yanyu had started her own defense. Seeing her flailing in the water with both hands, getting closer and closer to the surface. Shi Yan suddenly came up with a thousand ideas.

In three seconds, Shi Yan had come up with a new plan.

Mo Yanyu was still trying her best to reach the surface of the pool. Noticing that Shi Yan had stopped punching her in the abdomen, she got a little too proud of herself, assuming that Shi Yan had exhausted his means.

However, not long after that smile appeared on her face, Mo Yanyu suddenly turned very pale in panic with a terrible look on her face.

With one hand still grabbing her leg like a clamp, Shi Yan started to shamelessly harass her ass and the part between her thighs. This is the most precious and sensitive part of her body, she had not allowed any man to touch or violate it. But now this man in front of her was insatiably groping her thighs as if she were his bitch. Mo Yanyu felt so ashamed she almost couldn’t breathe.

Just when she was about to burst into rage and fight with Shi Yan, Mo Yanyu found that the silk pants she had been wearing had been stripped down by Shi Yan. He had even torn down her little panties and left her entire lower body exposed in front of Shi Yan’s eyes.

She had never shown any man this secret part of her body. However, this man had successfully humiliated her in such an outrageous way. Mo Yanyu’s mind suddenly went blank.

Suddenly, she could feel a big finger forcing its way into her body and it felt like she was being struck by a bolt of lightning. With a thread of electricity flowing through her body, she instantly went numb in her lower body. There was a warm wave of energy making its way out of her body.

Shi Yan also felt shocked, but it didn’t feel as good as he thought. He was actually hit by the lightning that came out of Mo Yanyu’s body. It seemed that her body would defend herself by discharging a jolt of electricity shock when violated. This lightning had struck him pretty hard and he suddenly couldn’t feel his hands. All of a sudden, Shi Yan had lost his power.

At the moment, Mo Yanyu suddenly felt herself much lighter in the water. She realized that Shi Yan had released her. She suddenly regained her senses. Forcing her way through the water with all her might, Mo Yanyu finally rose up to the surface of the pool, filled with grief and indignation.

On the other hand, Shi Yan was still floating in the water, feasting his eyes on the million dollar view above his head. He could clearly see the two sexy legs of Mo Yanyu moving around on the pool surface, her ass which had such a nice curve, as well as the delicious parts between her thighs which were apparently his favorite.

However, he was affected pretty heavily and couldn’t feel any strength right now. He couldn’t do anything but let Mo Yanyu keep swimming towards a big rock on the shore of the pool.

Before long, Mo Yanyu had arrived at the rock. She grabbed the rock with one hand, and screamed with a raging fire burning in her vicious eyes, “You fucking animal! Come out!”

Having lost her pants, Mo Yanyu couldn’t get out of the pool and still needed to hide her lower body in the water. She couldn’t do anything but scream like hell. Her hatred was burning and lightning was dancing around her fingers. She would pay any price to burn Shi Yan into a crisp.

After slowly operating his Profound Qi inside his body for a while, Shi Yan felt his discomfort had been mostly alleviated and he had recovered his strength. Still hiding in the water, Shi Yan stared at Mo Yanyu by the big rock on the shore for a while with a greedy look. He couldn’t help licking his lips and fantasizing about the woman’s body. Although she had a heart as dark as a scorpion, she had the most attractive look to any man, one in a million. He couldn’t get enough of her.

Now that Mo Yanyu had already set up her defense, Shi Yan knew that it was impossible for him to drag her down into the water again. This woman had achieved the Nascent Realm for Warriors and possessed the scary Lightning Martial Spirit. If she was already on alert, there’s no way that he could strike again.

If Mo Yanyu kept screaming and shouting like this, it wouldn’t be long before Master Karu and the other warriors from the Mo family found the two of them. If he didn’t get away now, he probably wouldn’t get another chance later.

Having thought about this, Shi Yan didn’t hesitate at all. He quickly swam from one side of the pool to the other, away from Mo Yanyu, and got up onto the shore.

He kept his little brother pretty aroused, teasing Mo Yanyu across the pool with a proud smile on his face and a big bulge in his pants, “Back then, just what the heck was that stuff coming out of your pussy? It was pretty warm and sweet. You must have enjoyed me back there.”

With her lower body still naked in the water, Mo Yanyu didn’t dare to come onto the shore. Hearing him saying this, Mo Yanyu’s body felt like it was hit by a lightning bolt. She screamed like crazy, “I’m gonna kill you! You bastard! I am so killing you! I swear! I will cut you into pieces!”

Shi Yan replied with a snort on his face, “Bitch! I’ve already tasted your pussy. How are you gonna get married? Kill me? Huh! Next time, you won’t be this lucky with only my finger inside of your body!”

After saying that, he shook his little brother in an exaggerated manner in front of Mo Yanyu’s eyes, putting on a teasing smile and left before she could burst out with rage. Shi Yan quickly disappeared into the bushes.

Mo Yanyu was so angry that she could hardly breathe. She fired waves of lightning towards Shi Yan, but the lightning could barely cross the pool, degrading into little electric sparks and disappearing after a few hundred meters, to say nothing of hurting Shi Yan.

Gasping heavily, Mo Yanyu could feel her hatred burning in her eyes endlessly. As much as she would like to strike back, her lower body was still naked in the water, so she wouldn’t dare to make a move. After a while, after making sure that Shi Yan wouldn’t come back, she swam to the middle of the pool to retrieve her pants which were floating on the surface.

“Miss Mo, I remember you were chasing somebody. How come you jumped into the pool to take a nice bath?”

Mo Yanyu heard the creepy voice of Master Karu from behind her as she finished dressing on the shore. Startled, she quickly turned around, seeing Master Karu staring at her with two horny eyes. Master Karu was like a starving wolf, staring right at her wet body, which looked so delicious with its beautiful curves. Mo Yanyu was offended but couldn’t say anything to Master Karu. She held back her raging anger and replied mercilessly, “I was dragged down into the water by that motherfucking asshole!”

“Oh!” Master Karu nodded. His greedy eyes still didn’t stop roaming over Mo Yanyu’s sexy body. He said with a horny smile on his face, “Miss Mo, you… didn’t let him do things to you, did you?”

“Hell no!” Mo Yanyu denied with a cold face, “It’s just I’m not good with the water, so he took the chance to get away.”

“Which direction?” Master Karu said with a weird frown, “That guy had the strangest body structure. Even my Gut Cutting poison couldn’t break him. He was indeed a good trial subject. I won’t let someone like him escape.”

“Then let’s not waste any time!” Mo Yanyu was already furious. She didn’t want to waste too much time with Master Karu and started chasing Shi Yan right away, heading in the direction he disappeared.

Once she turned around, Master Karu started staring at her sexy curves with his creepy, cold snake-like eyes.

After staring at her wet plump ass for a while, the beautiful body of Mo Yanyu disappeared into the bushes. Master Karu laughed with a horny smile and followed her with lightning speed.

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