God of Slaughter

Chapter 13 - Surprise Kill

Chapter 13 - Surprise Kill

Shi Yan couldn’t control his bloodlust any more. He panted, suddenly jumping up from the thicket. His Profound Qi was flowing in his right arm like waves with a fierce and violent killing energy which was about to explode from the inside.


The warrior who had been on alert suddenly paled, and screamed loudly for help. Landing on top of his head, Shi Yan started his strike like a sharp sword as his Profound Qi formed into a thick smog around his arm. Ahead of him, Shi Yan cast his Profound Qi out like a net, which tightly wrapped up the warrior’s head in an instant.

In that moment, an intense wave of negative feelings, blended with endless resentment and desperation, suddenly rushed into his nose and mouth. The Mo family warrior felt like he was standing in the middle of a bloody ocean with thousands of evil spirits flying towards him, grabbing him with full force and tearing him apart. He couldn’t move even if he tried to.


Shi Yan’s iron-like fist struck the warrior’s skull with a mighty force. With a clear sound, the warrior’s skull exploded; he didn’t even get to scream before he breathed his last breath. All his Profound Qi rushed out and was directly absorbed into Shi Yan’s meridians.

The other warrior named Zheng Tie, looked absolutely horrified and instantly set off his blue smoke bomb. The blue smoke bomb flew up into the sky and exploded with a shining blue light even brighter than the sun.

“Look! Over there!”

Seeing that blue light, Mo Yanyu suddenly got excited. She turned around, and quickly flew towards that direction with no hesitation. Master Karu didn’t move at first. He sneered for a moment, and then followed Mo Yanyu.

“You bastard! Let’s see how you get away this time?” After releasing the blue smoke bomb, Zheng Tie was not as panicky as before. He stared at Shi Yan with burning eyes and sneered, “We have been looking for you all this time. Finally, you came out. This time, where can you run to?”

Shi Yan was breathing heavily. With the bloodlust becoming more and more concentrated in his eyes, Shi Yan could feel an endless urge for blood within his chest. That warrior’s Profound Qi which flew into Shi Yan’s body after he died had further fuelled this killing impulse within his body. It was as if there was a voice whispering into his ears, continuously encouraging him to indulge in his desire for blood.

Seeing that Shi Yan was just standing there panting, instead of making a move towards him, Zheng Tie felt a bit relieved. He kept his distance from Shi Yan and sneered, “Hey you, Miss Mo and Master Karu will be here in a moment. You are gonna die for sure!”

With a roar rising out of his throat, Shi Yan suddenly flew towards Zheng Tie, like a caged beast running wild. There was a beam of white smoke surrounding his right arm which looked just like a giant snake. The snake suddenly jumped out and came right towards Zheng Tie’s neck.

Zheng Tie was already prepared. He didn’t directly counter Shi Yan. Instead, he moved away from by a couple of meters.

However, that snake of white smoke was not that easy to get rid of. It kept chasing Zheng Tie as if it was alive. Even though Zheng Tie stepped back, it didn’t give up and still followed him, intending to wrap around him like a cocoon.

Zheng Tie was a little surprised. He sniffed a little and started to cut the smoke snake with the sharp blade in his hands.

The white smoke snake was cut into half instantly. However, it didn’t stop. The two parts of snake rose up and started to wrap around both of his arms. At that moment, two waves of evil spirits rushed into Zheng Tie’s head. His body froze, both eyes filled with bloody scenes and creepy skeletons. He felt like he was suddenly deprived of all his power.


Shi Yan arrived right in front of Zheng Tie and hit him in the face with all the force in his right fist. In just one hit, an ocean of bloody and turbulent Profound Qi exploded out of Shi Yan’s fist and drilled straight into Zheng Tie’s head.

With blood all over his face, as well as a terrified and unbelievable look in his eyes, Zheng Tie felt a chill running down his body and he collapsed face down on the ground. His Profound Qi flew out just like those dead warriors before him.

The bodies of the two warriors gradually turned into mummies, without a trace of blood on their faces, drained of all their Profound Qi.

Despite all the fierce bloodlust roaring in his mind, Shi Yan retain his rationale and carefully checked the belongings of those two dead warriors. He collected all the valuable food and crystal coins and climbed into the ancient tree like an agile monkey. He hid himself among those thick leaves and branches, and told himself to calm down, ovefur and over again.

However, the crazy desire for blood was still there in his mind. Shi Yan sat there and started to operate his Profound Qi. The Profound Qi that had been flowing within his right arm a moment ago was gradually maneuvered into his abdomen and his right arm had returned to normal.

Shi Yan tried his best to control his breath and withdrew the flying evil spirits back into his body. The killing light gradually disappeared from his eyes. Through the thick leaves, Shi Yan looked at the movement on the ground in full concentration.

Before long, a crowd started to gather under the tree. The first two were also warriors from the Mo family. Like Zheng Tie, they were also Elementary Realm Warriors that had reached the Second Sky, and couldn’t push their Profound Qi out of their body yet. They looked alert after they arrived, and they kept looking around for traces of Shi Yan, afraid he might strike again.

After a while, Mo Yanyu and Master Karu arrived one after another. Mo Yanyu arrived first. She took a quick look at the two dried bodies lying on the ground, and said in a firm voice, “Yes! It was him!” A cold killing light started to spread within her eyes. She moved around, trying to find some trace of him. She started to study the leaves and branches, trying to figure out whether he had left or not.

Before, if Shi Yan tried to escape, he would have broken some branches of the tree, or left behind some heavy and messy footprints. In that short time, there was no way for him to cover his tracks.

Mo Yanyu was right about that.

But what a shame! Shi Yan hadn’t left at all. He had been hiding in that ancient tree all along. Mo Yanyu searched everywhere, but couldn’t find a thing. Her beautiful face held an ugly frown, “Damn it! Fucking hell! There is no trace of him at all!”

After Master Karu arrived, he looked around with his shrewd eyes and suddenly looked up and shouted, “You little shit! Come out of the tree now! You think you can get away with this again?”

Shi Yan was surprised by Master Karu’s reaction. He couldn’t help but lose his control. A freezing light flew out of his dark eyes, the killing desire that he had been suppressed inside of his body was unleashed!

“There you are!” Master Karu sneered and instantly summoned a creepy grey bomb in his hands. The bomb was suddenly thrown towards Shi Yan’s hiding place in a flash.

“You fucking asshole! Where can you hide this time?” Mo Yanyu put on a scary face and also struck the place where Shi Yan was hiding with her powerful [Green Lightning Kill], mixed with beams of electricity.


Shi Yan jumped out of the leaves. He didn’t lay eyes on Mo Yanyu or Master Karu at all. Once he was out, he instantly ran for the next tree with the thickest leaves.

However, both Mo Yanyu and Master Karu were Warriors of the Nascent Realm, which was superior to Shi Yan’s Elementary Realm. Unless Shi Yan attacked them by surprise, there was no way that Shi Yan could confront them face to face, to say nothing of one versus the two of them.

“Don’t lose him!” With a loud shout, Mo Yanyu flew after Shi Yan, while the two warriors of the Mo family followed behind.

Master Karu didn’t chase Shi Yan instantly. He watched the grey bomb completely destroy the tree branches where Shi Yan had been hiding, waved his hand, and summoned that creepy grey bomb back into his palm. He sneered again and then followed Mo Yanyu at the speed of light.

The two warriors of the Mo family were soon left behind. Mo Yanyu and Master Karu were chasing Shi Yan one after another. They were soon closing in.


A bright blue light ball suddenly exploded right in front of Mo Yanyu and Master Karu, with the shining blue light almost blinding the two of them. Mo Yanyu and Master Karu were too busy following Shi Yan to pay attention to their surroundings, and were instantly surprised and blinded by the shining flash of the blue light. They collided into two giant trees. Before they could regain their eyesight, Shi Yan was already miles away.

“A blue smoke bomb! Damn it!” Mo Yanyu shouted and continued to chase Shi Yan with an angry face.

Master Karu was apparently irritated too. He swore something and suddenly flew ahead of Mo Yanyu. This time, he was not holding back his real power. “Fucking asshole! This time, I’m gonna make you beg for mercy!”


Another blue smoke bomb exploded in front of him. But this time, Master Karu was prepared. He closed his eyes just in time and continued to chase Shi Yan after the bright flash of that blue smoke bomb faded away.

As a Warrior of the Nascent Realm, Master Karu’s power was way above that of Shi Yan’s. He flew just like a wind, as fast as lightning. After the second blue smoke bomb, he soon closed the gap between him and Shi Yan.

The grey bomb! Master Karu summoned another grey bomb inside his palm. He put on an evil face and lifted his hands when he was about 20 meters away from Shi Yan. Boom! That grey bomb was cast out just like a cannonball, heading straight at the back of Shi Yan.


Shi Yan released another blue smoke bomb. The blue smoke bomb and that grey bomb crashed into each other and exploded, releasing bright green light which covered the whole sky. The green light fell onto the forest and started a wildfire.

Thanks to that blue smoke bomb, Shi Yan had won some time to escape. He kept running like hell. Once he sensed that Master Karu was closing in on him, he would release a blue smoke bomb that he had taken from the warriors before, and buy himself some time to run away.

But finally, Shi Yan had run out of all the blue smoke bombs in his hands. At that moment, he suddenly felt a strange warm stream of energy flowing throughout his body from his meridians. The Profound Qi he had extracted from those two dead warriors had been purified by his body and become part of his own Profound Qi within his abdomen, enhancing his power to the next level.

Instantly, Shi Yan turned around, and started running towards Master Karu as if he were crazy!

Master Karu put a creepy sneer on his face again. He did not panic at all. He slowly operated the Profound Qi inside his body, preparing his plan. Within seconds, his whole body was covered with a layer of dark light, half a metre thick.

He was using Profound Qi to protect his body!

Shi Yan was a little shocked, but he didn’t slow down because of this. Even with his Profound Qi concentrated within his left hand, Shi Yan didn’t release it up front. He held his iron-like fist like a sharp knife, and stuck it right at Master Karu’s stomach.

With the look of contempt in his eyes, Master Karu didn’t move at all, as if he was waiting for Shi Yan’s strike.


With one hit on the layer of dark light covering Master Karu’s body, Shi Yan felt like he was hitting a layer of cotton. He only hit the layer of dark light, he could not hurt Master Karu’s body at all.

“Hmph! You low-grade Elementary Realm Warrior! Wanna break my [Dark Light Shield]? It’s not that easy!” Master Karu sneered, and with a wave, a grey bomb sped out of his palms, right at Shi Yan’s chest.

Shi Yan was struck instantly. With an intense wave of power storming into his chest, Shi Yan flew backwards, his mouth filled with blood. He could even hear the sound of his bones crushing inside his chest.

Falling on the ground, Shi Yan felt like his whole body had shattered, and felt an unbearable pain all over. His mouth was filled with blood.

“You have no idea who you are dealing with,” Master Karu shook his head, and slowly walked towards Shi Yan with a dark face, “You boy, come back to be my medicine slave. Don’t ever attempt to run away again. You should know that I didn’t strike you with my full power. Otherwise, you would have been dead already.”


Shi Yan stood up. He wiped the blood from his lips, and rushed towards Master Karu again with a terrifying look in his eyes.

“Hmm! You wanna die? Sure!” Master Karu laughed like crazy. This time, he didn’t hide either, and activated his [Dark Light Shield] again. His entire body was instantly covered by a shining dark light.

Shi Yan held up his right fist and rushed towards Master Karu, as if he wanted to try the same attack as last time. Master Karu sneered, “Come on boy, you are certainly looking for death this time!”

As Shi Yan was rushing forward, something strange suddenly happened to his right hand. Before he hit Master Karu’s [Dark Light Shield], a layer of white light appeared around his right fist. A strong wave of negative energy, combined with desperation, fear and a killing lust, rushed out together instantly.

Master Karu became anxious. However, it was already too late for him to make any contingency plans.

The next moment, a terrifying storm of horrifying negative desires, filled with craziness and desperation, struck Master Karu’s [Dark Light Shield]. The [Dark Light Shield], that was more than capable of defending from a full strength strike from an Elementary Realm Warrior, shattered into pieces within seconds. The evil spirits entangled around Shi Yan’s right fist smashed right through Master Karu’s body, storming through into his body like a wild wave.

Under the influence of that overwhelming killing power, Master Karu’s mind, as well as his body, was completely frozen. He had absolutely no time to react or prepare his defense.

Shi Yan took out the dagger that he had been hiding in his left sleeve and swiped right across Master Karu’s neck. A hot wave of blood streamed out of Karu’s neck, splashing all over Shi Yan’s body.

A head flew up into the air and fell onto the ground three meters away.

The Profound Qi inside Master Karu’s body was now running wild. Mixed with all those terrifying thoughts inside Master Karu’s mind right before his last breath, his Profound Qi was now flowing into Shi Yan’s meridians with an unstoppable force.

Shi Yan could clearly feel the strong energy within this unique wave of Profound Qi. His whole body trembled slightly with excitement.

Different from previous warriors like Zheng Tie, Master Karu was a Nascent Realm Warrior. The Profound Qi inside his body was much thicker and more concentrated. The Profound Qi that Shi Yan got from him after his death was way more powerful than what he got from the previous warriors. Shi Yan was standing still. He couldn’t move at all. It took him almost a minute to absorb all the Profound Qi inside Master Karu’s body.

After taking off the only bag that Master Karu had on him, Shi Yan felt like his whole body was aching, as if he had lost all the power in his arms and legs, especially his right arm, which he had used for his previous attacks. He couldn’t use any strength in his right arm, as if this was the consequence he had to face after such an intense attack which had caused some backlash in his body.

“Don’t let him get away!”

Not far behind, he could hear the shouting and screaming of Mo Yanyu. Although the several blue smoke bombs Shi Yan had set off had successfully slowed her down, she had managed to catch up after a couple of minutes.

It seemed that she wasn’t alone. Chasing along with her, were a few warriors from the Mo family.

At the moment, Shi Yan could feel that some energy within his body was caged for the moment, so he didn’t want to fight against Mo Yanyu or those warriors directly. Shi Yan took Master Karu’s backpack, jumped into the thick bushes, and started running like hell once again.

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