God of Slaughter

Chapter 25 - Ghost

Chapter 25 - Ghost

With his dagger, Shi Yan first engraved ugly patterns of butterflies on two tree trunks, then he climbed into one of the trees, cut down a branch as thick as an arm, chopped it into five pieces, sharpened one end of each piece, and wiped the Seven Snake Saliva onto the sharpened ends casually.

It took him two minutes to do all these things.

After two minutes, Tumu and Kinmo, the two mercenaries from the Tush Mercenary Union, showed up as expected.

Tumu and Kinmo didn’t even take Shi Yan and the two women seriously. They were still discussing how to enjoy Di Yalan with salacious faces, while shuttling in the woods.

“Shoo! Shoo!”

Sharpened branches went through dense leaves and flew toward Tumu and Kinmo.

Tumu didn’t care about it at all. He wielded his axe aimlessly and chopped two tree branches down; then he laughed happily, “Look at this guy, too shallow, haha. He treated us with these tree branches to lose our face?”

“Poor guy.” Kinmo shook his head and sneered.

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

Another three tree branches came over mightily.

Tumu got a little impatient that he drew a semicircle in the air with his axe which was as long as an arm, and three tree branches fell on the ground in the silver light.

Shi Yan showed up from among the bushes slowly and stared at them coldly, “You two will fight together, or come up one by one?”

Narrowing his eyes, Tumu raised his head and examined Shi Yan. Then he shook his head disappointedly, “A young kid! Of the Nascent Realm at most! You talk big but have limited ability. Sorry, but I’m not interested.”

After saying that, Tumu turned his eyes away from Shi Yan and walked away with his voice, “Kinmo, take care of it quickly. Catch up to me soon, or I will f*** that bitch twice. Hahaha!”

Kinmo sniffed, then threw his huge wolf tooth stick onto the ground mightily, which stuck deep in the earth. “Kid, come down, I won’t use my weapon, and don’t let me climb the tree to catch you. I’m in a hurry. Be quick.”

“Yeah, I’m in a hurry too.” Shi Yan replied with indifference and calmness in his eyes. Then he jumped down the ancient tree at once, and threw his dagger out with all might into the earth beside that wolf tooth stick.

“Bang!” Shi Yan stood ten metres away in front of Kinmo, raised his hands and waved at Kinmo, “I won’t use a weapon either.”

“Hey kid, you’re rather audacious!” Kinmo broadened his mouth as all the pimples gathered on his face. With vicious eyes, he rushed toward Shi Yan at once.

All of a sudden, Kinmo’s hands swelled and blue veins popped on his fists. All his fists strikes were so heavy handed that they were making a ‘hoooohooo’ sound in the air. His aggressive assault created numerous images of the fists.

After five steps, there appeared dozens of fist prints ahead of Kinmo.

“Mortal Level Martial Skill, [Star Fists]!”

Shi Yan narrowed his eyes and began to operate his Profound Qi calmly, clearing his mind of any other thoughts. There was only the fist images in his eyes and only the idea of “kill Kinmo” in his mind!


With a heavy shake in his mind, he suddenly entered a different world.

His eyes, ears and body suddenly got much more sensitive than before. All of the surroundings grew much clearer. Gazing at Kinmo, he could specifically sense the speed and rate at which Kinmo’s Profound Qi flew in his arm.

The fist images which had pervaded the air disappeared in an instant, and the air got clearer. Only Kinmo’s waving fists were left in his eyes. Furthermore, he could even see the path his fists were traversing.

After taking a deep breath, Shi Yan shouted and his arms contracted and dried at a speed which could be seen by naked eye. Soon his arms were twined with vague, white smoke.

At the same time, from his neck, his skin began to petrify into grey rock, which looked as hard as iron.

Dim black light spilled from his skin and covered all of his skinny body.

Kinmo’s iron fists, with the power to shatter rocks, struck toward Shi Yan’s chest.

The [Dark Light Shield] twisted, and after being struck by Kinmo’s iron fists, it turned into dark light spots, exploding in an instant. Kinmo’s fists went through the [Dark Light Shield], though with less power, and struck Shi Yan’s chest heavily.



The sound of striking and bone breaking came at the same moment.

Kinmo’s face twisted at once.

The nasty pain on his fists made Kinmo realize that it was not Shi Yan’s chest, but his fists that had been splintered.

Waving the painful arms with a hideous face, Kinmo looked at Shi Yan, who was as cold as a rock, rather terrified. He seemed to remember something at that moment, thus shouted, “Petrifaction Martial Spirit from the Shi family! You are from the Shi family of the Merchant Union?”

“Brilliant.” Shi Yan smiled with coldness.

Kinmo realized that he was at a disadvantage and thus tried to run, but it was too late since he was too close to Shi Yan.

Shi Yan stretched out his hand like lightning and held Kinmo’s neck. The white fog around his arm, containing all the negative emotions flew into Kinmo’s body, all at once.

Kinmo was so frightened that he felt himself fall into hell and screamed while quivering, “No! No! Nooooo!”

Kinmo kept screaming hard and waved his iron fists aimlessly, as if he couldn’t see a thing, and tried to defend from the ghosts which were approaching him.

Shi Yan had released his hand a long time ago. The white smoke had disappeared and his face had returned normal. He was counting the time in his mind.

One, two, three, four, five...

While counting, Shi Yan walked leisurely to where his dagger was struck. He pulled it out and walked over to Kinmo with light steps.

When Shi Yan counted to seventeen, Kinmo seemed to be calming down gradually. His eyes were becoming clear and he was about to come around.

Seventeen seconds was far more than enough to kill a person dozens of times.

Nodding his head lightly, Shi Yan got to know more about the situation. He moved like lightening and slashed across Kinmo’s neck with precision.

Blood jetted out of his neck as Kinmo finally came back to his senses. He stared at Shi Yan in hatred and fell down with regret.

Squatting down beside Kinmo, Shi Yan wiped off the blood on the dagger with Kinmo’s coat, and examined Kinmo’s body. He found some food, hundreds of purple crystal coins and the two sharp tusks of the Fire Snake.

After putting these things into his bag without any hesitance, Shi Yan took a deep breath. He felt Kinmo’s Profound Qi had all went into his own meridians. Then he stood up and murmured, “Someone at the Second Sky of the Nascent Realm would lose their senses for seventeen seconds under the negative power of [Rampage]. This Martial Skill is really too weird. Maybe, the more the negative power is concentrated, the stronger its power...”

He talked to himself for a while. Then he pulled himself together, took a deep breath and rushed in the direction where Tumu ran to.


“Bitch! Too damn hot! Haha! But I love it!” Tumu was laughing happily and having a fight with Di Yalan with his axe.

Mu Yu Die’s eyes were cold. Cuddling her zither, she looked panicked and seemed to make a difficult decision.

The heavy axe looked light as a feather fan in Tumu’s hand.

As the axe shone now and then, Di Yalan’s short sword was at a disadvantage. Once the short sword touched the axe, Di Yalan’s thin body would shake. Apparently, Tumu had a much stronger Profound Qi than Di Yalan.

Tumu’s axe left shadows in the air as he wielded it, and the shadows entangled Di Yalan, like rings. Between the light reflected from the axe, Di Yalan’s long hair flew up and down, and her short skirt was shredding, through which her thighs showed up now and then.

“Bitch, you know my ability, huh? Don’t worry, you will know soon that my best thing is not my Martial Skill. Hahaha!” Tumu laughed with joy as he planned to defeat Di Yalan slowly. He was teasing her deliberately.

Di Yalan was very furious, but she couldn’t talk back and could only defend with every effort.

“Sister, need any help?” Shi Yan’s casual banter came from the woods all of a sudden.

The next moment, Shi Yan showed up with the dagger in his hand. He wandered his eyes over Di Yalan’s thighs and butt, visible through the cracks on her skirt for a while and praised, “Round and smooth, plump and cute. Too good! Terrific!”

Di Yalan was very surprised. Since she had no time to talk back now, she took a step back and answered loudly, “You bastard! How did you survive?”

Tumu’s face was frozen and pale. He didn’t continue to chase after Di Yalan, but turned his head to Shi Yan and asked in a low voice, “Is Kinmo dead?”

“What do you think?” Holding his dagger, Shi Yan walked toward him step by step, wearing a mysterious smile.

As he was advancing, his arms dried up again. The negative power flowed out from his pores, and twined around his arms again.

Kinmo’s Profound Qi was not all purified, but as Shi Yan began to operate [Rampage], Kinmo’s despair and hatred before his death suddenly gushed out from his meridians, forming the hideous shadow image in front of Shi Yan, which looked just the same as Kinmo.

“Kinmo!” Tumu was so astonished that his robust body quivered!


In front of Shi Yan, Kinmo’s ghostly shadow which was as light as a feather was rattling his sabre. The dim eyes which were filled with hatred, showed that he would even want to kill all the people in the world.

Di Yalan and Mu Yu Die were astonished too. With their thin bodies shaking, they couldn’t help screaming, “What the hell is that!”

Even Shi Yan himself was astounded. Looking at the ghostly shadow in front of him, he didn’t know what to do.

“Kinmo! Kinmo! What happened to you?” Under Kinmo’s eyes which were full of unforgettable hatred, Tumu stepped back and shouted, “I’m your companion! You enemy is behind you!”

Tumu’s cry reminded Shi Yan. His will changed. Now there was only one thought in his mind; to kill Tumu. The negative power around his arms shot out like a weird, pale snake to Tumu.

Kinmo’s shadow seemed to be stimulated by the negative power and flew lightly towards him and brutally caught him.

“Kill!” Shi Yan yelled and rushed out. Surprised, Di Yalan raised her sword and struck toward Tumu too.

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