God of Thunder

Chapter 213: Ban Zhe Yuan (2)

Feng Chenzong explained, “It depends on the depletion. It is easy to open the secret gate at some places and it doesn’t cost many seal rings. Tens or hundreds at most. But if it is hard to open, you have to use thousands of seal rings. But that is not always the case. If you do not have any seal rings, you can open it by exchanging materials with the master. Usually, the number of seal rings required for a group fewer than 10 people are fixed to certain level. If there are more than ten people, it will cost a lot more seal rings with one more person added.”

Lei Xingfeng was stunned tongue-tied. Tens or hundreds of seal rings were quite a lot. He had on him less than a hundred seal rings apart from the ancient seal rings he got from the Ancient Ring Treasury. That meant he didn’t have any chance to even open the secret gate for at least once.

Jin Daya, Mad Falcon and Furious Tiger were also amazed. Usually, they were led to the outer world. Even if they had seal rings, Gu Qi would not open the secret gate for this. That right was only granted to direct disciples.

Only by now did Lei Xingfeng know that there was a cost to go to the outer world. Since Feng Chenzong would bring him out that meant he didn’t have to pay by seal rings.

Of course, if Lei Xingfeng followed but didn’t bring anything good for Feng, this would be his only chance for a free ride. However, if he brought huge benefit to Feng, then after this, whenever Feng went to the outer world, he would immediately think of Lei Xingfeng.

Jin Daya tugged at Lei’s robe lightly from the back. Lei Xingfeng understood what Jin meant and said, “Big Brother, this time, I am asking them three to go with us. I am a bit scared. With guards I feel better.”

Jin Daya, Mad Falcon and Furious Tiger looked grateful. Leaving aside the Great Stone Yard, last time they had acquired great benefits in Cold Cliff Castle. They felt very lucky to be able to follow Lei Xingfeng.

Feng Chenzong didn’t mind that and said, “Yes, we can all go together.”

Lei Xingfeng stood up and took his leave, “Big Brother, we will leave for now. Once you decide to go, please tell me. I will stay at home and practice in these few days.”

Feng Chenzong, Xin Zhaolun and Yin Yao all rose and saw them out.


After a few days of practice, Lei Xingfeng felt the practice in the secret space was faster than the outside, but still could not compare with what he achieved in a thunder storm. Because of that, he felt disheartened. Thunder storms were not usual. Sometimes it rained heavily without any thunder. He started to think whether to seek in the outer world a place of thunder storms.

Having tasted the great achievement during thunder storms, Lei Xingfeng couldn’t raise his spirits during normal practices. But he understood that this painstaking everyday practice was an absolutely necessary process. All that he could do was making unremitting efforts.

Since he started to train at the age of 16, Lei Xingfeng hadn’t met any obstacles and reached seven-ring real body without any difficulty. He was one of the luckiest.

Within one year’s time after he reached seven-ring he had thoroughly stabled himself and achieved progress, only not as satisfying as he had expected. He hoped to find thunder storms and enjoy a great progress that could push himself to the eight-ring level.

The eight-ring level was a real challenge. When someone reached eight-ring, he would be able to contend with a nine-ring. Especially for someone like Lei Xingfeng, who possessed the thunder characteristic, was able to fight someone whose level was higher. When Lei Xingfeng reached eight-ring, he was sure to fight a nine-ring master. That means, wherever he went, he would be safe apart from being sieged or running into a Monarch.

The thunder seal made by Lei Xingfeng had been absorbing the thunder liquid ever after it swallowed the thunder seal given to him by Great Elder of Thunder Storm. This strange silver thunder hadn’t been completely absorbed until now. There was still one trace of it left. No matter what Lei Xingfeng did, it remained still, which left Lei quite confused.

As for practice, Lei Xingfeng could refer to The Records of Starry Python. His master Gu Qi also taught him a lot about it. But the problem was his practice was way too special, the practice in thunder storm days in particular, which was a legacy of Great Elder of Thunder Storm. Even Great Elder of Thunder Storm had not fully mastered it. He just absorbed thunder by force and grew quickly by the help of thunder, a way with many defects. Therefore, Lei had to adjust and adapt bit by bit.

In fact, Lei Xingfeng absorbed thunder in a way quite different from that of Great Elder of Thunder Storm. Though he had experimented yet, he knew if he delivered his thunder seal into the lightning clouds, he would probably make great progress. His thunder seal already got solid and virtual body. The two forms could transform roto each other and their ability to absorb thunder should have been better.

Lei Xingfeng was considering whether to visit Thousand-lake Island again. If it were raining season, he could come across thunderstorms. That worked better than wondering around looking for thunderstorms.

While Lei was deep in his imagination, Jin Daya went in and said, “Xingfeng, your Big Brother send someone. I guess it’s time to leave for the outer world.”

Lei Xingfeng stood up, “Great, let’s move.”

With Jin Daya, Mad Falcon and Furious Tiger, the four left home together and it took them little time to arrive at Master Gu Qi’s place.

Feng Chenzong, Xin Zhaolun and Yin Yao were all at master’s place. They did not bring any guards. Only the one who cadged meals, Lei Xingfeng, brought three men with him. Before Lei Xingfeng didn’t know better, but now he knew that one more person meant Feng Chenzong had to pay an amount of seal rings. Sure, Feng Chenzong was willing to pay for it. He had the last few materials left to gather, two of them were exchanged from the master, another two would be the specialties of this trip to the outer world.

When Gu Qi saw Lei Xingfeng bring three guards with him, he laughed, “This time, you plan to take the three of them with you again?”

Lei Xingfeng was quite brazen, “Of course, I am worried about this trip. There are a galaxy of master-hands in the outer world and my life is the most important!” Everyone laughed after hearing his words but they all understood he was doing that for the benefit of his guards. However, no one was going to stop that, which was not necessary since Feng Chenzong didn’t object and no one else was going to do such a thing to offend someone.

Lei Xingfeng grinned and asked, “Big Brother, where are we going this time?”

Feng Chnezong answered, “The place we are going this time is a bit dangerous. There are a lot of fierce monsters, which are different from monsters from around here. They are more powerful. Some of them could even contend with nine-ring true man.”

Lei Xingfeng gasped, “Ah? Are they that fierce?”

Feng Chenzong said, “Yes. Our destination this time is Ban Zhe Yuan. It is quite special since all the trees are black, their leaves, branches, even flowers and fruits are black. You will see when we get there.”

Gu Qi laughed, “This time your Big Brother really spends a lot of money on it. Ban Zhe Yuan is extremely far from here. Even I……will not go there without emergencies.”

Lei Xingfeng asked, “Is there any indigenous people?”

Feng Chenzong explained, “There is none, and few non-natives either. One reason is that it costs a fortune to get there, another reason is that……few people know about it.”

Xin Zhaolun asked, “That means, basically we will not run into non-natives, right?”

Feng Chenzong nodded, “Yes. Not many people go there. There are two materials I need to level up. Well, don’t look at me. You will not need them. We are of different characteristics.”

Xin Zhaolun felt discouraged at once, “All right, all right. Well, are there any special materials? I don’t want to make a fruitless trip.”

Feng Chenzong said, “It’s a big material source, but I didn’t get the map of the minerals, since so few people ever went there.” Then he looked at Lei Xingfeng and added, “I bring Xingfeng because I want to benefit from him and find some other materials. You know that I’m next to being broke. I spend almost all of my savings for this advancement.”

Gu Qi took out The Records of Starry Python and laughed, “Xingfeng, this is a record of all kinds of mineral storage, do you want it?”

Ravished with joy, Lei Xingfeng hurried to say, “Yes! Of course!”

“Then exchange it with something. Both materials and seal rings will do.”

Lei Xingfeng immediately put on a poor face, “Master, I have just joined the clan and haven’t finished any tasks. I am just another poor kid.”

Gu Qi said nothing and with a flip of his wrist, The Records of Starry Python disappeared. Lei Xingfeng got anxious at once and grabbed Gu’s arm, saying, “Master, what do you want? Tell me. As long as I have it, I will make an exchange with it!” He need The Records of Starry Python badly, in case he did not recognize the mine they excavated, which would be a big joke.

Feng Chenzong, Xin Zhaolun and Yin Yao couldn’t stop laughing.

Gu Qi said, “It’s very simple. You have what I want. Fifty leaf silver! Or one hundred seal rings. It’s your choice!”

Lei Xingfeng cried out in pain: “Ouch! Master! It’s out right robbery! Leaf silver is hard to excavate, if handled in the wrong way it will break. Maybe less leaf silver. How about twenty?”

Gu Qi said, “Fifty leaf silver, no bargain!”

Lei Xingfeng grumbled gloomily: “Master, this is not the rule. Bargains have to be in turns.”

Gu Qi was still all smiles, “There’s no bargain with me. It’s your choice. It won’t bother me if you don’t want to exchange!”

Lei Xingfeng muttered, “Master……you are taking advantage of me. All right, all right, I will exchange……” He pulled out a wooden box and handed it over.

Gu Qi opened it and saw leaf silver put in order in the wooden box. With one glance, he knew there was indeed fifty of them, none broken, all complete. He packed up the box happily and said, “Deal!”

Leaf silver was extremely hard to excavate, especially in full. Gu Qi was just making fun of Lei Xingfeng. Never had he expected Lei to have such great leaf silver. Gu Qi felt he made a fortune.

With The Records of Starry Python in hand, Lei Xingfeng muttered unwillingly, “Master takes advantage of me. He takes advantage of me…… Wow, the record is really nice. Well, it’s worth it.” He was secretly delighted.

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