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Chapter 1212 - 1212 The Threat of Fu Tianling

Chapter 1212 - 1212 The Threat of Fu Tianling

1212 The Threat of Fu Tianling

The warrior had a long sword that was glowing brightly in gold.

The long sword was moving at an extremely fast speed. So, at this moment, it would be quite impossible for Baili Haoling to be able to block this attack.


The warrior’s eyes were overflowing with murderous intentions.


Just when the long sword was about to pierce through Baili Haoling’s body from behind, the warrior’s head instantly exploded!

Lin Xiu suddenly appeared right behind the warrior.

The long spear that Lin Xiu had in his arm was thrusted through the man’s head!

“Lin Xiu?”

Baili Haoling saw what happened from her peripheral vision and there was a bright smile that appeared on her face.

She didn’t think that Lin Xiu would be able to kill that old man in such a short period of time!

“Kill them.”

Lin Xiu did not stop. He was still moving his long spear as he spoke to Baili Haoling.

The warriors who surrounded Baili Haoling were ready to kill her but when they saw that Lin Xiu had joined them, all of them looked frightened.

“Go to hell!!!”

With Lin Xiu next to her, Baili Haoling felt the pressure removed from her shoulders.

She grabbed onto her dagger and started attacking the other warriors like mad!

Clang clang clang – –

With her quick movements, one of the warriors feels intense pressure while defending against her attacks.

Each movement was sharp and powerful. Plus, the divine souls had given her a peculiar strength through the daggers.

With every dagger swung, it felt as if she could tear through the space around them!

Soon, the warrior, who was trying to defend himself against Baili Haoling, was chopped into pieces!


Baili Haoling’s eyes were red. She crossed her daggers together and killed the warrior!

At the same time, Lin Xiu’s divine soul, the black flame dragon, was circling itself around the long spear. As Lin Xiu thrusted his spear forward, the black dragon would rush toward their enemies as well!

Most of the warriors decided to ignore it and decided to block it with their ‘spheres’.

However, when Lin Xiu’s long spear landed on their ‘sphere’, the black dragon that would be on it would break through their ‘sphere’!

Then, before they know it, they would have been pierced in the heart.

Boom boom boom – –

With each small groan, the bodies of the warriors fell to the ground one by one.

All of them were killed?!

Fu Tianling was watching everything from the sky above them. His body started trembling uncontrollably.

His eyes were filled with disbelief as well.

Then, Lin Xiu looked into the sky.

Fu Tianling noticed the look in Lin Xiu’s eyes and his body started shaking.

He had to run!

This was the only thing that he had in mind. He had to get out of this place as quickly as possible!

“You’re trying to run?”

Lin Xiu let out a cold laugh.

This man had failed to kill them and now he wanted to leave?

What a joke.

Lin Xiu gathered his thoughts and the black energy from his source mark was released.

A large amount of arrays instantly appeared in the air and the entire sky was surrounded by these arrays.

Boom – –

Fu Tianling wanted to run away from the scene but his body hit one of the arrays and he groaned in pain.

Damn it. What are these?

Seeing how the arrays had formed a wall in front of him, his eyes widened in shock.

He pulled out a purple sword from his back and started hacking the arrays!

Boom – –

But, as his sword landed on the arrays, he was pushed a few steps backwards!

It was impossible for him to break these!

“Where do you think you’re going?”

Lin Xiu flew into the space that had been formed in the sky by the arrays.

When Fu Tianling heard Lin Xiu’s voice from behind him, he felt even more frightened.

From the fights that he saw earlier, Lin Xiu was much stronger than when they first met.

Especially with the black grade divine soul that he had just acquired, Lin Xiu was even scarier now.

Boom boom boom – –

He already didn’t have much time to think of what was happening. He held onto his long spear and continued hacking the arrays.

He wanted to break through this space and leave as soon as possible.

But, no matter how hard he tried, the arrays remained stagnant.

“Damn it!”

Fu Tianling screamed with madness.

Then, Lin Xiu went straight to him with the long spear in his arm!

You shall die!

Lin Xiu’s eyes were filled with murderous intentions.

Even if this man was Fu Tianyuan’s younger brother, he couldn’t care less.

This man wanted to kill him and now that he has brought himself here, this man was just digging his own grave.

Just as Lin Xiu was about to pierce Fu Tianling with his long spear, he saw a bright golden glow that suddenly appeared from Fu Tianling’s body!

What was this?!

Seeing the bright glow that suddenly appeared, Lin Xiu’s pupils narrowed uncontrollably.

Boom —-

Lin Xiu let out a soft groan when he felt his long spear and hit something hard. Then, he was pushed far away by the sudden burst of energy that was released.

Suddenly, Lin Xiu’s body fell into the air and landed heavily on the walls that were formed by the arrays.

Pfft – –

Due to the strong impact, Lin Xiu spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Lin Xiu!”

Baili Haoling, who was watching everything from the ground, shouted to see if Lin Xiu was alright.

“I’m fine.”

Lin Xiu wiped away the blood that was on his lips. Then, when he looked up, he could see that an oval-shaped glow was found all around Fu Tianling’s body.

Due to the strike earlier, there were cracks seen all over the oval-shaped glow.

Crackling – –

Then, the entire thing exploded.

Lin Xiu, who has good eyesight, could clearly see that the pendant hung over Fu Tianling’s neck exploded as well.

Could it be that that thing saved his life?

“What happened?!”

At the same time, Fu Tianyuan, who was busy back in Manhuang City, felt a strong vibration that came from the pendant hung on his neck.

This was a pendant that he had built which had the ability to defend against one strong attack.

Fu Tianling had one each. If one of their pendants activated such a defence, the other party would feel it.

It was obvious that Fu Tianling was being attacked by someone powerful and it triggered the defence system from the pendant!

“You! You better let me go now! My brother knows where I am. He will be coming over soon with his men and you will be dead within seconds!”

Fu Tianling stared at Lin Xiu with vicious eyes.

His back was wet, covered with sweat. If it wasn’t because he had this pendant, he would have been killed by Lin Xiu!

“So what?”

Lin Xiu sneered. He grabbed onto his long spear and flew straight to Fu Tianling.

“My brother is Fu Tianyuan! If you dare lay hands on me, not only you will suffer. The entire Xianling City will be buried in the grave with me!!!”

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