Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!

Chapter 490

On the other hand, after Bai Zhi came out of the cave, she broke a branch with a V-shaped trunk on a tree. She had watched a TV show on how to catch a snake. People used a similar tool to catch a snake. They said that as long as your eyes and hands were fast enough, you can successfully catch a snake with the use of this V-shaped branch.

Bai Zhi hadn’t tried it, and so she was a little scared. But now, she has no other choice.

Hu Feng was in the camp. He can’t leave anytime he wants. He might also not be able to find a white flower snake in the middle of the night.

After walking around the woods for a long time, Bai Zhi didn’t see anything else except for the piles of dead leaves. The rabbits and deer occasionally ran in front of her.

“Bai Zhi——” Duan Cheng’s cry suddenly came from a distance. So, Bai Zhi had to turn around and look for him. When she found him, she saw him holding something in his hand, while holding the basket on the other hand and waving at her excitedly.

Bai Zhi walked towards him. However, just when the two of them only a few meters away from each other, she saw a white flower poisonous snake on a branch above Duan Cheng’s head. It was the white flower snake she had been looking for. The white flower snake continued spitting it’s red-letter towards Duan Cheng, as its long body quickly sliding on the branch. Just when Duan Cheng passed by the branch, the white flower snake suddenly raised its head and attack.

Bai Zhi shouted in a hurry: “There’s a poisonous snake, be careful–”

Duan Cheng’s thoughts were only focused on the ginseng he had found. He wanted to show it off to Bai Zhi. He didn’t pay attention to his surroundings. When he heard Bai Zhi’s words, he looked behind him, but at that time, the poisonous snake had already rushed at him.

The sharp teeth in the mouth of the snake were aiming for his neck. Duan Cheng subconsciously raised his hand to stop it. The poisonous snake failed to bite his neck but bit his arm. Duan Cheng threw the white snake vigorously. The white snake’s body slammed on the tree and died. However, Duan Cheng also fell on the ground. The white snake venom invaded his arm. His wound quickly changed in color.

Bai Zhi rushed forward and quickly took out a silver needle and sealed the acupuncture point on his shoulder, to blocked the invasion of toxins.

There were many medicines in the cloth bag, but there was no serum that can detoxify the poison. And it happened that this poison can destroy human blood in a short time, causing irreversible damage. She must rescue him immediately. Otherwise, Duan Cheng’s arm will become a waste.

After tearing off the clothes on Duan Cheng’s arm, Bai Zhi lowered her head and sucked the poison out on his wound. After a while, she sucked out a mouthful of black blood. After spitting it out, she continued until she sucked out enough of black blood. Duan Cheng’s consciousness returned gradually.

When the blood she spat out changed from black blood to fresh red blood, Bai Zhi stopped. She then immediately took the water sac on Duan Cheng’s waist and rinsed her mouth with water, to prevent the poison from entering her body.

“How are you feeling?” Bai Zhi asked.

Duan Cheng gasped for breath and said: “Much better, thank you!”

Bai Zhi smiled and shook his head gently: “No need to thank me. If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t come here, and you wouldn’t have been bitten by a poisonous snake.” She said while grabbing his wrist. His pulse rate was not good. He was out of danger, but there was still some residual poison in his arm. She must detoxify the remaining poison with needle treatment.

Seeing that Bai Zhi started inserting needles again, Duan Cheng asked, “Do I still need needle treatment?”

Bai Zhi nodded her head: “Although most of the poisonous blood has been sucked out, there is still some residual poison in it. This poison must be expelled as soon as possible. If this poison remains in your body for too long, you’ll be in danger.”

Duan Cheng’s face turned pale. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes before saying: “Come on, tie it, I’m not scared! I’m not scared at all!”

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