Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend!

Chapter 693 - The affairs in the court are changing rapidly

Chapter 693: The affairs in the court are changing rapidly

Meng Nan cupped his hands and said: “Master, please clarify my doubts!”

Dongfang Mu smiled and said, “Since you are an old friend of Zhi’er and Yan’er, I will not hide this matter from you. However, after you have heard of this, you can’t talk about it to others. After all, this is something that hasn’t been announced outside.”

Meng Nan responded again and again, and then Dongfang Mu talked about the matter. Meng Nan was shocked when he heard it.

He didn’t expect that since he left Qingyuan Town that day, Bai Zhi had gone through so many dangerous things.

What more, he didn’t expect that this Bai Family could commit such a heinous crime for the sake of prosperity and wealth. Also, this Pei Qinghan, even knowing that Bai Zhenzhu was a fake, he still brought her to the capital and let her pretend to be his daughter.

“What are you going to do next?” Meng Nan asked.

Dongfang Mu looked at Meng Nan’s eyes full of questions and squinted his eyes while taking a sip of his tea. Then, he slowly said: “I said this to you, not only you and Zhi’er are old friends, but also because there are other reasons. ”

Meng Nan looked at Dongfang Mu puzzledly but waited for his followup words.

Dongfang Mu sighed and said, “I’m afraid that even your father didn’t know that I had a deep friendship with your grandfather. But because some things happened, later on, I gradually became estranged. However, I have never forgotten that friendship. I’m telling you this to remind your Meng Family.”

“I heard that your father has recently get close to Prince Xiao, you should go back and tell him that the affairs in the court are changing rapidly. If you can’t make up your mind, it’s better not to choose any side. It is not easy for the Meng family to have today’s glory.”

Meng Nan’s heart slightly trembled, but then immediately bowed his head and said: “This young one will follow your teachings!”

The atmosphere suddenly became more solemn. However, Dongfang Mu said a few more interesting things, which eased the atmosphere.

Meng Nan was originally a very funny person. When he relaxed, Dongfang Mu teased him from time to time.

When it was time for the meal, the maidservant came to report that Prince Jin and Miss Bai had already set up the meal in the dining room. And so, the two got up and went to the dining room.

From the distance, Meng Nan and Jin Shiwei smelled a familiar scent. Jin Shiwei’s belly screamed in happiness. He had been dreaming about this day. And today, he finally realized his dream. But when he looked up and saw Dongfang Mu’s figure, he felt sad. It was fine to eat with them before because they were in Huangtou Village. But in this mansion, he’s afraid that he won’t be able to sit down. He could only stand aside and watch them eat. Isn’t this the same as asking him to die?

In the dining room, Bai Zhi and Hu Feng had already sat down. They were talking in a low voice but had a smile on their face. Seeing Dongfang Mu coming in, the two stood up again.

Dongfang Mu waved his hand: “Sit down, in my mansion, you don’t need to do these pompous greetings.”

Today, Dongfang Wan and Zhao Lan had dinner in another room. They didn’t come to the dining hall, so there were still a lot of seats on the table. Bai Zhi turned her head and saw Jin Shiwei standing behind Meng Nan while swallowing, so she said: “Jin Dage, there is still a vacant seat.”

Jin Shiwei wanted to sit, but thinking that not only Prince Jin was here, but also Dongfang Mu, it’s not appropriate for him to sit with his identity. So, he smiled and declined: “No, no, it’s not necessary. I’ll go to the kitchen and eat some later.”

Meng Nan raised an eyebrow: “If you want to go to the kitchen to eat, go now, why wait later?”

Jin Shiwei secretly scolded Meng Nan for having no conscience. He demolished his good intention, causing him to feel shame and just stay.

Hu Feng took a glance at Jin Shiwei and said: “Sit down. It’s not like you’ve never eaten at the same table with us. We don’t pay attention to this stuff. You just have to be polite and courteous when you eat.”

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