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Chapter 695 - New Year’s Eve Banquet

Chapter 695: New Year’s Eve Banquet

Meng Nan took the new tea from the maidservant, lifted the lid, and gently scraped the floating leaves: “Father, why are you so nervous? Shouldn’t I come to meet them? Or shouldn’t you?”

Meng Yuande was a little anxious: “You boy, don’t always interrupt me. Just answer what I ask of you.”

Meng Nan put aside the teacup, raised his head, and stared at his father, then he said with a smile: “Alright, I will answer what you ask.”

“Yes, I went to Dongfang Family Mansion today. Not only did I meet Master Dongfang, but I also met Prince Jin in there. I had dinner with them, drank some wine, and talked a lot.”

Meng Yuande asked urgently: “What did you talk about?”

Meng Nan looked at his father’s eyes and seriously said: “Master Dongfang said that he had some close relationship with my grandfather, so he did not want to see the Meng family fall. He said that the affairs in the court are changing rapidly. No one can tell what the future will be. With the current status of the Meng family, choosing a side is the most stupid way.”

Meng Yuande’s body trembled in shock. His heart became flustered. Although Dongfang Mu didn’t clearly say it, his meaning was pretty obvious. He knew that he had been close to Prince Xiao recently.

Meng Nan added: “Father, I think what Master Dongfang is right. It’s not easy for our Meng family to have today’s glory. Just one wrong move, our whole clan will fall into a great disaster. You thought that Prince Jin was gone, so your behavior is understandable. But now, Prince Jin is back, you mustn’t get too close to Prince Xiao.”

Meng Yuande was stunned for a while and finally nodded: “I know. You go back and rest!”

Meng Nan nodded and didn’t say anything further. His father was not a pedantic person. Even if he didn’t say it clearly, he would understand.

Jin Shiwei helped Meng Nan get up, and when they walked towards the entrance of the hall, they were stopped by Meng Yuande: “Why did you go to Dongfang Bieyuan today?”

Meng Nan didn’t look back: “I went to find someone.”

“Did you find it?”


Meng Yuande opened his mouth and wanted to ask who that person was, but he didn’t ask anymore. If his son wanted to say it, he would have said it a long time ago, so why still hold it back now? Forget it, if he didn’t want to say it, then don’t!


After drinking two sips of that strange bitter tea in Dongfang Family Mansion that day, Pei Qinghan and Chu Feng had diarrhea for 3 days now. Their legs had become soft and weak. Their vision was turning black. They’ve been drinking medicine since that day.

It was only on the night of New Year’s Eve that they finally felt a little better.

On the New Year’s Eve banquet, all officials celebrate together.

However, Chu Feng, who was standing next to the other princes, his legs were trembling. His face was pale. His vision was turning black from time to time. He tried his best to stabilize his figure to prevent himself from falling in front of his imperial father and embarrass himself in front of the officials.

Pei Qinghan, who was standing near the hundred officials, was in the same situation. However, the emperor talked a lot today. All the officials held their winecup high and listened attentively. Only when the emperor finished his speech they drank the wine in their cup, and then sat back on their seat.

Pei Qinghan had always been studying since he was a child and has never practiced martial arts. His body was not as strong as Chu Feng, and he can’t stand it after standing for a while. If it weren’t for Gu Daren, who was by his side, hold him with one hand. He would have fallen to the floor.

After the emperor finished his speech, he drank the wine in his cup and sat on his seat. He let out a long sigh of relief and propped his arm on the table to make himself look less embarrassed.

Gu Daren asked in a low voice, “Houye, what’s wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Pei Qinghan bitterly smiled: “I ate something bad a few days ago, so I had stomachache these days. My vision turned black whenever I stood up. Fortunately, Gu Daren is here and helped me. Otherwise, I must have made a fool of myself in front of the emperor.”

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