Godly Stay-Home Dad

Chapter 1366

Chapter 1366 Just a Little Devil

All of a sudden, a cry of surprise came from a man beside him.

“Holy crap. Mr. Ye is actually here.”

“Who? Ye Han from the Eastern District?”

“That’s the boss of the bosses!”

They were so excited that even their female companions’ faces lit up. There was no doubt that if Ye Han took a fancy to one of them, with the level of their infatuation, they would kick the people around them and go with Ye Han.

The man beside Zhao Peng took the lead and said, “Let’s go and greet him.”

He walked up to Ye Han.

“Mr. Ye, nice to meet you here. What a lovely surprise.”

“Who are you?” Ye Han glanced at him. He had no impression of that guy.

“I am Ao Li’s younger brother. Last time, I was lucky enough to sit at the same table as you at the supercar gathering,” the man replied obediently.

“I see.”

Ye Han nodded slightly, smiled, and then ignored him.

Even Ao Li was a nobody in his eyes, let alone his younger brother.

But Ye Han couldn’t casually offend such a nobody. Because it wouldn’t be worth it if he were to encounter some idiot who would make trouble.

Therefore, Ye Han usually just smiled at these strangers.

“Brother Hu!”

Under their gazes, Ye Han put on a warm smile and almost trotted over to greet Ah Hu.

“Brother Hu, you guys are back?” Ye Han greeted them.

Ah Hu nodded as he replied, “Yeah. We’re here to have fun.”

“Hahaha, what a coincidence.” Ye Han turned his head and smiled more brightly. “Mengmeng, I now have two limited editioned supercars, the Ferrari and Koenigsegg. Last time I heard that you guys often went out driving supercars, so I prepared two and want to give them to you as gifts.”

“No, thanks. Those cars are boring. I don’t enjoy driving them now.” Mengmeng refused directly.

“Then put them in your garage and drive them whenever you want. These two cars were specially prepared for you, and now no one can buy them even if they want to,” Ye Han said.

He came here to have fun but happened to meet Mengmeng, so he took the opportunity to talk about this matter.

He had specially prepared those cars as a gift for Mengmeng.

However, she didn’t intend to accept them, so Ye Han kept thinking about how to give them to her.

“Mr. Ye is giving her supercars as a gift?”

“Who is she?”

“Could she be Young Mr. Ye’s… fiancée?”

“She’s just a high school student.”

Several people beside Zhao Peng discussed in low voices.

They didn’t understand what was going on.

In their view, Ye Han was already a very powerful figure.

“We’re going in.”

Mengmeng looked at the time. It was almost eight o’clock and she was ready to watch Zhang Li’s performance.

She took the lead and passed by Zhao Peng.

Zhao Peng’s leader thought of something and said with a smile, “Peng, Mr. Ye is giving away luxury cars, but your classmate doesn’t show him any respect. Mr. Ye is…”

He wanted to brag for a while to gain a sense of existence.

However, Ye Han’s face changed, and his eyes turned cold.

“Get lost! Who do you think you are to speak here?”


The man gasped and was a little scared by Ye Han’s imposing manner.

“Hahaha, Mr. Ye, long time no see. Are you still hanging around underground?” Ah Hu laughed.

He didn’t mean any sarcasm. After that, he nodded and left with several security group brothers.

But in Ye Han’s ears, his words didn’t sound nice.

Ye Han, who had made it until now, also had status and was the backbone of his group.

It was just his subordinate’s business to work underground.

Unwittingly, his prestige got belittled.

He was very unhappy about it.

Looking at Zhao Peng and the others, he frowned and said, “Your boss is Ao Li?

“Didn’t he teach you not to talk nonsense out here?

“You’re just a bunch of nobodies. How dare you interrupt me?”

After finishing speaking, Ye Han glared at them fiercely and strode into the inner area.

They were so scared that they broke out in a cold sweat.

They felt as if they had done something wrong.

“Who exactly are your classmates?” someone asked Zhao Peng.

“No, they are not my classmates. We are of the same grade. I don’t know their identities, but Zhou Lei in his senior year told me that they are people I can’t afford to offend.”

Zhao Peng finally understood that during the time he was hanging out, he had gained some fame, but compared with the real powerful people, he was not worth mentioning at all.

“Does what I’ve achieved while hanging out here actually mean nothing?”

He was at a loss.

There were many people in the inner area, and it was misty.

Zhang Li had just stepped onto the stage with her hairpin.

“Hey yo, I’ll rap you on the head…”

The background music sounded. With Zhang Li’s change, a popular DJ song was played.

Zhang Li was aware that her talent in DJ music was not as good as those who were blessed by nature.

It was just a hobby for her now, and she did it just for fun.

Enjoying the stage, she felt relaxed and peaceful.


Yue Xiaonao asked, “Shall we get some liquor?”

“What’s the point of drinking?” Mengmeng was stunned.

“We haven’t tried getting drunk yet.” Yue Xiaonao suggested.

“You can drink. No one will stop you,” Mengmeng said.

“I need someone to drink with me.” Yue Xiaoluan said, “Let’s all drink some, shall we?”

“I’m not doing it.” Mengmeng shook her head.

“I’m not interested,” Felina answered bluntly.

“I’ve tried it, but I’ve never been drunk before,” Nina replied.

“Forget it.” Yue Xiaonao leaned back on the sofa and said, “We would’t get drunk here.”

“Let’s have some fruits.”

The fruits they ate were produced by the orchard of Mount New Moon.

There were some delivered here every day to entertain familiar people.

Now that Mengmeng and the girls were here, they naturally had good food and drinks to enjoy.

After they watched for an hour, Zhang Li got off the stage and another DJ got onto the stage.

When the performance was over, Mengmeng and the girls went back.

They could appreciate the heavy metal music for a while, but they would be bored if they listened for a long time.

The point is the people they hung out with. If they had a class reunion, there would be a lot of people and it would be interesting.

It was not the show that was interesting but the people watching the show with them.

When they returned to Mount New Moon, they saw Zhang Han refining medicinal pellets.

Mengmeng ran over and chatted with him for a while.

After playing with Dahei and Little Hei for a while, she returned to the bedroom on the third floor.

Just as she was about to read some books, Zi Yan knocked on the door and walked in.

“Mengmeng, your dad wants you to learn pellet-refining, but you are not interested, are you?”

“That’s right. I’m not interested,” Mengmeng said straightforwardly.

If Headmaster Shan heard these words, he would definitely lament and say, “Those who want to learn can’t learn it, but those who don’t want to learn can learn it. Life is really… dramatic.”

“He told me that.” Zi Yan smiled. After thinking for a while, she said, “If you are not interested, you can get to know them first. We’re not asking you to learn how to refine pellets and set up formations, but we want you to know what those things are, how to break the formations, and how to identify the medicinal pellets. You have a lot of things to learn, but you’re a smart girl. You can keep them in mind by memorizing them.”

“I know that, but I just don’t want to learn.” Mengmeng pouted and looked a little upset.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to learn. I respect your decision.” Zi Yan said gently, “You’ve grown up. It’s natural for you to make some decisions on your own.”

“Hey, it’s not that. I haven’t grown up yet.” Mengmeng took a pillow casually, held it in her arms, and said dully, “I like to be taken care of by Daddy. As long as we are with him, I don’t need to think about anything or know anything. But… when he asked me to learn those things, I keep feeling that he is about to leave me, so I don’t want to learn.”

In fact, Mengmeng was still interested in pellet refining. She felt like getting to know those things and had learned them at Dragnet Academy, but when she heard Zhang Han’s words and saw his expression, she didn’t want to learn them and indirectly expressed her attitude.


Zi Yan sighed softly.

She reached out her hand and pinched Mengmeng’s pink cheeks, saying, “I feel that if it’s possible, your dad will definitely stay with us all the time, but there are some things that can’t be avoided. What you think is not exactly correct. Think about it. If you learn more, you will know how to face all kinds of situations when you go to a secret realm or a Relic. It’s still very useful to learn those things. If you can do everything, your dad will be proud.”

“What if one day I become more powerful than Daddy? Will he feel overwhelmed?” Mengmeng was very concerned about this.

There was no doubt that if she thought her father would feel overwhelmed, she would stop cultivating.

She was Zhang Han’s sweetheart, and Zhang Han was also her sweetheart.

“You want to surpass your dad?” Zi Yan smiled and said, “What’s wrong with that? Look, he is much more powerful than your grandpa. Isn’t he happy every day? He is even proud.”

While speaking, Zi Yan raised her hand and flicked Mengmeng’s forehead.

“And why are you so confident? It’s so easy for you to say that you can even surpass him, but you’re not good enough yet,” Zi Yan said.

“Who said that? I’m awesome.” Mengmeng snorted.

“Don’t be so arrogant. I just want to ask if you want to learn those things. If you want to, just let your dad teach you,” Zi Yan said directly.

She had said all that needed to be said. How to choose was up to Mengmeng.

“Then, I’ll learn them when I have time,” Mengmeng said.

“Hahaha.” Zi Yan laughed. “Little girl, you always think about the things you shouldn’t be worrying about. Xue always says that your father is the great devil, but in fact, he is really, really powerful. You’re the Heavenly Lord, but even if you practice hard, you may not be able to surpass your dad. Of course, I also want to see you surpass us.”

“I don’t care. I’ll cultivate in this casual way, combining work and rest,” Mengmeng said.

“All right. I’ll go back to watch TV now.” Zi Yan stood up.

“Humph. You’d never come to me when you are free. Alas, since I got together with Daddy, you and I are no longer close. We’ve become alienated from each other,” Mengmeng said with a sigh.

“You’re such a drama queen. Who did you learn this from?” Zi Yan rolled her eyes.

“Hee hee,” chuckled Mengmeng.

After joking around for a while, Zi Yan went back to her room to watch TV while Mengmeng began to learn high school knowledge.

Outside, under the Thunder Yang Tree, Zhang Han had just finished refining a batch of medicinal pellets.

Yue Wuwei, Zhang Guangyou, and Dong Chen were standing beside him.

While the three of them were chatting, Lisa and Yue Xiaonao were chatting in the villa.

“I saw the Seventh Mind this time,” Zhang Han suddenly said.


Yue Wuwei was shocked. “Why didn’t you inform me?”

“It’s just an accidental discovery. How could I tell you?” Zhang Han smiled bitterly, “I didn’t discover it when I went over.”

“What did he say?” Yue Wuwei asked in a hurry.

Zhang Guangyou and Dong Chen also stopped talking and looked at Zhang Han, waiting for him to speak.

Sir Mysterious’s minds were the ruler of this world.

The information they provided was all high-end news.

“To be exact, I found a place. It’s relatively high-end at present, and it can’t be touched.”

Zhang Han said, “That place is called the Land of God’s Meteorite. It’s estimated that you can’t go there until you’ve reached the fifth level of the Tribulation Stage.”

“So high-end?” Yue Wuwei was shocked. “It seems that it’s a big secret place.”


Zhang Han nodded and said, “As for other things, the main nest of the Bug Clan is quite troublesome, and the Sixth Mind has to fight with all his strength. The impact is relatively large because the Bug Clan’s main nest has devoured the Demonic Beast Continent and we have eaten a lot of Exotic Beasts that live on it, so we may be affected more than others. But no matter what, as long as we have enough strength and are powerful enough, we can deal with unexpected situations.”

“You’re right.” Yue Wuwei sighed softly. “We need to strengthen ourselves. You gave everyone occult art a few days ago. That’s a great strategy.”

“There are still a few things I need you to pay attention to.”

Zhang Han looked grave and said, “Don’t go too far out in the starry sky outside the Earth. There is a crisis. The Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea actually have their secrets. This world is not as normal as it seems on the surface. As the Saint Warrior Planet, it is a higher-end existence, which also involves a lot of mysteries. It’s okay to take it as the Saint Warrior Planet for the time being.”

“It turns out that… there are so many secrets.” Yue Wuwei frowned slightly, looked at Dong Chen, and said, “Send out the order that no one from Mount New Moon is allowed to go to the starry sky or explore the dangerous places of the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea on their own from now on.”

“Okay.” Dong Chen nodded seriously.

“It’s not far from the mutation of the Bug Clan. Dad, you must watch Mom cultivate hard to improve her combat capability. As for Lili, Liang Hao, and my in-laws, I’ll inform them later. I’ll do my best to refine medicinal pellets and spirit weapons with all the resources I have to arm all of you guys. It’s the only thing I can do at the moment,” Zhang Han said.


Zhang Guangyou pat Zhang Han on the shoulder and said, “You’ve done enough. You’re the core of the family. You’re still so young. In fact, you should relax and enjoy life.”

“Hahaha, I have always been very relaxed.” Zhang Han laughed and said, “I am also enjoying life.”

“Don’t exhaust yourself.”

Zhang Guangyou said, “I’ll go back and supervise your mother’s cultivation.”

“Then, I’ll inform the others.” Dong Chen also left.

Yue Wuwei chatted with Zhang Han for a while.

After that, Yue Wuwei opened the Space Portal and went to all the regions to have a look.

Zhang Han continued to refine pellets.

It was not a joke to exhaust all the resources, but there were too many resources, which required him to spend more time refining them recently.

Hearing this news, Mu Xue, Instructor Liu, and others were used to it.

“The Northernmost Sea and the Boundless Sea are terrifying places, to begin with. They are among the most dangerous places. Who would go there and explore for no reason?”

“The key is that we can’t go to the void outside our planet. No wonder Uncle Guangyou and the others said that the aircraft was broken like it had been crushed last time.”

“Accidents are really everywhere.”

They were used to it, but Chu Qingyi was not.

“Boundless Sea. Is it the place where we came back from?”

She didn’t find it horrible at all.

But upon hearing others speak of it and gaining a better understanding of it, she learned that the Boundless Sea and the Northernmost Sea were actually quite mysterious.

Mu Xue and Jiang Yanlan told Chu Qingyi about those places.

Chu Qingyi maintained her silence.

After a while, she asked, “Why doesn’t Master usually talk to us?”

“Why would she focus on that?”

Mu Xue touched her forehead and said, “He has nothing much to say. We should be grateful that he’s willing to teach us occult art.”

“It’s not like that exactly.” Jiang Yanlan said, “Master will tell us when something happens. He doesn’t chat much with others at ordinary times. If he talks a lot, would he still be the same Master as you think?”

“I see.”

Chu Qingyi faintly nodded her head.

That was indeed the case. The master that she had thought of in the past was also that cold and detached.

But now, the man she saw was more peaceful.

“Enough about that. Chu Qingyi, do you know how to play poker?” Mu Xue said.

“What’s that?” Chu Qingyi asked.

“It’s very simple. It’s three people playing cards. The rules…”

After giving a brief introduction of the rules, Jiang Yanlan said, “We’ll take 100 crystal stones as one point, and we can call for the banker once.”

While the others were chatting intensely outside, Zhang Han’s three female disciples were playing poker.

“If Master gets another female disciple, we can play mahjong,” Mu Xue said casually.

“Maybe he can actually do that.”

Jiang Yanlan added, “Master is very popular with women, but everything has been suppressed by his wife.”

“Well, Ma’am is not an ordinary person.” Mu Xue also had respect and admiration for Zi Yan.

Putting everything else aside, her ability to suppress the other gorgeous ladies with her temperament was not only due to her heaven-defying beauty. Her aura was so powerful that it was as if she had been born with that.

In just two or three days, Mengmeng’s study in high school began.

The teacher did her best to give lectures. The students studied hard and picked up knowledge.

But a week later, Mengmeng and the girls were already reading the textbooks of the sophomores.

At the same time, they returned to Mount New Moon in the evening.

Zhang Han began to teach Mengmeng the Dao of plants and vegetation.

“Pellet refining is based on plants and vegetation. With a profound understanding of the Dao of plants and vegetation, one won’t be bad at pellet refining.

“From today onwards, I will do everything I can to teach you everything I know about the Dao of plants and vegetation.

“There are about 90 million kinds of spiritual herbs I know, including many branches. There are about 1.3 billion kinds of them altogether. It seems to be massive, but I can’t get to know all of them since the Cultivation World is too big. Even I’m in the process of learning. It’s enough for you to get to know this path.”

“Oh my god.” Hearing this, Mengmeng was immediately stunned. ” 1.3 billion kinds. How can I remember so many?”

“You’ll remember them slowly.”

Zhang Han laughed. This was a kind of accumulation.

These were just spiritual herbs that could be used to refine pellets. There are many other miscellaneous things, but they were not considered.

“The world is so big that strange spirit treasures and even Profound-grade treasures could be produced.

“No one knows where its end is.

“We are only in contact with the peripheral areas of the Cultivation World. In the future, there will be more prosperous and wonderful places for us to explore. However, the Cultivation World is not the destination but the starting point. There are higher-end worlds, and I’ve never been to one. Let’s go to those places together in the future.”

“Yeah. Let’s go eat delicious food and have fun.” Mengmeng nodded repeatedly.

She began to learn the Dao of plants and vegetation as well.

The basic skill was to recognize a hundred thousand kinds of plants and be able to call out their names accurately and know their effects.

Teaching was not telling stories, but Zhang Han taught Mengmeng spiritual herbs with the same effects and common points together. In this way, Mengmeng could memorize them much faster.

If a cultivator knew a little bit about the way of Tao, he would know millions of plants and vegetation.

If one mastered the way of Tao, he would know tens of millions of kinds of plants.

A master of plants and vegetation would know 30 million types of those.

There weren’t many who knew 90 million main kinds of plants in the whole Cultivation World.

If the branches were included, there were 1.3 billion kinds of plants in total, and there were less than ten people in the vast Cultivation World who knew all of those.

As Mengmeng learned, she grew more studious.

She was very serious every time she studied.

And she would learn even faster.

Just two hours later, she memorized hundreds of kinds of plants.

“What is Kuding Grass?” Zhang Han asked.

“Well, Kuding Grass, matures with a length of eight inches, has a diameter of about thumb, and barbs on the branches. The number of branches indicates its quality. Its effect is to eliminate soul toxins, which can be refined into more than ten kinds of medicinal pellets. It’s not a common spiritual herb.”

Hearing the complete answer, Zhang Han smiled.

“What about Purple Kuding Flowers?” Zhang Han asked again.

“The growth period of Purple Kuding Flowers is the same as that of Kuding Grass, but when they grow to five inches, purple petals will appear at the top of the branches. Their quality will be determined by the number of petals, which can improve the clarity of the soul. It can be refined into more than a hundred kinds of medicinal pellets and is a common spiritual herb,” Mengmeng replied seriously.


After Zhang Han asked her dozens of questions, she got them all right.

“You’re really awesome.”

Zhang Han touched Mengmeng’s head and said, “You will definitely surpass me in the future and become a more powerful person.”

“That won’t be possible.” Mengmeng said with a smile, “Mummy said that I can’t surpass you. You’re a great devil, and I’ll just be a little devil at most.”

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