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Chapter 702 - Cloud Sea City

Chapter 702 Cloud Sea City

“Do you like stories, Mengmeng? Let Uncle tell you some good stories!

On the plane, Zhang Han and his family sat down on the right side of the plane, where there were three separate seats close to each other. Behind them were Wang Ming, Rong Jiaxin, and Wang Ya. On Zi Yan’s left, there were also three chairs, and Jiang Yanlan was the only passenger there. Ji Wushuang and Mo Chengfeng sat on the back seats, while Instructor Liu and Zhao Feng were behind Jiang Yanlan.

Hearing that Mengmeng wanted to hear some stories, Instructor Liu came to the front seat and blinked his eyes at Jiang Yanlan.

“Move inside.”

“You!” Jiang Yanlan widened her eyes in anger, intending to beat Instructor Liu. Still, she was on Zhang Han’s plane and Mengmeng was looking at her hopefully.


Mengmeng was slightly surprised. She could read the other’s facial expression and knew Jiang Yanlan was angry from her stiff face. Therefore, Mengmeng turned her gaze at Instructor Liu.

“Ha ha ha, nothing serious. Ha ha…” Jiang Yanlan forced a smile and made room for Instructor Liu. Seeing that Instructor Liu sat down without saying thank you to her, Jiang Yanlan pinched his waist with her right hand.

Before Jiang Yanlan could reach Instructor Liu’s flesh…


A cry of pain rang out through the cabin.

Everyone looked at Instructor Liu, and then turned their gaze to Jiang Yanlan.

“Hum?” Jiang Yanlan was confused.

“Why are you crying before I beat you? You are so shameless!”

Jiang Yanlan’s eyes quivered and she kept murmuring to herself, “Calm down, calm down… Punish him in whatever way you like when you arrive… Puff…”

As if he had foreseen the danger, Instructor Liu stopped teasing Jiang Yanlan. Yet, his next words made Jiang Yanlan even angrier.

“Wow, Lanlan, the current on you is so strong that it makes me numb.”


Zhao Feng and others were almost choked by their own saliva.

“Do you remember that you are a Grand Master? Can you make a more reasonable excuse?”

“Liu, you are great. Ha ha ha, so great. I’ll give you a greater feeling when we get off the flight.” Jiang Yanlan smiled at Instructor Liu.

“Ha ha ha. Okay!”

As long as Zhang Han or Mengmeng were there, Instructor Liu was not afraid of anything.

Jiang Yanlan couldn’t help thinking about how to punish Instructor Liu when she saw his expression. Therefore, she turned her gaze outside the window. As the plane rose above the clouds, the beautiful scenery outside calmed her down.

Nonetheless, Jiang Yanlan soon heard Instructor Liu’s idea of telling stories to Mengmeng. She turned around to look at Instructor Liu, wondering what he was going to do.

“Uncle Liu, you said you wanted to tell a story,” Mengmeng said when the flight was stable, shaking her short legs on the chair.

“Of course, I’m going to start. First, I’ll tell two stories to moisten my voice first.”

Hearing Instructor Liu’s words, Zhang Han, Zi Yan, and Zhao Feng all turned their gaze towards him.

They wondered if Instructor Liu was going to tell his own stories about his career. Though Instructor Liu had strong supporters, he must be more powerful than his former colleagues, otherwise, he would have been replaced by others.

“Well, this is what I heard from Xiao Ma, my former teammates.”

Instructor Liu cleared his throat, “When I first joined the army, Xiao Ma always said that after reading time-travel novels, he looked up at the sky with a look of piety and said, ‘God, can I experience it too? I don’t want so many beauties or high positions, a pretty wife is enough for me. I don’t want to be a martial artist or scholar, a good brother who develops in an all-round way is enough. I don’t want too much money; a small house is enough for me.’ God satisfied his wish and hit him with thunder. When he woke up as a time traveler, he saw a beautiful woman sitting at the edge of his bed. ‘Elder brother, drink the soup,’ the woman said with a gentle voice.”


Zi Yan and Jiang Yanlan were confused. All of a sudden, they burst out laughing.

“Why?” Mengmeng was still confused, not knowing why the others were so happy. She forced a smile and then began looking around with her blinking eyes.

“You’re talking nonsense. Tell us something real.”

Instructor Liu laughed and took a glance at Jiang Yanlan secretly.

Then he continued, “In the face of a complex and intractable crime scene, experienced officer Li, with a serious look, squats down on the side in silence. He has consumed two packs of cigarettes and is now coughing constantly. Xiao Wang, a new intern, comes to stop him. Officer Li explains, ‘Don’t worry, I’m okay. This is a chronic complaint since I have been in this business for many years. I’ll lose all my ideas if I stop smoking.’ After hearing this, Xiao Wang hesitates for a while and finally says to him, ‘Although I’m not as experienced as you are, please listen to me if you really regard me as a friend. Don’t smoke my cigarettes, okay?'”

Instructor Liu stopped and everyone burst out laughing.

“This is so funny.”

Even Jiang Yanlan was amused and Instructor Liu caught her smile with his sharp eyes.

Taking this opportunity, he asked Jiang Yanlan, “I’m good at telling stories, right?”

“No!” Jiang Yanlan controlled her mood and rolled her eyes at him.

“Don’t deny that I’m good at telling stories. As a native from Shang Jing, you may not understand them thoroughly.”

“I’m not a native from Shang Jing,” Jiang Yanlan replied to him in a way different from others.

It happened that Instructor Liu wanted to know more about her.

“Where are you from? Maybe we are fellow villagers.”

“I can’t be your fellow villager!”

Silence fell in the cabin.

There were not many opportunities for Instructor Liu to “chat” with Jiang Yanlan, so he grasped it immediately. Most men liked to show off in front of their dream-lovers, expect Instructor Liu, who just wanted to know more about Captain Jiang.

This was the main purpose of Instructor Liu’s story telling.

Meanwhile, Mengmeng didn’t understand the story and looked up at Zhang Han.

“PaPa, what’s uncle Liu talking about?” asked Mengmeng.

“He tells two short stories that you can understand when you grow older.” Zhang Han touched Mengmeng’s head with a smile.

“Isn’t he telling me stories? Why can’t I understand them? Humph.” Mengmeng snorted and then looked at Zhang Han again, “PaPa, I miss the King of Dwarves.”

“Well, last time I talked about the dwarfs who went to Dragon Island, right? This time they met some fierce opponents…”

An all-embracing historical story, which was regarded as a spiritual treasure in the Cultivation World, was adapted into an adventure story by Zhang Han.

What an interesting journey, no one felt bored at all.

The rich lunch prepared on the plane was made of food materials from Mount New Moon, and the dishes were served with red wine and all kinds of other drinks.

Their destination was Cloud Sea City, the capital of Xin Province in northwest China. It was located in the hinterland of Asia and Europe, adjacent to countries in central Asia and regarded as the political, economic, cultural, and transportation center of northwest China.

It was two o’clock in the afternoon when they arrived at the airport in Cloud Sea City.

It was still hot in July here, and Mengmeng and Zi Yan were both in their summer suits. After putting on their hats, they got off the plane and saw dozens of cars waiting for them on one side of the plane.

Zhang Han and his family needn’t worry about anything, no matter they were traveling or doing anything else. Zhao Feng would make the perfect arrangements for them in advance.

In fact, Zhao Feng needn’t do much, too. Liu Qingfeng’s men and friends were all over Hua nation, and he could arrange everything with just a phone call.

Each car was driven by a man wearing a black suit and white gloves.

They were led by four well-dressed, middle-aged men who greeted Zhang Han and his friends as soon as they got off the plane.

“Mr. Zhang and Miss Zi, welcome to Cloud Sea City. I’m the representative of Chairman Liu in northwest Hua nation. Please feel free to ask me for anything during your visit here. Chairman Liu told us to treat you like himself.”

The leading man with a long face smiled warmly.

He was a talent in business circles, but he knew little about the martial arts world. Therefore, he was unsatisfied with Liu Qingfeng’s recent decisions in business. Lots of investments were needed, but Liu Qingfeng gave up so many sources of benefits. The middle-aged man felt that he was no longer trusted by Liu Qingfeng since most of his suggestions were rejected. He longed for a larger stage, and there happened to be some other companies who had recently contacted him. He was offered a higher salary, but what attracted him more was a larger stage for his talents.

“I’ll have a chat with Chairman Liu after completing this task.”

Qi Xiang kept thinking about it recently. He was ambitious and didn’t want to work for Liu Qingfeng anymore, who was too gentle in business. He would rather work in a branch of this new company if permitted by Liu Qingfeng.

What was more important now was his task. Thinking about it, Qi Xiang stretched out his right hand towards Zhang Han.

“Nice to meet you.” Zhang Han smiled and shook hands with him.

Then Zhang Han took the lead in the way to the cars waiting for them.


Qi Xiang was confused, feeling that the guest was at a higher position than he could imagine.

“Mr. Zhang and Miss Zi from Mengmeng Group, Hong Kong. It is said that Mengmeng Group is at a high position as one of Chairman Liu’s important partners in Hong Kong. Anyway, they should be treated well this time.”

Qi Xiang thought about it and followed Zhang Han to the motorcade.

At the same time, Zhou Fei, Chen Changqing, and the Warlord of Chan Clan got out of the first car and walked towards Zhang Han.

“Brother Han,” Chen Changqing said hello from afar.

“Sister Yan, Brother-in-law.” Zhou Fei bounced towards them, “Mengmeng, do you miss Aunty Feifei?”

“Yes,” Mengmeng replied without hesitation.

But her expression gave her out.

“How long have you been here?” Zi Yan asked with a smile.

“We arrived here half an hour before.”

“I see. How is your vacation these days? It’s the first time for you to go to his home, right? Humph, have you received the gift from Elder Chen?” Zi Yan turned her gaze at the Warlord of Chan Clan.

“We didn’t have a vacation at all.” Zhou Fei was a little shy.

The Warlord of Chan Clan coughed and replied, “Of course I have a gift for her. My grandson’s wife is such a good girl, right?”


Zhou Fei blushed under the gazes of the others.

Qi Xiang and the others didn’t disturb the Chens. While standing by, they turned their gaze somewhere else.

There were more than 20 people on the right side, and some of them were well dressed.

Qi Yang was confused when he saw their leader.

“Isn’t that Elder Ma of Guangyi Group? Why is he here in the flesh?”

He was now negotiating with Guangyi Group for business, and on the other side was the vice president of Guangyi. Now the vice president was standing straight behind that group of people with a big smile.

The president of Guangyi Group and many high-level members of the Ma family were all there. Besides them, there were two presidents of other famous groups.

Qi Xiang was shocked by the scene.

Everyone there was a giant in the business circles of Cloud Sea City.

What happened next stunned Qi Xiang and his men.

When the group of people on the right side saw Zhang Han, they chatted with each other and then strode towards him.

“What are they going to do, fight?”

Qi Xiang and his men were frightened.

After a while, that group of men slowed down and put on a humble smile. Elder Ma, who was the most influential among them, stretched out both hands and even slightly bent down.

“Mr. Zhang, Miss Zi, Mr. Chen, and Elder Chen. Ha ha ha, welcome to Cloud Sea City. It’s a great pleasure for us to meet you today,” Mr. Ma said loudly.


Qi Xiang felt as if he were struck by lightning.

“Who are you?” Zhang Han took a glance at Mr. Ma and asked casually.

“Guangyi Group belongs to the Ma family. I’m Ma Sanliang, and I had the honor of cooperating with your group last time and received one of Miss Zi’s songs.”

“I remember you. How about you?” Zhou Fei looked at him and smiled, “Mr. Hu, who talked with us about the contract last time, was not there, so we didn’t recognize the other gentlemen of your group. I’m sorry.”

Hearing Zhou Fei’s introduction, Zhang Han shook hands with Ma Sanliang in the same way he had just before. Qi Xiang and his men were still at a loss.

“Damn it. What’s his background? Even the head of Guangyi Group respects him.”

Qi Xiang kept wiping sweat from his forehead.

He realized that now that he intended to leave Liu Qingfeng for Guangyi Group, he would be driven out of Cloud Sea City if the guests today were not satisfied with him. He even saw the leaders of the other two giant groups smiling obsequiously at Zhang Han.

Ma Sanliang shook his head after hearing Zhou Fei’s words, “No, we came here without informing you in advance. We didn’t expect to see Mr. Zhang and all of you, and we can’t ignore you since you are here. Therefore, we come to greet you and hope that Mr. Zhang and Elder Chen are not bothered by us.”

“Nothing serious.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

When the other leaders were about to say something…

“PaPa, it’s hot outside.”

“It’s hot? Okay, let’s get in the car.”

After seeing Zhang Han’s eyes, they could imagine Zhang Han striding to one of the cars with Mengmeng in his arms.

Ma Sanliang and the other businessmen realized it was improper for them to say anything more.

“We won’t disturb you, Mr. Zhang,” they said repeatedly.

“Please take my card and feel free to contact us whenever you need help in Cloud Sea City.”

When the businessmen took out their cards, what they saw was Zhang Han’s back.

Fortunately, Zhao Feng was still there. He came to say hello to them and took their cards. After bidding farewell to Zhang Han’s friends, the businessmen got in their Audis and left the airport.

In the first car…

Qi Xiang was still wiping his sweat.

“What’s his background? It’s so frightening. Even Chairman Liu is not as influential as him.”

Silence fell.

They began to discuss Zhang Han and his friends.

The motorcade moved eastward and soon entered Cloud Sea City. Looking from a distance, they found continuous mountains up ahead, with thin clouds and fog surrounding them. The scenery in the city was pleasant.

The city was very prosperous with high-rise buildings, countless pedestrians, and busy cars.

Groups of high-level martial artists were coming to the beautiful city.

The local branch of the National Security Agency was nervous, but they could do nothing about it.

All the martial artists coming there were powerful and they dared not to provoke any one of them.

They were so afraid of Merciless Zhang and Emperor Qing, let alone the other elder martial artists who hadn’t come out for many years.

Fortunately, Ye Tianlang sent the Azure Dragon detachment here to help Vermilion Bird, who was in Zhang Hanyang’s group. And they were confident in controlling the situation.

The local branch of the National Security Agency knew Zhang Han was there and paid close attention to him.

They had had meetings with so many families and clans recently.

“Tell your playboys to behave themselves, and stop them from hanging out and fooling around. Otherwise, you may be like the Li family in Hong Kong, which was finally destroyed by Zhang Hanyang. Don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

Therefore, many families held meetings to warn their members not to go outside. They would rather see their children go abroad.

Though they knew their children were not always fooling around, they must make full preparations in case some of the boys and girls provoked Zhang Hanyang.

Qi Xiang led the motorcade he had arranged in the first car.

They drove all the way to the center of the Southern District of Cloud Sea City, through the prosperous commercial street, and finally entered a luxury villa area next to a large park. There was a private manor in the innermost side with seven villas, which also belonged to Liu Qingfeng.

Bang, bang, bang…

There was a dense sound of opening and closing doors.

QI Xiang was faster this time.

Standing on one side of the road, he said, “Here is the accommodation for you, you can have a look at it first. If it is not enough for you, there are more single villas outside.”

“It’s enough.” Zhao Feng nodded at him. The members of the security group preferred to be together, and the 10 people who came with Zhang Han this time would occupy two villas at most.

The other five villas were enough for Zhang Han’s family and his friends.

“Which one do you like?” Zhang Han asked Mengmeng with a smile.

“That one.” Mengmeng did not hesitate for long. She blinked her big eyes a few times and then pointed to a smaller villa in the front, which looked like a castle with round corners.

“Okay, we want that one.” Zhang Han agreed with her happily.

So they made such a joyous decision.

Zhao Feng carried Zi Yan’s two suitcases into that villa without hesitation.

Zhou Fei and Zi Yan would take their suitcases with them every time they went out. Most of the security group members were male, who didn’t need much luggage other than carrying some clothes.

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