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Chapter 798 - Teaching of Cultivation Methods

Chapter 798 Teaching of Cultivation Methods

It was just a theory Dong Chen made up to save his face. He never thought that Wang Xiaowu could really make something out of it.

Although it seemed to be of little value now, it was possible that he could later comprehend a certain secret skill and develop a brand new secret skill. After all, it was not bad to use spiritual force and soul sense to draw out the evil wind.

“What are you guys coughing for?”

Third Elder walked toward them with a calm look on his face. At the three’s behavior, he was a little bewildered.

The disciples told him what they were doing.

Then, Third Elder looked at Dong Chen with a strange look and then looked at Zhang Han. It appeared that he had understood something.

A few minutes later, Zhang Guangyou and the other three peak heads arrived.

Only then did Zhang Han stand up and said to Mengmeng with a smile, “Mengmeng, PaPa is going over there to talk with the uncles.”

“Yes, I got it.”

Mengmeng obediently waved goodbye with her little hand.

Anyway, she was playing on the mountain. The little girl could see them, so it didn’t matter if they were a little far away.

Sometimes people were just so absurd. For instance, a boy was playing games, and his girlfriend was watching TV beside them. They had no interaction with each other during the whole time, but they both felt at ease. And if one day, one of them wasn’t there with the other, the feeling would be very different.

Zhang Han came to the thunder yang tree.

The people there were all from Heavenly Knights Sect. There were Dong Chen the Grand Elder, First Elder who was proficient in the formation, Third Elder who was good at fighting, as well as the three peak heads, the number one disciple, Yun Feiyang, and Wang Xiaowu and Jiang Bing. And Zhang Guangyou was there, too. As for Rong Jiali, she had gone to play with her granddaughter on the way here.

“Let’s get started. Who shall be the first?” Zhang Han glanced at these people and smiled. He wasted no time making speeches but went straight to the business.

“Is this place proper?” First Elder hesitated for a bit, then he suggested, “Should we go to a quiet place?”

“No need.”

“I’ll go first.” Dong Chen took a step forward.

“Okay, open your mind. Don’t resist. Keep your mind calm and feel it with your heart,” Zhang Han said in a deep voice.

All of a sudden. his right hand pressed forward through the air.

“Buzz, buzz, buzz!”

Invisible energy fluctuations formed lines between him and Dong Chen.

In the face of the invasion of external energy, Dong Chen instinctively wanted to resist. This was self-defense.

But as soon as his spiritual force moved, he forcibly suppressed it and calmed it down, letting the energy under Zhang Han’s control wantonly enter his body.

It was no exaggeration to say that if Zhang Han wanted to take Dong Chen’s life at this time, he could do it. However, when the invasive energy kept increasing, Dong Chen’s soul sense and spiritual force started to fight back despite his will.


His heart seemed to have missed a beat.

“Clear your mind!”

At this moment, a voice full of majesty seemed to explode in his mind.

Dong Chen’s consciousness slowly calmed down.

His soul sense and spiritual force gradually quieted.

“According to the method you’ve practiced, I tweaked a set of upper-level methods into a suitable one for you. This method is called the Four Symbols Sea, which happens to a great method for a man at your level to cultivate. The so-called Four Symbols Sea refers to the Azure Dragon Sea, the Vermilion Bird Sea, the White Tiger Sea, and the Black Tortoise Sea that you’ll have in four directions when you form the Golden Elixir. The so-called Four Symbols represent four kinds of power. You can absorb some spirit beasts or a series of energy in these four bloodlines. After being refined by the method, it will become your own power.”

“This is what it can do in the Elixir Stage. When you reach the God Transformation Realm, the Four Symbols dantian will lead your soul sense sea to change together. Then, your means will be numerous. Of course, whether you can get its power depends on your luck in the future.”

“Uncle Dong, you are still quite young, and it’s the time for you to shine. Back then, you saw me live a leisurely life, but in fact, in my eyes, you are the one who lives a leisurely life. Want to go over Heaven Peak Stage? It’s not impossible for you to break this bottleneck…”

Dong Chen had given Zhang Han that same lecture many times. Today, Zhang Han took this opportunity and lectured him in return.

However, he didn’t tell him the rest. In his opinion, during the past hundreds of years in the secular world and the worldlet, few people had made a breakthrough after the Heaven Peak Stage. The problem was probably the influence of the seal. There must be secrets hidden in the sealed Saint Warrior Planet. Zhang Han didn’t have any idea about how to discover those secrets. At least, the current Zhang Han couldn’t figure it out.

But was the breakthrough really unachievable?

Of course not. There were still some opportunities. As far as Zhang Han knew, among the three Deadlands, there was an opportunity to break through. At the very least, the white bone cave he had explored carried such opportunities. It was a place full of danger. Even if Zhang Han went down there now, he would also be risking his life. Nonetheless, the more dangerous it was, the more opportunities it might have.

So also did the ancient mines that were often heard, and the worldlet that had everything to do with the secular world. This was a bit terrifying. It was highly likely that these places had all concealed quite a few great opportunities.

Although Zhang Han knew this, he chose to keep it to himself on second thought. As the top fighter of Heavenly Knights Sect, Dong Chen must continue the war with Wind Snow School, so he had better not go on any trial now.

“Feel it minutely.”

Zhang Han sent that remark specifically to Dong Chen before he made the Four Symbols Sea start to evolve in Dong Chen’s mind.


Dong Chen suddenly saw a different scene in his mind.


A sea of clouds appeared in front of him, and he could see a huge dragon swimming in the sea of clouds.

The scene changed. In the blazing sea of flames, an enormous bird zoomed past, stirring up waves of flame that was hundreds of feet high. It was a giant Vermilion Bird.

When the scene changed again, he seemed to be in a desert. However, when Dong Chen took a closer look, his heart contracted in fright.

A sea of bones!

All he could see were dried bones. A few hundred meters in front of him, he saw that a tiger king, which was as tall as a mountain peak, was taking a nap.

When Dong Chen wanted to observe it more carefully, suddenly, the tiger king opened its eyes.


Dong Chen’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. What a horrifying look!

The scene changed again. Now it was a normal sea.


It seemed that water surface was rising. After a while, Dong Chen suddenly realized that a huge Black Tortoise was breaking through the surface of the sea.

“This turtle is really big.”

Dong Chen was so shocked that he even forgot it was a “Black Tortoise”.

As if dissatisfied with Dong Chen’s thoughts, the picture broke into pieces. Wisps of energy turned into thousands of silk threads, constantly developing the new route in his body.

“Four Symbols Sea!”

Dong Chen focused on observing. After the energy ran a full circle, he bore it in mind.


Dong Chen let out a long breath and slowly opened his eyes. He looked at Zhang Han with shock and admiration.

“Thank you, Young Lord.”

He cupped one hand in the other before his chest.

“You’re welcome.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly and added, “I have other gifts for you. Here is a set of fifth-stage spirit treasure, 18 cards. Among these three cards, there are three kinds of souls, namely the flood dragon, the Golden Black Tortoise, and the Winged Tiger King. They represent the Azure Dragon post, the Black Tortoise post, and the White Tiger post. As long as you find the soul of the Vermilion Bird, you can upgrade it to the highest grade of the fifth stage. The utilization of this weapon is called the Four Symbols Formation. With your Cultivation Method, its power will go up continuously. Therefore, you not only need to cultivate the Cultivation Method but also the Four Symbols Formation. As for the knowledge of the formation, I have sealed it in these three cards.”

Zhang Han stretched out and casually handed the 18 cards to Dong Chen.


Dong Chen was a little embarrassed. After taking the cards, he slowly remarked with a complicated look in his eyes, “Thank you. I won’t forget this.”

With that, Dong Chen turned around and left. He was also anxious to go back and try out the new cultivation method. Moreover, as to the Four Symbols Formation, it was too complex… He felt he was having a headache!

“From his expression, I can tell that he has gained a lot. Now it’s my turn.”

Third Elder walked straight to Zhang Han before the others could differ.

Just like before, Zhang Han sent his voice to him specifically.

“You are like the swordsman of Heavenly Knights Sect. Your sword is very fierce, and you are also a master of swords. Based on your previous Cultivation Method, I’ve prepared a set of Cultivation Method and three sets of sword moves for you…”

After about a quarter of an hour, Third Elder laughed. With a surprised but delighted expression, he cupped his hands to Zhang Han and left quickly.

Then came First Elder. He walked to Zhang Han and said eagerly, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t give a cultivation method. Instead, can you give me a heads-up and let me instantly comprehend the Thousand-formation Image?”


Zhang Han couldn’t help laughing. He said, “There’s no shortcut to comprehending this thing. First Elder, the Cultivation Method for you is very simple. It can make your spiritual force more condensed. Whether in terms of setting up a magic formation or something else, it will help you make progress in all aspects…”

Ten minutes later, First Elder left with a thrilled face.

Then, it was the three peak heads’ turn.

Like previously, when the three left, they were as gratified as if they had obtained a precious treasure. The way they then deal with Zhang Han couldn’t be more friendly.

In the end, when it came to Jiang Bing’s turn, he looked quite nervous.

After getting the cultivation method, he was sort of at a loss.

He didn’t seem to understand it very well, but he could tell that the cultivation method was much more powerful than the old one.

Jiang Bing thanked Zhang Han again and again before taking off, leaving Wang Xiaowu and Yun Feiyang behind.

They weren’t supposed to take this “lesson” in the first place. Yet, their legs seemed to have been rooted to the ground so they couldn’t move at all. They just kept staring at Zhang Han.

“You two…”

Zhang Han thought for a while and said with a smile, “I didn’t observe you before. You can wait for next time. Still, I can teach you guys two secret skills first.”

As a flash of light crossed his eyes, he passed a couple of secret techniques on to the two of them, who then left with satisfaction.

“Now it’s my turn, isn’t it?”

Only Zhang Han and Zhang Guangyou were still under the thunder yang tree.

Just as Zhang Guangyou said that with a smile, a tender voice came from the distance.

“PaPa, come here.”

“Ah! I’m coming!”

Hearing that, Zhang Han quickly turned around and strode to Mengmeng.

Zhang Guangyou, who had a blank look on his face, was left behind.


“He left just like that?”

“What about my cultivation method?”

“This boy has forgotten me after he grew up!”

While Zhang Guangyou was still in a daze, he suddenly heard Zhang Han’s voice ringing in his ears.

He was taken aback at first, but then he laughed. “This darn boy.”

After that, he also followed up.

The cultivation methods Zhang Han had picked for his parents were the best ones, only that many of them were not suitable. At first, Zhang Han tried to develop one from the top cultivation methods, but the workload was too huge. After failing three times, he chose to start with secondary cultivation methods, but it was not done yet.

It would still take some time. First Elder and the others happened to change their cultivation methods at this time. The meridians in their bodies would take some change. After that, they would also need a few days to get used to the new methods. As Zhang Han and Zi Yan were going out to have some fun, and Zhang Guangyou would be in charge of guarding this place.

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