Godly Student

Chapter 540

Puff! Cheng Yu's defense was weakened by Yi Hai's soul technique. Due to his weakened state, Cheng Yu could not defend against Yi Zhongs attack. He spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground


Huo Yu saw that her master was seriously injured and became extremely anxious. She is fighting against three Nascent Soul Stage experts and could not go save him

Shi Ji and the Spirit Severing Stage expert called Yi Jian are also fiercely in the battle. Seeing Cheng Yu being injured, she also felt very anxious and moved sideways to try to save Cheng Yu

Haha! What's wrong? You want to save him? You have to get through me first Seeing Cheng Yu injured, Yi Jian felt elated. This woman is fierce but she is not that much stronger than him. Although he isn't able to defeat her but he at least stop her from helping Cheng Yu

You... Damn it! Shi Ji's face is icy cold full of killing intent. Although she has swallowed the energy source pill, this thing can not bring her strength for the time being and she needs to slowly absorb it to enhance her strength

In the face of this man's entanglement, she is also annoyed but she can not beat him so she decided to go all out and suddenly turned into her main body.

Roar! A hundred meters long giant flood dragon suddenly appeared in front of everyone

This... this... this woman turned out to be a demon beast! Yi Jian was shocked.

He has never seen this type of demon beast. Even in the Cultivation World, there is not a lot of demon beasts and their strength is usually not strong. Moreover, they would stay in their territory but this woman who has been fighting against him for so long is actually a demon beast which is surprising to him

One must know that when a demon beast transforms into a human form, although their cultivation realm will not change, their strength will be subjected to many restrictions. Only after changing back to their main body will they be able to use their full strength


Sure enough, Shi Ji dealt a more formidable attack when she clawed towards Yi Jian in her original form.


Yi Jian's face changed and he was knocked away by Shi Ji for hundreds of meters away. This really made him horrified, he did not expect that after transforming into her main body, the power of this demon beast is really amazing, causing him to lose on this round

Whiz! Just as he was still panic-stricken, Shi Ji's giant tail smashed over towards Yi Jian, causing to be shocked and quickly dodge

This demon beast is really powerful. It seems that I have to use it to win Yi Jian knows that he is not the opponent of this giant flood dragon and he does not dare to hesitate anymore. He also took out a yellow talisman paper

However, this talisman is not used for defending like Yi Zong's and Yi Hai's, instead, it is used for offense

This is an offensive talisman. After saying the incantation, the talisman start to burn and the momentum of the talisman suddenly rose. A virtual shadow with a giant hammer soon appeared next to Yi Jian.

This virtual shadow raised its giant hammer and roared. Its aura is like a giant spirit that could destroy the earth. Such a strong aura made Cheng Yu in the distance change his face. Although this aura is still in the early stages of distraction, he can feel that this aura is definitely more powerful than Shi Ji at this time.


Shi Ji also felt the threat that the shadow gave her so she immediately clawed towards the shadow and wanted to seize the opportunity to defeat it as quickly as possible. However, this giant shadow is completely fearless and the moment it raised the hammer, it smashed toward the claw.


Shi Ji's claw was instantly shattered. The hammer was hammered directly toward Shi Ji. Although she was shocked, she still swung her tail over.


Cheng Yu is also startled when he saw Shi Ji get knocked down to the ground by the giant hammer

But at this time, the huge shadow disappeared. Looking at the Yi Jian, his face is pale and his body is also trembling. Obviously, the amount of Qi used by this giant shadow is tremendous and he can clearly not withstand it


Another shadow fell to the ground, it was Huo Yu. At this point, Cheng Yu and the rest are all defeated

Haha! This is the fate of being an enemy with our Mysterious Sky Sect. You Limitless Palace disciples are so trash, can't even withstand a single blow Yi Hai and others stood in the air and watched Cheng Yu, one person, one beast, one demon and loudly laughed.

Then I will have to see if your Mysterious Sky Sect is as incredible as you say!

After Yi Han finished speaking, a cold voice suddenly came over from the distance and a huge palm fell from the sky towards them

A Spirit Severing Stage expert? At this time, even Yi Jian's expressions had changed. He quickly held up his sword and slashed towards the palm

Yi Hai saw this huge palm and became even more frightened. His body trembled and he wanted to quickly escape


Yi Jian's sword was immediately broken by the huge palm and the sword shards scattered about and hit the Nascent Soul Stage experts watching. Several pitiful yells rang out and five people simultaneously fell to the ground

Who? When Yi Jian saw this situation, he was shocked and shouted

A person came from the east, that person wore a white robe, flying with the wind and coupled with a face that can topple countries, it made the moonlight look dull

Senior Sister Seeing the person coming, Cheng Yu is overjoyed. This person is Xin Yao, the daughter of Qing Yuanzi, the sect leader of Limitless Palace

It turned out to be sister Yao of Limitless Palace. Although I haven't seen you for so many years. Junior Sisters is still so graceful. I didn't expect you to break through to the Spirit Severing Stage. Seeing Xin Yao, Yi Jian was a little scared. He did not think that this Xin Yao actually broke through to the Spirit Severing Stage.

After all, Cheng Yu is a disciple of Limitless Promise Palace. He is also seriously injured and he already has used the offensive talisman. He is not in a good situation

Thank you brother Jian for your praise but I wonder why you have brought people to attack disciples from my Limitless Palace? Does your Mysterious Sky Sect think that our Limitless Palace is easy to bully? Xin Yao looked at the junior brother who she has not seen in half a year and she sighed in relief after seeing him safe. She then looked at Yi Jian and sneered

Oh, sister Yao misunderstood, we are not attacking junior brother Cheng. It's just that we have come to the secular world to do something and we just happened to meet junior brother Cheng. We wanted to compare notes with junior brother Cheng but we accidently used a bit too much force. Since sister Yao is here, you must want to have a nice talk with junior brother Cheng so we will not disturb you two. There will be a chance for us to meet in the future so goodbye for now Yi Jian's face trembled and politely smiled. He grabbed several of his junior brother and sisters and tried to leave

Halt! What brother Jian said seems completely different from what I saw. Who was the one who said that my Limitless Palace is trash? Brother Jian, could it be that I am death and blind? Xin Yao said coldly.

Sister Yao, my junior brother is rash. This time is my fault, can you give me face? Yi Jian turned and smiled as he said.

Is your face very valuable? Xin Yao said faintly.

You... what do you want? Yi Jian's face changed as he said faintly.

What do I want? Your Mysterious Sky Sect sent so many experts to bully my brother who is in the Gold Core Stage and you dare to ask me what I want? Leave behind a hand and you can leave with your life Xin Yao coldly answered.

Sister Yao, aren't you afraid of angering my Mysterious Sky Sect when you do this? Yi Jian is also a little angry.

When he heard Xin Yao's words, everyone from the Mysterious Sky Sect's faces all changed, especially Yi Hai.

You can either leave behind a hand or your life. You choose one Xin Yao said mercilessly.

Sister Yao, although you are powerful, you are only in the early Spirit Severing Stage. Although I suffered a little injury, I am not afraid of you. Are you not afraid of me going all out, causing both of us to perish? Yi Jian said.

He knows that a battle is inevitable. He can't leave behind a hand to them because it has too much influence on his cultivation. His cultivation might even stop and he won't be able to ever improve.

If this is the case, then there is nothing I can say. You won't be able to leave today Xin Yao is as strong as ever

Cheng Yu, who is watching the scene is in a bad mood. He is really afraid that Xin Yao will allow these guys to go free. Although killing them may completely offend the Mysterious Sky Sect but the Mysterious Sky Sect is the one who started it. Even if he were to let them go, this grievance can not be reconciled.

In this case, it is better to kill them here

Oh! Then I will have to seek advice from sister Yao Yi Jian no longer said more, the attitude of Xin Yao is obvious. She is unwilling to let them leave

Since she wants to fight, then fight. Although he has suffered some backlash from using the talisman, it does not mean that he is no longer able to fight

Then I will fulfill your wish Xin Yao is not polite at all and immediately attacked Yi Jian with her white cloth

Go capture Cheng Yu Yi Jian looked at Cheng Yu who was still lying on the ground and ordered the five around him

This battle will definitely be hard fight. If they want to get out of safety, they can only catch Cheng Yu. Seeing this situation, Cheng Yu is very valued in Limitless Palace, otherwise they will not send Xin Yao to protect him.

Yi Jian's sword constantly blocked the attack of Xin Yao's white cloth. Don't underestimate these white cloths. It looks ordinary but this is actually a magic treasure that is just below a Soul Weapon.

Xin Yao's white clothes fluttered, swaying freely in the air. Her beauty is as comparable to a heavenly fairy awed Cheng Yu.

Kid. Don't think that your Senior Sister is coming to save you. Didn't I already tell you? You are doomed today At this time, the five Nascent Soul Stage experts suddenly surrounded Cheng Yu.

When Xin Yao saw this, she frowned

Haha, Sister Yao, like I said, we were just comparing notes and was about to leave but you forced me to do this. It looks like you care a lot about this boy and now, it seems like it will be difficult to see what the outcome will be Yi Jian laughed.

Oh, do you really think that you can capture me? I wonder where your confidence come from? Hearing the several peoples cynical remarks, Cheng Yu stood up like nothing. His momentum broke out again and there is no sign of any injuries

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