God’s Love Game [unlimited]

Chapter 36 - On paper

Chapter 36: On paper

Xiang Nu smiled and kept quiet, tapping her fingers on the stone table, asking, “Sister, do you want to chat with me?”

“To be honest, I don’t want to.” Dr X said honestly.

Xiang Nu’s brows and eyes drooped slightly but did not say anything, he asked ina daze brimming with surprise, “Honestly, I did not think that you would reject me, I just wanted to ask you about the Holy City.”

Dr. X asked in return, “And a little more about Yusu?”

Xiangnu smiled slightly and said, “If you want to, I can also act as a tree-hole for you and listen to you for a short while.”

Dr X hummed softly as his attitude changed.

Xiangnu suddenly asked: “Speaking of which, I suddenly realized one thing. Sister and Mr. Yu are siblings. Why don’t you just address Mr. Yu as brother, or call him by his name?”


Doctor X looked up at him and said lazily, “But he keeps calling me ‘Doctor X’. If you’re curious, why don’t you ask him first.”


Xiangnu raised his hand and tickled his chin thoughtfully: “I didn’t realize this, although he sometimes addressed you as ‘Doctor X’ when he was in front of me, he addressed you as a sister.”

Doctor X suddenly raised his head and glanced at him. There was an obvious strange color in the dark eyes, and her attitude seemed to be loosened and softened a little.


Xiangnu’s smile became much more sincere, thinking to himself that this was the key.


Although Xiangnu had been calling Doctor X as sister very affectionately, but how to say it, his feelings for Doctor X were still a little subtle.


Because from the external performance, it can be found that Doctor X was much crazier than Yu Su, Yu Su was no different from ordinary people most of the time, but the brain circuit was a little awkward.


Doctor X’s brain circuit was on par with ordinary people, but her behavior was even more insane.


A sober madman, this was how Xiangnu felt about Doctor X. What’s more, Yu Su said several times that Doctor X was bad, but Xiangnu didn’t dare to take his words on a deaf ear.


Mr. Yu is not duplicitous, and there was no sign of trouble with Doctor X, so what he said to Xiangnu was not an angry word, but a true and pertinent warning.


Judging from the behavior of the relationship between Doctor X and Yu Su, it would be a little tricky to start. Who knows what counts as good and what counts as bad in her eyes?


For example, last night, Mr. Yu couldn’t stand the act of drinking honey after eating insects, but Doctor X was clearlly enjoying it…

But from the point of view of emotional judgment, Doctor X probably had no ill will towards Mr. Yu.


This was also the reason why Xiangnu dared to sit here and communicate directly with Dr. X. Concerned about Yu Su, Dr. X should not give him what to do directly, not to mention that Xiangnu also sold him a little.


Doctor X was surprised that Yu Su would call her sister in private, she said in confusion, “I always thought that he hated me very much…”


Xiangnu asked curiously: “What did my sister do to Mr. Yu? He is so good, why does he hate you.”


Doctor X propped his chin lazily and said, “What can I do to him, I saved him, pulled him into a brand new world, and gave him a new life!”


“It’s just that in the process of shaping his body, he seemed to think too much, so he gained a lot of strange settings, which made the process of his new life a little more painful.”, thinking about that Doctor X was quite distressed.


Xiangnu pondered for two seconds, then cautiously probed: “For example, tentacles?”


Doctor X giggled. Although her voice was nice, it still gave a very creepy feeling, probably because of the strange tone.


Judging from Doctor X’s performance, that tentacle might be her masterpiece, and Xiang Nu suddenly had the idea of ​​not knowing what to say.

At this time, Doctor X suddenly brought her face close, and the cracked ceramic mask magnified in front of Xiangnu’s eyes. Doctor X stared at Xiangnu: “Speaking of which, Nunu, in the world before you were alive, did your relatives survive?”


Xiang Nu looked at her blankly, feeling a very strong discomfort and panic from Doctor X’s words.


Doctor X’s language was very strange, what is it called… the world before his death.


He was still alive, but he just came to another world by accident before he was about to die.


Xiangnu opened his eyes wide and silently confronted Doctor X.


Yu Su stood at the door of the apartment, his stern face had returned to a high and indifferent expression, but the hair on the top of his head was a little warped, making him a little cute.


He was still wearing the black toga robe from yesterday. There were no stains or creases on the clothes of good material overnight, which made him noble and lazy. Yu Su said coldly, “Xiangxiang, come here.”


The strange communication between Xiangnu and Doctor X stopped. Doctor X sat back on the chair, returned to the lazy posture before, and said hello lightly, “Yu Su, you are awake.”


Xiang Nu was stunned for a moment before realizing that the ‘Xiangxiang’ in Yu Su’s mouth was referring to himself, and he was immediately embarrassed and didn’t know what to say.

The pretty young man got up and walked to the side of the stern young man. He raised his head and said with a smile, “Mr. Yu, were you calling me Xiangxiang? What a strange name…”


Yu Su’s eyes fell on the loose nightgown of the beautiful young man. Although the young man dressed his clothes neatly, it still gave off a very coquettish and unrestrained feeling.


Yu Su tried his best to restrain the impulse in his heart but endured it to no avail, he stretched out his hand and took Xiangnu into his arms, hugging him tightly, he muttered and asked, “Could it be better than Nunu? More stranger?”


Xiangnu giggled: “Actually, my current name is my nickname. You can just call me Xiangnu.”


Yu Su was stunned, and then asked, “Then what’s your real name?”


Xiangnu scratched his chin, tilted his head and thought for a while, smiled, and sighed, “I don’t have a big name yet, according to my parents, a Taoist priest told me my fortune when I was a child, which probably means my destiny. There would be many troubles, many twists and turns in childhood, and I needed to choose a cheap name to support my life, for the big name, told me to not rush to take it, when the time came, and naturally, there would be a suitable name.”


“I don’t quite understand what he meant by a suitable name, but I probably won’t have the chance again. After all, I’ve been far away from my parents…”


He said, his breath suddenly choked, and he felt a little speechless.


His parents… When thinking of them, he felt a strange and distant feeling, which made Xiangnu unable to stop panicking.


Xiangnu subconsciously grabbed the corner of Yu Su’s robe and asked, “Mr. Yu, will we have a chance to return to reality in the future?”


“Maybe.” Yu Su replied cautiously.


Xiang Nu looked at him in confusion. Doctor X held his hands and watched the interaction between the two. He interjected and asked, “Yu Su, are you going back with Nunu?”


Yu Su said calmly, “I accidentally stepped on a bug egg just now. Next time, please don’t hold such a strange banquet on my site.”


Doctor X sneered, “It was you who consulted me first.”


Her eyes fell on Xiangnu, and a dark light flashed in her eyes, “Nunu’s harvest this time is not small, I don’t know what you are unhappy about.”


“I just asked you, I didn’t ask you to set it up directly!” Yu Su turned his face away, half hugged, and pushed Xiang Nu away: “I’ll take Xiangxiang and leave first, and you can clean up the apartment for me.”


When Xiangnu heard the name Xiangxiang, he couldn’t help being ashamed, and his toes curled up uncontrollably.


He was carried into the car by Yu Su, and in the car he weakly resisted: “Mr. Yu, can you stop calling me Xiangxiang?”

Yu Su had no obsession with the name Xiangxiang. The reason why he called it that way was because he was dissatisfied with Doctor X’s use of the name ‘Nunu’ so he also called Xiangnu ‘Xiangxiang’ in protest.


To be honest, he also thought about using a needle to sew up Doctor X’s mouth for a while. Unfortunately, Doctor X was more shrewd and never gave Yu Su a chance to be alone with her, so Yu Su failed to implement this idea successfully. He could only express his dissatisfaction in such a painless way.


But after seeing Xiangnu’s reaction, Yu Su seemed to have found a little surprise, shy Xiangnu… is so cute.


Mr. Yu sat in the driver’s seat, looked at the road ahead, and teased with a cold expression: “No, I think this name is very cute, I like it very much, Xiangxiang.”


Xiangnu groaned weakly, turned around dully, and faced the car window to resist.


Yu Su held the steering wheel, tapped his fingers from time to time, and said to the slave as if unintentionally, “I had a dream last night.”


Xiangnu looked back at him, and Yu Su said without changing his face, ” think I might have understood.”


What do you understand, you say clearly. Xiangnu glanced at him from the corner of his eyes, licked the corner of his lower lip lightly, hiding the eagerness of excitement in his eyes, pretended to be serious, and replied calmly, “Oh.”


Yu Su smiled suddenly and didn’t say anything, but the expression on his entire face softened instantly, giving people a very gentle and moving feeling.

Yu Su began to discuss the next arrangement with Xiangnu: “When will your next mission start?”


Xiangnu pressed the red mole on his palm and clicked on the fourth instance which was still gray. A pop-up window popped up, showing that the next mission would start in four days.


“Four days later,” Xiangnu replied honestly.


Yu Su then said, “Go back and change your clothes later, then do you want to go out for a spin?”


Xiangnu nodded, “Thinking about it, I haven’t figured out what the ‘painter’ organization is, and what do they have to do with this copy? Mr. Yu, are you the ‘Y’ they said they were looking for?”


“‘Painter’ is an ability to draw skin ghosts. For most ghosts, this is a basic skill, and it is also the easiest skill for taskers to master and has fewer restrictions. The ghosts have learned this kind of skill, and use this to gain a foothold among the missionaries and win over the forces.”


Yu Su said lightly, “The taskers who ate the eggs of the queen belongs to this organization, but she disguises herself very well, and her actions are secretive, probably no one knows what she did. Only a small number of them have been eliminated, but their status among painters should not be low. You have never had contact with these taskers before, so don’t rashly ask about it and expose your participation in this task, lest they blame you for the disappearance of those members.”


“But…” Xiangnu hesitated, “Jiang Chao knows.”

Jiang Chao should have communicated a lot with those missionaries. Before attending this party, he must have inquired with others. Everyone must know that he participated in this mission.


Now that none of the other participating missionaries have returned, only Jiang Chao has returned to the missionary’s dormitory safely. Jiang Chao would face many people’s questions…


“You don’t have to worry about him.” Yu Su’s eyes were indifferent, and his voice was full of coldness: “Those who can act recklessly in the holy city are not those tasked organizations.”


Yes, Jiang Chao was also guarded by a ghost priest.


Xiangnu thought about it, opened the third copy log, and found that the content of the copy log had changed.


The original Third Dungeon diary was an invitation letter and report style, but now it has become the same narrative type as the first and second diaries.


[The saint is called the paradise of taskers, but not many taskers know that the master of the holy city is also the most feared existence by taskers.

But almost all the taskers know that after midnight, they must not leave their residence, otherwise some ominous things will happen.

This sacred city jointly owned by missionaries and monsters is two completely different worlds during daytime and midnight. They are distinct from each other, and no one will break this boundary.

Until one day, a tasker whose sanity had been devoured by monsters smelled a peculiar aroma at midnight. It was the monster named Doctor X feeding the monster Red Queen she had just conquered.

Dr X discovered the bug girl’s existence when she revealed her traces and searched through her to find the lair of the bugs behind which the queen is hidden.


As we all know, The Queen of Insects is a very delicious and nutritious tonic for all monsters. There are only a handful of monsters that can capture the queen of insects and occupy the nest. The fully rewarded Doctor X decided to hold a banquet to show off the results she obtained and gather all the parasitized taskmasters who had strayed out to fight against each other.


As a result, the parasites who lost control of the bug girl trampled the order of the holy city under deliberate indulgence, and a party of ‘finding the murderer’ was born.


Catch those ‘murderers’, who will appear as food at Doctor X’s well-prepared midnight drag party.


And if you catch the ‘murderer’, you will get 5w HP points from the Inspector’s Office reward, please pay attention to check it. 】


Xiangnu read the third dungeon log from beginning to end, with a funny and mocking expression on his face, he said speechlessly: “Mr. Yu, does this dungeon log have anything in common with the original content?”


Yu Su pointed out to him: “The content of your previous copy log was loaded from the invitation card issued by the Inspector’s Office, that is to say, the content there had not been certified by the system and had no reference value. Very unrealistic indeed.”


“But in that case, isn’t this mission without any hints?”


Yu Su said lightly, “But the mission itself is not difficult this time. Although the background is a bit messy, there is always only one central mission, which is to find the ‘murderer’.”


“And Doctor X also gave hints among normal taskers. For example, the first deceased died for a long time, and then you made a guess such as parasitic monsters killing people, followed by the following series of arrangements and examinations, wasn’t it well done?”


Xiangnu pondered: “It seems to be the case, maybe there are too many backgrounds and too many clues mixed with sight, always giving me a very complicated and chaotic feeling, but in fact, this task only requires finding the murderer from the beginning to the end, It’s really not that difficult…”


“By the way, Mr. Yu.” Xiangnu returned to his senses: “You still haven’t said if the ‘Y’ that the ‘Painter’ organization is looking for is you?”


“No, it’s my sister.” Yu Su replied, “The tasker who ate the eggs of the queen seems to be the lover of someone in the ‘painter’ organization. After he disappeared, someone sent people out to look for it, and then he found it in this task. “


“…Then, in this mission, are only me and Jiang Chao normal?”


Yu Su tapped the steering wheel with his fingers, and Xuangnu was puzzled, turned his head, and poked him with his fingers.


Only then did Yu Su continue, “No, one-third of them are normal, but after those parasites’ identities were completely mutated, they were covered with fallen eggs and parasitized.”

Xiang Nu nodded, a little confused about Yu Su’s hesitation, but he had other doubts, licking the corner of his lips, Xiang Nu asked dryly, “That nectar we ate, it wouldn’t be the bug lady, right?”


“No.” This time Yu Su replied quickly: “I never eat humanoid things, and neither does she, those taskers didn’t die, they were just imprisoned. That was just the real queen last night, It’s not clear what it was before.”


Xiangnu was a little relieved when he heard the words, it was good that it wasn’t a human being. As for what the queen of insects was before… It’s too far away, so he won’t pursue it. If people can’t accept it, isn’t he asking for trouble?


Xiangnu recalled this dungeon and gained a little experience. Probably, before the mission is over, don’t believe the information you get from wherever it comes from, it’s not bad if you can believe one of the ten sentences.


Xiangnu recalled, Yu Su said, “Xiangxiang, we’re home.”


Xiangnu covered his face, the name Xiangxiang was really strange, Mr. Yu, why could such a cold person say such a name without changing his face?


Xiang Nu opened the car door with a red face, his devilish face was extremely beautiful, Yu Su said, “Wait a minute…”


There were no people on the streets of Xinzhen, it was very quiet, but the environment was very good. There were green trees on both sides of the street. Although he knew that this was a strange world, during the daytime it would not be associated with horror scenes.


Yu Su walked to the other side, hugged Xiangnu, and then complained, “Where are your clothes?”


Xiangnu wondered: “I don’t know, by the way, who helped me change my clothes last night?”


Yu Su glanced at him: “Of course it’s me, besides me, who else could have touched you!”


Xiangnu asked instead, “Then where did you throw my clothes?”


Yu Su paused and thought for a while before saying, “I forgot…”


Xiangnu was helpless, resting his chin on Yu Su’s shoulder, and said, “It’s really strange, weren’t we drinking sweet water? Why did we act like we’re drunk.”


Yu Su hugged him with one hand, opened the door with the other, kicked the door after closing it, put down Xuangnu, pinched his waist, and kissed him lingeringly.


The lips and teeth were intertwined, and the atmosphere was charming and extremely moving.


Xiangnu had to bear it passively. Usually, he liked to take the initiative and tease Mr. Yu. At this time, he was like a delicate flower that had been devastated and beaten in a rainstorm. It was up to the other party to give and take.


Yu Su let go of him, their lips were flushed with water, Yu Su hugged him tightly as if trying to embed him into his body with great strength.

Xiangnu gasped softly, his mouth opened slightly, and he sucked in the air hastily. He had been pressed and kissed by Yu Su for too long before, and there was a feeling of being out of breath again.


However, Xiangnu felt that his physique seemed to be strengthened, and this time it seemed to have persisted for a long time…


As for how long it lasted, Xiangnu was not very clear. At that time, his soul was almost gone, so how could he count the time?


Xiangnu was thinking wildly, Mr. Yu gasped in his ear, and vaguely hinted: “Xiangnu, I told you before…”


“Huh?” Xiang Nu hummed softly from the tip of his nose, like a kitten that didn’t wake up, soft and sweet.


Yu Su closed his eyes and stroked Xiangnu’s back gently with his fingers until it fell to his waist, sinking into his waist.


Xiangnu twisted his waist uncomfortably and complained, “Mr. Yu, take your hands away, I’m ticklish.”


Yu Su said nothing, picked him up across the waist, and walked into the bedroom with Xiangnu’s eyes wide open.


The quilt in Xiangnu’s room was changed to bright red before… he didn’t know whose idea and masterpiece, it’s really strange.


But he had to admit, red made his skin seem more whiter.

The beauty who was softer than snow raised his slender hands to lightly cover his handsome eyebrows and eyes, his skin glowed white under the light, as bright as moonlight, and the touch was smoother than cream.


Xiangnu opened his fingers and looked at Yu Su in confusion, nervous and afraid also looking forward to it, in short, he was in a complicated mood.


Yu Su turned around, Xiangnu was a little puzzled when he saw this. The next second, the black robe was taken off and shaken off, sliding to Mr. Yu’s half shoulders. He seemed to sense Xiangnu’s gaze, and Mr. Yu turned his cheek. He slightly tilted his head and glanced at him, and out of the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of Xiangnu’s appearance, the corners of his lips were slightly hooked, cold, sexy, and gentle.


Xiangnu didn’t know why these words could be gathered in one person at the same time, and all of them could be expressed in an instant. He only knew that his heart seemed to be broken, and this was not the heartbeat frequency that a normal person should have.


Yu Su walked over, his clothes only reached his waist, his arm rested beside Xiang Nu, and his other hand slid from Xiang Nu’s cheek to his neck.


The fatal place was touched by someone like this, and Xiangnu subconsciously held his breath and tightened his skin.


Immediately afterward, a soft kiss fell, kissing on his slightly convex little Adam’s apple.


The composure of the forced disguise collapsed in an instant, he whimpered softly and murmured in rejection: “Don’t…I don’t want it.”

Yu Su smothered not saying anything, the other hand just unraveled his robe and gently peeled off the clothes.


On Xiang Nu’s waist and abdomen, black vines have spread to his back waist, in the waist of the nest played a moving spin, subtle and lovely, but also gorgeous and eye-catching extremely, forcing people not to dare to look directly.


Yu Suxiang kissed his chin, and the tip of his tongue lightly touched his snow-white skin.


Mr. Yu asked subtly, “Aren’t you very good at it? Why do you look like you’re about to cry?”

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