Golden Time

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Chapter 11

When Suhyuk turned back, the man had a wonderful smile on his face.

Only then did Suhyuk take a closer look at him. A man in his early or mid-thirties, he wore fine clothes with a classical air and a luxury watch. Besides that, he looked very handsome, like an actor.

“Thank you.”

His voice conveyed his true feelings. ‘If it wasn’t for this student in front of me, could the worst thing have happened to my mom?

When the man entered the emergency room entrance, he could overhear the two of them, Suhyuk and the doctor.

‘The student’s eyes watching the doctor… They were cold and decisive. He looked at the doctor as if he were devouring him. That look of his could save my mother.’

But then suddenly as if nothing happened, he could not find any trace of that look from the student.

“What a relief,” Suhyuk smiled a little.

“How did you know she was sick?” asked the man.

“She looked very sick,” replied Suhyuk.

He slowly nodded his head at Suhyuk ‘s simple and clear statement.

“Student, tell me if you want anything right now.”

“No, that’s fine thanks.”

He could not think of anything in particular that he wanted. And if one can get something easily, he’s can easily to get into trouble.

“I have to go to school, so take care of her. Her surgery will go well. Don’t worry too much.”

Although appendicitis was dangerous, her surgery would be finished quickly. Appendicitis is like that. It needed only surgery to be done before it lead to perforation.

Suhyuk turned back. Out of the emergency room, Suhyuk sighed a little. Even though he want to leave, he didn’t dare.

“Where is your school?”

Pulling out a cigarette, the man suddenly followed Suhyuk.

Although the hospital including its inside was a non-smoking area, not to mention the parking lot, he didn’t care at all and bit a cigarette in his mouth. Fong! His zipper lighter opened with a loud noise. Smoke from his cigarette filled the deep inside of his lungs.

“Huhh… what’s the name of your school?”

“Myungsung High School.”

“You’re going to stop by home first, right?”


“Then, take my car!”

The man took out his cell phone and called somewhere, and soon a luxury foreign car appeared. Its driver deeply bent his waist toward the man.

“Please give this student a ride back to his home.”

“What about your ride boss?!”

“Let me take care of myself,” said the man.

Then the man looked at Suhyuk again, saying, “I’m not a holy terror. So, you can ride my car.”

Suhyuk nodded his head heartily.

Looks like the man wanted to return his favor the moment he asked Suhyuk if he wanted anything. If Suhyuk used his car, the man would feel happy, and so would Suhyuk.

In no time, the luxurious foreign car that picked up Suhyuk began to leave the hospital quietly. Suhyuk looked at the landscape outside the window passing by. He felt as if he saved two people today.

“Hey student?” the driver asked.


“What is your name?”

“Lee Suhyuk.”

“A good name. What grade are you?”

“I’m in Class 3 in my third year. Why are you asking?”

“Well, I have a nephew like you at Myungsung High School.”

And then he became silent.

“Oh, my bike!” Suhyuk opened his mouth quickly. “Please stop there!”


“I left my bicycle there.”


“Yes, the bike.”

The driver got to the destination, guided by Suhyuk’s instruction.

“No, I can’t find it…”

Suhyuk stood blankly there because his bicycle had disappeared with no trace of it.

“My father bought it for me.”

It was a bike that his father bought for his son after seeing him running around for exercise.

After giving a sigh, Suhyuk moved towards the telephone pole. He saw the last paper for delivery for the day stuck into a corner. After picking it up, he walked staggeringly to the house with a blue door and threw it over the wall.

Bang, bang! He turned his head toward the sound, and then got into the car to go back home.


The ratio of females to males was higher at Myungsung High School.

Nonetheless, classes were evenly divided into male and female students.

Class 3 in the first year.

Looking at the blackboard blankly, Suhyuk continued to sigh. It was because the missing bike continued to bother him. If he had bought it with his own money that he made as a part-timer, he might have forgotten it coolly, but it was a gift from his father who was as brusque and reticent as a ruler.


Time passed quickly and it was the end of classes.

The homeroom teacher said in a threatening tone, “Your mid-term exam is only one week away. Listen carefully. From now on, this is a crucial time that can change your life. If you raise your average score by 1 point, your future wife’s face will change later. That’s it. Lee Suhyuk!”

“Yes sir.”

“Stop by the teachers’ office briefly.”

When the students went out like a tide, Suhyuk took his school bag. ‘What’s the matter?’ No matter how much he thought about it, he could not figure out why his teacher wanted to see him.

Suhyuk visited the teachers’ office.

“Here you are.” It was a receipt that the teacher gave him.

“This is a receipt of the tuition fee that covers up to your third year.”

Suhyuk made a puzzled look. He never heard that the school offered such a scholarship, and he was far from a scholarship recipient.

“Who paid the fee?”

Even the teacher shook his head as if he did not know. Actually he wanted to ask Suhyuk about it. Since the school’s founding, there has never been a case like this.

“I heard someone paid the tuition for you at the general affairs office.”

Looking at the receipt, he made an expression as if he did not know either. It was impossible for his parents to pay it. His parents had no big sum of money. At that moment, there was a figure that flashed through his mind. The very person he met in the emergency room.

Parting with the teacher, Suhyuk went to the general affairs office, and asked, showing the receipt, “Was it a man who paid for this? A man in his early or mid-thirties?”

A woman clerk at the office shook her head, “It was a woman. She was very pretty.”

‘Who is she?’ Suhyuk, after some thinking about the identity of the woman, eventually headed home, and was stuck with surprise again because he saw a top-class bicycle with a gorgeous design in front of the door. Suhyuk’s eyes became a lot bigger because of the price of the bike. It was 15,400,000 won.

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