Golden Time

Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Chapter 15

Out of the car window Suhyuk saw street lights passing by quickly.

Suhyuk was quietly staring at the disappearing lights that left a long tail behind.

It is too generous a condition for him to dismiss: as much as 600,000 won for three hours’ stay, plus free private lessons at home. He receives not only money but also free tutoring.

‘Can I get into trouble because of this?’

“You look pretty serious,” said the driver.

Suhyuk scratched his head at his words.

“I’m not sure if it’s okay,” he said.

“What do you mean?” asked the driver.

“I mean, all the good things your boss has done for me.”

The driver grabbed the steering wheel and nodded.

Actually Suhyuk’s words made sense. Free tutoring and the hourly pay, that was nothing to his boss.

The gifts he gave Suhuyuk before was a reward for what he did for his mom.

However, there was something different this time, because it reflected his heartfelt filial piety for his mom as well.

Due to a car accident, he had lost not only his father but his wife and young son.

The only surviving member of his family was his mother.

Of course, there were some relatives, but they were just like maggots looking to slyly claim his property. He did not recognize them as his family.

There was only one flesh left, namely his mom, whom he shared his warm blood with.

Naturally, he was very protective of his mom.

The driver, remembering his boss, opened his mouth again,

“You fully deserve the gifts.”

‘Because you were like a benefactor who saved his mom’s life,’ the driver thought to himself.

Suhyuk, who had been thinking about his remarks, firmly made up his mind. He could not miss the opportunity.

The car already arrived at his house.

Suyhyuk waved him off, saying, “Take care.”

“Yeah, I’ll see you in a week,” the driver replied.

He meant he would come to Suhyuk’s school to pick him up.

Suhyuk said he would visit the boss’s house one week later. It was around that time when he had to pay his tuition fee again. Also it was around that time when he was supposed to receive the pay for his paper delivery.

And Dongsu, did he not promise to teach him? Only for one week.

Suhyuk guessed that if he exhausted him with tutoring, it would put Dongsu’s nose out of joint, namely his quick exit from his planned tutoring.


The next day, Suhyuk visited the reading room with Dongsu, as promised.

He did not go to the private academy. If he had private tutoring at the boss’s house, he could directly catch up with the progress he might have missed at the academy, and there was one more reason to stay with Dongsu. He was ready to pour into Dongsu all his energy and time that he could otherwise have spent at the academy. Very intensively like Spartans. When Suhyuk arrived at the reading room, he said something significant,

“Shall we go in?”

“That tone sounds a little scary to me,” said Dongsu.

Inside the reading room Suhyuk had to make a frown.

The reading room with desks and partitions was quiet, but everyone was distracted. Some were seen exchanging letters as if they were hunting for girls, and those who reserved theirs seats were going in and out too frequently. They looked as if they came there to hang out.

Management of the reading room was much too neglected. Maybe because it was free?

Suhyuk thought it was his own fault that he did not check its condition in advance.

At that moment, Dongsu, scratching his cheek, opened his mouth,

“I think it’s a little too noisy to study, right?”

Suhyuk nodded his head and said, “There is another one nearby. Let’s go there.”

When Suhyuk was about to turn his back, Dongsu grabbed Suhyuk’s arm.

“You don’t have to go to the trouble of going there. Hey, you jerks!”

His shouting resonated throughout the inside of the reading room loudly, and all their eyes turned to him.

“What the heck?”

Dongsu, his eyes facing theirs one by one, walked slowly to the middle of the room.

“Is this a place for dating? You jerks are supposed to study here, right?”

Then he approached one guy staring at him as if he were throwing his fist at him.

Dongsu grinned, and threateningly said, “Hey, just stay put if you don’t want to kick the bucket!”

Then the guy who had a staring match with Dongsu left quietly.

“It’s quiet now, right? Let’s get started.”

Suhyuk was just astonished at Dongsu’s actions.


Their studying lasted for two hours without stopping. Suhyuk continued to ram math formulas into Dongsu’s head. If he did not understand, Suhyuk kept repeating it over and over again until he understood. Only then did he move on to the next step. He did not give Dongsu any break time. One more hour passed.

“Let me go to the bathroom,” said Dongsu.

“As this section is important, you have to come back soon. If the momentum of studying is cut in the middle, it can feel more difficult to understand when you resume.”

Nodding his head, Dongsu walked out of the reading room.

About 10 minutes passed. Dongsu, stinking of a smoke, came back and said, “I think I have to do it again tomorrow. I can’t continue today, because I feel as if my head is going to split apart.”

Suhyuk nodded his head lightly, thinking to himself.

‘Donsu has begun to take the bait already. Two or three days later, obviously Dongsu will give up. Maybe he might not be here tomorrow.’

Unexpectedly his reaction came sooner than expected.

One day passed by without fail, and Suhyuk was just astonished when he went to school because Dongsu had shaved his head.

‘Did he make some resolution?’

His eyes shone strongly as if they were burning glowingly.

“You shaved your hair?”

Dongsu, touching his rough head, opened his mouth, “I guess I didn’t yet get my own head screwed on. So, I had my head shaved cleanly. You’re going to the reading room, right?”

“Uh, yes, I will go.”

Suhyuk felt that something was going wrong.

At the end of the school day, Suhyuk headed to the reading room with Dongsu.

On their way to the reading room, those students in uniform made way for them like Moses’ miracle. Dongsu was notorious for his fist, and now that he had his head shaved, it must have made his image look rougher all the more. Some of the students who caught his eye turned quickly. Anyway, they went into the reading room. The reading room was really quiet, and the students there were far fewer than yesterday, apparently affected by Dongsu’s behavior.

“You didn’t forget what you studied yesterday, right? Let’s review it again.”

Dongsu took a long breath at his words. “I think I’ve forgotten some. Let’s go over it.”

Dongsu sat down and began studying again.

At that moment, the door of the reading room opened and in came some students dressed in rough uniforms. A total of five. Among them was a familiar face. He was the very one who left his seat after he had a staring match with Dongsu to the end. He opened his mouth as he looked at Suhyuk and Dongsu,

“I want to have a word with you. Can I see you briefly outside?”

Dragging his seat with a noise, Dongsu stood up.

So did Suhyuk, but Dongsu held him down.

“This is my specialty. You just stay here preparing for our studying.”

So, Dongsu went out with the students. Looking at the door where they disappeared, Suhyuk’s heart was troubled for a moment. Would he be okay? No matter how good he was at fighting, he had as many as five opponents. Suhyuk eventually rose from his seat.

Then, Dongsu returned immediately, wiping off his gently busted lips.

He said, “I made them go back home. Let’s get down to work.”

Suhyuk nodded his head slowly. Can he really kick this guy out?

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