Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 338 - Became a Reflex

Chapter 338: Became a Reflex

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Gu Mian pushed him away out of reflex and sprung up from the coach. She quickly shook her head. “I’m alright. I’m going to prepare dinner.”

Tang Zui sensed that she was avoiding him and grew a little frustrated for no reason. Gu Mian still felt slightly dizzy. She shook her head and put her hands on the couch for support as she left the living room. Tang Zui stared after her as she hurried away. The look in his eyes became increasingly grim.

Gu Mian prepared dumplings for him. She was worried that if she took too long to cook, Tang Zui would get angry again.

Tang Zui was not picky about his food. However, when he thought about how she was repelled by his touch, he felt displeased for some reason even though he knew clearly that her fear of him had become a reflex.

“Gu Mian, don’t you know how to be a good wife? The only thing you have ever cooked for me is dumplings.”

Tang Zui did not know what had gotten to him either, but when he saw the timid look on her face, he could not help but lose his temper.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to wait for too long. I won’t cook dumplings next time.” Gu Mian raised her head to look at him nervously. She was genuinely fearful of him. She had never been so afraid of someone in her life.

He was the kind of person who could physically hurt her and tear her dignity into shreds. She was afraid of him for good reason.

When he heard her timid and cautious apology, Tang Zui felt anger brewing in his chest. He wanted to shout at her but the words were stuck in his throat.

“I’ll cook something else now.” Gu Mian immediately stood up. She was going to prepare more food for him.

Tang Zui grabbed her and sat her down in her chair. He shouted furiously, “It’ll take forever! Are you trying to starve me? Just take note next time!”

Gu Mian felt as though her eardrums were going to split because of him. She immediately nodded, but Tang Zui still did not release her. Gu Mian’s body tensed up and became stiff like a stone. Tang Zui could sense her nervousness. Even though he had released his anger when he shouted at her earlier on, he felt even more frustrated now.

“Okay,” Gu Mian quickly replied.

Tang Zui stared at her for a moment and Gu Mian broke out in a cold sweat. He eventually let go of her and started eating his dumplings.

There were only three dumplings in Gu Mian’s bowl, but she was a slow eater. It took her a long time to even finish one. Tang Zui was watching her, and he grew angrier for no reason. Once he finished his food, he did not even glanced at her as he got up and left the living room. When he entered the bedroom, he slammed the door with all his might, and the door shut with a thunderous bang.

Gu Mian finally heaved a sigh of relief and started collecting the dirty bowls in silence. She honestly did not know when she would have to live like this until.

Tang Zui went boxing. He trained non-stop for almost half an hour. Sweat streamed along his muscles and dripped onto the floor.

Gu Mian was washing the dishes. Her favorite place in the house right now was the kitchen because she did not have to deal with Tang Zui when she was there. Therefore, every time she washed the dishes, she would take her time and stay as long as she liked.

But this time, before she finished washing the last bowl, she heard heavy breathing behind her. Startled, Gu Mian turned her head and saw the man behind her.

Tang Zui had a towering figure. He was almost four inches taller than Gu Mian. Due to the fact that he had just finished working out, the muscles on his body were bulging. Sweat trickled from his hair and dropped onto his shoulder. In this very moment, he appeared devilishly sexy and stunning.

Unfortunately, it was not what Gu Mian was thinking about at all. The only thought in her mind right now was to flee.

But before she could move, Tang Zui walked over. He turned her around and pinned her on the kitchen counter. She did not even manage to speak a word before Tang Zui penetrated her…

No matter how many times she had been through this, Gu Mian still could not get used to having s*x with him. She felt her body throbbing with pain. It was particularly excruciating this time. She dug her fingernails so deep into her palms that they started to crack.

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