Good Morning, Mister Dragon!

Chapter 801 - It Seems Like… He Had Never Given Her Anything as a Gift

Chapter 801: It Seems Like… He Had Never Given Her Anything as a Gift

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As soon as Gu Mian and Tang Zui got changed, they left the house. She sat in the front passenger seat. Every now and then, she would flash a glance at the man who was driving attentively. She had to admit that when Tang Zui was quiet and didn’t do anything horrific, he was truly a stunning man.

“Am I good-looking?” Tang Zui suddenly turned his head towards her and asked.

“You’re alright,” Gu Mian answered and immediately realized that he had tricked her. She quickly said, “I wasn’t looking at you.”

“I didn’t say that you’re looking at me. I only asked you if I’m good-looking. Don’t be nervous.” Tang Zui gave a half-smile.

Gu Mian was too embarrassed to reply.

“By the way, stop the car in front of one of the stores. I’m going to buy some gifts.”

She could not be empty-handed when she came home, especially since it was their first visit as a married couple.

“I have already prepared the gifts. You don’t have to shop for them anymore.”

“Huh? You’ve prepared everything? Since when? Why didn’t I see the gifts?” Gu Mian blinked, staring at him doubtfully.

“I’ll bring you along when I go shopping next time.” Tang Zui held onto the steering wheel and replied flatly.

Gu Mian was even more startled.

“This is not what I mean.”

Gu Mian let out a faint cough and lowered her head. There was a peculiar feeling bubbling up in her chest.

Tang Zui looked towards her. He gazed at her beautiful side profile and suddenly realized something. It seemed like… he had never given her anything as a gift.

When the two of them arrived at the Gu family residence, the whole family was waiting. Seeing his car stop at the front yard, Gu Yan dashed out of the house before everyone else.

Tang Zui opened the car trunk. Gu Mian walked over to help him take out the things he kept in there. When she saw that the trunk was filled with gifts, she was rather shocked. He had bought so many things.

“Tang Zui, you’re here.” Gu Yan rushed over and tried to hook her arm around Tang Zui.

Tang Zui furrowed his brows slightly and avoided her swiftly by moving away to stand behind Gu Mian. But Gu Yan did not give up. She kept chasing after him and talking to him.

Even though Gu Mian was quite slow when it came to romance, she still sensed that her younger sister’s attitude towards Tang Zui was rather strange and inappropriate. But she kept quiet for now. After all, it was not the occasion for a confrontation.

Mr Gu, Mrs Gu and even Gu Ling, who was on crutches, had come out to the yard. The family servant quickly helped them carry the gifts into the house.

The smile on Mrs Gu’s face was particularly bright. Seeing her youngest daughter following Tang Zui around relentlessly, she said, “Yan’er, help carry some things. Don’t keep bothering your brother-in-law.”

“Okay!” Gu Yan was overly excited. She took a couple things and waited for Tang Zui.

Gu Mian carried two bags of goods, and so did Tang Zui. Everyone then headed back to the house.

Tang Zui shifted the bag in one of his hands to another. He hunched down slightly and took the items from Gu Mian.

Gu Mian looked at him and said, “It’s okay. I can carry them.”

“I don’t want you to exhaust yourself.”

Hearing what their son-in-law said, Mr and Mrs Gu were extremely pleased. After all, all parents wish to see their daughters happy and adored by their husbands.

Gu Mian instantly blushed, but she suspected that Tang Zui was just putting on a show in front of her family. She could not forget how awful he had been to her.

“Tang Zui, why are you playing favorites? I’m also carrying two bags. Why did you only carry my older sister’s for her?” Gu Yan was unamused.

“Your older sister is my wife. It makes sense for me to pamper her. You and I, on the other hand, don’t have a relationship.” As Tang Zui spoke, his tone of voice was slightly steely. It was a reminder and a warning. He wanted her to know that she had crossed a line.

“Yan’er, don’t be such a brat. Go into the house now,” Mrs Gu scolded her sternly.

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