Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 111

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"Not at all. I'm good. Go ahead." Xia Dabai touched her cheek like he was babysitting her. Xia Xingchen felt a spreading warmth through her heart.

She's been having trouble sleeping lately. Lying on the bed, she always couldn't help thinking of someone and the night in his arms. At that time she was terrified but he made her calm down and relaxed.

Xia Xingchen sat in the back seat and lay down. Suddenly someone opened the door before she closed her eyes. She was shocked and looked up. Then she froze when she saw his face.

The wind was strong outside. He wore a gray coat and stood in the wind with the skirt of his coat dancing upside and down, charming and mysterious as the prince of the night. The strong lights before were turned off now and his perfect face hid in the darkness of the night. The screen faintly painted his face.

Both of them could feel the weight of the silence.

He bent over her and she looked up to him. Their eyes met and everything around them started to fade away. The only thing left was the light on the two of them.

They hadn't seen each other for a couple of days and it felt like in another life.


So the cars driving in just now were following him?

Xia Xingchen came back to earth and sat straight but Bai Yeqing got in the car. The room inside was just enough for her and their son. Now the car got cramped and stuffy.

The kid was enjoying the movie right in front of her and he had no idea that there's one more person in the car now.

Xia Xingchen tried to concentrate on the movie but failed several times. Everything around her kept alarming her that he's there. She just can't ignore him. She breathed his smell. His existence disturbed her thoughts.

Some people were born with magic. They don't need to do anything to get your attention. Just sitting around quietly was a deadly temptation.

"Why did you come here?" She couldn't bear the silence anymore. Someone needed to break the ice in the car so she spoke first.

But Bai Yeqing concentrated on the movie, which he apparently hadn't watched before. There was almost no time for him to watch movies in his life. Slightly he turned his face to her and finally came out the answer. "I worry about him."

Xia Xingchen didn't say anything else to him. She could understand. Last time he was frightened by their child's illness so he came to guarantee everything was okay.

"Don't let him eat whatever he wants." Bai Yeqing added.

She nodded.

They both started to focus on the movie. Silence reigned again in the car. They didn't talk to each other but Xia Xingchen just couldn't concentrate on the movie.

When she looked at him again she found the man sitting beside her fell asleep.

It seemed that not only she felt couldn't sleep well lately. He did, too. There wasn't enough time for him to sleep.

Now Xia Xingchen dared to gazed upon him as she wanted.

It's getting cold now, especially at night. The car was too old to keep out the cold air. Sleeping here basically meant getting ill. Xia Xingchen took off her coat and covered it on him.

But when the coat touched him…

"Put it on." His voice was lazy and light. But it's still an order.

He opened his eyes. There's still a hint of tiredness in his eyes but he's wide awake now. Xia Xingchen never thought that he could easily wake up "You take it. I'm okay."

In the dim light, she could see the twinkle in his eyes.

In his entire life, he never met a woman who took off her own coat to keep him from getting ill. It's an odd but warm feeling to be taken care of.

Women were not an interesting topic for him. From his childhood, he was taught to fight for the position. He used all his strength to get here. Politics and national affairs were the eternal occupations and that made women a burden for him. But this woman right here made him feel different.

He suddenly reached out his arm around her shoulder and enveloped her in his arms before she realized what's happening.

The coat she just took off came back to her again. He put his arms around her and held her tightly.

She could hear him saying. "This way we can both keep warm."

Xia Xingchen smiled and leaned on his chest. The warmth got into her heart and kept spreading through her body.

A breeze rippled the surface of the lake in her heart.

Bai Yeqing closed his eyes for sleep. The soft body in his arms soothed his mind.

She had no sign of sleepiness so she started to watch the movie and got interested.

Any slight movement would wake him up immediately. Xia Xingchen even tried to keep her breath silent to keep him sleeping.

When the movie was over and Xia Dabai turned to talk about the movie with her, her muscles were aching with tiredness.


Xia Dabai almost let out a yelp and leaped from the seat. Using his little hands to cover his mouth, he looked them with wonders in his eyes.

"……when did daddy come?" Xia Dabai mouthed at her. He didn't know his existence at all.

"Just now." Xia Xingchen answered.

Xia Dabai kneeled on the seat with his hands holding the back support, smiled and looked at them. "Dabao, you finally surrendered to him! But he's not so good at chasing girls! You shouldn't say yes too soon!"

"We didn't…." Xia Xingchen felt like this little boy would never get tired of joking about them.

She moved a bit, trying to get rid of his arms. But suddenly they heard his low and sleepy voice. "Xia Dabai, you are annoying."

He was awake.

He stared his son right in the face. This annoying boy knew nothing better than turning his father down. He must be sent by the gods to punish his own father!

Xia Xingchen guessed Dabai ruined Bai Yeqing's sleep so no wonder he's in a bad mood. Fixing her clothes and hair, she checked the time and said. "It's late now. We need to go back."

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