Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 19

Xia Xingchen came out and walked on his right side. He was 188 cm tall, which made her even more petite.

When they were walking side by side, she could smell the pleasant odor of him.

And this odor was just the same as she had smelt five years ago when they were together……

Xia Xingchen found herself really strange, as she used to hate this man's guts for making her pregnant, and she had been thinking of many ways to torture and revenge him. But now……

She gradually felt that this man was not that disagreeable as she had thought.

Both of them didn't say a word until they reached the kid's room. After entering the room, they found Xia Dabai sitting cross-legged on the carpet and fiddling with a model plane.

The model plane was a gift from Leng Fei, and now it was disassembled by this little villain.

When they came in, Daibai didn't look up and went on with his work.

Bai Yeqing sat down beside him silently, and passed a piece when this little kid got trouble in assembling the model. Then with a simple point, the kid would immediately know the next steps.

Dabai turned his head and asked, "You know how to assemble this?"

"A little." Actually, Bai Yeqing had been trained in various fields since he was a child. "The model is just a small cake. Later, I can teach you to assemble firearms or other more sophisticated weapons. Interested in that?"

Firearms and weapons?

"No, no way, that's too dangerous." Xia Xingchen responded at once.

"I love it! Little Bai, when can you teach me?" Dabai was quite excited, and his eyes were lit right away. He was just angry, but now all bad moods went away instantly.

"Any time after you have finished this model." Bai Yeqing put him on the lap.

"This is quite easy, and I can finish it at any time. How about you starting to teach me tomorrow?" Xia Dabai was already eager to have a try.

"No way, you are never allowed to learn this no matter what time. " Xia Xingchen was worried and chimed in again.

"OK, let's start tomorrow." Bai Yeqing agreed, rubbing the kid's little head.

"Daddy you're the best!" Xia Dabai was so excited that he kissed on Bai Yeqing's face.

A faint smile appeared on his always-impersonal face.

"……" Xia Xingchen sat on the side, looking at the father and son with some resentment.

So, what about now? She was completely ignored by them!

Now they had already treated her like this, what if Miss Song would marry him in the future?

When that happened, they three would have a real family, while she……

Thinking of this, Xia Xingchen’s mood suddenly fell. She took a desolate look at the father and son who were chatting happily, then got up and prepared to go out silently.


Dabai called her suddenly.

She looked back.

"Daddy has promised me to sleep with me here tonight." The kid was full of delight.

"Really?" Xia Xingchen glanced at Bai Yeqing and thought that they two indeed needed to spend some quality time together.

"So you have to promise that you will sleep with me tonight as well." Xia Dabai required promptly.

Xia Xingchen was stunned, "How? There is only one bed here."

Even without a sofa.

Xia Dabai looked at her bitterly, "Other children can always sleep with their daddy and mommy, while I am the poorest, as I can only have one of you beside me in one time. And……"

Speaking of this, he sniffed with his little nose and continued in a sobbing tone, "If daddy marry another woman, you both will never accompany me together."

Hearing the intermittent words of Dabai, Xia Xingchen felt very guilty.

In the past years, both they had owed him a lot…

But she couldn't answer to the request casually. Bai Yeqing and she……how could they share one bed?

She turned sight to Mr. President and asked for help. She thought he would definitely and firmly refuse the request. But he glanced at her and said: "Yeah, we agree."


Xia Xingchen could hardly believe her ears and stared at him frightenedly.

He put Dabai off his lap and got up. Then he said in a gentle voice: "You go to bed first. I'm going to take a shower and come back later."

"……" Xia Xingchen was stunned for what he said again.

She followed Bai Yeqing closely when he walked out of the room. Then she said in a lower voice: "Mr. President, how could you….?"

"We slept together before, didn't we?" He glanced at her with a calm face, "Calm down."


After he left, she was dragged by Dabai to the bed that was not too spacious. And she still was a little shocked.

How could he mention these four words – we slept together before – so rightly and confidently?!

He should want her to keep calm! How could she calm down right now?

She hoped, what he had just said 'come back later’ was just an excuse to refuse Dabai. It would be better if he never came back.

Or, she wouldn't fall asleep the whole night.

"Dabao, your face is very red." Dabao was lying on her and poking her blushed face with his finger.

"Is that so?” Feeling embarrassed, Xia Xingchen touched her face and denied, “It's not a blush. I just feel a little hot now."

"So you have slept with Xiaobai long before. Why not take me together?"

"… …" His words made Xia Xingchen want to cry. They indeed took him together, or how could she be pregnant?

"You are too young to understand that."

"Dabao, if you sleep with Dad, could you have another baby?" Xia Dabai looked at her innocently.


"Could you have another baby with daddy? If so, he wouldn't marry another woman."

Have another baby?

Xia Xingchen's expression was unspeakably awful. How could this little villain come up with this bad idea?

"It isn't possible to have a baby simply by sleeping together."

"Then what else to do?" Dabai looked at her curiously with big and innocent eyes. His teacher in kindergarten told him that a boy could not sleep with a girl casually; if not, that girl will have a baby.

"You often talk about the kind of topics together?"

The clear words interrupted their talking suddenly. With black nightgown, Bai Yeqing leaned against the door and looked at them leisurely.

Xia Xingchen was so embarrassed that she’d like to dig a hole and hide in.

Did he hear all that they talked just now? Would he think that she also wanted to have a baby with him?


Dabai called in a clear voice and then waved at him. "Come and sleep! You sleep on the right, Dabao in the middle, Dabai on the left."

As he said, he rolled to the leftmost side across Xia Xingchen, just like a fuzzy ball.

"Hey!" Xia Xingchen wanted to stop him. How could she sleep in the middle?

"Dabao, you are a woman. Little Bai and I should protect you." Xia Dabai took a look at Mr. President, "Dad, do you agree with me?"

'Refuse him!' Xia Xingchen gave a low growl in her deep mind.

However, Bai Yeqing said in a deep voice: "H'm, I agree."

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