Good Morning, Mr. President!

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – A Woman’s Heart Is Like a Needle at the Bottom of the Ocean

By Sweet Bun inGood Morning, Mr. President!

Xia Xingchen reported to Xia Dabai right after she went back to the presidential residence. She continued to prepare for her appraisal the day after tomorrow after taking a bath.

There was only one day left.

Xia Xingchen went to the study to search for more information. She was surprised to find a light was on when she walked in, then she saw the man.

Bai Yeqing.

Bai Yeqing was tall and he was leaning against the oval bookshelf, with a book in his hands. The light cast a golden glow over him.

Xia Xingchen met him unexpectedly. She hardly saw him before, which was quite different these days.

“Hello, Mr. President.” Xia Xingchen greeted Bai Yeqing, trying to forget what happened last night.

Bai Yeqing cast a glance at her with his mouth closed and did not say a word. He continued to read the book in his hands.

Xia Xingchen had got used to Bai Yeqing’s constant indifference. But the president seemed in a bad mood today.

Passing by him, Xia Xingchen just went on looking for the books she needs.

She took a few books from the shelf, but there was still one book on the place over her head. She didn’t want to climb a ladder, because the last time when she fell off the ladder still occurred to her!

Trying to tip her own toes, she still couldn’t reach the book.

When she was frowning and felt depressed, behind her, a black shadow suddenly shrouded. Her heart thumped, a man’s strong chest had come over and against her back.


His long arm surrounded her, and the book was pulled out with ease. Unwittingly, his fingertip brushed her hair.

The heat of the body met, and her heartbeat was messed up. When she turned round subconsciously, she saw he was bowing his head. At that moment, the lips of them were only one inch away. Her eyelashes almost touched his nose.

His eyes color was light dark.

Suddenly, she was short of breath, and subconsciously, her body moved toward the shelf closer. Instinctively, she kept a safe distance with him, because…

This guy was too dangerous. Just for a casual glance, she would be addicted.

However, she was sandwiched between him and the shelf. All her struggles were just in vain.

“What do you think of him?” Bai Yeqing asked abruptly.

Xia Xingchen thought he would take a step back, but he didn’t. With a book in his hand, he supported him against the bookshelf, bent down and looked at her.

He was so tall that his posture was very oppressive for her. She was very discomposed and just stammered: “Who are you talking about?”

“The man you dated with.” His voice was clear and a little cold, but she couldn’t recognize other emotions from his expression.

She was stunned for that he has known the blind date. It seemed that Dabai had told him.

With her fingers pressing against the bookshelf and scratching gently, she mumbled: “He’s… quite good…”

“Do you plan to keep associating with him?” He stared at the back of her head and said in a deeper voice, which he didn’t notice that.

“That man is a good person, so… I may have more dates with him.”

Bai Yeqing stared at her and took a step back. As his breath withdrew, the feeling of oppression he brought also dispersed. Xia Xingchen was quite relieved.

He turned back, passed Xia Xingchen that book, and gave a meaningful glance at her, saying: “Now you don’t like Xu Yan any more?”

“Xu Yan?”

When Bai Yeqing mentioned him, Xia Xingchen felt a little upset in her heart. After all, Xu Yan was her first love.

But outwardly, she shook her head, “Five years ago, when I was pregnant with Dabai, we were over. Why talking about loving him or not now?”

He snorted, “Your mind is quite changeable. Just a few days ago, you found my trouble because of him, now you simply let him go.”

Xia Xingchen was embarrassed, “I was drunk that day, and I won’t do that again.”

“Well,” She remembered one thing and hesitated before she tempted to ask: “You and Miss Song… would you really marry her?”

Bai Yeqing gave a probing glance at her. Xia Xingchen was afraid that he misapprehended her and hurriedly explained: “Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to inquire about your private life… I just want to know when you will get married… once you are married I will definitely move out. If you tell me now, I can prepare myself mentally earlier.”

He frowned, seeming disliked her explanation very much. Then he walked out of the study with heavy steps.

Xia Xingchen subconsciously followed behind him, while his cold voice came, “You can’t go anywhere before I let you move out!”

Speaking of this, he turned around and glared at her. “You are also not allowed to marry the man having a blind date with you!”

“…Why?” Xia Xingchen didn’t understand. Bai Yeqing was too overbearing!

“There is no reason. You must submit to me!”


… …

Xia Xingchen had been thinking about Mr. President’s words since the night before, and she still couldn’t understand.

“Weiyang, from your point of view… If a man, who shares a house with you, somehow said that you were not allowed to move out, for what reason will he say like that?” In the lounge, Xia Xingchen took a sip of coffee and asked Chi Weiyang.

“Maybe he wants someone to share the expenses?”

“…” Xia Xingchen rolled her eyes. “What if he also said that he didn’t allow you to marry the man having a blind date with you?”

“Do one-legged ducks swim in circles?” This time, Chi Weiyang rolled her eyes. “If a man says like that, there will be only one reason: he loves you! That’s why he doesn’t want you to leave him and marry someone else. It goes without saying.”

“Love?” Xia Xingcheng gave a start.

Bai Yeqing loves me? Thinking about it, Xia Xingchen waved off this thought. This was impossible.

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible! He won’t love me!”

Chi Weiyang noticed something unusual. She put down the coffee and said, “Xingchen, are you living with a man? Why didn’t even tell me anything about it? No wonder you refused to invite me to your home. There is a man in your house!”

“No, it’s not what you think…”

“Oh?” Chi Weiyang said, crossing her arms and staring at Xia Xingchen, “Talk more about it. Who is the man you live with? Is he handsome? Is he tall? Is he rich? You didn’t even tell me. You should take responsibility for what you did!”

Xia Xingchen accidentally told Chi Weiyang about someone living with her, but she really didn’t know how to explain it.

When she was thinking about the explanation, her attention was suddenly caught by the TV hanging on the wall of the lounge.

The TV of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs often broadcast real-time political news every day.

However, at this moment, a piece of intervention news appeared on the screen which immediately took Xia Xingchen’s breath away.

The anchor said seriously, “Now there is an intervention message. Just two minutes ago, an explosion suddenly happened in White Feather Square. It is reported that the president’s office was destroyed, and Mr. President may also be among the injured. In addition, there are many people affected by the accident. The specific casualties will be reported later.”

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