Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1482 - The Imperial Concubine’s Fate

Chapter 1482: The Imperial Concubine’s Fate

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The tiny pieces of meat stuck between Lord Dog’s white teeth were very eye-catching.

The Law of Time was floating in the surroundings. Time had become very slow, flowing quietly like a stream. Everything in the surroundings was still. Even the rubble that broke off from the ground was flying away slowly.


The flow of time returned to normal. In an instant, the ground rumbled and burst apart. All the surrounding people sucked in their breaths and widened their eyes in disbelief. What happened just now? Why did they feel their heart skip a beat at that moment…


With an explosion, the ground in the distance burst apart suddenly. Then, as everyone watched, the broken bodies of Black and White flew out of the crack and smashed to the ground like mud. Their chests were deeply sunken, and many of their bones were broken.

This… In just a flash, Black and White were defeated?!

“The Law of Time…”

Black and White looked terrified as they took deep breaths in disbelief. When the Crown Prince comprehended the supreme Laws of the Universe, they weren’t surprised. But…the fact that a dog, a fat black dog, had comprehended the Law of Time…

Was this a joke? Were the supreme Laws of the Universe so easy to comprehend nowadays, so much so that even a dog could comprehend such a profound Law? Or was it because men were inferior to dogs?

Among the supreme Laws of the Universe, the Law of Time was just second only to the Law of Transmigration. They were equally profound and equally difficult to comprehend.

Black and White got up from the ground. They no longer looked as cold and proud as before. Black even howled, for half of his body was obliterated. Besides, since it was destroyed by the Heavengod’s bone, it would be extremely difficult for him to recover.

When the two of them joined forces, they could fight a high-grade God King. But what was the result? They were instantly defeated by a dog!

“You can do anything, but you can’t disturb my meal! You cannot afford to bear my wrath!” Lord Dog said coldly, the fat all over his body jiggling as he lightly slapped the ground with a paw. Then, time stopped once again. He had unleashed his divine power of the Law of Time.

Black and White froze once again. How could they resist the Law of Time?!


Black’s eyes rolled, and a look of horror came over his face again as he found that the Heavengod’s bone came smashing down on his head. The world in his eyes gradually grew dark, and then he saw that his head… exploded! At the same time, a terrible suction came bursting out of the Hevengod’s bone. Before he could howl, his divine soul was sucked into the bone.

‘Why do I always get hurt?!’ Black howled in his heart!


The flow of time returned to normal in an instant. As all the people watched, Black’s head burst apart. Black, who was very close to the level of a high-grade God King, was killed by a dog with a bone.

White coughed blood. He looked terrified, and his wrinkled face was shivering. He saw with his own eyes that Black was knocked to death. To avoid following in his footsteps, White felt he had to run away.

The Heavengod’s bone, the fox who contained the Heavengod’s blood… Everything was meaningless if he was dead. This dog was like hell’s messenger who claimed lives!

After killing Black, Lord Dog put the Heavengod’s bone to his back once again. He wagged his tail, then walked with graceful steps back to Bu Fang’s side, buried his face into the porcelain plate, and continued eating. Now, he didn’t look like the ferocious being who had just killed an expert very close to a high-grade God King with two strikes of the bone.

The surrounding heads of the aristocratic families felt cold all over. Black’s fate terrified them. Suddenly, they felt somewhat lucky that they didn’t go crazy for the Heavengod’s bone. Otherwise, they would be the ones killed by the bone now. Even their divine senses couldn’t escape if they were killed by the Heavengod’s bone because it could devour divine senses! That would be a tragic death for anyone!

Looking at Lord Dog, who was eating heartily, Bu Fang felt a little disappointed.

Black was an existence very close to a high-grade God King who had comprehended nearly five hundred Laws. If his Divine flame could devour the old man, then it would have at least the power of five hundred Laws. As for how powerful it would be after that, Bu Fang did not know.

The power of the Divine flame was actually proportional to Bu Fang’s strength. Although it was strong now, it hadn’t reached a qualitative change.

Once Bu Fang truly comprehended the complete Law and became a God… All the Power of the Laws the Divine flame had devoured would fully explode, and its power… would reach a terrifying level! Therefore, Bu Fang’s cultivation of the Divine flame now was actually a grooming process.

In the distance, the Imperial Concubine was dumbfounded. She covered her cheek where the Divine Emperor had slapped. Even now, she was still in a daze. However, what really stunned her was… the death of Black.

Black… was the trump card of her Mo Family. The Mo Family was her parents’ home, the true power that allowed her to stay in power in the divine dynasty. However, Black was killed by a dog.

When Black and White joined hands, they could fight a high-grade God King. It was because their cultivation methods and the Laws they comprehended complemented each other. But now, one of them was dead, and White alone could never reach the level of a high-grade God King.

As a result, the Imperial Concubine’s status in the divine dynasty plummeted! The head of the Mo Family was dead, Black and White were crippled… What else could she rely on?

In the past, the Divine Emperor indulged her so much because he was in seclusion and had no time to oversee trivial matters. As someone who owned the Heavenly Phoenix Plumes, she could be considered the supreme ruler of the divine dynasty.

Now that the Divine Emperor had come out of seclusion, she could no longer act wantonly… The only thing she could rely on now was… the Crown Prince.

The Imperial Concubine was not stupid. She understood that she could only stay low for now. Otherwise, once the Divine Emperor punished her, she would be dead. Just because the Divine Emperor didn’t care about what she had done over the years didn’t mean he didn’t know them.

The Divine Emperor was, after all, the ruler of a dynasty who commanded many great worlds. If it weren’t for his old age and the fact that he was about to face a great calamity, she wouldn’t have dared to be so presumptuous.

“Your… Your Majesty… I… I was wrong…”

The Imperial Concubine’s eyes were tearful. Her beautiful appearance, combined with this weak look, could easily arouse sympathy.

Summer just looked on with a sneer… The Divine Emperor had stopped her from killing this bitch. She didn’t understand the reason, and she was too lazy to figure it out.

“Shut up,” the Divine Emperor said indifferently, clasping his hands behind his back. His majestic and fearsome aura was spreading.

The Imperial Concubine suddenly shivered. The Divine Emperor’s eyes were extremely cold as he glanced at her, which made her feel as though she had fallen into an ice cave.

“I…” She was opening her mouth to say something when the Divine Emperor raised a hand. She immediately felt that the world around her was sealed up.

“Black Armor, Gold Armor… Arrest this woman and put her in prison,” the Divine Emperor said indifferently.

After that, he paid no more mind to the Imperial Concubine. In his eyes, this woman was like… an ant. She was nothing but a spouse he randomly found in his long life. Even though he was old, he was still the ruler of the Xiayi Divine Dynasty. A mere Mo Family and a woman were nothing to him.


The Crown Prince looked on respectfully in midair. He was naturally respectful to the Divine Emperor who held sway over the universe.

The void broke open, and Black Armor, wrapped in black armor, slowly walked out of it. Gold Armor also stepped out from the opening.

The Imperial Concubine’s hair was disheveled, and her face was full of unwillingness. She knew that she would have no way to live once she was put in prison, so she must struggle.

“Mo Shaoji… I beg your pardon,” Black Armor said, looking at the disheveled and crazy Imperial Concubine.

“You cannot arrest me… I’m the Imperial Concubine… I’m the mother of the state!” The Imperial Concubine struggled with a crazy look on her face…

“Your Highness… Please behave yourself. I’m not Silver Armor,” Black Armor said coolly as he waved his hand and shook off the Imperial Concubine’s hand that had grabbed his armor. Then, he flicked his fingers.


A series of black chains slithered out, emanating freezing mists and a clanging sound as it wound around the Imperial Concubine’s body.

The Imperial Concubine’s eyes were full of despair as she was being slowly frozen. Soon, she was no longer moving.

After bowing to the Divine Emperor, Black Armor took the Imperial Concubine and rose into the sky.

All the people fell silent. Having witnessed the Imperial Concubine’s fate, no one dared to breathe too loudly. They knew that the situation in the divine dynasty was about to change.

The Imperial Concubine’s faction had completely collapsed. Because of a chef and a dog… her power fell apart. A storm was coming to the capital of the divine dynasty!

The Crown Prince had a struggling look on his face. The Imperial Concubine was his mother, and he could not remain indifferent.

“Yi’er, you are gifted. Don’t let such amazing talent go to waste. Only by cultivating hard could you have the chance to touch the path to become a Heavengod,” the Divine Emperor said, glancing at the Crown Prince.

“Your mental demon must be solved… When you lose a bet, you have to honor your word. This is the rule. From today on, you are a waiter in that restaurant… One’s identity doesn’t represent everything. The most important thing is that you have the right attitude.”

The Crown Prince was nervous. Since he was born, this was the first time that the Divine Emperor spoke so many words to him. That surprised him. Although the Divine Emperor was his father, he had not seen him for hundreds of years.

“Yes… As my Father commands,” the Crown Prince said seriously, bowing.

The Divine Emperor smiled gently. He was satisfied with this son. He saw his own shadow in the Crown Prince, who had comprehended two supreme Laws of the Universe.

‘Next will be that dog… and that chef.’

After dealing with the Imperial Concubine, the Divine Emperor raised his head. His figure twisted and disappeared. When he appeared again, he was in front of Lord Dog and Bu Fang. It was as if he had just casually taken a step.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows. The aura of this old man before him was too strong, dazzling like the sun.

The Divine Emperor clasped his hands behind his back, slowly stepped forward, and glanced at Bu Fang. His eyes were cloudy, but they also flashed brilliantly as if chaos was floating in them. He seemed to see through Bu Fang’s spirit sea and all of his secrets.

He looked deeply at Bu Fang with expectation and appreciation in his eyes.


Lord Dog belched, sticking out his tongue and licking his lips. The taste of the Sweet ‘n’ Sour Ribs really intoxicated him. He opened his eyes, and then his gaze met with the Divine Emperor’s in midair.

“Hey, old man, long time no see. Looks like you’re recovering pretty well.” Lord Dog grinned, looking at the Divine Emperor.

A smile came over the Divine Emperor’s face immediately. The way he looked at Lord Dog was very gentle.

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