Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 15: What a Distinctive Group of Nouveau Riche

Chapter 15: What a Distinctive Group of Nouveau Riche

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The expectant gaze of Ji Chengxue suddenly disappeared and the expression on his face froze.

"He... He actually rejected me!"

Ji Chengxue could hardly believe it. As the third prince of the empire, there were many people who would like to be associated with him. In spite of that, his personal invitation was just cruelly rejected.

More importantly, the reason for the rejection was...

"You're not qualified."

As Ji Chengxue recalled Bu Fang's words and that expressionless appearance, he felt as if an invisible arrow had pierced into his heart.

However, Ji Chengxue was an astute person. Even though he was rejected, he did not display any signs of anger and only lightly smiled.

"That's right, I... really am not qualified," Ji Chengxue dismayingly exclaimed, as if something had stirred in his heart.

Emperor Changfeng of Light Wind Empire had three sons. The first prince, Ji Chengan was conferred as the crown prince ten years ago. While the second prince, Ji Chengyu was conferred as a king. Only the third prince, Ji Chengxue, had somehow earned the displeasure of Emperor Changfeng and was only a general in the army.

Even though the position of a general was highly respected, it was quite shabby compared to the first and second princes.

"Third prince..." When Xiao Xiaolong saw the depressed look on Ji Chengxue, he wanted to say something but was interrupted by Ji Chengxue.

"Owner Bu, even though you're not interested in becoming my chef, have you ever thought of entering the imperial kitchen and becoming the personal chef of the emperor?

"I may not be qualified, but the emperor should be qualified," Ji Chengxue said with a chuckle.

Bu Fang glanced at Ji Chengxue and knitted his eyebrows. "Is this guy an idiot? Was I not clear enough?"

"I am not interested in becoming anyone's personal chef, not even the emperor's. If you want to eat my food, then come to my store. Queue up if there's someone ahead of you and pay up when you've finished eating."

Bu Fang was someone aiming to become the God of Cooking, how could the future God of Cooking restrict himself by becoming anyone's personal chef.

Ji Chengxue became silent. He could understand when Bu Fang refused to become his chef. However, he thought it was unbelievable that Bu Fang would refuse to become the chef of the emperor.

Was it not the dream of all chefs to enter the imperial kitchen and cook for the emperor?

Then what was Bu Fang's dream?

"The improved version of Egg-Fried Rice costs ten crystals. Please pay up, thank you," Bu Fang expressionlessly said, he was tired of speaking with the prince.

"Yours is two hundred gold coins," At the same time, he turned to Xiao Xiaolong and said.

Ji Chengxue meaningfully glanced at Bu Fang and gave him ten crystals. Xiao Xiaolong paid his bill as well and then both of them left the store.

A little store that was only ten square metres and did not even have a signboard with a big black dog lying at the entrance. A slim and tall chef with unyielding principles and a mysterious puppet as his assistant, while having perfect culinary skills and high-grade ingredients of unknown origins... Fang Fang Little's Store exuded mysteriousness.

After Ji Chengxue exited the store, he glanced back and the corner of his mouth curled up. "How interesting."

After collecting the tableware and washing them up, the store became deserted once more. Bu Fang was once again sitting next to the lazy Blacky and basking in the sun.

However, the existence of the store was publicized thanks to the little incident with Sun Qixiang. News of the exorbitant dishes in the store had also circulated throughout the imperial city due to the overreaction of his neighbors.

"Have you guys heard about the bizarre restaurant in that alleyway!"

"Are you talking about the blackhearted restaurant that's selling a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice for ten crystals?"

"Is the owner an idiot? Why would anyone eat there with that kind of price? If any of his Egg-Fried Rice actually sells, I will eat all of the biscuits in my biscuit stall!"


There would always be some wealthy people in the world with different pursuits from ordinary people. Even the way they viewed things was different as well.

Bu Fang's peace did not last long as several figures stepped into the store. He was lazily curled up on the chair as he glanced at the group of obese men that had just arrived.

These obese men were all wearing luxurious silk clothings and their coarse fingers were adorned with gold rings. They wore jade amulets around their necks and their belts were embedded with emerald jades.

"What a distinctive group of nouveau riche," Bu Fang thought to himself.

"Shop owner! I heard that the dishes in your store are very expensive and that they're even more expensive than dishes from the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant! We believe that the more expensive something is, the better the quality will be. If your dishes can satisfy our palate, then the price isn't an issue," The leader of the group, an obese man dressed in luxurious clothes and accessories, said in a loud voice.

As they crowded into the little store, they astonishingly took up most of the available spaces. Bu Fang expressionlessly stood up and asked, "What do you want to eat?"

The leader glanced at the menu and his eyes narrowed. Even this affluent group of obese men sucked in a breath of cold air when they saw the price of the Egg-Fried Rice.

"Good, your store is as incredible as expected! Give me a bowl of improved Egg-Fried Rice!" The obese man said.

"Here's a friendly reminder, you need to be at least a third grade Battle-Maniac to eat the improved Egg-Fried Rice. Don't order it if your cultivation level is not up to par," Bu Fang simply said.

"Our elder brother is known by people in the imperial city as 'Qinggong Iljimae[1]', how could his cultivation level be lower than Battle-Maniac! You just have to cook the food!" The other obese men started to clamor.

Bu Fang's expression did not change but he covertly glanced toward the obese man, and thought, "With a figure like that, how could there be any relations to Iljimae?"

In the end, this group of obese men ordered three servings of improved Egg-Fried Rice, four servings of ordinary Egg-Fried Rice, seven servings of Dry-Mixed Noodles, and seven servings of Stir-Fried Vegetables.

Even for someone as calm as Bu Fang, the corner of his mouth was twitching as he thought, "As expected of people with such body sizes, they really can eat!"

To be able to eat was a blessing. Bu Fang liked people who could eat well.

He entered the kitchen and focused all of his energy into cooking. After a while, a rich fragrance drifted out of the kitchen and enveloped the store.

"This smells so good! I've never smelled anything as good as this!" This group of obese men intoxicatedly narrowed their eyes and inhaled deeply.

They were looking forward more and more to the dish.

As the group of obese men was waiting for their orders, a tall and elegant figure approached the entrance of the store.

When Zhao Ruge saw the mountain of flesh within the store, the expression on his face immediately changed.

"Why is there so many people?" Zhao Ruge was slightly surprised.

"Fatty Jin? I can't believe it." Zhao Ruge quickly recognized one of the obese man in the group.

Jin Fugui, also known as Fatty Jin, was a famous nouveau riche in the imperial city. His family had monopoly over a crystal mine, so he was very rich.

The other fat men were also rich and famous people within the imperial city.

"Why are these fellows eating at this kind of store? Don't they feel that this isn't the type of place that they should be eating at?"

"Get out of the way, let me go in." As Zhao Ruge's paper fan lightly touched one of the obese man, the obese man's body trembled and opened up a path.

Using this open path, Zhao Ruge squeezed into the store and coincidentally encountered Bu Fang, who had just came out of the kitchen with a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice in his hands.

The rich fragrance was like silk wrapping around Zhao Ruge, enveloping him within the aromatic explosion.

"Shop owner, hurry up and serve the dish! We can't wait any more!" Fatty Jin impatiently shouted as the flesh on his face trembled violently.

"Here's your improved version of Egg-Fried Rice, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang put down the bowl and simply said, then he turned around to return to the kitchen.

Zhao Ruge woke up from his stupor and was surprised by Bu Fang's culinary skills, "No wonder Yanyu was lured into this place; his cooking skills isn't ordinary."

"Wait, prepare my improved Egg-Fried Rice first," Zhao Ruge demandingly said to Bu Fang.

"Hey! Beanpole! Don't you know about first-come, first-served?" When one of the obese man saw Zhao Ruge trying to jump the queue, he was immediately annoyed and loudly shouted at him.

Zhao Ruge disdainfully glanced at the obese man, then he coldly laughed and said, "Why would I need to be served after you? Who the hell are you to question me?"

"Damn it! I'm so angry!" That obese man was immediately enraged. "I am the owner of Fairview Square! Who the hell are you, brat?!"

"I am Zhao Ruge." He simply said.

Zhao Ruge, son of the Minister of the Left, was extremely noble. Once he announced his name, the obese man was immediately speechless and was staring at him with wide eyes.

Then the obese man bitterly glanced at Zhao Ruge with a face filled with reluctance.

"Fine... Your father is more capable than me, I won't compete with you."


[1] Iljimae is a fictional character, also known as the korean Robin Hood. He is well-known for his agility and skills, similar to those of a ninja.

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