Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 1836 - Do You Think I’m Stupid?

Chapter 1836: Do You Think I’m Stupid?

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All Whitey desired was to… strip others of their clothes. Even though it had just peeled off a small piece of Soul God’s scaly armor, it was already beaming with satisfaction.


A rumbling sound echoed out. Whitey smashed into a planet, sinking deep into it. The next moment, cracks spread across the planet before it burst apart.

In the starry sky, Soul God’s power of the Great Sins spread and wrapped up his body. He was so angry that he trembled all over. He could not believe that he actually suffered such humiliation.

How dared the damn metal puppet try to strip his clothes… The most hateful thing was that the f*cking puppet did manage to peel off a small piece of his scaly armor.

On the broken pieces of the planet, Whitey stood up. The golden steam had gone from its body. In its hand, it held the black scale as if it was holding the enemy’s flag. There were thousands of light rays surging behind it.

However, the scale soon turned into the black power of the Great Sins and slipped away like sand through the gaps between its fingers. Whitey lowered its arms, its mechanical eyes flashing.

“It’s useless… Do you really think a mere puppet can stop me?”

Soul God’s icy voice rang through the air.

“I’m Soul God, the God of Soul Demons. I am above heaven and earth, a supreme being! You… What are you? All of you can only beg for mercy at my heels!”


Soul God’s crimson eyes gradually focused. Then, he raised his hand. The power of the Great Sins spread and quickly materialized into several figures around him.

The power of the Seven Sins turned into seven figures, and each Sin materialized into a pure black crystal.

“Do you think the Great Soul Overlords bred by the Soul Demon Universe are the real Great Soul Overlords?

“No… You’re wrong. The real Great Soul Overlords are with me the whole time! Why else would I have killed Sloth a thousand years ago? Because he… is with me the whole time!”


The seven black crystals floated up.

The expressions of all the experts in the Primitive Universe turned extremely ugly. The real Great Soul Overlords? Were all those Great Soul Overlords in the past fake?

Whitey’s whole body was giving off hot steam. The wounds left on it after fighting Soul God were gradually healing. It hovered at Bu Fang’s side.

For all its fighting prowess, Whitey was still no match for Soul God.

Soul God was too strong. Although he had not found his heart yet, he could still suppress Whitey, who was reforged with the highest configuration.

It was hard to imagine how strong he would be after he found his heart. This was also the reason why Bu Fang was so persistent in seeking a breakthrough.

Soul God had truly stepped the Relentless Path to its peak, but Bu Fang’s Emotional Path was still a little bit way off. Although it was only a little bit, in fact, the gap was extremely huge.


The experts of the Primitive Universe, the Chaotic Universe, and Void City turned pale.

Lord Dog’s gaze was serious. “What should we do?” he asked.

Bu Fang was frowning as well. “He hasn’t found his heart yet… I can seal him one more time,” he said.

“Are you confident?” Lord Dog turned to Bu Fang and asked.

“No.” Bu Fang shook his head.

Lord Dog paused, while Er Ha was stunned.

“It’s not that easy… Would you fall in the same pit twice?” Bu Fang turned to Lord Dog and asked.

Lord Dog thought for a while and said, “You’re right. Soul God is not stupid.”

In the distant sky, seven powerful auras spread from around Soul God. The dreadful power of the Great Sins lingered and shook in the void. The terror was unprecedented.


Seven figures gathered in midair. Surprisingly, they had the same face and the same body.

The Great Soul Overlords of the Seven Sins were actually one person? Or they were not one person but had the same face.

The seven figures had human faces, which were handsome and beautiful just like perfect humans. No one could tell if they were males or females, though.

Under the stimulation of Soul God’s Power of the Great Sins, they gradually woke up.


The seven figures opened their eyes, which were cold and ruthless. They looked so scary!

When an immortal saw the eyes of one of the figures, his mind and spirit trembled and became messy in an instant.

Tongtian focused his eyes. He felt an unmatched pressure. The expressions of Yuanshi Tianzun, Lord Dog, Lady Nuwa, and the others also changed dramatically.

“Feel that?” Bu Fang asked.

Lord Dog nodded. “The seven Great Soul Overlords… Each of them possesses the strength of a perfect Chaotic Saint. This is going to be tricky.” The fat on his face was jiggling.

Bu Fang exhaled.

In midair, Soul God became a little weak. He had just broken free of the seal, and he already used most of his power of the Great Sins to activate the seven Great Soul Overlords.

He must have done this for a purpose.

Soul God had wanted to rely on the Soul Demon’s army for cover, but now, he could only do it with the seven Great Soul Overlords.

These seven Great Soul Overlords must be the trump card Soul God had hidden for a long time. He did not use it in the past because he did not have time to react before he was thrown to the ground by Bu Fang and sealed by the dish.

And this time, Soul God had learned his lesson.

With the addition of seven perfect Chaotic Saints, the situation became trickier for the cosmic alliance.

The Primitive Universe had four perfect Chaotic Saints, the Chaotic Universe had one, and Void City had zero. It was a seven versus five battle. From the looks of it, the cosmic alliance was on the losing side.

“Soul God is preparing to flee… He is not confident in dealing with me, so he plans to hide first and find his heart. By the time he found it… Soul God will be invincible,” Bu Fang said expressionlessly.

The crowd was shocked. If what Bu Fang said really happened, the situation could really be a bit bad…

“We have to stop him!”

Tongtian focused his eyes. According to what Bu Fang said, today was their only chance to suppress Soul God!

“Attack!” Tongtian stepped into the starry sky. The Immortal Slaughtering Sword Array and the Qingping Sword wheeled around him as he took the lead to attack Soul God.

Yuanshi Tianzun, Lady Nuwa, and the Buddha struck out at the same time. They, too, had realized the seriousness of the matter.


Soul God grinned. He raised his hand and flicked his finger.

The seven Great Soul Overlords moved at the same time. The auras exploding out of these cold and ruthless almighty experts were not weaker than any Chaotic Saints present.

In the blink of an eye, they constructed the Heavenly Demon Array. This was the original Heavenly Demon Array! As soon as it fell, heaven and earth seemed to be completely shattered!


With just one collision, Tongtian and the others were knocked backward…


The faces of Tongtian and the others became somewhat unsightly. They could not seem to suppress this Heavenly Demon Array even if they used their Primitive Divine Artifacts!

Tongtian gritted his teeth and cried out, “Where are the ten thousand immortals?! Form the Ten Thousand Immortals Array!”

His voice echoed throughout the starry sky. The immortals, who were watching the show and cheering, immediately focused their eyes and soared into the sky. Surging immortal energy exploded out of their bodies.

Yuanshi Tianzun and Tongtian held their Primitive Divine Artifacts and formed the Ten Thousand Immortals Array to fight the Heavenly Demon Array.


A dull bell rang out. The great Buddha sat cross-legged in midair, chanting. Under his guidance, the Arhats hovered in the starry sky and formed the Ten Thousand Buddhas Array.

The three terrifying arrays collided in midair… and reached a stalemate.

Soul God narrowed his eyes, twitched the corner of his mouth slightly, and took a step. The void to the side of his body was suddenly torn.

He planned to return to the Soul Demon Universe—he did not want to deal with these fellows now. Once he found his heart, he would be invincible, and the stinking chef would not be able to stop him anymore!

Just when Soul God was about to step into the rift and flee, a faint voice rang out beside him.

“Don’t you want to catch up with an old friend?” Bu Fang said with an expressionless face. Clad in the strip red-and-white Vermilion Robe, he looked at Soul God.

“Stinking chef… One day, I will slap you into a pulp… and swallow you alive,” Soul God said in an icy and ruthless voice.

Lord Dog and Whitey stood at Bu Fang’s side. Their auras were mighty.

“You only suppressed me for a thousand years, and you dare to call me an old friend… Who do you think you are?” Soul God’s eyes were filled with malice.

However, Bu Fang was very calm. Soul God’s disdainful words did not offend him even the slightest.

“Whether we are old friends or not… You should know very well.” Bu Fang gave Soul God a complicated look. His eyes gradually firmed up, and then he took a step forward with his hands clasped behind him.

Whitey’s golden mechanical eyes flickered, and it was about to make a move as well. However, Bu Fang stopped it with a wave of his hand.

“Let me handle this,” he said. After that, his figure vanished. When he reappeared, he was already in front of Soul God. His eyes shone goldenly. The God of Cooking’s Eye had completely merged with him.

A crimson aura spread from Soul God’s eyes and collided with the golden light. They rumbled in midair, distorting and crumbling the void.

The exchange of gaze seemed to look through the cosmic river.

Soul God grinned. “You’re still a little weak…” he said as he continued to walk into the spatial rift.

Bu Fang raised his hand. “I’m not here to fight you… I’m a chef, so I’ll use the chef’s method to solve the problem,” he said with a faint smile.

The next moment, with a thought in his mind, the White Tiger Heaven Stove, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, the Qilin Transmigration Ladle, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged.

Bu Fang cooked in midair. His movements were unhurried. However, although he looked slow, he was moving as fast as lightning.

A flame rose. It looked like an ordinary flame, but it was as hot and filled with hopes as the primordial fire of the human race.


A rich aroma permeated the air. Bu Fang shook his hand and flipped the ladle. The next moment, a dish was put in a porcelain bowl, glowing goldenly with streams of light flowing out of it.

A simple bowl of Egg-Fried Rice hovered in midair.

“This is one of my best dishes… Let’s end it all with it,” Bu Fang said, looking at Soul God.

Whitey and Lord Dog hovered not far away and watched in silence.

In the distance, an explosion rang out as the terrible arrays were colliding with each other, but it was all peaceful here.

Bu Fang and Soul God seemed to be talking with each other about their daily life. In fact, there was a storm brewing between them.

Soul God stared at Bu Fang. His crimson gaze swept at Bu Fang’s sincere eyes, then at the bowl of Egg-Fried Rice in his hand, which was giving off hot steam and a rich fragrance.

The atmosphere became somewhat stagnant.

After a long time, Soul God opened his mouth and laughed. His laughter resounded throughout heaven and earth.

“Stinking chef… Are you trying to trick me again? Do you think I’m stupid? Would I fall in the same pit twice?” Soul God said coldly. Then, he grabbed a black spear and flung it hard at Bu Fang. He wanted to pierce Bu Fang’s soul and nail him to the void.

Bu Fang heaved a deep sigh. He flicked his finger. An earthy-yellow Chaos Pot flew spinning out and collided with the black spear.

An explosion echoed out across the sky. Bu Fang was unhurt, while Soul God stepped into the spatial rift with a cold face…

“Just you wait, stinking chef. When I find my heart, I’ll come and kill you!”

The rift slowly closed up.

Bu Fang furrowed his brows and flicked his finger. The Egg-Fried Rice in his hand immediately turned into a stream of light and rushed into the rift…

Finally, the rift disappeared completely. The moment before it vanished, Bu Fang seemed to hear Soul God’s furious roar…

“You damn stinky chef!!!”

In the Soul Demon Universe, Soul God stood in midair. He saw that every planet was sealed with a dish, which was breeding new lives. Every planet was blooming with flowers. Petals were drifting in the universe, and a rich aroma filled the air.

Soul God roared angrily as he looked at the strange things in his universe. The next moment, the void was torn apart. A bowl of steaming Egg-Fried Rice drifted across the air and came in front of him.

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