Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 19: Lees Fish and Fish Head Tofu Soup

Chapter 19: Lees Fish and Fish Head Tofu Soup

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"What is Fish Tri-Cooking?" Bu Fang wondered. As a chef, he was familiar with cooking fish and knew that it was an excellent ingredient.

Different types of fish could be used to produce different gourmet food.

"Fish Tri-Cooking is the three methods to cook fish: Lees Fish, Boiled Fish, and Fish Head Tofu Soup. The system will provide fresh ingredients for the host. Based on your current true energy level, freshwater and saltwater fish of the third grade are available. As your true energy level increases, the grade of the fish provided will increase as well," the solemn voice of the system resounded in Bu Fang's mind.

He was stunned for a moment as he did not think that Fish Tri-Cooking was referring to three methods of cooking fish. Bu Fang was not a stranger to these cooking methods either and had once eaten the authentic Lees Fish at Poyang Lake on Earth.

However, the key to making Lees Fish was the alcohol. An extremely strong and mellow wine must be used. Only then would the aroma of the wine permeate into the fish during the marinating process. Normally, a quality plate of Lees Fish would be covered with pale pink distillers grains with a rich alcoholic aroma and the meat of fish would have an enticing jujube-like red color.

"The alcohol is the key to making the dish, but would the system be providing it?" Bu Fang thought.

"For the Lees Fish cooking method, the best rice wine distillers grains will be provided everyday. However, the host has to manually marinate the fish," the system said.

Bu Fang nodded. Since the system was going to provide the rice wine distillers grains, there would not be any issue with cooking the Lees Fish.

Bu Fang was very familiar with both the Boiled Fish and the Fish Head Tofu Soup. Boiled Fish was a very popular dish on Earth that hawkers would be selling on the streets until nightfall.

On the other hand, Fish Head Tofu Soup was an unusual home-cooked dish. However, cooking the dish was still not an issue for Bu Fang.

"The host has completed the short term mission. The current earnings of a hundred crystal converted to true energy is equivalent to ten crystals, the true energy level has been increased to Battle-Master. My host, congratulations for increasing your true energy level! You have taken another step to become the God of Cooking! Work hard, young man!" the system solemnly said.

The system's announcement made Bu Fang rejoice as he quickly called out the character panel.

Host: Bu Fang

True Energy Cultivation Level: Second Grade (As the God of Cooking in the fantasy world, you will definitely need to make use of true energy when cooking. Work hard, young man.)

Cooking Talents: Yet to be unlocked

Skills: Yet to be unlocked

Tools: Yet to be unlocked

God of Cooking overall rating: Beginner (Your cultivation level is finally on the right track. Work hard, young man.)

System Level: Two Stars (Conversion ratio is at twenty percent, obtained permission to release furnitures, customers are allowed to bring ingredients lower than third grade.)

Bu Fang heavily breathed out. He lifted up his hand and his body started to glow, as if an invisible energy was circulating in it.

A second grade Battle-Master could not manifest true energy outside of their body but it was perceptible when circulating within the body. As the circulation of true energy within his body continued, Bu Fang felt more and more energetic as his fatigue gradually disappeared; there was even black impurities being expelled from his body.

If this scene was witnessed by others, they would definitely be shocked. Bu Fang was experiencing a metamorphosis: a process that would only appear when a person became a fourth grade Battle-Spirit.

When Bu Fang touched his chest and felt the bulging muscles, a stiff smile appeared on his face. As a chef, a strong physique was necessary. Even though the system only increased his true energy level and did not impart any combat skills to him, it was more than enough.

It was because the system was designed to create a chef and not a fighter. With the help of the system, his goal was to become the God of Cooking.

The stench of the impurities expelled from his body made Bu Fang frown in displeasure and he went to take a shower.

After freshening up, Bu Fang changed into a new set of clothes and entered the kitchen. He could not wait to try out the the new techniques that he learned.

A wine vat had mysteriously appeared in the corner of the kitchen, causing Bu Fang to raise his eyebrows in surprise. He quickly realized that it was probably prepared by the system for cooking the Lees Fish.

In order to cook the Lees Fish, there were high requirements for the alcohol. As Bu Fang unsealed the cloth cover of the wine vat, a burst of thick wine aroma gushed out. Bu Fang wrinkled his nose as a slight redness appeared on his face.

"What a rich wine aroma!"

Bu Fang looked into the wine vat and saw the surface was evenly covered with a layer of tan distillers grains dipped in a smooth and aromatic wine. Using a bamboo ladle to scoop up the distillers grains, Bu Fang brought it to his nose and sniffed. He detected a faint sour smell with a hint of sweetness. When he rubbed a little of distillers grains between his fingers, it felt soft and sticky. Without any doubt, it was an excellent vat of distillers grains. Both the grains and the resulting wine were high quality.

"As expected of the system, the quality of the product is the finest!"

After Bu Fang resealed the wine vat, his gaze landed on the fish tank in another corner of the kitchen with two fishes lazily swimming around in it.

Bu Fang had never seen these species of fish before. He was certain that they did not exist on Earth. One of the fishes had a faint blue glow surrounding its body; its eyes were moving about in a lively manner and had a perfectly shaped body. The other fish was far more menacing; it had a bulging head and a pitch-black body with reflective scales.

Bu Fang expressionlessly stood in front of the fish tank with his sleeves rolled back and stared at the two fishes. Suddenly, both of his hands moved and swiftly entered the water. In the moment ripples appeared on the water's surface, he had already caught the glowing fish in his hands. The reaction of the fish was quick as well as it suddenly emitted a shockwave from its body to escape from Bu Fang's hands.

After all, it was not an ordinary fish but a third grade spirit beast. Even though it was weak at fighting, it was still capable of struggling.

Bu Fang seemed like an experienced fisherman as his fingers tightly grasped around the body of the fish and it gradually stopped struggling. The fish was eventually scooped out of the water and placed on the chopping board.

The kitchen was renovated and prepared by the system, so all sorts of kitchenware were available. Bu Fang randomly grabbed a kitchen knife; the knife glimmered menacingly but did not affect his movements.

"The third grade Ice Sea Fish is a type of seawater fish caught in the northeastern waters of the Light Wind Empire. Its body radiates a blue glow, the meat contains cold energy and is also filled with spirit energy. It is an excellent ingredient."

The rating that the system gave to the blue-glow fish was not low, since the system would not provide any poor ingredients to Bu Fang in the first place. It was natural since having good ingredients was a necessity for cooking gourmet food. There would be a world of difference in the taste if poor ingredients were provided.

Guiding true energy to his palms, Bu Fang used the flat side of the knife to smack the fish on its head. The fish, that was still struggling moments ago, suddenly became still.

Bu Fang proficiently handled the descaling and gutting of the fish. In a while, an Ice Sea Fish was successfully processed. He walked to the wine vat and opened it. After stuffing the belly of the fish with distillers grains, he shoved the entire fish into the wine vat to marinate it.

"The special wine vat can speed up the marinating process. Estimated time to finish is three hours," the system announced.

Bu Fang was startled, then nodded his head. If the marinating process could be hastened, then he would be able to sell it by the time his store opened for business.

After placing the Ice Sea Fish into the wine vat, Bu Fang began to prepare the second dish.

The number of fishes in the tank became two once more. Without him even noticing, the system had already replenished the stock of fishes to ensure that Bu Fang would always have access to his ingredients.

This time Bu Fang scooped out the black and stout fish. After processing it, he cut off its head and started to cook the Fish Head Tofu Soup.

From the refrigerator, Bu Fang took out a pearly white tofu and began to cook.

"Third grade Thunder Silver Carp is a type of freshwater fish caught in the Southern Wasteland Great Lakes of the Light Wind Empire. It has a hefty head and plenty of flesh; the fish tastes refreshing with a slight prickling sensation. It is an excellent ingredient."

"Ice-crystal Jadeite Tofu is made using the Exquisite Spirit Energy Soybeans from the northern parts of the Light Wind Empire. It is manually grinded and the manufacturing process is complicated. It is used as a royal tribute."

As both the fish and tofu were extraordinary, Bu Fang could not help but be filled with expectations for the fish-head tofu soup.

As Bu Fang lifted up the lid, a rich fragrance with a faint scent of meat rushed out of the pot into his nasal cavities. He subconsciously deeply inhaled and triggered a series of rumbling noises from his stomach.

At the same moment, the bored little loli staying in the guest room suddenly sniffed a few times. Her large and adorable eyes did a little turn and were filled with delight.

"What a nice smell! Could it be that deadpan owner is cooking something delicious? This smell... It's not Egg-Fried Rice!" This little girl had a very good sense of smell. She quickly got off the bed and rushed out of the guest room.

Back in the kitchen, Bu Fang had just scooped out of the fish-head tofu soup from the pot.

With just the milky white soup, a fat and tender fish head, and pearly white tofu, it was the most primitive combination of fish head and tofu.

The aromatic and appetizing Fish Head Tofu Soup was then placed onto the table.

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