Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 21: Smelly Boss, You Liar!

Chapter 21: Smelly Boss, You Liar!

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Fish Head Tofu Soup required more time to prepare than Egg-Fried Rice because simmering took time. Which was why Bu Fang was preparing Fish Head Tofu Soup and Egg-Fried Rice at the same time.

There was a window between the kitchen and the dining area, which seemed to have been just created by the system. Bu Fang placed the Egg-Fried Rice that was finished at the window and called out for the little loli.

"This is the improved Egg-Fried Rice, serve it to the customer," Bu Fang simply said. Then he ignored the bewildered loli and returned to the kitchen.

"He's really... telling me to serve the customers?!" Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes widened and her face was filled with surprise. With her status, no one would dare to let her perform any heavy work, let alone make her serve dishes like a maidservant.

The little loli looked in Bu Fang's direction while scrunching her nose, then haughtily snorted.

With both of her hands holding the bowl, she could smell the rich fragrance of the Egg-Fried RIce. The little loli, who had not eaten breakfast yet, was feeling hungry from the smell.

"Why does it smell so good!" Ouyang Xiaoyi was going crazy. It was almost like the golden Egg-Fried Rice was radiating boundless temptation as it continuously stimulated her appetite.

"Working as a waitress here is simply inhumane!" Ouyang Xiaoyi muttered in her heart. She placed the Egg-Fried Rice in front of Fatty Jin and angrily snorted. "How dare this fatty make me serve him!"

When Fatty Jin saw that Ouyang Xiaoyi was actually serving the dish herself, he immediately got up to receive her with an overwhelmed expression.

Ouyang Xiaoyi ignored him and quickly returned after placing the Egg-Fried Rice down. She was afraid that she would not be able to endure the temptation and eat the dish herself.

As Bu Fang was placing another bowl of Egg-Fried Rice at the window, he was stunned when he saw the Ouyang Xiaoyi who was returning.

Ouyang Xiaoyi had tied a handkerchief over her head with the knot covering her nostrils and looked like a thief.

"What's wrong?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.

"Smelly boss! Do you know how difficult it is for a waitress to resist the temptation?!" The little loli said as she exasperatedly rolled her eyes at Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's mouth widened, but he was not smiling.

After around fifteen minutes, the Fish Head Tofu Soup was finally ready. The rich fragrance immediately drifted out of the kitchen and engulfed the entire store.

Fatty Jin was eating Egg-Fried Rice when he suddenly paused. He raised his head and sniffed the air, as if he wanted to inhale all of the fragrance in the air into his nose.

"It smells really good! It doesn't smell like Egg-Fried Rice! Could this be the smell of the new dish!" Fatty Jin muttered to himself. Then his eyes lit up as he expectantly looked toward the kitchen.

The bowl that was used to serve the Fish Head Tofu Soup was comparatively larger, so Bu Fang did not let the little loli serve the dish. Instead, he slowly walked out of the kitchen with the bowl in his hand.

He was attracting everyone's attention as he stepped out. They were curiously looking at the gigantic bowl in his hands while Fatty Jin was feeling slightly antsy.

"Hurry! Hurry!" Fatty Jin could barely control his urge to taste the dish and was impatiently staring at Bu Fang, who was leisurely moving toward him.

A bowl of Fish Head Tofu Soup was placed in front of Fatty Jin, containing: milky-white fish soup; fat, tender, crystal-clear fish meat; and jade-like tofu. A rich fragrance was emanating from it.

"Here's your Fish Head Tofu Soup, please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang simply said.

Everyone woke up from their stupor as they gathered around Fatty Jin while clamoring, pushing aside Bu Fang and Xiaoyi with their huge bodies.

Bu Fang did not mind and he expressionlessly went to curl up on his chair by the entrance. On the other hand, Ouyang Xiaoyi was infuriated. "This group of fatties! How dare they push me aside!"

She clenched her teeth and stared at the group of obese men for a while, feeling helpless as well. Then she angrily snorted and gave up.


The group of obese men were making gulping noises as they enviously watched Fatty Jin devour the Fish Head Tofu Soup with a look of happiness on his face.

"Old Jin, is this Fish Head Tofu Soup really that good?!" One of the obese man curiously asked. His appetite was already extremely worked up by the smell.

Fatty Jin spit out a fishbone from his mouth. With an enjoyable expression while squinting his eyes, he replied, "This fish soup is simply indescribably delicious. It's difficult to imagine that it's a fish soup cooked with tofu. The fish meat is fat and tender; the hardness is just right and it felt like going through a massage when I bit down. The tofu is even more incredible, it completely disappeared the moment it entered my mouth! Oh and there was a prickling sensation when eating the fish meat; it should be the meat of a thunder-type spirit beast. I even felt an increase in spirit energy when I ate it. In summary, this bowl of fish soup is definitely worth it!"

Fatty Jin's incessant praises immediately satisfied the curiosity of this group of rich men. Finally, the obese man who asked the question seemed to have come to a decision. He turned toward Bu Fang and said, "Owner Bu, I want to order Fish Head Tofu Soup!"

Bu Fang lazily lifted his head and looked at the obese man, then he expressionlessly said, "No, your cultivation level is too low, so you can't order it."

The obese man was dumbfounded, and anxiously said, "Shop owner, I have money! I really have money!"

"If your cultivation level doesn't meet the requirement, you can't order it. This is the rule, it has nothing to do with money," Bu Fang simply said. He gave off an extremely cold aura, as if he had no interest in money at all. However, the truth was Bu Fang was suffering inside...

It was twenty crystals! Every single crystal was hard-earned money!

Bu Fang's stern rejection did not surprise the others. They did not continue to ask Bu Fang as they were well aware that Fang Fang's Little Store regarded its rules very highly.

Fatty Jin was very pleased. After happily paying his bill, he waved toward Bu Fang and was about to leave. However, before he could do that, he was stopped by the little loli and both of them whispered together for a while.

Then, the little loli came back with a smile on her face, as if she had just found money on the floor.

"Smelly boss, give me Egg-Fried Rice and Fish Head Tofu Soup!" the little loli charmingly shouted at Bu Fang as she stepped near the kitchen.

Bu Fang raised his eyebrows and simply said, "Are you trying to freeload again?"

"I have money! Hurry up and cook for me!" the little loli haughtily implored in a whiny tone.

"Your cultivation level is not high enough, you can't order Fish Head Tofu Soup." Bu Fang stood up. If the little loli had money, then it was not a problem. From what he saw just now, she probably borrowed money from Fatty Jin.

"You liar! I already drank Fish Head Tofu Soup yesterday!" The little loli unhappily retorted. She thought that Bu Fang was deliberately making things difficult for her.

Bu Fang paused for a moment, then replied, "There's no restriction when tasting a new dish. Didn't you notice that your true energy didn't increase at all even though you ate so much yesterday? I already removed the spirit energy within the dish, so that was why you could eat it."

Actually, the spirit energy within the fish soup was removed by the system. Since his cultivation level was too low and it would be dangerous to taste the dishes as it was, the system would remove the spirit energy when tasting any new dishes. Bu Fang only needed to sample the taste and texture of the dishes.

The little loli was at a loss for words. She noticed that Fatty Jin's true energy had really increased by a large amount after eating the Fish Head Tofu Soup, so the restriction was probably real.

"Then... then give me a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice," The little loli felt wronged as she miserably replied.

"Oh, give me a moment," Bu Fang simply said and returned to the kitchen.

After Bu Fang entered the kitchen, three figures appeared at the entrance of the store. One of them was the elegant third prince, Ji Chengxue, while the other two were the good-looking Xiao siblings.

When the three of them entered the store, they were immediately stunned when they saw the pouting loli sitting on a chair.

"Xiaoyi? What are you doing here? Old General Ouyang has been crazily looking for you! The entire imperial city has almost been thrown into chaos!" Xiao Yanyu dismayingly shouted when she saw the little loli.

It was only then that Ouyang Xiaoyi noticed the three of them. When she turned around and saw them, her expression immediately changed.

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