Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 27: Do You Have a Grudge Against Dogs?

Chapter 27: Do You Have a Grudge Against Dogs?

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Ouyang Xiaoyi was hiding behind the door as she peeked into the dining area. She saw that her three barbaric elder brothers were actually gobbling down the plate of Lees Fish.

That was right!

They were behaving exactly like when a normal person ate Bu Fang's Egg-Fried Rice. The look of happiness on their faces were giving Ouyang Xiaoyi goosebumps all over her arms.

It was precisely because Ouyang Xiaoyi knew the situation that she was even more surprised and amazed. Even though she would agree that Bu Fang's dishes were extremely delicious, her brothers had a poor sense of taste. How could they be impressed by his dishes?

"Oh! I know! The Lees Fish has a strong wine aroma… That's because the wine aroma from the distillers grains had completely permeated into the fish, causing the fish to taste like wine. That's why my brothers who can only taste wine were subdued!"

Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes lit up and she was completely sure her hypothesis was right.

As Bu Fang watched the three of them gorging on the dish, a relieved expression finally appeared on his face. Sure enough… there was no one that could resist gourmet food.

"Congratulations, my host, for completing the side mission: Conquer the palates of the three barbarians of Ouyang. The reward will be dispensed later. Young man, you have advanced further on your road to becoming the God of Cooking. Work hard," The system's solemn voice sounded out in Bu Fang's mind.

An awkward smile appeared on Bu Fang's face.

It was the first time that the three barbarians of Ouyang experienced the taste of gourmet food, and it was the first time that they tasted food that could open up all the pores on their body. The fish was simply too delectable.

It contained a trace of coolness that seeped into their minds, and mixed within the coolness was a rich wine aroma that radiated heat. The mixture of hot and cold harmonized with each other and instantly assaulted their almost necrotic sense of taste, as if a dead tree was coming back to life.

They experienced a taste… a taste that they could never forget for the rest of their life.

"Why is it all gone? How dare you rascals snatch your big brother's food!" Ouyang Zhen was still in a daze when he realized that the entire fish was gone; the last piece of the fish was taken by Ouyang Di.

The fish bone was snatched by Ouyang Wu and he was licking it while holding it in his hands.

And so, an entire fish was picked clean by them.

The three of them were reluctantly staring at the plate as they licked their lips and fingers, while trying to recall the wondrous feeling from awhile ago.

"Have you finished eating? I won the wager, right? Then the three of you need to admit that my dishes are delicious," Bu Fang indifferently and yet confidently said, as he expressionlessly looked at them.

The three barbarians of Ouyang immediately froze, while silently cursing. They were caught up in the excitement just now and completely forgot about their wager with Bu Fang… It was really because the Lees Fish was too delicious, as if it was a dish specially created just for them.

"Ehem… Gigolo, how should I say? Even though we finished the dish, but… Tsk, tsk, tsk. It's still no good, your fish wasn't delicious enough," Ouyang Zhen said as he licked his fingers.

"If it wasn't delicious enough, then why are you licking your fingers with a satisfied expression?" Bu Fang expressionlessly thought.

"That's right! Your dish tasted really ba… Uh, even though the taste was okay, it wasn't delicious enough!" Ouyang Di's eyes did a little turn and he stiffly said.

Ouyang Xiaoyi, who was hiding behind the door, covered her face with her hands from embarrassment. Only her foolish brothers would be able to tell a barefaced lie in such an obvious manner.

"That's right! Gigolo, that's why you've lost! Now hurry up and hand our sister over! Otherwise, we'll tear down your store!" Ouyang Wu menacingly threatened as he banged the table. However, when he used his tongue to lick his lips, the menacing part became comedic.

Bu Fang was still expressionlessly standing there. He knew that the three idiots were planning to go back on their word.

"Whitey, strip them. Take the adequate amount of crystals and throw them out," Bu Fang simply said. Then he collected the plates on the table and turned around to head back into the kitchen.

However, when Bu Fang turned around, he immediately saw Ouyang Xiaoyi hiding behind the door. He was slightly startled, then expressionlessly walked by her and entered the kitchen.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's eyes widened as she looked at the serene Bu Fang. She was confused by his reaction. Why was he not afraid of her brothers going berserk? Even they were afraid of themselves when they went berserk!

However, in the next moment, the scene that unfolded in the store made her completely speechless.

She saw that adorable white puppet—with a potbelly—throwing out her three brothers with a single slap each. During the instant they were thrown out, they were completely stripped naked with only a loincloth to cover their private parts.

"Ah!" Ouyang Xiaoyi screamed as she quickly covered her eyes. "How filthy! That's simply too filthy! I didn't know Whitey was like this!"

Ouyang Xiaoyi was stunned, but the three barbarians of Ouyang were even more stunned. They shivered as a gust of cold wind brushed against their bodies. The three brothers were looking at the iron puppet with fear in their eyes.

"My god! Big brother, this fellow is really terrifying! We were stripped before we could even react!" Ouyang Di was unnerved. During that instant, he felt as if he was facing his grandfather.

Their grandfather was Old General Ouyang Qi, a sixth grade Battle-Emperor! Could an iron puppet from a little store actually have strength equivalent to a Battle-Emperor?

"God damned dogs[1]! When did such a terrifying thing appear within the imperial city!" Ouyang Zhen could not help but curse out loud.

The big black dog lying at the entrance suddenly opened its eyes and instantly focused its sharp gaze on Ouyang Zhen.

"God damned dogs? Do you have a grudge against dogs?"

Ouyang Zhen's face immediately turned white. He felt a coercion—so large that it felt unstoppable—instantly pressing down upon him. Even that last piece of loincloth covering his private parts exploded and turned into dust.

A dull sound sounded out...

Ouyang Zhen was sloppily kneeling on the ground with a lifeless look in his eyes, as if he had collapsed from exhaustion.

Ouyang Wu and Ouyang Di were shocked by the sudden turn of events. They fearfully looked at the store, picked up their big brother and quickly retreated… The enemy was too strong for them; it was better to call for reinforcements.

The three of them fled, leaving the floor full of dust.

The big black dog disdainfully glanced at the direction they went, stretched out its tongue to lick its beautiful fur, then snorted and went back to sleep.

Zhao Ruge and the rest were standing guard outside the alleyway, expectantly waiting for the three barbarians of Ouyang to tear down that abominable store. However, after waiting for some time, they discovered three naked figures miserably running out.

Two of them had a loincloth covering their private parts so they were still okay, but what did the one in the middle do? Why was he the only one that was totally naked?

Everyone was looking at each other, and saw the horror in the other's eyes.

"What the hell… Even the three barbarians of Ouyang were thrown out? How is that store so fearsome? Is he not afraid of the Ouyang family's retaliation?" Sun Qixiang's tiny eyes widened as he exclaimed in astonishment.

Zhao Ruge knitted his eyebrows and a serious expression appeared on his handsome face. He was not Sun Qixiang, he thought much further than that. It was only a little restaurant that opened in the alleyways of the imperial city, but was able to throw out the three barbarians of Ouyang who were within the imperial city. Was the puppet really that strong? Was the store really that simple?

"No! This store definitely isn't simple! The current situation in the imperial city is unstable, and there are plenty of experts from the Sects hiding around… For a store that can defeat the three barbarians of Ouyang to suddenly appear, there's definitely something going on!"

Zhao Ruge heavily breathed in, then slowly breathed out. As the son of the Minister of the Left, he thought more and saw more. He did not dare to underestimate this little store any more.

"God damn it! That rascal escaped again! No, I must definitely take revenge! I will shut down this store!" Sun Qixiang bellowed!

Zhao Ruge glanced at him as his eyes slightly narrowed, and an enigmatic smile appeared on his face.

The Xiao siblings and the third prince, Ji Chengxue, had arrived as well, and saw the Ouyang brothers nude streaking from a distance.

"Looks like we don't have to intervene after all. Owner Bu is really not an ordinary person." As Ji Chengxue watched the fleeing figure of the three barbarians of Ouyang, a gentle but pensive smile appeared on his face.

As a female prodigy, Xiao Yanyu's thinking was deeper than ordinary people. Her eyebrows were knitted together for an instant, then quickly relaxed.

They did not choose to enter Fang Fang's Little Store and turned back. Sun Qixiang and Zhao Ruge left as well; they did not dare to rashly take action without properly understanding the store.

After washing the tableware, Bu Fang returned to the dining area. He petted Whitey's body and praised it. Then he started to get ready to close the shop for the day.

"Sme… Smelly boss, I think I'll go back first. I am afraid that my grandfather might get angry and send troops to tear down this place." Ouyang Xiaoyi carefully said. She was terrified of this smelly boss; he might just strip her for disagreeing with him.

Bu Fang was slightly startled, then nodded and said, "Today's business hours is over, you can go back now. However, you need to come back tomorrow. You're free once you've worked for seven days."

Ouyang Xiaoyi nodded and carefully left the store, then quickly ran back to the Ouyang manor.

Bu Fang expressionlessly yawned and went back into the kitchen. He wanted to try the reward that he had just gotten and the dish he forgot to make the previous night… the golden shumai.


[1] 日了狗 - The literal meaning of this phrase means "have sex with a dog". It is a swear word used when someone is experiencing an unlucky situation.

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