Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 30: Did You Get My Permission For The Assassination?

Chapter 30: Did You Get My Permission For The Assassination?

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As the raindrop burst open, flashes of light appeared.

Underneath the bamboo hats, killing intent as cold as icebergs suddenly engulfed the entire store. Four rays of light flashed with the sound of clashing metals, reflecting the sharpness of the blades as they stabbed toward the refined and gentle third prince from all directions.

The humming of the swords resounded within the tiny space of the store, assaulting their eardrums.

Within that instant when the flashes of light appeared, Bu Fang grabbed onto the petite body of Ouyang Xiaoyi and pulled her behind him to prevent her from getting embroiled in the carnage.

Assassination! This was an attempt to assassinate Ji Chengxue!

Ji Chengxue seemed to have expected it. He calmly sat on the chair with an indifferent expression.

The moment when the four assassins approached, Ji Chengxue's long hair suddenly fluttered on its own. His gentle eyes seemed to have undergone a huge transformation as it changed into the eyes of an Asura; it was as if mountains of corpses and an endless sea of blood were wallowing within.

"To have sent four fifth grade Battle-Kings to assassinate me, what an extravagant move." Ji Chengxue snorted as a surging wave of true energy gushed out of his body and charged toward the deadly assassins.

However, the assassins remained steadfast and continued to aim for Ji Chengxue's heart. They were professionals that focused on killing with a single strike and would definitely not be affected by any of Ji Chengxue's actions.

Ji Chengxue's palm landed on the table. The true energy of a Battle-King was instantly released and generated an impact that resulted in his entire body soaring into the air.

"Hmm?" Ji Chengxue's pupils slightly constricted as he looked in horror toward the table that he smacked with all of his strength. "This table endured my true energy, yet it's actually intact?!"

The sound of clashing metals echoed out.

The tip of the swords of the four assassins collided together. A clear melodic sound rang out as the energy from the swords dispersed and erupted within the store.

However, the explosion of the sword energy from the four Battle-Kings did not cause any damage to the store in the slightest. It was as if the explosion was dispersed by an invisible force.

Ji Chengxue's figure was floating in the air and gradually landed on the tip of the swords; his white robes were hovering and his hair was fluttering.

The five of them formed a strange standstill, but the surging energy around them undoubtedly displayed the dangers of the current moment.

The mood within the store was filled with coldness from this clash of killing intent. This made Bu Fang very dissatisfied.

Within the quiet store, only the true energy collision between the five of them could be heard.

"If you're looking for a fight, please leave the store. Otherwise, you'll all be viewed as troublemakers," a serene voice suddenly sounded out.

The sudden appearance of the voice was like a thunderclap to them within this serious atmosphere, causing them to be shocked.

The little loli, Ouyang Xiaoyi, was looking at Bu Fang like he was a monster as he slowly walked toward the five of them.

That was right!

At such a perilous moment, Bu Fang expressionlessly opened his mouth and voiced out his unhappiness. How was he going to do business with them causing carnage within the store?

The four assassins were all focused on Ji Chengxue, but became distracted by Bu Fang's interruption.

Even though Ji Chengxue was taken aback as well, he was able to make use of this opportunity. With a growl, he heavily stepped on the tip of their swords and knocked their swords away. Landing on the ground, he swiftly struck the chests of the four assassins with his palm and forced them backwards.

"Are you seeking death?" One of the assassins coldly looked toward Bu Fang and hoarsely said. His voice was like sandpaper.

In his eyes, Bu Fang—a mere second grade Battle-Master—was only an ant that could be easily killed with a single stroke of their sword. An ant-like fellow actually dared to disturb their assassination!

"I am the owner of this store. Did you get my permission before trying to assassinate someone here?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.

"What a joke." The assassin shook his head. He could not be bothered to care about Bu Fang; an ant-like fellow could not affect the situation. Their objective was the third prince of the Light Wind Empire, Ji Chengxue.

Since Ji Chengxue was a Battle-King as well, they did not dare to be complacent. Even though there were four Battle-Kings on their side, their opponent was a prince. How could he not have any trump cards?

"I already said! Fighting is prohibited within Fang Fang's Little Store. If you continue with this, you shall be viewed as troublemakers," Bu Fang coldly said. He realized that these unforgivable fellows were actually ignoring him.

As the owner of Fang Fang's Little Store and the future God of Cooking, how could they ignore him?!

"How annoying! Die!"

The gaze of one of the assassins suddenly turned cold. With a shout, he swiftly charged toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was enveloped within a wave of killing intent, as if he was plunged into a pool of icy water. The blood in his veins had almost stopped circulating and his limbs could not even move an inch.

This was the result of the use of coercion from a fifth grade Battle-King. It was not something the current Bu Fang could resist. His cultivation level was simply too weak.

Ji Chengxue's expression changed and he angrily shouted, "How dare you!"

He wanted to rescue Bu Fang, but was intercepted by the other three assassins.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was already frozen with fear by the bone-chilling killing intent of the Battle-King. Her eyes were filled with horror and she was unable to lend a hand. Of course, even if she could intervene, there would not be any difference in the result.

And so, it seemed that Bu Fang was caught in a lethal situation where he would certainly die… At least, that was what everyone in the store thought.

For a Battle-Master to actually provoke a Battle-King, calling him fearless would not be enough as a compliment.

Ji Chengxue and Ouyang Xiaoyi could only watch Bu Fang being completely torn into pieces by the assassin's sword.

Bu Fang, on the other hand, was very calm. Even though the chilling killing intent made him feel as if the blood in his entire body was frozen, there was not even a single hint of fear on his expressionless face.

Those eyes… looked as if he was looking at a mere thug causing trouble in his store.

"This ant… He's pretty good at putting on an act. My sword is about to land on him, and yet it doesn't look like he's even afraid?" The assassin was slightly surprised.

Suddenly, a gigantic figure appeared in the path of the assassin's sword. It cut off the assassin’s line of sight to Bu Fang's figure and immediately startled the assassin.

"Whitey!" Ouyang Xiaoyi excitedly screamed as her eyes lit up.

It was as if the assassin had seen a ghost. He saw a gigantic white iron puppet blocking the path to the ant and it grabbed hold of his sword with a single move.

He tried to pull his sword free but it did not move even a single inch.

Bu Fang lifted his hand and patted Whitey's back and simply said, "Throw these troublemakers out."

"Oh, and beat him half to death first, then strip him and throw him out. I hate him very much," Bu Fang added.

Whitey's mechanic eyes immediately flashed red and a mechanic voice sounded out, "Troublemakers, you will be stripped as an example to others."


A huge and terrifying force rushed out of Whitey's body and that assassin's bamboo hat suddenly broke into pieces, revealing a round and bald head. His eyes widened as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

The assassin was punched in the abdomen by Whitey; a Battle-King's true energy was dispersed by this single punch...

Whitey's large hand grabbed the head of the assassin and lifted him into the air as he stared at the iron puppet in bewilderment.


Whitey's fist landed on the assassin's body once more and he immediately fainted. The assassin sloppily lay on the floor, hanging on to life by a thread.

"Judged to be half dead. Will now begin to strip as an example to others," Whitey mechanically said.

Then, sounds of tearing rang out as the assassin's straw raincoat was torn into pieces. He was immediately stripped naked by Whitey, leaving a tiny cloth to cover his private parts. Whitey gently waved its hand and the Battle-King was thrown out of the store like slush.

Bang! The sound of flesh intimately colliding with the ground sounded out and echoed within the little store.

The remaining three assassins, Ji Chengxue, and Ouyang Xiaoyi were all stunned. They stared at Whitey and then at Bu Fang… They looked like they had just seen a ghost.

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