Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 5: Xiao Yanyu

Chapter 5: Xiao Yanyu

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"System reward: Improved version of Egg-Fried Rice and one fragment of the God of Cooking set."

The solemn voice of the system sounded out, announcing the rewards that Bu Fang had obtained.

After hearing the system's announcement, the expression on Bu Fang's face slowly turned from excited to expressionless.

"Why is it Egg-Fried Rice again? What's so different about the improved Egg-Fried Rice?" Bu Fang was disappointed. He thought that he would unlock newer dishes, but it was still Egg-Fried Rice. Even if it was the improved version... it was still just Egg-Fried Rice!

"The improved version of Egg-Fried Rice has a higher grade than ordinary Egg-Fried Rice and uses different ingredients. Cultivators below the level of third grade Battle-Maniac are not allowed to order this dish."

The system solemnly explained the difference between the improved version and the ordinary version. Bu Fang was slightly surprised but did not think much of it. After all, since it was the improved version, it must be somehow better.

"Then, what is the fragment of the God of Cooking set?"

"Fragments of the God of Cooking set: By collecting all the fragments, the host can exchange them for the God of Cooking set. The kitchen tools that the host is currently using are only ordinary tools."

"This God of Cooking set sounds like something amazing!" Bu Fang blinked in surprise, then a smile appeared on his previously expressionless face.

A new dish mysteriously appeared on the menu of the little restaurant, and there was a price next to it as well.

Improved version of Egg-Fried Rice, ten crystals.

"As a young man aiming to become the God of Cooking, how could you not have any short-term goals? System mission: please make a profit of at least a hundred crystals and a thousand gold coins within a week."

The system solemnly assigned a mission to Bu Fang.

In order to make a profit of a hundred crystals within a week, he would need to sell a hundred bowls of ordinary Egg-Fried Rice or ten bowls of the improved version. And in order to make a profit of a thousand gold coins, he would need to sell ten portions of Stir-Fried Vegetables or Dry-Mixed Noodles...

"System, this is too difficult! I only managed to sell a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice today, and you actually want me to sell a hundred bowls of ordinary Egg-Fried Rice within seven days... Why don't you just kill me instead!?" Bu Fang sorrowfully complained to the system.

However, the system solemnly encouraged Bu Fang instead. "In order to become the God of Cooking, you must not be afraid of any difficult. All of the difficulties that you will encounter are just stepping stones for you to become the greatest!"

However, Bu Fang remained expressionless. He was indifferent to the system's encouragement. Maybe if the system was not using such a solemn tone, Bu Fang might have been duped.

With a sigh, Bu Fang lay down on his bed and closed his eyes.


Xiao Xiaolong was back home at the general's manor, but he seemed a little distracted. The fact that the true energy in his body was still in a stimulated state made everything feel unreal.

"To be able to advance past a bottleneck just by eating a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice, this... This is unbelievable." As Xiao Xiaolong recalled the taste of the Egg-Fried Rice, he became enraptured as he imagined himself floating in a sea of fragrance.

The general's manor was huge, Xiao Xiaolong walked past a lot of servants along the way. When the maidservants saw his appearance, they covered their mouth in surprise.

"What's wrong with young master Xiao?"

"What's with the creepy expression on his face!"

"Bleh! That's too scary! My perfect image of young master Xiao has been completely destroyed, he was my first love!"


The conversation between the servants woke Xiao Xiaolong up. When he noticed the servants were gawking at him, he quickened his pace and disappeared from their field of vision.

Xiao Xiaolong was sitting cross-legged in a simple room with his eyes closed. The true energy was circulating in his body and his skin was shimmering, causing him to appear holy.

A burst of energy rushed out of Xiao Xiaolong's energy core into his limbs and acupuncture points. The true energy was gentle like a flowing river that nourishes everything it touches, it was like a gentle kneading by a woman's hands.

After approximately fifteen minutes, Xiao Xiaolong's face reddened and his eyes suddenly opened. As the energy emanating from his body steadily increased, his eyes shone and he opened his mouth to expel a lump of turbid energy.

When it reached an extreme point, it suddenly completely retreated into his body like it never existed in the first place.

As Xiao Xiaolong stood up, the sound of colliding bones resounded all over his body. He lifted up his hand and a dense sphere of true energy appeared in the middle of his palm.

"Haha! Manifestation of true energy! I've truly become a third grade Battle-Maniac!"

Xiao Xiaolong laughed out loud in delight.

"Zhao Ruge! Now, I am a third grade Battle-Maniac as well! I am no longer afraid of you!" Xiao Xiaolong's mouth widened and he started giggling.

However, before he finished laughing, the door to his room was pushed open. The true energy that he used to lock his door was dispersed by an even stronger burst of true energy.

"Xiao Xiaolong! You must be quite capable now, how dare you use your elder sister as a wager in your gamble with Zhao Ruge!"

As the door burst open, a beautiful voice sounded out and a graceful figure stepped into the room.

"Eh? Ah... Elder sister!"

When Xiao Xiaolong saw the intruder, his entire body shivered and he called out in surprise.

The intruder was a beautiful female with fair skin and bright eyes. She was dressed in snow-white robes with an aqua-green transparent vest. Her silk-like hair was let down and allowed to hang free behind her.

Xiao Yanyu knitted her eyebrows and she sullenly looked at Xiao Xiaolong. She was angry that her self-styled casanova younger brother actually dared to use her as a wager.

"Elder sister, hear me out first. It's because I fell for the trap set by that damn brat, Zhao Ruge! Don't worry, I will definitely win the gamble! Look, I am already a third grade Battle-Maniac!"

Xiao Xiaolong quickly said as he held out his hand and a sphere of true energy appeared.

Even though Xiao Yanyu was angry, she was still surprised. She was well aware of her younger brother's abilities, he had been stuck at the peak of second grade Battle-Master for quite a while. There was not even a slightest sign of a breakthrough on the previous day, so how did he suddenly succeed?

"Elder sister! Zhao Ruge may be a third grade Battle-Maniac as well, but you should believe in your younger brother! I will definitely beat the daylights out of him!" Xiao Xiaolong said with a laugh.

Xiao Yanyu was a well-known beauty within the imperial city. Zhao Ruge has coveted her beauty for quite some time. However, since she was the daugher of the Great General Xiao Meng, Zhao Ruge did not dare to do anything, even though he was the son of the Minister of the Left.

If Xiao Yanyu was the daughter of a commoner, she would most likely be Zhao Ruge's concubine by now.

"Elder sister, aren't you curious about how I managed to advance?" Xiao Xiaolong said temptingly.

Xiao Yanyu slightly lifted up her skirt and sat down on a stool. Her bright eyes glanced at Xiao Xiaolong and she said, "Say it, I am listening."

Xiao Xiaolong grinned, he knew that his elder sister would notice the abnormality of his breakthrough.

Xiao Yanyu was extremely intelligent and was known as the number one female prodigy in the Light Wind Empire. He was almost certain that she would notice it.

And so, Xiao Xiaolong secretively leaned over to Xiao Yanyu's ear in an extremely serious manner.

Xiao Yanyu trembled in surprise. She thought, "It looks like this secret might really be something. For my usually frivolous younger brother to be this serious about it, it seems that I should really pay close attention to this."

"Elder sister! The secret to my breakthrough... is actually because of... a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice!"

"So it's because of Egg-Fried Rice! Eh?! Huh? Egg-Fried Rice?!"

Xiao Yanyu's beautiful face froze, then turned bright red. This brat, how dare he make fun of his elder sister!

Immediately, Xiao Yanyu's white and long fingers were twisting Xiao Xiaolong's ear. She coldly laughed and said, "I see, so you've grown enough to make fun of your elder sister! So Egg-Fried Rice is an elixir? So it even helps you to advance? What a load of nonsense!"

Xiao Xiaolong felt as if an invisible arrow had pierced into his chest. "I am telling the truth! Where has the trust between siblings gone to?"

Xiao Xiaolong could only recount his encounter with a grimace on his face, in his description the little restaurant in the alley was an enigmatic place.

"So, you're telling me that you spent a crystal just to eat a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice?!"

Xiao Yanyu glared at her younger brother who had a triumphant expression on his face, she suddenly had a desire to tear off the ear of this wastrel.

"Elder sister! If you don't believe me, I will bring you to the little restaurant tomorrow. You will definitely be pleased. That taste of the Egg-Fried Rice, that smell... Ohh, it's as if my childhood memories were evoked."

Xiao Xiaolong's eyes were filled with fascination.

However, Xiao Yanyu was in disbelief. She thought, "This brat is definitely under some weird spell. It's just a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice, how delicious could it be.

Hmph! We shall see tomorrow, the true face of this mysterious Egg-Fried Rice!"

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