Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 7: The Rules of the Small Restaurant

Chapter 7: The Rules of the Small Restaurant

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Shop owner, give me ten bowls of Egg-Fried Rice first!

If these words were spoken in an ordinary little restaurant, the shop owner would probably be really happy. However, in Bu Fang's store, Bu Fang was not happy about it.

Bu Fang was going to enter the kitchen but he stopped. He turned around, looked towards Sun Qixiang who was in a colorful robes and solemnly said, "Sir, our store only sells a portion of Egg-Fried Rice to each customer per day. You can order Stir-Fried Vegetables or Dry-Mixed Noodles... Oh, you can order the improved version of Egg-Fried Rice as well."

Sun Qixiang was surprised, he did not think that he would be rejected. He looked towards Bu Fang as if he was staring at an idiot, and while pointing his paper fan towards him he said with a grin, "Do you not know who I am?"

He was one of the three famous playboys in the imperial city, Sun Qixiang. There was not anyone who did not know him! For an owner of a little restaurant to reject him, he was seeking death!

Bu Fang knitted his eyebrows and carefully looked at Sun Qixiang. He had slender eyes, pouty lips and monkey-like cheeks. Even though he was ugly to the point where he could be mistaken for someone from a different species... Bu Fang truly did not recognise him.

"I don't recognise you. However, these are the rules of our store, you can leave if you're not eating," Bu Fang simply said.

"Oh my! How interesting, I enjoy breaking the rules the most! If you don't give me ten bowls of Egg-Fried Rice, I will smash your store up! How dare a tiny little store like this talk about rules with me!" Sun Qixiang laughed. He thought it was interesting that someone in the imperial city actually did not know him.

Xiao Yanyu could no longer stand by and do nothing. She did not think that Sun Qixiang would actually follow them to this store. If the store was destroyed, the blame would be on her.

"Sun Qixiang, you'd better watch it! If you're here to eat, then eat properly. Do you really want me to throw you out?!" There was a slight coldness in Xiao Yanyu's voice.

Xiao Xiaolong was already staring coldly at Sun Qixiang.

Bu Fang remained expressionless after hearing Sun Qixiang's threat.

He rubbed his palms together and faintly glanced at Sun Qixiang, he said, "Smash my store up? I don't think you're capable of that. If you're ordering something, then hurry up. The menu is on the wall. If you continue to waste my time, I am permanently blacklisting you."

Xiao Yanyu went into a daze, even Xiao Xiaolong was stunned. They could not understand the reason why Bu Fang was not afraid of Sun Qixiang. Sun Qixiang had a lot of power within the imperial city, even the number one restaurant, Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, would not dare to offend him. What emboldened Bu Fang to go against him?

Sun Qixiang angrily smiled. For a tiny little restaurant owner like that to be so arrogant in front of him, he learnt something new that day.

"Brat, you have guts. The last person who spoke to me this way became fish food." Sun Qixiang coldly smiled and looked towards the menu. On the menu, there were four dishes.

He could have immediately ordered his men to smash the store up, but not with Xiao Yanyu around. Since that was the case, he wanted to see what this little store was capable of.

"Haha, this truly is a small restaurant. With only four dishes, one of them is repeated as well... Are you telling me you can cook up a feast with Egg-Fried Rice?" Sun Qixiang only looked at the name of the dishes and completely ignored the prices.

Price? Sun Qixiang had more than enough money!

"What are you ordering?" Bu Fang expressionlessly asked.

"Give me every single dish on the menu." Sun Qixiang sat down at a table. He wanted to know what exactly the little restaurant had that could attract the number one beauty in the imperial city.

Sun Qixiang appraised the little restaurant. He had to admit that the decoration was quite unique, it felt cozy.

"Every single dish? Alright, that's eleven crystals and two hundred gold coins in total."

Bu Fang smirked and indifferently reported the price.

Sun Qixiang was sitting on a chair with his leg crossed over his knee. When he heard the price that Bu Fang reported, his expression froze and he looked at Bu Fang as if he was an idiot.

"Do you think I am stupid? It's just two bowls of Egg-Fried Rice, a plate of Stir-Fried Vegetables and a plate of Dry-Mixed Noodles, and you're telling me that it's eleven crystals and two hundred gold coins? If you're looking to rip someone off, at least choose your victims well, how dare you try to scam me?!"

Sun Qixiang practically shouted those words out. Even though he was well-to-do, he was not a brainless idiot.

"Are you blind? The price is written on the menu, get lost if you're not ordering!" Bu Fang's patience had already completely disappeared, he did not have much leniency towards customers. As someone who aimed to become the God of Cooking, he had his own pride.

"Don't pretend to be rich if you have no money."

When Xiao Xiaolong saw Sun Qixiang's reaction, he almost laughed out loud. He had the same expression as Sun Qixiang when he first saw the prices of the dishes. Now that he saw the same expression on other people, he felt an inexplicable kind of pleasure.

"No money? What a joke! I can smash you to death just by using money! Cut the crap! Serve the dishes first! I will definitely pay!" Sun Qixiang glanced at Xiao Xiaolong disdainfully, opened his paper fan and waved it while he said.

His eyes were rotating as if something was on his mind.

Bu Fang did not mind. Since Sun Qixiang had already ordered, he would just go ahead and cook the dish. Anyone who entered the store was a customer, he was not afraid that they would create trouble. That was because the store was modified by the system, any attempts to create trouble would only end badly.

"Please wait a moment."

Without saying anything further, Bu Fang entered the kitchen.

"Yanyu, why would a beautiful woman like you come to such a place to eat some stupid Egg-Fried Rice!" While they waited for their dishes to arrive, Sun Qixiang was bored. He turned towards the dignified Xiao Yanyu who was sitting nearby and tried to strike up a conversation.

However, Xiao Yanyu sat there like a statue and simply ignored him.

Sun Qixiang was given the cold shoulder by Xiao Yanyu but he didn’t think much of it. He was used to it when harassing beautiful women. And so, he continued to appraise the store with eyes filled with aversion.

When Sun Qixiang saw the prices on the menu once more, his eyes flashed with ridicule.

Xiao Xiaolong sat on one side in low spirits while he grudgingly looked at Xiao Yanyu. All of his crystals were taken away by his bully of a sister and he only had gold coins on him, so he could only order a portion of Dry-Mixed Noodles.

It may not be Egg-Fried Rice, but since it was from the same store, it should be extraordinary as well. After all... It was being sold for a hundred gold coins.

Everyone within the small store held their own thoughts.

Suddenly, a burst of fragrance drifted out from the kitchen, it was like a floating piece of silk as it caressed their faces.

Xiao Xiaolong was engrossed in the smell. "Oh! It's this smell, this intoxicating and nostalgic smell!"

Xiao Yanyu's bright eyes were filled with surprise as well. "It's truly... fragrant!"

Sun Qixiang sniffed and his eyes suddenly lit up. "It looks like this little store has some capabilities after all! This fragrance is... wonderful!"

With three pairs of eyes staring at him, Bu Fang leisurely walked out of the kitchen.

"Here's your improved Egg-Fried Rice, enjoy your meal." Bu Fang was holding a blue and water porcelain bowl in his hand, rich fragrance was drifting up from the bowl while forming a mist above it, that obscured the view of the dish.

When the blue and white porcelain bowl was placed in front of Xiao Yanyu, the rich fragrance immediately rushed towards her, like an aromatic bomb had exploded.

The smell immediately flowed into Xiao Yanyu's nostrils like a river meeting the sea. The light breeze lifted up her pink veil and exposed her beautiful face.


Xiao Yanyu gulped and a small rumble came from her stomach. Her beautiful face flushed red in embarrassment.

For a bowl of Egg-Fried Rice to cause a fourth grade Battle-Spirit to feel hunger... It was a miracle!

When the mist obscuring the dish finally dissipated, a burst of golden rays suddenly emerged from the bowl.

Sun Qixiang and Xiao Xiaolong were shocked!

Even Xiao Yanyu covered her mouth and gasped in surprise.

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