Gourmet of Another World

Chapter 9: The Robotic Assistant of Fang Fang's Little Store

Chapter 9: The Robotic Assistant of Fang Fang's Little Store

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That was right! Bu Fang was a petty-minded person!

He was not a gentleman in the first place. Even though his ambition was to become the God of Cooking, it did not change the fact that he was just an ordinary person from Earth.

"Please enjoy your meal," Bu Fang expressionlessly said to Sun Qixiang, who was eagerly staring at the Egg-Fried Rice.

"Get lost! Don't bother me while I am eating!" Sun Qixiang impatiently waved Bu Fang away.

Bu Fang pursed his lips and thought, "Let's see if you're still cocky after you have the first bite."

Sun Qixiang was no longer paying any attention to Bu Fang and was about to begin his meal. Suddenly, he thought of something and turned towards Xiao Yanyu. By then, she had already put on her veil and was once again dignified and graceful. He said to her, "I ordered a lot of dishes, do you want to eat with me?"

Xiao Yanyu knitted her eyebrows and unexpectedly hesitated as she recalled the delicious taste of the Egg-Fried Rice. She wanted to order another serving but she did not have enough money on her and the rules of the store only allowed a serving per customer.

It seemed like a pretty good choice if someone were to treat her to a meal.

However, before Xiao Yanyu could reply, Bu Fang who was sitting nearby opened his mouth and said, "Only the customer that ordered the Egg-Fried Rice can eat it. If someone else eats it, then it will be viewed as a violation of our rules and the customer will be blacklisted."

"What?! Do you think I would be scared? If I want to eat, who cares about your rules! I will get someone to beat you up until you're half dead, then make you cook! What do you think a tiny little store like this can do to me?!"

Sun Qixiang angrily stared at Bu Fang. He was about to share a meal with the beautiful Xiao Yanyu if it was not for his interruption!

"Oh, there's one more thing that I forgot to add. Not only will you be blacklisted, if she really eats it, she will be blacklisted as well. You may not understand the seriousness of the blacklist, but... you're welcome to try," Bu Fang unhurriedly said.

After Bu Fang finished speaking, Xiao Yanyu immediately dismissed any thoughts of wanting to eat Sun Qixiang's Egg-Fried Rice.

Sun Qixiang coldly snorted. He was not even bothered in the slightest by Bu Fang's threat. Why would a playboy like him be afraid of the chef of a little store? So what if he was blacklisted? It was just a joke to him.

Sun Qixiang did not say anything else. When he looked towards the savory dishes in front of him, his appetite suddenly surged. The Egg-Fried Rice that was radiating golden light was blinding to his eyes.

As he scooped up the Egg-Fried Rice with the blue and white porcelain spoon, the rich fragrance coming from it, as if an aromatic bomb had exploded and rushed into his nasal cavities. He was captivated by it.

He unhesitantly shoved the spoon into his mouth. The pearl-like rice rolled between his teeth and his tongue, it was like a massage treatment taking place in his mouth.


Sun Qixiang's eyes lit up as he shoved spoon after spoon of Egg-Fried Rice into his mouth.

Bu Fang's expressionless face finally broke into a smile as he watched Sun Qixiang gobble down the food.

Xiao Yanyu was staring at Sun Qixiang's Egg-Fried Rice when she detected a slight chill coming from Bu Fang's body. When she looked towards him in curiosity, she witnessed the stiff smile on his face.

"Eh? Hmm? He's... He's actually smiling?"

Xiao Yanyu was slightly surprised. Ever since she entered the store, the impression that Bu Fang gave her was that of a cold and haughty chef. It was hard to imagine him smiling.


Just when Xiao Yanyu was focusing her attention on Bu Fang, Sun Qixiang who was enjoying his meal suddenly stopped eating and his eyes widened.

Within seconds, his face turned from white to red, then red to purple!

With a scream, Sun Qixiang opened his mouth and vomited out rice grains. He was hopping on the spot with his hands around his neck and his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

"Hot... Hot! It's too hot!"

Tears rolled down Sun Qixiang's face. He felt as if his entire body was warping and the world was not real.

How could such a terrifying level of spiciness exist in this world?

"Water! I need to find water!" Sun Qixiang ran around the little store to find water. The burning sensation in his mouth made him feel as if his entire mouth was starting to go numb and filled his face with tears.

Bu Fang was sitting on a chair while he disinterestedly watched Sun Qixiang run around.

Suddenly, Sun Qixiang charged towards the kitchen. Since he could not find any water in the area, he wanted to enter the kitchen to find water.

Just when Sun Qixiang was about to enter the kitchen, a mechanical arm appeared out of nowhere and threw him out.

"The kitchen is a restricted area, no entry to unauthorised personnel."

Bu Fang's robotic assistant was standing at the kitchen entrance and spoke in a mechanical voice.

Xiao Yanyu and Xiao Xiaolong were speechless as they watched the scene unfold.

Xiao Yanyu suddenly turned to look at Bu Fang. She thought, "Did he do this? Is this his way of taking revenge? That's scary... How could he add such a terrifying chilli into gourmet food, that's totally inhumane!"

"Young master... Here's water!"

Sun Qixiang's underling was very perceptive. When he saw Sun Qixiang jumping for water, he already ran out to find water and brought a water bag back.

Gulp gulp!

Sun Qixiang finished the entire water bag in one go before the spicy feeling in his mouth was gone. It was fortunate for him that he did not eat that much, otherwise it would have lasted much longer.

"You're seeking death! How dare you tamper with my food!" Sun Qixiang furiously threw the empty water bag on the floor.

Bu Fang expressionlessly sat on the chair and pointed at the dish, "If you don't finish the food, that will be considered food wastage and you'll be blacklisted."

"Blacklist?! Don't talk to me about your stupid blacklist! I am shutting down your store today!" Sun Qixiang furiously gritted his teeth and pointed at Bu Fang with his paper fan.

"I want you to smash this store up!!"

Sun Qixiang said to his underling behind him.

The underling immediately perked up, smashing stores was his favorite thing to do. He picked up a chair in an experienced manner and was about to swing it towards a table. However, before he could bring the chair down, he felt his arm being crushed.

The underling screamed out in pain. A robot had appeared behind the underling, it reached out and easily crushed the underling's arm.

"Troublemaker! You've been blacklisted and hereby prohibited from stepping into Fang Fang's Little Store." A mechanical voice solemnly declared.

That underling was lifted up by the robot and gently thrown out of the store. He landed face first into the mud, wailing in pain.

"How dare you retaliate?! I can easily summon a hundred men within minutes to tear down this store!"

Sun Qixiang trembled in anger, he could not believe that a commoner would dare to go against him within the imperial city.

"Whitey, strip him and throw him outside. He should be punished for wasting food." Bu Fang stood up, yawned and simply said to the robot, Whitey. Then, he muttered to himself, "The opening hours is almost over, it's time to close up for the day."

"How dare you ignore me? I am a third grade Battle-Maniac, killing you is no different from crushing an ant!" Sun Qixiang angrily roared. His colorful robes started to flutter and glowing lights floated around his body.


The robot, Whitey, slapped Sun Qixiang on the head, knocking him down on the floor and stunning him. The true energy that he gathered within his body immediately dissipated.

After that, the sound of cloth being torn resounded around the little store!

"Damn it! Are you seriously striping me?! Do you know who I am?! I am..."

"Bang!" Whitey's eyes flashed and it slapped Sun Qixiang on the head once more, sending him into a daze.

Sun Qixiang was stripped naked except for his underwear and everything valuable on him was taken away. He was gently thrown out in a beautiful arc and landed at the entrance of the store.

Sun Qixiang was in a daze while he sat there shivering from the cold wind.

Then he suddenly heard footsteps and a pair of golden wyrm-scaled shoes appeared in the corner of his eyes...

Zhao Ruge looked at the almost naked Sun Qixiang who was only wearing a loincloth and made a tsk-tsk sound.

"How did the great Sun Qixiang end up in such an embarrassing state just by eating a meal?"

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