Grasping Evil

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Early Harmonious Spirit

Ning Fan went outside Seven Apricot City today while Zhihe walked silently two steps behind him with a fox fur coat on.

Ning Fan decided to take Zhihe out of the city for relaxation to ease the lingering sentimentality after three months of isolated cultivation. He was a cold and resolute person, so through evil cultivation and killing people, he could quickly integrate into the cultivation world and become a cultivator.

However, Zhihe was not like this. This little girl seemed to be incompatible with the entire cultivation world. Her heart was too benevolent and not fit for cultivation.

Seven Apricot City in the northern Yue Country was really a city made out of ice and tormented by the cold northern winds with fluttering snowflakes. There was not the least bit of green vegetation.

Even this was said to be “treading the green,” but there was no grass, only an endless snowfield. Zhihe wanted to fly a kite at this place, but in this freezing cold weather, how could she be in the mood…

“Big Brother Fan, why don’t we just go back…” Zhihe’s hands were frozen red from the cold. Back in the Seven Apricot Pavilion, she actually thought about coming out to get some air, but she was afraid that Ning Fan would catch a cold.

She stared at Ning Fan with her worried big eyes. Big Brother Fan’s body was so thin and weak, please don’t catch a cold… Aizz, she was already Big Brother Fan’s wife so she needs to take good care of her husband.

“Are your hands cold? I will warm you up.” Ning Fan felt tenderness towards her and gently grabbed Zhihe’s small hands.

“Big Brother Fan… In broad daylight, we shouldn’t be doing anything…” Zhihe quickly dodged but couldn’t pull back her hand.

“Who is doing anything to you, you are thinking too much silly girl… And if you are my wife, even if I do anything, you still want to stop it?”

Ning Fan laughed a little bit. Only when he was with Zhihe would he find the carefreeness of being a mortal like in the past. He enjoyed staying with Zhihe because of the simple and ordinary feeling. The old monster taught him that people must live under the sun. Only this could wash the Evil Hearts to avoid suffering qi deviation and falling to evil.

Zhihe’s white and cold hands allowed for Ning Fan to converge his murderous intent away from his heart and slowly become peaceful. Evil cultivators could not do without two things — women and wines. This was another phrase the old monster taught him.

“But I haven’t promised to marry you… So I am still not considered your wife ah?” Silly Xiao Zhihe muttered her words as weak protests, but she actually had long accepted this status in her heart.

Ning Fan only laughed at her words.

Your body already belongs to me, yet you are still not clear?

Ten miles north of Seven Apricot City, there was a canyon covered by snow and ice that was rarely visited by people. Ning Fan propped up an umbrella to block the wind and snow for Zhihe. The two of them strolled down the snow and went to the icy walls beneath the canyon.

The young man caught the girl’s hand and began to fly the kite in the luminous icy walls beneath.

“Look, Big Brother Fan, it is flying, the kite is flying…” Zhihe was happy just like a mortal maiden.

Ever since she met Ning Fan, this was the first time she smiled with relief.

This pure smile pained Ning Fan’s heart. After searching Wu Dongnan’s memories, Ning Fan saw Zhihe’s entire life.

There was no childhood nor smiles. After being captured and imprisoned in the All Pleasure School, it was only a life of gloominess…

“Big Brother Fan, you are really good to Zhihe. Zhihe is willing in this entire life… for you… for you to use me as a dual cauldron…” Zhihe flying her kite high said with genuine happiness.

“Silly girl, you are not a dual cauldron, you are my wife…”

“But I still haven’t decided to marry you…”

“Truly a silly girl…”

“You know…” Zhihe’s voice suddenly sank with a maiden’s sorrow, “Before meeting Big Brother Fan, I never hoped to live till the next day… At the All Pleasure School, I never cried even when people bullied me. The evil aunt said that if I cry even half a tear, she would kill me… I might appear to be foolish, but I still had dreams… I longed for a life taken care of by someone properly, someone who carefully protects me from fear and hardship. Someone who shields me from having to suffer from miserable homelessness, someone who I can depend on when I lose my bearings, but I didn’t know when this person would appear… To be able to be Big Brother’s dual cauldron, I already am satisfied…”

“You are my wife!” Ning Fan frowned and powerfully embraced Zhihe into his arms.

Dual cauldron — such a terrible title.

He did not want his relationship with Zhihe to simply be the master and the dual cauldron.

It was getting dark and the dusky moonlight appeared with more vigorous winds and snows. There were no extravagant warmth-gathering lotus tents nor flickering red candles, only a simple woven mat tent on the ground as romance was in the air.

Ning Fan’s arms were really warm. Zhihe’s limpid, autumn, watery big eyes were full of tension. She suddenly realized what Big Brother Fan wanted to do.

“Big Brother Fan, this place, this place isn’t suitable for that…”

Before she could finish, Ning Fan stopped her sweet lips and started his invasion.

“You are my wife!” Ning Fan’s gaze was resolute. He took off his black cloak and spread it on the ground. Then he picked up Zhihe and placed her on the black cloak as his hands were gently caressing her body.

Ning Fan’s feeling towards Zhihe was a deep devotion. It was not only physical, not just love, but a never abandoning eternal pact of life and death.

Zhihe was a natural born Bewitching Physique. After three months of cultivating the “Beauty Returning Yin Method,” she could suppress her sexual desires, but after being incited by Ning Fan, her eyes gradually became blurry. Inside this blurriness, there was a sense of tension as well as a hint of expectation.

She had already been intimate with Ning Fan twice, but Ning Fan was unconscious the first time and used brutish actions, leaving her with a painful memory. The second time, she was unconscious without any sensation so she didn’t remember any comfortable feelings.

This time was her first time embracing Ning Fan with a clear mind.

Ning Fan’s kisses were sweet and his touches were pleasurable… Why was it so…

Zhihe didn’t understand, she was confused about a lot of things…

The grand road of Yin and Yang — dual cultivation, this was the cycle of humans. Many cultivators believed that cultivation requires one to protect their Origin Yang from leaking — this was truly absurd. However, there were also numerous evil cultivators who believed that dual cultivation should steal from others to benefit the self — this was also a huge mistake.

That was not cultivation, but a kind of escapism to hide away from the true feelings of the heart…

Ning Fan began to forget that this was dual cultivation. He was actually moved and became lost in Zhihe’s charmingly soft body…

The two continued on with the moonlight on top and snow on the bottom. The wind and snow was cold, and only their bodies intertwining could keep them warm…

Even though it was not deliberate, under the effect of the Yin Yang Locket, Ning Fan still completed a round of dual cultivation.

The bottleneck of tenth level Vein Opening realm was broken at this moment.

Early Harmonious Spirit! Ning Fan only required less than four months before successfully breaking through! Such cultivation speed was enough to compare to the elite disciples from a few great sects!

The Black Evil Inflammation inside the body moved through the veins; this was the process of Harmonious Spirit. In general, each and every cultivator’s veins during the process of Harmonious Spirit could only integrate one type of spirit nature, and they could only use a spirit technique that belonged to this nature. Fire, Water, Metal, Wood, Earth, Thunder, and many more…

Only special immortal veins could contain many different spirit natures.

The Black Evil Inflammation traveled through the veins. Without a doubt, Ning Fan’s veins were imprinted with the Fire Spirit, and in the future when he used fire spirit techniques, their power would be much more powerful.

But to his surprise, inside the Yin Yang Evil Vein, there was a trace of freezing intent.

Because of the sex on the ground under the sky’s dome, Ning Fan was able to absorb a trace of the heaven and earth’s ice power.

A two element Harmonious Spirit cultivator!? Ning Fan moved his palm and a wisp of Black Evil Inflammation jumped out. The fire was on top with an iota of barely discernable white ice flame…

“This is, Yin and Yang’s harmonious power. Ice and fire cannot mix together but, because of this power, they forcibly fused together!” Ning Fan recalled the Immortal Emperor’s memories with a slightly astonished look.

The black and white Evil Flame in his palm alone was enough to kill a Harmonious Spirit, but Ning Fan faintly felt that this fire’s power was one level higher than the pure black fire from before.

After a long time, Ning Fan smirked lightly and pointed his finger to light a fire to warm Zhihe next to his side after a long session of pleasure.

Early Harmonious Spirit with Yin Yang Controlling Fire. Today, he had a little power to protect himself, so he must also protect this one trace of warmth in his heart as well.

The only trouble was that his cultivation rose too fast, and it was difficult to avoid imperfection. He required further sharpening.

“Treading the green” is a phrase meaning outing, going out, stroll

Another common belief in historical China. People shouldn’t have physical contacts or sex during the daylight, only at night

Excerpt from old version:

She felt her fox fur coat being taken off by Ning Fan and panically begged for mercy. She felt her shirt being undressed and her bra being pushed to the side. She quickly covered her breasts with her hands, but Ning Fan calmly and softly embraced them… His hand — once again — reached under, making her paralyzed body lose its strength as she embarrassingly closed her eyes… A hint of warmness caused her two legs to lose control…

“Don’t look… Don’t touch… No… Ummm…” A soft moan at the wrong time incited Ning Fan’s gaze. Zhihe was really alarmed, and anxious. She felt her body becoming weird as if there was something dripping out…

She watched Ning Fan taking off his clothes, revealing his thin white physique. Her eyes became faint and only felt that, at this moment, her Big Brother Fan was extremely handsome…

“Big Brother Fan, I’m very uncomfortable…” Her voice was like the apricot as it softly whimpered…

“Where is it uncomfortable at… This place…?”

“Ouch! No… No…”

Strange, so strange; it is clearly hurting, but why does it also feel so good…

Zhihe didn’t understand. Her breathing became more frantic as she tightly embraced Ning Fan’s neck. It was as if she wanted them to be closer and closer…

In her confusion, she didn’t care for her fragile body that was like the sad apricots in the snow, causing Ning Fan to become even more bewitched.

Ning Fan began to forget that this was a dual cultivation session, he truly felt the emotions and became lost amidst Zhihe’s beautiful body…

“Uuu… Uhh…” The panting caused the night curtain to be even more alluring.

A long time after, Zhihe’s body started to tremble uncontrollably as it turned into a red shade.

A stream of pure spring suddenly flushed out and wettened the black cloak on the ground, accompanied by a faint sweet and bewitching fragrance of the flesh.

And Ning Fan also quietly shouted as he reached the end.

His relaxed body fell on top of Zhihe’s body without letting go. However, the quiet snoring of Zhihe came from underneath as her blushed face was tired and fell asleep.

“Silly girl… you are already asleep, but the night is so long, how can I make it through by myself…” Ning Fan sentimentally placed the clothing that was all over the ground on top of Zhihe while he was sitting naked and cross-legged in the snow.

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