Grasping Evil

Chapter 30

Evil Cultivators Approach!

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Yan Zhuiyun is the disciple of one of the four honorable elders of Sinister Sparrow Sect, the “Honorable Black” Yan Bai. He is an intermediate-stage Harmonious Spirit cultivator and the fifth most outstanding youth in Yue Country´s ´List of Young Demons´.

In the hall of the Mo Clan, Yan Zhuiyun played with a flying dagger that had a dark gleam whilst staring at the four clan heads and spoke in a threatening tone.

“This flying dagger is called ´Night Chaser´, it´s my Life Treasure, a low level middle rank treasure made from Mysterious Crystal and Northern Water. With this weapon, you can instantly kill a cultivator of the same level. Mo Rushui, I came to this city only for your Mo Clan´s Spirit Augmentation ´Soul Burning´ spirit iron. I hope you don´t let me down.”

“Young master Yan must be joking. The ´Soul Burning´ spirit iron is practically a myth in the Rain Immortal World. Even though my Mo Clan specializes in Spirit Augmentation, we have never had the honor of receiving this divine material” Mo Rushui replied gracefully with a smile but was actually shocked deeply in her heart.

“I´m willing to exchange three bottles of ´Rising Spirit Dan´ and ten thousand immortal jades for this iron! ” said Yan Zhuiyun indifferently.


As these words came out, Mo Clan´s hall turned dead silent.

The Rising Spirit Dan is a kind of dan that´s needed after breaking through intermediate Harmonious Spirit stage. It is extremely valuable because one of the herbs that´s needed to make it is very rare.

A cultivator that has stepped into the Harmonious Spirit realm and broken through the intermediate stage needs to harmonize their spirit. When he breaks through to the late stage, he needs to raise the spirit to gain spirit energy. After breaking through to the peak stage, he needs to solidify the spirit and turn its energy into a gold core. Once the core is formed, it would mean that the cultivator has stepped into the Gold Core realm.

Just one Rising Spirit Dan can raise the spirit of one’s immortal vein. Three full bottles represented an amount of approximately sixty dans and it can help to reduce sixty years of harsh cultivation. If the four Harmonious Spirit clan heads said that they were not tempted, it would be a lie.

Regarding the ten thousand immortal jades, it could easily be considered the life savings of an entire clan.

However, Mo Rushui just slightly clenched her teeth while shaking her head coldy. It was true that they had the ´Soul Burning´ spirit iron, but it did not belong to the Mo Clan, nor the four clans. It was an item that the Old Monster left here before his cultivation was crippled. That item was truly priceless. If word spread, it would stir up the entire Rain Immortal World. In the Sinister Sparrow Sect, only a few people know about this matter.

Who would have known that today, someone from the Sinister Sparrow Sect would come asking for it.

Mo Rushui faintly sighed: that iron belongs to Old Monster, how could she dare take it out… Moreover, being threatened like this in the Seven Apricot City was a big loss of face...

“I´m sorry young master Yan, but our Mo Clan doesn´t have this item, please go back.” She tried to smile calmly, but Yan Zhuiyun noticed a twitch that said otherwise.

The Mo Clan really possesses the ´Soul Burning´ spirit iron! If I can obtain this item…

Yan Zhuiyun´s eyes flashed coldy, and the energy of an intermediate-stage Harmonious Spirit cultivation base emanated out, causing a ruckus in the whole hall, and the house started to crumble. The faces of the four clan heads turned pale, “Hand over the item, or today, the Mo Clan will spill blood!”

“Yan Zhuiyun, you dare to make a fuss in Seven Apricot City, are you not afraid of angering Lord Han?!” Mo Rushui´s chest started to heave up and down as her face lost all colour.

“Giving you Rising Spirit Dans and immortal jades was enough face for ´Honorable Alchemist Han´. A mere late Harmonious Spirit cultivation, if not for his skills in alchemy, this young master wouldn’t even give him that much face! Following the evil cultivators approach, if this young master wants something, I should just take it!”

This statement of Yan Zhuiyun disregarded everything. His master who was also one of the four honorable elders of Sinister Sparrow Sect, was against Old Monster, so he wouldn’t show him mercy.

Elder Lin hastily let out a light cough and gave Yan Zhuiyun a meaningful look. Lan Mei was also biting her lips and hesitating whether she should persuade them or not.

Only Bai Bi thought that Yan Zhuiyun´s actions weren’t wrong even in the slightest.

Yan Zhuiyun´s arrogant speech provoked all kind of colours to appear on the faces of the four clan´s heads whose eyes were burning with rage.

If it weren’t for Old Monster’s strict orders that they musn’t raise their hands against Sinister Sparrow´s people because the sect had helped him, given the unyielding personalities of the four clan heads, how could they have lowered their heads towards someone like Yan Zhuiyun.

The four people hadn’t said anything, yet a floating sneer came from outside the hall

“Hehe, Brother Yan, right? Nicely said, that is the right action to make! ‘evil cultivators approach’... being an evil cultivator, if you have your eyes on something, just rob it, there´s indeed no need to show mercy!”

This voice instantly grabbed the attention of everyone inside the grand hall. A white robe with a black cloak, fine black bound hair, an elegant youth leisurely entered the hall.

Mo Rushui and the other clan heads recognized this youth and looked displeased.

This youth was undoubtedly the new disciple of Old Monster: the young lord of Seven Apricot City, Ning Fan.

The four clans didn't know that Ning Fan broke through Harmonious Spirit, nor of his impressive accomplishments. They merely viewed him as a measly junior at the fifth level of vein opening.

Their first impressions regarding Ning Fan were already poor. ow, seeing him carefreely enter the hall, as well as speaking up for an outsider and agreeing with him that robbing was right, their faces instantly sank.

This Ning Fan coming to the Mo Clan, just who was he helping!

“Young Lord, what is the meaning of those words!” said Ye Huan with a tone of criticism. He slapped the table and stood up, exerting the pressure of an early stage Harmonious Spirit cultivation base on Ning Fan.

But that pressure was like a cool breeze, how could it even shake Ning Fan?

Ning Fan didn´t answer Ye Huan´s question, but Ye Huan was inwardly frightened. If Ning Fan could calmly resist his pressure, that meant he was at least an expert Harmonious Spirit cultivator...

Immediately, they saw Ning Fan stepping on an icy light, transforming into an icy rainbow and disappearing instantly, but the seven Harmonious Spirit experts inside the grand hall couldn't see through Ning Fan´s escape light!

<<Snow Treading Art>> second layer, comparable to the movement speed of a Gold Core old monster!

The icy light flashed and Ning Fan lightly appeared in front of Mo Clan's head with an intriguing smile, “everyone rest assured, since I, Ning Fan am here, no one would dare to cause trouble in master´s city. ”

And in his hands, there was one more storage bag. This bag was originally tied onto the sash around Yan Zhuiyun´s waist.

Inside were 3 bottles of Rising Spirit Dan, ten thousand immortal jades and Yan Zhuiyun´s Life Treasure, the flying dagger ‘Night Chaser’!

He obtained Yan Zhuiyun´s storage bag in one icy flash! If he wanted to kill him, it would have been just as easy!

“Young Lord, you...” Mo Rushui and the clan heads were able to tell that Ning Fan sided with Seven Apricot City.

“That is, my storage pouch?! Hmph, give it back, otherwise...” Yan Zhuiyun´s eyes were filled with fear, and his threatening tone imperceptibly softened a lot.

“Otherwise? What can you do to me? You came to Seven Apricot to cause trouble. This young lord taking away your storage bag... what´s wrong with that? What harm is there? Following the evil cultivators approach, if I like your storage bag, I can just take it! Even if I want to kill you, there's no need for a reason, I can kill you immediately!”

Ning Fan´s eyes flashed coldly. The power of an intermediate stage Harmonious Spirit not even slightly inferior to Yan Zhuiyun’s dashed out unreservedly!

Of all the people present, the faces of those who discovered the truth about Ning Fan changed greatly.

They knew that a few months ago, when Ning Fan was just brought to Seven Apricot City by Old Monster, he only had a cultivation at the first level of Vein Opening. When he presided over the Dao Fruit Auction, his cultivation didn´t exceed the fifth level of Vein Opening. In just a few months, he not only broke through to Harmonious Spirit, he even reached the intermediate stage. This kind of cultivation speed was simply horrifying!

“Who are you...” Yan Zhuiyun was extremely shocked. Since when has Ning Fan been among the intermediate stage Harmonious Spirit experts of Yue Country?!

The guy dressed in white, Bai Bi, was even more shocked. He once said the he would teach Ning Fan a lesson, but he never expected that Ning Fan´s real cultivation was far above his own. At this moment, even if he was given the courage, he wouldn't dare to go against Ning Fan.

As for Lan Mei, her fists were tightly clenched and her heart uncalm. Couldn't see through... she really couldn't see through Ning Fan… a 17 year old Harmonious Spirit realm cultivator, even the Rain Immortal World´s Heavenly King didn't have this cultivation speed.

And what she didn't understand the most was Ning Fan´s attitude towards her. She could be considered an immortal beauty with an uncountable number of suitors, but ever since Ning Fan entered the hall, he didn't look at her even once.

“Ning Fan, give the storage pouch back to senior brother Yan, we will leave Seven Apricot..” She said lightly while biting her lips.

“For what reason?” Ning Fan lifted an eyebrow. He truly had a poor impression of Lan Mei.

“You are a member of my Sinister Sparrow Sect after all, and senior brother Yan will soon become an elder of the sect. Leaving some face for him now will be better for yourself in the future… I´m saying this for your own good...” Lan Mei wasn’t sure of what she was even saying.

“Mercy? Not using a sword to cut him down, that itself is already an act of mercy! Get out of Mo Clan in three breaths of time, otherwise, die!”

The same words, coming from Ning Fan, were thousands of times mightier that Yan Zhuiyun’s!

This sentence carried the murderous aura of an immortal emperor, the destruction of Heaven Separation and tens of thousands of lives. This murderous aura was increasingly awe-inspiring and had a deep impact on the hearts of those who felt it.!

Whether it was elder Lin, Lan Mei, or even the arrogant Yan Zhuiyun and Bai Bi… they all trembled under this murderous aura.

Be it Sinister Sparrow Sect´s Master, or Sinister Sparrow´s Four Honorable Elders, none of them possessed this kind of murderous aura!

Yan Zhuiyun slowly took a step back, he suddenly saw a frightening illusion. Even though the Ning Fan in front of him has the same cultivation, at intermediate stage Harmonious Spirit, if he wants to kill him, he only needed one sword move! Yan Zhuiyun is arrogant and presumptuous, but not a fool. the contrary, he believed in his instincts.

“Brother Ning, this matter is my, Yan´s fault!”

He saluted and immediately turned into a ray of light, dashing out of the Mo Clan. He could feel that if he were a step slower, his life would not belong to him anymore.

This Yan Zhuiyun was a real evil cultivator, he dared to act arrogantly, freely killing people, but would not throw his life away for something pointless like face.

Seeing Yan Zhuiyun scared away by just a word from Ning Fan, Lan Mei and Bai Bi couldn´t believe it. Yan Zhuiyun had always been wildly arrogant, he wouldn’t even give face to his sect elders, and dared to behave atrociously in Old Monster´s territory, but this wild one was scared away by Ning Fan?

“You three,why don’t you hurry and get out!” Ning Fan sneered.

“Heng!” Bai Bi looked uncertain, clenched his teeth and walked away.

Lan Mei´s look was complex. Before she came to Seven Apricot City, what she feared the most was Ning Fan using his status as her fiancé to pester her. But now she came to understand that she was worth nothing in Ning Fan´s eyes.

She let out a complicated sigh and turned away and left. And elder Lin, with great insight, took a glance at Ning Fan while shaking his head and sighed.

“Han Yuanji, you took in a good disciple ah...”

With the departure of elder Lin, in the originally hostile Mo Clan´s hall, everyone let out a long breath of relief.

And, the people present were looking at Ning Fan inconceivably.

Intermediate stage Harmonious Spirit in less than half a year. A murderous aura that could scare away Harmonious Spirit. Rumors says that this person was a great alchemist and had superior foresight.

From that moment, in the Seven Apricot Four Clans, no one denied Ning Fan. The seven powers of Seven Apricot City were in the palm of Ning Fan´s hand.

“Young Lord has come for a visit today, is there a problem? If there is anything this subordinate can be of help with, there is no harm in saying it.” Mo Rushui stood up and saluted gracefully with respect.

“I came to augment the spirit of a treasure… By the way, what´s that ‘Soul Burning’ spirit iron? Listening to Yan Zhuiyun´s tone, it seems pretty extraordinary...”

As these words came out, the originally respectful smile of Mo Rushui turned wry.

This seemed like, just as the wolf left, came the tiger. How is it that Seven Apricot´s young lord is also thinking about the Soul Burning spirit iron…?

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