Grasping Evil

Chapter 567 - 第567章 万年前的浩劫


Chapter 567:

"Your Majesty, if I may be so bold, what is the corpse puppet of the Min Luo Race...?!"

A cold glint flickered across Ning Fan's eyes. He did not expect that the corpses of the members of the Min Luo Tree Race would be refined into puppets and given to others as rewards when they accomplish certain missions.

Before coming to the Tree World, he promised Treant Min Luo that he would look for the Mi Luo Tree Race and give them assistance when needed.

Today, before he had even started to look for the Min Luo Tree Race, he discovered this kind of rewards for the missions. This discovery made his heart sink.

Could it be that the Min Luo Tree Race is in the Eastern Tree Ocean?

Could it be that the Min Luo Tree Race has already become so weak that others could bully them however they like, capture their members and turn them into puppets which will serve as rewards for those who accomplish the missions?

Who is that person who refines the members of the Min Luo Tree Race into puppets? Is it the Bamboo Sovereign?

If that was truly the case, Ning Fan had no choice but to stand on the side of the Min Luo Tree Race and become enemies with the Bamboo Sovereign. After all, Treant Min Luo helped him guard Yue Country. Thus, from the aspect of justice and morality, he had the obligation to help him protect his race!

The moment the cold glint appeared in Ning Fan's eyes, even Tang Xiong who was at the Absolute Void Stage felt chills running down his spine. His face turned pale.

At first, Tang Xiong thought that Ning Fan was just an ordinary Void Inquiry Stage expert. Today, however, he felt an extremely massive sense of danger from the latter's eyes!

The look in his eyes contained a vast amount of baleful qi and it was unimaginably terrifying!

As Ning Fan darted a cold glance at him, Tang Xiong felt a sharp pain in his Sea of Consciousness. Countless layers of illusions began appearing before his eyes!

Those were scenes of boundless seas of blood that Ning Fan had gone through!

Among those seas of blood, countless died. The Void Refinement Realm who lost their lives to him were also too many to be counted. On top of that, there were even Void Fragmentation experts who died in his hands!

"Could it be that this kid has killed V-Void Fragmentation Realm experts before?! But how could that be possible?! No matter how heaven-defying the capabilities of a Void Inquiry Stage cultivator, it's definitely impossible for them to kill someone at the Void Fragmentation Realm!"

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The moment the black and white ring shadows appeared, the ten suns above the sky of the illusory realm exploded one after another. The sky began becoming dim and dark. The earth, however, started to tremble and the lava surged, initiating a raging flame that engulfed each of the volcanoes!

As the ring shadows flashed, an unimaginable medicine soul gradually permeated heaven and earth. It was so powerful that it could crush the medicine soul of any Fifth Revolution Pill Refinement Masters!

It was the medicine soul power accumulated in the Heavenly Dao from the countless deceased pill masters since ancient times. It was the reward that heaven and earth gave to a Seventh Revolution Pill Refinement Master!

A Fifth Revolution Pill Master did not have the right to observe the breakthrough of a Seventh Revolution Pill Master at all! Every single one of them was unable to endure the force given out by the medicinal soul of heaven and earth!

Each of the volcanoes erupted in succession, filling the sky with sparks of flames. Those flames, however, suddenly fell down, raining down upon the Pill Sovereign's location.

At this moment, the Pill Sovereign's forehead was beaded with sweat. He was sitting down with his eyes closed, beginning to push through the bottleneck of the Seventh Revolution.

A towering ancient tree was standing upright behind him. It was the form of his medicine soul.

That ancient tree had luxuriant foliage. It gave off a faint layer of light screen that was condensed from medicine soul power, preventing the rain of flames from falling upon him.

Ning Fan raised his head and looked into the sky. His expression turned grim as he was staring at the black and white ring shadows.

"This black and white ring shadow is the first ring of the Heavenly Dao – The Ring of Life and Death. If cultivators at the First Step of Cultivation are unable to escape the restriction of the first ring of the Heavenly Dao, they won't be able to achieve immortality…" Luo You explained.

"A mere black and white ring shadow like this is the Heavenly Dao of the Lower Realm, huh…"

Ning Fan was deep in thoughts. This black and white Heavenly Dao was probably the one he offended in the past.

Maybe it was an illusion. When he stared at the black and white ring shadow, he suddenly felt that the ring shadow turned into a huge eye. Its black pupil was clearly distinctive from the whites of the eye around it. That large eye batted once at him…

After he observed it carefully, he realized that the ring shadow did not undergo any changes. It seemed just like an illusion.

There was an instant where a fierce and piercing qi seemed to have been released from the ring shadow and it was locked on Ning Fan.

The Heavenly Dao of the Lower Realm seemed to have recognized Ning Fan and knew that he was the person who captured the messengers of the heavenly tribulation twice and offended the might of the heavens.

However, a brief moment later, that qi which was targeted at Ning Fan dispersed.

The reason why the heavenly ring appeared today was because the Pill Sovereign achieved the breakthrough in his pill refinement realm.

Even though the Heavenly Dao detested Ning Fan, it was aware of what was right and wrong and it did not intend to go against the rules and punish Ning Fan.

Only an indolent female voice suddenly echoed from the ring shadow of the Heavenly Dao and entered Ning Fan's ears. Other than Ning Fan, no one else could hear that voice.

"Junior of the Rain World, you are quite bold to harm my puppets in the Lower Realm. I have been in control of the heavenly ring for 150 million years. You are the first cultivator who dare to defy the heavens publicly. Although your sins are deep, I know what is right and wrong and I won't summon tribulations upon you personally now. Besides, you are already not far away from the heavenly tribulation of the Void Pierce Stage. I'm looking forward to you dying in that heavenly tribulation… But still, hopefully you can go through the tribulation safely…"

The lady seemed to have chuckled. Then, it vanished all of a sudden. That voice seemed to be coming from very far away. Neither the Pill Sovereig nor Luo You could hear it. Only Ning Fan was able to hear it.

Ning Fan's eyes widened with surprise.

Who exactly is the lady who spoke to me via telepathy just now? Her abilities are so terrifying…

Commanding the Heavenly Rings for 150 million years… Could she be an immortal emperor…?

Ning Fan sighed. He never expected that he would be targeted by such a frightening lady.

Luckily, she was a lady who goes by the law and did not try to summon tribulations on Ning Fan personally.

Although the heavenly tribulations that Ning Fan faced became scarier and scarier starting from the Void Glimpse Stage, they also did not give him no chance to survive…

The heavenly tribulations might be terrifying, but their power was still restricted to the level of the First Step of cultivation. The Heavenly Dao was not so cruel to summon an immortal tribulation on him.

An immortal tribulation was the heavenly tribulation that the Heavenly Dao of the Second Step of cultivation would summon for immortals… If Ning Fan were to encounter that level of heavenly tribulation, he would not need to make any struggles at all as he would be directly killed.

With that lady's strength, she could kill Ning Fan in a single breath. Even so, she did not abuse her power and go against the laws to summon an immortal tribulation to kill him. In a way, she could not be counted as his enemy.

Ning Fan had a feeling that even though she looked forward to seeing him die in the next heavenly tribulation he would face after attaining the Void Pierce Stage, she was also excited to see him go against the heavens and get through the tribulation…

Perhaps the terrifying heavenly tribulations that came after him every time was just a test while the heavenly tribulation puppets were his rewards…

"Ning Fan! What are you doing? Hurry up and absorb the soul power that was flowing across the heaven and world!" The Pill Sovereign suddenly opened his eyes and urged him.

Ning Fan did not utter any word. He had already decided not to absorb the Pill Sovereign's soul power.

Every time when a pill master is advancing to the Seventh Revolution, there was a limitation to the soul power that the heaven and earth would grant to them.

For ordinary Peak Grade Sixth Revolution Pill Masters, even if they absorb all the soul power that the heaven and earth give to them, they also might not necessarily be able to advance to the Seventh Revolution.

If Ning Fan absorbs the Pill Sovereign's soul power now, it would then lower his chances of success in the advancement…

Ning Fan was not a kind person. However, since the Pill Sovereign was kind to him, he was not going to repay his kindness with evil!

Suddenly, he stood up. He did not plan to absorb the soul power at al. Instead, he turned into a ray of light and flew out of the protected area of the ancient tree, soaring into the sky. Standing mid-air, he said.

"I'll help you withstand the tribulations!"

His words were simple and brief but they were loud and determined.

Upon hearing his words, the Pill Sovereign was stunned. Then, he looked touched but he sighed with a hint of disappointment at the same time.

"Silly child… This is a rare opportunity! If you absorb some of the soul power, perhaps your pill refinement realm can advance to the High Grade Sixth Revolution!"

"I never lack opportunities in my entire life. If I am not blessed with opportunities, I'll just need to seize them with force. The only thing that I can never neglect is my Dao Heart!"

With determination in his eyes, he opened his mouth and inhaled. The rain of flames that fell around the sky were absorbed into his abdomen.

Then, with a wave of his hand, he gathered the soul power that was scattered across heaven and earth near the ancient tree to make it easy for the Pill Sovereign in absorbing it.

He took out several formation disks and planted layers of Mortal Void Grade formation light around the ancient tree!

He knew that the moment the Pill Sovereign finishes absorbing the soul power, he would then start facing the tests from the heavenly tribulation!

The heavenly tribulation of the Seventh Revolution Pill Refinement Realm was not trivial. What Ning Fan was doing now was considered as helping the Pill Sovereign increase his chances in achieving his advancement.

The Pill Sovereign sighed and closed his eyes. He had decided to grant Ning Fan a vast opportunity but if Ning Fan insisted not to accept it, he also could not force him.

After making a sigh, what occupied more of his heart was the feeling of relief.

His judgement was not wrong. The disciple that he had set his eyes on was indeed a man with excellent personality. Unfortunately, that man already had a master and therefore, there was no chance for him to be his master in this life anymore…

"Fine… Since you don't accept my soul power of heaven and earth, this second session of guidance is invalid…"

"Why? Having the chance to observe a pill master attaining the Seventh Revolution at such a close distance is an opportunity itself!"

Ning Fan smiled at the sky. Just like what he had said, how many chances does one have in the world to observe the breakthrough of a Seventh Revolution Pill Refinement Master?

Commonly, every Seventh Revolution Pill Refinement Masters was worried about others seizing their soul power. Thus, most of them would choose to achieve the breakthrough in a remote area without allowing any outsider to witness sit.

The Sixth Revolution was like Heaven while the Seventh Revolution was like attaining the Immortal Realm. Breaking through to the Seventh Revolution was even more difficult than the Sixth Revolution. Its difficulty was not just in the aspect of soul transformation but also the fact that a majority of pill masters could not get the experience from those who had successfully achieved the breakthrough. Pill masters without the necessary knowledge could only explore themselves, just like a blind man travelling at night. Thus, it was naturally beset with difficulties…

The Pill Sovereign closed his eyes and stopped speaking.

In the Temple of Rain, each of the old monsters were shocked by Ning Fan's tolerance.

Be it a divine cultivator or a devil cultivator, there is basically no one who could persevere in not seizing the soul power.

How many Sixth Revolution Pill Masters in the world could keep their mind intact upon seeing a Seventh Revolution Pill Master who wants to share his soul power with them…?

Even the likes of Chu Chang An also began to have respect for Ning Fan.

Yun Qingge's eyes were staring at the bronze mirror, deep in thought.

She was Yu Chong Er's master. She was the daughter of a former Rain Sovereign. Guarding the Rain Palace was always her main priority.

Yu Chong Er had developed infatuation for a devil cultivator to a point of giving him the Heaven Deceiving Cloak, sacrificing her Insect Sovereign's Blood and even stealing the White Tiger Vambrace for him… This made Yun Qingge extremely furious.

Yu Chong Er did not tell Ning Fan that she did not request the White Tiger Vambrace from her master but she stole it from her instead…

Yun Qingge already found out that Ning Fan was that devil cultivator. Hence, she harbored enmity against him!

She stubbornly thought that Ning Fan used some kinds of lowly tricks to bewitch Yu Chong Er which caused her to do such audacious acts.

Today, she saw that even though he might be a devil cultivator, he was a magnanimous person. Therefore, she denied her original thought of him bewitching and hoodwinking Yu Chong Er…

"Could it be that Yu Chong Er gave him those things out of her own free will…" Yun Qingge seemed to have understood something and her eyes were gradually filled with confusion.

One day, two days, three days… After seven days, the Pill Sovereign had finished absorbing all the soul power of heaven and earth within the illusory realm. He then took out an unknown pill from his pouch and ate it.

That pill seemed to be effective in tempering one's medicine soul as it gradually restrained all the soul power that he had just absorbed.

The moment he finished taking in the soul power, waves of bone-chilling wind suddenly blew across the place!

At the areas where the chill wind passed by, the lava in the cracks on the land were extinguished bizarrely!

Every mountain and river directly disintegrated into ashes!

Even the ancient tree that was protecting the Pill Sovereign began withering rapidly!

In just an instant, the Pill Sovereign's medicine soul was severely injured. Blood flowed out from his lips. His eyes widened with shock!

"What a strong chill wind tribulation!"

A chill wind tribulation was a heavenly tribulation that only Void Fragmentation Realm experts would encounter.

The Pill Sovereign was at the Third Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm. However, even when he broke through to that cultivation realm, the chill wind tribulation he faced also was not as strong as this!

Even if the Pill Sovereign is fully prepared, he also would not have more than fifty percent chance of getting through such powerful heavenly tribulation!

As for the current him, he did not even have ten percent of chance as he did not expect that the chill wind tribulation would be so powerful!

Despite just breaking through to the Low Grade Seventh Revolution Pill Refinement Realm, the chill wind tribulation he faced was actually comparable to the heavenly tribulation at the Fourth Heavenly Layer of the Void Fragmentation Realm!

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