Great Demon King

Chapter 16: A lot of people are hitting me

Chapter 16: A lot of people are hitting me

Noon, the training fields for the necromancy major.

Han Shuo was absentmindedly cleaning as he ran through Master Gene’s morning lecture in his mind. Han Shuo’s eyebrows were slightly as he was deep in thought.

A fat figure sprinted in from the door and came to a stop in front of Han Shuo. Jack panted heavily as he said hurriedly, “Bad news Bryan! Carey and Borg are coming to get revenge on you!”

Han Shou was a bit unhappy that his thoughts had been interrupted. He frowned upon seeing Jack’s panicked face and asked, “What going on? Didn’t I beat up those two idiots last time? What do they want with me again?”

“I don’t know, I’m not sure either. I only heard that they’re in pain because they ate something this morning. Their faces are all green! They’re yelling about getting revenge on you, even Lisa’s looking for you!”

Han Shuo still felt a bit of pain when he touched his back, but it felt a lot better than it had last night. The magical yuan had eventually fully enclosed the dark green fighting aura within his spine, and seemed to be shrinking slowly. This gave Han Shuo a small bit of comfort.

“Don’t blame me since you’ve come looking for death!” Han Shuo coldly snorted and tightly grasped the broom in his hand as he looked towards the door.

Jack still wore an anxious expression on his face as he wringed his hands, “Bryan, it’s different this time. Carey and Borg got a few helpers and they don’t seem to be errand boys from the necromancy major. They’re all really tall and strong! Hurry and run!”

“Damned Bryan, how dare you plot against us! I’ll make you pay today!” Carey’s voice had already traveled in from outside as Jack was urgently trying to convince Han Shuo to run. A crowd of people had already blocked the training field doors by the time he’d finished speaking.

Carey and Borg really did have green faces, and Borg “eurped” as soon as they had walked in through the doors. He clutched his stomach and his body spasmed for a while. He vomited a black and gooey liquid, and his breath immediately smelled of a bitter sourness.

Carey’s already green face looked even worse after seeing Borg spit something out. His stomach also seemed to be in pain as he coughed into his hand, but couldn’t vomit anything despite wanting to.

“Bryan, what did you tell Lisa to refine?! She fed it to us and we’re like this now! It’s my death or yours today!” He clutched his stomach with one hand and pointed an accusing finger with the other as he spoke bitterly. Borg’s body felt a bit weak after vomiting , and leaned on the door to keep himself upright.

He smiled inwardly as Han Shuo felt silly. He had randomly made up some disgusting things to fob off Lisa last time she’d asked him why he suddenly became so agile and vigorous, but who knew that she’d take it for real and actually refine the revolting things. It looks like she’d experimented on Borg and Carey, no wonder the two looked worse than death.

“No, no I didn’t!” Han Shuo shook his head and said with an expression of ignorance. He looked dumb and quite innocent.

“Lisa told us everything. How dare you still say you didn’t! I’m not leaving until I teach you a lesson today!” Carey bellowed angrily and made a gesture at those he’d brought with him. There were six errand boys, including Borg. They rolled up their sleeves and walked menacingly towards Han Shuo.

Apart from Carey and Borg, the other errand boys were from the department of dark magic, but they didn’t quite measure up to Jack’s description of being tall and strong. They were tall alright, but the tall ones were stick thin. There were strong ones alright, but they weren’t as tall as Han Shuo. On a whole, the tall ones weren’t strong, and the strong ones weren’t tall. Their fighting ability probably didn’t amount to much.

He flexed his hands, but still wore a dull expression on his face. An uncontrollable desire to rage and vent grew in his heart, and seemed that it would only be appeased by beating all of these people into the ground.

This desire came swiftly and unexpectedly, and it filled Han Shuo’s mind within the blink of an eye, like an incantation spurring him to action. Han Shuo’s personality had always been rather passive, and very rarely took the initiative to offend someone. He hadn’t dare get into trouble by being too cocky, but with his strength and speed now, it was very likely that the fallout would be severe if they fought. Han Shuo wasn’t willing for such a development to occur, but he didn’t seem to have rational control over his faculties at the moment.

This feeling was the same as the situation when he’d faced Lisa in the training fields last time. All rational thoughts had been abandoned, and he took action according to his heart’s inner desires. It was then that Claude’s fighting aura had finally been digested by the magical yuan.

The situation was the same today. The magical yuan had enclosed Claude’s fighting aura, and his inner desires were strong beyond belief.

He turned to see a cowering and shaking Jack. There were no more traces of honest dumbness on Han Shuo’s face, the look from his eyes was as sharp as twin knives, with a streak of a gambler’s fervor. He handed Jack the broom handle and said coldly, “Hold this. Stick anyone who dares hit you!”

He paused, pointed towards the sharp end of the metal broom, and said lightly, “Use the sharp edge!”

Jack was frightened by Han Shuo’s current attitude, and stared at him dully with both legs trembling. The current Han Shuo of now was cool, calm, and collected, without a single trace of Bryan’s cowardice and timidness!

Han Shuo shoved the broom handle into Jack’s hands and turned with the familiar honest, silly look on his face. He instinctively cowered and wailed, “No, don’t hit me!”

“We’re going to do just that!” The six people all rushed in together, punching, and kicking with force, attacking Han Shuo’s entire body.

He held his head with both hands and backed up fearfully at first. When he had taken three steps backwards and arrived next to Jack, it was as if he’d suddenly lost his mind and he barked out a few howls. He rushed towards the six people, like a bull gone wild.

Carey was out in front, and his upraised right foot halted in midair as he didn’t dare complete his stomp. His heart skipped a beat as he was reminded of what had happened the last time Han Shuo lost his mind.

Although, just because Carey didn’t kick him didn’t mean that Han Shuo would let him off that easily. Han Shuo felt the magical yuan churn with increased speed as he ran. It looked like the same thing was happening again, as the magical yuan started to digest the dark green fighting aura that Erick had left behind.

At that moment, Han Shou only had one uncontained thought, and that was to mercilessly beat everyone in front of him into the ground — regardless if they were still breathing or not!

He spread both hands and caught Carey’s upraised foot like lightning. He lifted it up and sent Carey flipping backwards, landing with a huge thump and grimace of pain. His teeth made close contact with the ground and blood was already forming at the edges of his mouth.

The four who had come to help Carey and Borg were dumbfounded by Han Shuo’s about face. Their leering faces froze, and their expressions became a bit odd.

“Don’t be afraid, he’s just one person. We’ve got six on our side and can beat him to death, even if we hit him randomly!” Borg lifted his chin and said suddenly as he brought a wooden stool out of nowhere. He gave a great yell and came crashing towards Han Shuo.

The four’s flagging confidence was renewed upon hearing Borg’s words, and their expressions shifted back again. They slowly took out short wooden staves from behind them and followed Borg’s lead in rushing towards Han Shuo’s head.

They’d even prepared weapons! Han Shuo narrowed his eyes, sprang off both legs and dodged to the side as he saw that Borg’s stool was about to hit him.


The stool hit the stone floor and its legs wobbled from the impact. It didn’t look that sturdy anymore. Borg gave a light “eh?” as a shocked expression made its way onto his face. He hadn’t anticipated that Han Shuo would be able to dodge and make his strike land on empty air.

Pow! A quick fist smashed into the bridge of Borg’s nose and a bloody flower formed. Borg’s head drooped as he staggered backwards, the stool slipping from his limp hands in his pain.

His head lowered with a low laugh, Han Shuo grabbed the stool that Borg had dropped and turned to be ambushed by a short and stocky red-haired boy. The wooden stave whistled through the air, and the wooden stool was suddenly raised to catch the stave, just as it was about to hit Han Shuo’s head.

One stool leg in each hand, Han Shuo felt the magical yuan in his spine churn increasingly faster. He could clearly feel the enclosed fighting aura continue to disappear, resulting in limitless strength entering his hands. He grasped the stool legs firmly and all of a sudden tore it apart.

The entire stool was torn into half, and Han Shuo kicked out with his right foot as he held the two halves in his hands. He connected solidly with the guy’s lower abdomen, with the latter’s face immediately turning white as he stooped on the ground in pain.

Han Shuo wasn’t about to let him off that easily — the former was reveling in his bloodthirsty feelings and only wanted to full vent it out. Both of his hands started working at the same time, crashing the halves of the stool down onto the red-haired guy’s face. Blood splurted out from his forehead at once as it dyed the stool halves red.

“Hurry and stop him! That damned crazy kid will kill Alva!” Borg screamed in terror as blood streamed out from his nose, like two worms, thanks to being flattened by Han Shuo’s fist.

Even Carey was struggling to pull himself up. Despite being struck with terror, he still shakily raised the pre-concealed wooden stave and rushed towards Han Shuo with the others.


A violent series of collisions rang out. Watching from the sidelines with bent legs quivering in fear, Jack watched Han Shuo incredulously. He only saw Han Shuo raise the halves of the stool and bring them down on people’s noses. Blood trickled down their faces and the tops of their heads after only a moment.

At this moment, Jack was stunned silly, completely floored by Han Shuo’s coldly cruel methods. He never would have thought that the typically timid and accepting Bryan would one day display such a violent and savage side of himself.

Just as Jack was stupefied, Erick’s fighting aura had finally been digested by the magical yuan during the fight, in which Han Shuo had indulged his every whim. It was then that Han Shuo came to himself and abruptly realized what he was doing. He couldn’t help but feel a bit afraid.

“There’s sounds of fighting, what’s going on? Go check out the training fields!” Han Shuo suddenly heard Fanny’s voice sound from afar, with rapidly approaching footsteps following her words.

He turned back to see Carey, Borg and co. look at him with faces full of fear and dismay, each scared out of their minds. They all wielded wooden staves, but not one dared take one step closer.

Han Shuo knew that things were grave indeed, and madly ran through different scenarios in his mind. A sudden thought struck him, and he unexpectedly ran towards the training field doors. He smeared the blood from the stool onto his face and head as he ran, then threw the two blood stained halves away. He grabbed his back, where Erick’s sword had injured him, and gave a mighty yank along with a great roar of pain. The injury hadn’t fully scabbed over yet and it ripped open immediately, fresh blood staining his back red.

At the door, Han Shuo abruptly switched from a sprint to a full stop and fell to the ground, “arduously” crawling towards the door. He stuck out two bloodstained hands when he saw that Fanny and co. had appeared, and said with a face full of terror and blood, “A, a lot of people are hitting me.

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