Great Demon King

Chapter 19: I like you

Chapter 19: I like you

Lisa wildly reached out in her panic, and by sheer coincidence, grabbed Han Shuo’s pant leg, while falling through the air. She immediately gave a strong tug, violently swinging Han Shuo’s body, causing him to fall down into the depths of the trap with her.

Han Shuo had already quickly checked out the bottom of the trap earlier. Thanks to the moonlight, he could see that there weren’t any sharp knives planted at the bottom of the trap, just a few protruding rocks, but those protruding rocks would still cause great discomfort if one fell onto them.

Han Shuo’s heart was curiously calm with the sounds of Lisa’s screams filling his ears. He didn’t know if it was because he’d been training his magical yuan, but recently whenever he’d faced danger, Han Shuo’s first reaction was not to panic. Rather, he swiftly thought about how to resolve the crisis he was in, and this time was no exception.

The trap had been hastily laid, and thus was only three meters deep, but during the split seconds of the fall, Han Shuo surprisingly still had the mental capacity to think of other things. While listening to Lisa’s screams, Han Shuo circulated the magical yuan that had just digested the fighting aura at a speed many times faster than normal.

Han Shuo made his move just as the two were about to violently crash into the protruding rocks. He snatched Lisa out of thin air, catching the girl who had completely lost her head and was screaming every which way, around the waist. He whirled himself around and sacrificed his butt and back, smashing right onto the protruding rocks at the bottom of the pit.

“Aiyo….” Han Shuo grimaced in pain as the wound, that had been dressed not too long ago, split open again. Fresh blood oozed out instantaneously. As the primary point of contact, his buttocks also hurt tremendously.

Lisa hadn’t suffered too much damage while being cradled in Han Shuo’s arms. Seeing that she was unharmed and listening to Han Shuo’s distressed moans, she started raking a suspicious glance over Han Shuo’s body, asking in extreme surprise, “Why did you save me?”

Han Shuo’s anguished cries were silenced by Lisa’s question. His face wore a sudden expression of dejection as he shook his head with a low sigh, “Because I like you!”

It was as if lightning had struck Lisa as soon as she heard those words. She stared at Han Shuo dumbly, completed shellshocked. It took her a long while to react as she pointed at Han Shuo and stammered, “You… you… I… I… what did you say?”

“I said I like you Lisa!” Han Shuo gazed upon Lisa with a face full of sincerity, speaking wholeheartedly, “I’ve actually liked you all these years, and so have never begrudged you for experimenting on me. Even when you almost tormented me to death with the Agony of the Soul, I still never hated you.

Except, I understand that I’m just an errand slave. There’s too much of a gap between my status and yours, so I just bury these thoughts deep in my heart and never dare to express them. I could only act crazy in hopes of soliciting more attention from you. Lisa, was I a fool to do so?”

I am so mean, such an asshole. Han Shuo sprouted off lies with an earnest face on one hand, and with the other inwardly marveled that he could use such low methods after arriving in a strange world. He didn’t know whether it was due to training his magical yuan, or the fact that he had been evil to begin with and it had only begun to show itself after shrugging off all constraints in this strange world.

Lisa was completely dumbfounded by Han Shuo, staring at him dumbly and forgetting to speak. She only shook off her stupor and hurriedly stood up when her agitated hands randomly roamed over a strip of naked thigh. When she looked at Han Shuo, an astounding blush actually stole across her face for the first time. She seemed to be a bit embarrassed.

Han Shuo started and then lowered his head for a look. That was when he noticed that Lisa had ripped his pants when they landed. Apart from his boxers, his entire lower body was completely exposed. Lisa had actually been sitting on his naked lap just now.

Frantically whipping her head to the side, Lisa’s voice heaved as she pouted, “I don’t care if you’re speaking the truth or not, there’s no way that I could like you. You’re just an errand slave for the necromancy major. I will never have anything to do with you.”

“I understand Lisa, I just hope to stay in the necromancy major and gaze upon you from afar. I won’t have any other fancies. Now that I’ve said all the words I’ve held in for years, I feel much more at ease.” Han Shuo said with a low voice and a face full of genuity.

“I, I’m leaving. We can forget about what happened before, I won’t pursue it further, but don’t you dare daydream. You’re only an errand slave, the two of us being together is impossible!” Lisa turned her back against Han Shuo and hurriedly responded as she listened to his heartfelt confession. She immediately started an incantation and summoned a skeletal warrior, commanding it to throw down the rope that she had planned to use on Han Shuo.

Han Shuo knew that once girls knew that someone had a secret crush on then, they would be unable to do anything to that person, no matter how much they had hated the person before. Lisa was the same.

Lisa wouldn’t like Han Shuo just because of his words, but would forgive Han Shuo for his past deeds because of them. She would even help him in the future, because she thought that Han Shuo liked her. Even if she never liked Han Shuo, she would be touched and thus her future actions and judgment would be affected.

Seeing that Lisa was about to leave, Han Shuo turned his back on Lisa and smiled an evil smile of a plot succeeding. He then lowered his voice, “Lisa, I can do anything for you. I have done everything possible to learn that if you want your breasts to develop fully, then you must drink lots of papaya milk and do lots of swimming. When showering after swimming, you should massage the sides of your breasts. They say that doing this will ensure that breasts develop fully.”

“Damned Bryan, where did you hear all this?” Lisa kept her head averted, throwing down a huffy response as she grasped the rope. After a pause, Lisa spoke again, “What’s papaya milk?”

“Eh, milk will do. Two cups a day!” Han Shuo suddenly remembered that this world didn’t seem to have papayas and hurriedly explained.

Swiftly turning her head, Lisa flung a fierce gaze at Han Shuo, speaking angrily, “Shut up. Don’t tell anyone about what happened today, and don’t tell others that you like me, or I’ll kill you.”

After delivering this line, she issued an order to the skeletal warrior waiting aboveground and it pulled her up. Some scuffling noises traveled down afterwards, and all became peaceful again.

Han Shuo lightly laughed heartily after exhaling a breath, thinking that he was really become more and more evil to lie so seamlessly and flawlessly. Now that Lisa had easily let him off the hook, it testified to how wondrously effective this method had been.

He snickered as he walked forward, seeing that the rope that Lisa had left behind was still there. He tugged on it and realized that the other end was most likely fastened to the fake mountain. Overjoyed, he understood that Lisa must have given him a hand out of convenience before she left. Han Shuo pulled himself up the rope and swaggered back to his warehouse.

Han Shuo practiced magic after commanding the little skeleton to redress the wounds on his back. He felt that not only had the magical yuan grown a tad bit bigger, but it spun at a higher speed than before. The Mystical Glacial Spellfire that he had been practicing for a while had finally progressed to circulating the magical yuan to his wrist. This pleased him greatly.

Was it because the magical yuan had digested Erick’s fighting aura? Han Shuo creased his brow in silent thought, thinking back to resulting circumstances after Claude’s fighting aura had been absorbed last time. Han Shuo was starting to slowly suspect that the magical yuan within his body could strengthen itself through assimilating fighting aura.

Why did training his magical yuan have such a peculiar effect? Han Shuo thought for a while to no avail and did not continue his musings. He started meditating to train his mental strength.

His mind empty and clear, Han Shuo suddenly felt distracted as he was training his mental strength. He was unable to immediately settle into his meditation as he usually did, as if something was disturbing his meditation by calling out to him. It was a bizarre feeling, and Han Shuo had ignored it at first. It was only after his meditations had been interrupted a few times that he started paying attention to this phenomenon.

As Han Shuo calmed his mind and started extending his senses, he promptly sensed that the thing interrupting his meditations was underneath the bed. The only thing underneath the bed was the handbag that had belonged to Dylan.

A thought struck him as Han Shuo reached for the bag. He withdrew the uncanny, dark green, jade box, perceiving the sinister, cold air within the box. Han Shuo shuddered involuntarily and began to carefully inspect the green, jade box.

The culprit that had repeatedly disturbed Han Shuo’s meditations was the dark green, jade box in front of him. To this day, he still didn’t know what was inside. He hadn’t been interested before, but now he had no choice but to appraise the jade box if he wanted to successfully meditate again.

He picked up the green key and stuck it into the indentation on the jade box. He felt that it was unable to turn, and an expression of bafflement appeared on his face after jiggling the key back and forth a few times.

The key can’t open the jade box, Han Shuo was startled and began to grow mystified. He recalled last time’s circumstances in great detail, and thought of something. He concentrated his mental strength, slowly focusing it on the jade box.

Suddenly, a breath of sinister aura emanated from the box and intruded into Han Shuo’s mind, hurting his mind. Fighting back against the pain, Han Shuo concentrated his mental strength as he never had before. Even the magical yuan within his body spun much faster than usual.

Bearing up against the invasion of the sinister aura from the jade box, Han Shuo tried a hard twist of the key again. The key turned to the right with an audible click, as the jade box abruptly sprang open, revealing the contents inside.

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