Great Demon King

Chapter 775 - Two Heads

GDK 775: Two Heads

Han Shuo took five days to reassemble the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation. It was installed underneath the largest gymnasium in the Han Residence. He had also installed six energy towers that power the nine layers of boundaries he deployed around the Formation to conceal the intense murderous aura emanating from the Formation.

The Formation was placed underground and very well concealed. Only the members of the Han Family who knew of the secret could find their way there. Even outsiders who were permitted to travel freely in the Han Residence will never be able to locate the secret entrance.

After Han Shuo finished setting up the Formation, his family clan members entered it impatiently. Even Sanguis, Bollands, and Gilbert went inside to further temper themselves after being encouraged by Han Shuo. The new Formation was controlled by Cauldron Spirit. It split the Formation into multiple segments of different power levels to personalize their training.

As Han Shuo wasn’t concerned about his safety in the City of Shadows, he temporarily left the Cauldron of Myriad Demon in the Formation, allowing the Cauldron to temper his family clan members.

After Rose arrived at the Han Residence, she was allocated a remote and secluded building. Rose was quiet and stayed in her building all the time. Han Shuo wasn’t worried that someone might recognize her.

Messengers from the House of Sainte had come by every day since his return to the City, asking for Han Shuo. After having reconstructed the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation, Han Shuo went to the Sainte Residence. As the competition between the Seven Corps was right around the corner, Wallace did not force Carmelita to cultivate. The first thing Han Shuo did after arriving at the Sainte Residence was to look for Carmelita and listen to her grumbling about being bored.

When Han Shuo was asked about what he had been up to in recent times, Han Shuo lied and said that he had been manning Fort Lasberg. He mentioned nothing about Hushveil City to Carmelita.

Naturally, Carmelita had heard all about the major incident at Hushveil City. She clearly did not suspect that Han Shuo had anything to do with it. She even discussed the incident with Han Shuo excitedly and declared her admiration of the mysterious attackers who wreaked havoc in Hushveil City.

Han Shuo felt a little odd to have Carmelita singing praises of himself right before him. After some chit-chatting with Carmelita, Han Shuo finally went to Andre.

“The competition between the Seven Corps is coming soon. Since you are participating, make sure to do the proper preparations,” said Andre straightforwardly after having Han Shuo take a seat. His eyes, however, were looking deeply at Han Shuo. He tried probing, “Where have you been recently?”

“I have been overseeing the daily operations at Fort Lasberg. Haha, now that Fort Lasberg is under the control of my House of Han, it is my duty to manage it well,” replied Han Shuo calmly. Han Shuo knew from Andre’s inquisitive gaze that he was suspicious of him. His and Rose’s actions in Hushveil City had been too conspicuous and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hide it for too long. Han Shuo was still hesitating if he should reveal his deeds to Andre.

“Bryan, have you heard about what recently happened in Hushveil City?” Andre looked at Han Shuo attentively. He suddenly put on a warm smile and said, “For some reason, I always feel that the incident in Hushveil City has something to do with you. Others, including my elder brother, do not think that you are capable of such things. But I feel that you can.”

Han Shuo was shocked. However, the expression on his face remained as calm as always. He replied, “Lord Andre, you sure think highly of me.”

Andre’s irises constricted. He nodded and replied, “Yes, I definitely do! For all these years, my assessment of people has always been very accurate. However, even after having interacted with you for such a long time, I have failed to discover that you had been hiding your strength. If it wasn’t for your assault on Portlem back in the banquet hall, perhaps I would remain clueless to the fact that you actually possess highgod strength even till now!”

After a short pause, while Han Shuo bunched his brows in thought, Andre continued, “In all my life, you are the only person who managed to fool my senses. Therefore, yes, I indeed think very highly of you!” Andre then kept silent for a few seconds. He looked deeply at Han Shuo and softly asked, “Bryan, can you please tell me honestly, are you the one behind the Hushveil City incident? If it is you, there are certain measures that our City must take to guard against the repercussions!”

Han Shuo looked at Andre in a daze. He could feel that Andre was sincere and could tell that he had no malice intension. The interests of Andre’s House of Sainte and Han Shuo’s House of Han were consistent and aligned. Avery and Hassling that he murdered were both enemies of the House of Sainte. Han Shuo could not see why the House of Sainte would not defend him for his actions. On top of that, Han Shuo knew that it was only a matter of time before someone will figure out that he was behind the havoc in Hushveil City.

Han Shuo realized that there was no reason to conceal the truth from Andre. He cracked a smile but did not say a word. Then, he took out two glass containers from his space ring.

They contained Avery and Hassling’s heads!

With just one look at the content of the glass containers, without needing Han Shuo to speak a word, Andre was certain that Han Shuo was behind the terrible attack on Hushveil City. Although Andre had tried preparing himself mentally, when he saw the heads of Avery and Hassling took out by Han Shuo, he was nonetheless astonished.

Andre took a deep breath. His voice was a little different than usual. He said, “It’s you! It actually is you! Good gracious, how unbelievable!”

Han Shuo was actually surprised by Andre’s reaction. He thought that Andre had given him that solemn speech because he had obtained evidence of his crime. But after seeing that astonished look on Andre, Han Shuo immediately realized that Andre had no proof but merely his gut feeling.

Andre stared at Han Shuo with wide-open eyes and remained shocked for a long time. But finally, after taking a deep breath, Andre managed to calm down. He hastily said, “Come, follow me. The incident at Hushveil City has become a serious issue. We must discuss this with my elder brother!”

Soon enough, Andre, walking in brisk footsteps with Han Shuo following, found Wallace, the City Lord of the City of Shadows.

Without a word, Andre placed Avery and Hassling’s heads on Wallace’s table. He then put on a strange smile and pointed at Han Shuo.

Wallace was stunned for a moment when the heads were placed before him. Shortly after, with his eyes glowing brightly, he turned to look at Han Shuo with shock. He seemed even more surprised than Andre was. He even cried out in surprise, “It was you?”

Han Shuo calmly admitted by nodding his head.

Wallace was struck dumb. He stared foolishly at Han Shuo for ages before he finally forced a smile and nodded. He mumbled to himself, “Unbelievable, how unbelievable! Even I have not anticipated it. Turns out to be you!” After a short pause, Wallace asked in amazement, “How did you do it?”

Han Shuo stared blankly for a moment before he shrugged and replied, “Just like that.”

“Brother, we need to proceed carefully. That Hofs of Hushveil City is a lunatic. He will not give up on Bryan easily. We need to be prepared!” said Andre in a deep voice.

“Be at ease. No one would know that Bryan was behind the Hushveil City incident within a short period of time!” Wallace smiled and said, “During the past few days, multiple family clans from various cities that have grudges with the House of Hofley publicly claimed that they were responsible for the attacks. At least three major family clans were willing to suffer Hofs’ wrath!”

After Wallace uttered those words, it became Han Shuo’s turn to be astonished. He put on a grimace and asked, “What? Why would they do that?”

“For the infamy!” Wallace explained, “To sever Hofs’ right arm, murder so many people in Hushveil City and still escape in one piece, that is no ordinary feat. It’s not something that anyone can do. For those family clans, claiming responsibility for the attacks meant that they will instantly become well-known in the Darkness Dominion. This would attract experts who seek reputation to join them, thereby improving their family clan’s strength rapidly.”

“Bryan, you might not know it, but your deeds in Hushveil City have given rise to a craze in the Darkness Dominion!” Andre smiled and continued, “Some women in the Darkness Dominion even deliberately dyed their hair silver-white and imitate the appearance of that woman who went with you. Isn’t it interesting?”

Han Shuo was at a loss of words. He did not expect that their atrocious deeds back in Hushveil City would create such a trend in the entire Darkness Dominion.

“That’s why I say, you can be at ease for now. Those few family clans have diverted too much attention. As long as you do not go out on the streets with Avery’s head and yell that you did it, no one would suspect that it was you!” Wallace consoled Han Shuo. He then smilingly said, “It seems that a huge change is coming to the rankings of the seven Divine Guard Chiefs!”

Andre nodded and said, “For all this time, Aobashi ranks first. But this time around, she will likely be moving down to the second place!”

Han Shuo could cut off Hofs’ right arm and bath Hushveil City with blood. Aobashi, however, did not have the strength to do so. It was to be expected that Andre and Wallace would have thought so.

“Andre and I will not divulge a word of what you did in Hushveil City. Ask those close to you to keep quiet about it. With that, you would be free of troubles – for the time being.” Wallace took a short pause before he continued, “You have killed Avery. This means that you have firmly secured your position as the Chief of Fifth Corps. Do your best in the battle of the Seven Chiefs. Defeating Aobashi will be greatly beneficial to your House of Han. As to the battle between divine guards, don’t worry about the results too much. After all, your Fifth Corps have been lacking people.”

Wallace and Andre thought that the Fifth Corps divine guards will take the last place in the competition. Erebus and Aobashi thought the same.

“Got it!” replied Han Shuo as he nodded. After a brief discussion about certain things with Andre and Wallace, Han Shuo left the Sainte Residence. Han Shuo was thinking about his Fifth Corps divine guards who had been tempered by the Eight Desolation and Torment Formation. He was considering how to deliver everyone a surprise!

The divine guards of the Fifth Corps had obtained great improvement in every aspect after being tempered by the Formation. They had built a strong rapport with each other. In a battle between groups, these men would form the most terrifying team. Han Shuo believed that they will not disappoint him in the competition.

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