Great Doctor Ling Ran

Chapter 469 - The Brown Notebook

Chapter 469: The Brown Notebook

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“Hey, take a look at the notebook that Doctor Ling’s holding. It looks so nice.”

“Isn’t it sold in the mini-market out there?”

“But it looks really trendy, especially its brown cover. It’s so simple and clean, unlike the notebooks sold in the mini-market outside, which looks so dated.”

“Wow, Doctor Ling put the notebook on his knees. I also want to be put on his knees…”

A few young nurses hid in the nurses’ station as they stared at Ling Ran. They felt that they could never get enough of him.

“What are you doing here?” The head nurse came from the back after her ward round. She was angry when she caught that the young nurses were not working; the department was very busy now, and there were batches of patients being forced on them at every moment.

Since she was slightly experienced, The eldest nurse among the group of young nurses answered in a low voice, “Head nurse, Doctor Ling is making some records, so we want to see if there’s anything we can do to help.”

The head nurse then realized something. She walked to the back of the nurses’ station before she looked over along the direction they pointed. Just as they said, she saw Ling Ran sitting on the bench along the corridor with one leg crossed on another. A notebook with a brown cover was placed on his leg while he wrote quickly.

The brown notebook was square in shape, and it looked slightly dumb. However, when it was placed together with Ling Ran, the brown cover gave off an extremely fashionable air.

“Just say you’re just satisfying your Ling Ran addiction. You can’t delay your work, understand?” The head nurse did not even look away as she gave her instructions.

The young nurses who had just escaped from a disaster still felt slightly hesitant. They reluctantly left the nurses’ station and handled their tasks quickly, but their eyes still drifted to Ling Ran’s direction occasionally.

“Oh yeah, where did he buy the notebook? It seems very nice.” The head nurse took out her phone and said, “Let me take a few photos. Later, I’ll ask my daughter to get one for me.”

The other young nurses felt that her reason was indeed a good idea, so they took out their phones and quickly captured some photos as well.

The eldest nurse among the group of young nurses even found the time to tease the head nurse. “Head nurse, you mustn’t let your daughter see Ling Ran’s photo. Otherwise, what will you do if she runs to the hospital every day?”

“The scariest thing will be that if she thinks that all doctors look like this and applies for nursing school.”

A few young nurses sucked in a sharp breath.

The head nurse also felt that it was no longer right for her to show her daughter the photo, so she put away her phone, coughed, and said, “If you’re done satisfying your Ling Ran addiction, go to work. Also, look for the same type of notebook when you’re free so that we can use it as well.”


“You’re right, the notebooks we’re using now don’t give us any motivation to work.”

“Using Ling Ran’s notebook can make me immediately feel interested in everything in the hospital.”

The nurses’ station was filled with a good atmosphere, and they felt more motivated to work.

Ling Ran had sat at the corridor for two hours before he finally managed to arrange the data in the notebook.

Then, Ling Ran went back to the office that the Second People’s Hospital of Wuxin City arranged for him. He opened his computer, compared the patients’ data, and started doing a comparative analysis.

The conditions of these twenty-five patients were different, so the surgical methods for every patient were different.

However, the prognosis could be categorized into two types.

The first type could be considered as patients with stable conditions. Their residual stone fragments were lower than 1%. They had low blood loss, no infection, and left the ICU in a short time… They could be said to have almost obtained the perfect surgical outcome through Master Level Hepatectomy.

But for the second type…The second type of patients would have a better prognosis, though their residual stone fragments and blood loss might not be lower than the first category of patients. However, their level of comfort was generally higher, they felt less pain, and their mental states were better. Although the surgeons did not really put much consideration into this, they would know that this condition was what they had been pursuing all this while after working as surgeons for a long time.

Ling Ran guessed that perhaps he could only produce the second type of results with Perfect Level Hepatectomy at a steady rate.

Ling Ran had only been able to produce those results because of certain factors and coincidences, or rather, if Ling Ran mastered Perfect Level Hepatectomy before he performed hepatectomy for these people, they could obtain better conditions.

When Ling Ran thought about this, he could not help but feel slightly tempted.

Sometimes, when the surgery was performed well, this did not mean that the surgeon had done something right or that he did nothing wrong, the patient was also necessary for the surgery to be performed well. The patient would also need to have done something right or did nothing wrong!

Ling Ran stood up and clapped before he shouted, “Let’s go for another ward round before we perform surgery.”

Ma Yanlin had been dozing off in front of his office table. He immediately woke up, and muttered, “I can’t anymore… I don’t want…”

He opened his eyes, and after a few seconds, released a breath of relief.

“Come with me for a ward round.” Ling Ran repeated.

“I’ll call Yu Yuan and Lu Wenbin?” Ma Yanlin asked. Both of them should be handling some emergency cases. When there were many patients in the ward, and when each patient had a question they wanted to ask a doctor, they could drown and kill two resident doctors with their questions, especially two resident doctors who were in charge. They will not be able to answer those questions no matter how much time they had.

Ling Ran shook his head. “It’ll be enough with just the both of you.”

“Excuse me…” Zuo Cidian felt hesitant as he stood up. He said, “Doctor Ling, you were thinking about some problems just now, so I dared not disturb you. But… can I take leave?”

“Now?” Ling Ran looked at his watch. It was already noon.

“Yes.” Zuo Cidian sighed helplessly. He said, “My ex-wife has reached Yun Hua, and she insisted that I go visit her.”

“Okay.” Ling Ran did not want to hold back anyone who was in a hurry. He thought and said, “You can go to Doctor Jin and let him give you the money.”

Ling Ran never lacked money or needed a lot of money. However, Ling Ran still knew a certain concept: everything in the world required money. For example, during certain moments during surgery, he will like to change into a new set of clothes, and that cost would need money. Without money, he would not even be able to shower and change his clothes?

Ling Ran did not know whether Zuo Cidian needed to shower and change his attire before he met his ex-wife, but when he saw Zuo Cidian’s serious face, Ling Ran felt that Zuo Cidian might need to change into new clothes.

“Get Yu Yuan over and ask her to come with us for the ward round,” Ling Ran said. Once he did, he was reminded of something and sat in front of his computer again. He opened his email and wrote a list of information he wanted to obtain from the ward round before he clicked the send button and sent the email to Yu Yuan.

For clinicians, performing surgeries, concluding the results of surgeries, and publishing research articles were a trinity.

Ling Ran improved his skills in clinical work through this method, and he did not care whether other people mastered the knowledge he had.

The best thing about the development of modern science was that there was no need for anyone to keep their knowledge and skills to themselves.

There was no need for those who were talented to show off their talents to others. The success of a surgical method or the development of a skill until its eventual maturity did not just depend on one single inspiration.

Humans had a history that lasted for millions of years. Along this long period of history, our ancestral apes tested matters that occurred to them during their moments of inspiration countless of times. Now, it was up to humans to make those inspirations come to full maturity by learning, arranging, and developing them.


Zuo Cidian went and looked for Doctor Jin immediately after he received Ling Ran’s orders.

Mei Tiangui’s personal doctor was now a nouveau riche in Changxi Province. Doctor Jin’s curriculum vitae was rich and clean, and he was trusted by many people. At the same time, his social connections were very wide. If there was anything common among all professions, then it would be that all the people in all professions would get sick one way or another.

Doctor Jin’s methods were different from Professor Huang’s. He took the initiative to understand the needs of the patients with hepatolithiasis before he introduced them to Ling Ran.

When Ling Ran’s surgeries were successful and the patients were successfully discharged, they thanked Ling Ran and Doctor Jin.

Besides, as Ling Ran was not an easy-going person, it was par for the course that Doctor Jin received more trust from everyone.

Through this, Doctor Jin indirectly became the family doctor for many patients.

When Zuo Cidian knocked and came in, he saw Doctor Jin making a call.

“Wait a minute.” Doctor Jin covered the phone and lowered his voice to say a few words before he put down the phone. He showed a friendly but fake smile on his face, “Doctor Zuo, did you receive new orders?”

“It’s not something related to Doctor Ling, it’s my own stuff.” Zuo Cidian lowered his voice and told Doctor Jin about him applying leave to go back home, and he needed some money.

Doctor Jin laughed without any hesitation, “We should have given you the freelance surgery fees much earlier, but there were many patients coming in nonstop, so we never managed to calculate it. Wait a minute, let me get someone to figure it out first and transfer the amount to your cards.”

“Urk… I’d like cash.” Zuo Cidian knew he needed to use money when he went back later, so he did not want any delays on that. Most importantly, he knew there were always be some obstacles during money transfer…

Doctor Jin looked at Zuo Cidian before he laughed, “It’s impossible to give you cash. If you go back with that much money, I’ll need to send someone to guard you as well.”

This reply made Zuo Cidian stunned.

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