Great Doctor Ling Ran

Chapter 806 - Road to Promotion

Chapter 806: Road to Promotion

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Winter was around the corner.

People felt cold when they entered the operating theater, and they suffered a heatstroke when they came out.

Even Fragrance Yard would start to stink in such heat. But the doctors in Ling Ran’s treatment group were basically constantly frozen.

Due to Zhang Anmin’s consultation service, the number of Ling Ran’s surgeries had greatly increased.

Ling Ran’s patients in the past were mainly from several departments, which were the Emergency Department, Department Director Huo, the Outpatient Department, and most of all, references from other doctors.

Among them, the flow of patients from Department Director Huo was based on his needs. When Ling Ran needed specific patients, Department Director Huo would find more of those patients, but there would be none at other times. The other three came at a relatively steady stream. Over a long period of time, the number of patients from these channels was basically constant and would not fluctuate too much.

Zhang Anmin’s consultation was basically adding to Ling Ran’s number of patients. He provided two and a half days of specialist consultations every week, and he could take in thirty or forty patients. Hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgeries were rather special. Usually, when people felt that their livers or gallbladders had problems, and their bodies showed obvious symptoms, it was basically set in stone that they were sick.

Therefore, the patients who came for consultation from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery would often be questioned a little before being referred to another hospital or hospitalized. There were very few who would come out of their consultation and the entirety of their treatment with their liver or gallbladder still intact.

Recently, the newly-added online consultation feature also brought in a lot of patients. Although most of them had mild symptoms, they kept Ling Ran’s treatment group busy.

For instance, a chief resident like Yu Yuan would basically have no chance of going out to get a heatstroke.

The junior doctors would have definitely loved to be in her shoes.

A hospital was a place where the extent of seniority deciding a person’s rank reached an extreme level. Being one step ahead often allowed someone to constantly do better than others. That was not just a saying in the hospital, but reality. An example was the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, where He Yuanzheng was in. It ended up being divided because of arguments between senior doctors, who tried to seize the position of the department director. In the end, the assistant chief physicians who had been there for twenty years were all purged by He Yuanzheng, an outsider.

The reason why he performed the purge was due to how seniority decided one’s rank in the hospital. Otherwise, He Yuanzheng would not have been able to secure the position of department director in the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery.

The hospital also knew the rules of survival in a department, so the higher-ups agreed to his actions tacitly and watched as He Yuanzheng took over the office. They also watched idly by when He Yuanzheng ostracized the other associate chief physicians.

It was also due to the same reason that the hospital watched how Ling Ran bullied He Yuanzheng and watched how Zhang Anmin acted as a traitor. After all, Ling Ran’s qualifications had risen, and his seniority had become higher than He Yuanzheng’s, though the second fact was still not stated in black and white.

However, nothing in the world should be taken for granted. Zhang Anmin also made countless efforts to keep his position. In order to avoid being gossiped about, he did not accept any bonus from the Emergency Medical Center recently, and he only focused on working. In order to do more, he also suspended freelance surgeries to the Bazhaixiang hospital branch. Even though his bonus from the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery was cut off, Zhang Anmin accepted this fact silently to minimize criticism.

After persisting for about a month, Zhang Anmin started giving off the natural scent of a doctor.

He would just eat in the hospital and wear scrubs as well as his white coat. There was no need for transportation, and he could sleep in the hospital because the temperature was just right. He could also gain favor from the doctors in the night shift and save money, which he then used to treat others so that he can be scolded less.

Zhang Anmin survived on his own way until the day he was finally officially hired by the hospital.

On that day, there was neither the deafening sound of gongs and drums nor banners flying around to talk about his achievements!

Zhang Anmin received a red book from the hospital director’s office and silently returned to the office belonging to Ling Ran’s treatment group in the Emergency Medical Center. When he noticed there was no one around, he locked the red book in his desk drawer and headed to the Operating Area.

The Operating Area in the Emergency Medical Center had always been bustling with activity.

Ever since the visitation room was built, it reached the points where there was a constant commotion there.

Zhang Anmin felt inexplicably lonely. In essence, he was still the associate chief physician of the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery. Although the Department of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery had already cut out his bonus and commission, Zhang Anmin was still not part of the Emergency Medical Center.

Since he was not from the Emergency Medical Center, he felt embarrassed to receive the bonus from the Emergency Medical Center, but that was only secondary; even when he received the letter of appointment for the associate chief physician, there was no one there to celebrate it with him, and it made Zhang Anmin feel a little uncomfortable.

“Doctor Zhang, you’re here.” Ma Yanlin saw Zhang Anmin and greeted him.

“Doctor Ma.” Zhang Anmin hummed, and he walked past Ma Yanlin after greeting him somewhat politely.

Ma Yanlin gave Zhang Anmin a strange look, then wiggled his nose before he said to Yu Yuan, who was next to him. “Old Zhang did not go back home again. The smell of the hospital is too strong on him.”

“Didn’t you also not return home?” Yu Yuan’s reaction was calm.

Ma Yanlin pouted. “We don’t have the same reasons for not going home, you know?”

“What’s the difference?”

“He’s afraid of his wife, so he doesn’t dare go home.”

“How about you?”

“For me…” Ma Yanlin hesitated for a few seconds and shook his head vigorously. “The two of us are different. His wife only asks him for one thing: bring money home, and it’s not the same as mine.”

Yu Yuan glanced at Ma Yanlin with a strange look. “Does your wife demand a lot from you?”

Ma Yanlin was in shock again.


Zhang Anmin opened the door to Operating Theater 3 and saw Lu Wenbin sitting on a chair as he carefully performed tendon repair.

“Is that the M-Tang technique?” Zhang Anmin asked.

“Oh, Associate Chief Physician Zhang, you’re here.” Lu Wenbin looked up with a semi-teasing tone and smiled. “It’s the M-Tang technique, and I’m doing it so slowly that I’m causing anxiety to others.”

But even though he said this, Lu Wenbin’s face was full of smiles.

He was now able to be the chief surgeon for M-Tang surgeries. Although his skill level was only average, this was still a unique and great skill. Actually, no, it was not that unique or great, but it was rather unique and great. At the very least, it was at the level of the qi cultivation technique for the Five Tigers Door Breaker Saber Technique.

Lu Wenbin was still very proud of this. With this skill alone, even if he was fired today, he could still find a job in other hospitals in Yun Hua City tomorrow. At that time, he would still be able to sing, sell pork trotters, dance around, and still be able to buy two houses a year. He was a winner in life, he had nothing to be afraid of.

Zhang Anmin felt pleased when Lu Wenbin called him by his title as associate chief physician. He wanted to boast, but he held back.

Lu Wenbin was Ling Ran’s eldest disciple, and Zhang Anmin could not help but feel a little guilty, so he complimented him out of habit. “You’re already very good to be able to perform M-Tang technique. If you concentrate on doing this technique for another seven to eight years, you will definitely have an endless supply of surgeries in Changxi Province alone, much less the country.”

“We’ll see. M-Tang technique is not a major surgery, after all,” Lu Wenbin spoke modestly but still managed to show off a little.

“There are levels in major surgeries as well.” Zhang Anmin also wanted to show off.

Lu Wenbin just smiled. “I won’t worry about these things, Department Director Huo will help me deal with it.”

“True…” Zhang Anmin once again exited from Operating Theater 3 disgruntledly.

Zhang Anmin felt resigned because he did not have sufficient qualifications for him to boast.


The door to Operating Theater 2 was opened. Ling Ran came out with bloody hands.

“Doctor Ling,” Zhang Anmin immediately greeted him.

“Oh, Doctor Zhang. Do you want to perform surgery?” Ling Ran asked as he washed his hands.

Zhang Anmin did not expect that. He then asked, “What kind of surgery?”

“Choledochoduodenostomy of the common bile duct.” Ling Ran had previously acquired this skill and began consciously accepting patients who fit the indications.

Zhang Anmin habitually accepted it.

“It’s in Operating Theater 1,” Ling Ran said before he urged him to move, “Wash your hands.”

“Oh… yes…” Zhang Anmin stepped forward in a flurry of motion and started washing his hands with the seven-step hand washing technique.

When running water hit his skin, Zhang Anmin’s mood gradually became stable.

“Doctor Ling, I got my letter of appointment as the associate chief physician,” Zhang Anmin whispered.

“Congratulations,” Ling Ran revealed a bright, charming smile. It cheered up Zhang Anmin.

“Thank you, Doctor Ling.” Zhang Anmin was energized.

Ling Ran nodded slightly. A bright blue light appeared in front of him.

[Mission: Road to Promotion]

[Mission Details: The key to team growth is the promotion of team members.]

[Mission Reward: Intermediate Treasure Chest]

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