Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 1447 - Sister Yan, I Have Seen Him at His Worst

Chapter 1447: Sister Yan, I Have Seen Him at His Worst

“That was when I was five or six. We went for a swim together in a river in the village. A lot of my friends were there,” Yan Su explained helplessly. “Do you really need to be jealous of that? You never swam in the pool with some girl?”

Mo Liuxi couldn’t find the answer to that right away. After quite a while, he said, “Your parents set up a date for you…”

“I won’t go, because I’m taking you home this Lunar New Year.” Yan Su smiled as she put her arms around Mo Liuxi’s neck.

Mo Liuxi felt that he couldn’t be mad at her anymore. “Susu, don’t worry. I’ll make sure that your parents like me. I’ll do whatever they ask.”

“What if they ask you to get out?”

“… I will get out… of that situation.”

Yan Su kept quiet.

The two flirted for some time until Chu Jiu called Mo Liuxi and told him that he was at the parking lot.

Mo Liuxi and Yan Su went downstairs and saw a black Lamborghini parked just outside the elevator.

The car window rolled down, revealing a young man sitting inside. He had a prominent nose and thin lips. His eyes were looking up, charming and enchanting. He looked like a bad boy.

Chu Jiu got out of the car immediately when he saw the two. He opened the passenger door and said, “Please, my lady.”

Yan Su froze a bit. She smiled and was just about to say something when Mo Liuxi gave Chu Jiu a cold glare and said, “Do not call her that ever again. That is my pet name for her only.”

Chu Jiu was speechless.

Yan Su blushed. How could he calmly tell others his pet name for her?

“My bad, my bad.” Chu Jiu got the message and said, “Sister Yan, please.”

“Thank you…” Yan Su bent down and got into the car quickly as she was embarrassed.

There was a slight twinkle in Chu Jiu’s eyes. He patted Mo Liuxi on the shoulder and murmured, “She looks even prettier in person than in the photos. No wonder she could take on someone like you.”

“Don’t pat me on my shoulder. I have a girlfriend now. Don’t touch me there.” Mo Liuxi moved Chi Jiu’s hand away and sat next to Yan Su.

Chu Jiu stood there staring at his hand hanging in midair. The corners of his mouth twitched.

After Mo Liuxi got into the car, he introduced Chu Jiu immediately. “This is my friend, Chu Jiu. He was studying overseas before and came back recently for the holidays. His dad sent him to Guangzhou to do some business. I wasn’t going to see him. After all, it’s Christmas and I just want to spend it with you. But he keeps sending me messages and giving me calls so I have to meet up with him.”

Yan Su fell silent.

She had no idea how to reply to that.

She looked sympathetically at Chu Jiu, who was sitting in the front seat, and said, “Nice to meet you. You know what? It’s Christmas—the more the merrier. Also, you are the first friend Liuxi officially introduced to me.”

“I know, he doesn’t have many real friends,” Chu Jiu answered, smiling.

Mo Liuxi kept quiet.

Yan Su thought the same.

Mo Liuxi grabbed Yan Su’s arm gently and said in a low voice, “That’s because I have a girlfriend—you. Why do I still need friends? It’s a waste of time and my life. And we go out sometimes for meals. That’s definitely a waste of money.”

A cold shiver ran down Chu Jiu’s spine, and he felt a bit sick. Was this sickeningly sweet man the same Mo Liuxi he had known before?

Yan Su said, “At least be nice to your friends.”

Chu Jiu chuckled and said, “It’s alright, Sister Yan. I’ve seen him at his worst. It was the first year of high school when I first met him. He was pinching and scraping his way through. It was before the Morrison family took him back. He would only have a bread roll and a cup of warm water for breakfast. One pair of shoes for the entire semester, and only two sets of clothes. He was the poorest boy in our school, but with the best grades.”

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