Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian

Chapter 23 - You Must Find Her

Chapter 23: You Must Find Her

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“Of course you can. I’ll let you know when Mr. Yi leaves,” the busy Lu Kang nodded.

The reception room was next to the elevator. Luosang put down the window shade after getting in so no one would see her from the outside. She waited for thirty minutes until she heard the very familiar sounds of footsteps coming from outside. Before, she had heard this same rhythm countless times in her bedroom, and every time, she would excitedly open the door to welcome the owner of it.

But now… her heart was thumping, and her nerves were as tense as a pulled bow so much so that she felt it hard to breathe.

“Mr. Yi, every time we mention the important things, Nian Junting changes the topic. He doesn’t seem to want to work with us,” the man said with a lowered voice. Still, Luosang recognized that familiar voice immediately. His name was Zeng Zhun, and he was Nian Junting’s junior fellow student who used to follow him around. It seemed that he had become Yi Jingxi’s right hand man now.

“I know.” Yi Jingxi’s voice was as deep as the sound of a cello; calm and bland. “Nian Junting is a proud and arrogant man. It’ll be good if we can work with him, but if we can’t, we’ll have no way to change that.”

“It’s not a big deal as we can always find other investment companies. It’s not like this is the only one in the world,” Zeng Zhun said and snorted.

“Em, didn’t you mention that Luosang is in Xia City? You’ve been trying to find her all this time, but why haven’t I heard anything about her yet?” Yi Jingxi responded coldly.

“No, I haven’t found her. I think that maybe she changed her name,” said Zeng Zhun.

“In any case, you must find her, even if you need to search the whole city,” said Yi Jingxi.

The voices of these two men faded completely as the elevator bell sounded.

Luosang froze. Her body was like a statue. She didn’t think that Yi Jingxi would still be looking for her. She had nothing now. He had taken the company, ruined her study and career. As he had said, she was no longer in that glamorous circle because Zhong Yi was there now. But then why was he still trying to find her? He had become a millionaire who had a beautiful girlfriend; wasn’t that enough for him? What else did he want? Did he still feel that he hadn’t tortured Luosang enough?

Luosang remembered that after her father went to prison, Yi Jingxi and Zhong Yi often showed up around her to make fun of her. They took delight in taunting her. Were they still planning to continue doing that?

Merely thinking about that made her tremble.

Lu Kang walked in abruptly and said, “Ms. Luosang, the guests have left. Mr. Nian is calling for you.”

“Okay.” Luosang calmed herself down, then hurriedly walked toward the office. Anyhow, staying with Nian Junting seemed to be the safest way for her to get through this period.

Seeing her show up, Nian Junting scoffed, “You spent a really long time in the bathroom. I thought you fell in the toilet.”

Luosang didn’t respond. Xiao Si stood up to defend her by saying to Nian Junting, “I can’t stand you. She waited outside instead of coming in to interrupt our meeting. I think she’s quite polite. She’s a nice carer, and you should be content. I’m leaving. I don’t want to spend more time with someone as grumpy as you.”

It was one o’clock in the afternoon when they returned to the villa. Nian Junting wasn’t hungry, but Luosang was starving. Finally, she sat by the dinner table with a bowl and a pair of chopsticks in her hands. She enjoyed the meal.

Nian Junting stared at her, brows knitted. He believed that Luosang had been acting more and more mannerlessly ever since Murong Cheng said that she could have meals with him. Now, he wanted to criticize her for something, but found that even though she was eating fast, she hadn’t made any noise through chewing and was holding the bowl and chopsticks quite properly. In addition, she picked the food with her chopsticks in a very good manner. In fact, her table manner was just as good as those of the many girls from eminent families that he had seen.

Luosang sensed the gaze which was fixed on her, so she raised her head and accidentally looked into his eyes. He seemed to be lost in his thoughts.

After what happened earlier today, Luosang had a better impression of him. She had seen many rich people from wealthy families, but all of them were so arrogant, believing that they stood high above the masses. Some of those people just loafed about with no proper things to do. Nian Junting wasn’t like any of them. He was proud, but righteous, and outstandingly capable at work.

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