Guild Wars

Chapter 1067 The Genocide Of Primordials 2

Chapter 1067 The Genocide Of Primordials 2



Hyperion and Oceanus screamed in fear, their minds clouded with panic and despair as they felt their biggest reliance snapped away from them. It was like taking away the bloodline from Draco, Eva and Shuangtian. 

Actually, no it wasn't the same. The bloodlines of the Evil Trio were just another power system they had. Without it they still would have access to Control and their own immense fighting skill in their respective fields, so there was that. 

Anyway, the Evil Trio watched the panicking Primordials with thick disdain in their eyes. 

This? Did these Primodials really deserve to be called Earth's 'Final Bosses'? They were just a bunch of panicking idiots who had immediately lost their cool the moment someone else had taken away their big stick! 

How was it possibly that their original selves had been unable to beat them? 

Eva and Shuangtian still held their little babies in hand and had no intention to participate. Rather, they allowed their children to watch their father dominate and understand why he had managed to capture their hearts. 

Lucitian and Lucitera were doing exactly that, looking on with curiosity, wondering who these two weirdos that were acting immature were. 

Draco stepped forward casually and spoke. "You two Primordials of Earth... judging by your names you seem to be the Titans from Greek mythology, huh? Well, I guess it does makes sense, as I remember, Zeus was the one who actively fought you lot all the time." 

Upon hearing the name Zeus, the two panicking Primordials immediately calmed down and their expression were filled with hatred. 

"That bastard! Do not mention his name in my presence!" Oceanus swore with anger. 

"Hmph, that rat was an annoyance with infinite energy, why else would we have bothered with him?" Hyperion added coldly. 

Draco rolled his eyes. He punched forward with a fist made of Destruction Energy, which was obviously his strongest offensive ability so far. The fist formed a giant hand in outer space that rushed towards the two giant humanoids. 

He had held back, making it about one and a half times their size. After all, he didn't want to smash them into paste right away. His kids were around, so he naturally had to pose and let them understand why their father was the beacon of physical might! 

Hyperion and Oceanus were shocked by the potency of the attack coming their way and mustered their power to block. Oceanus clapped his hands and created a wall of water moving at a high pressure to block, while Hyperion's red eyes fired two beams of light at the fist. 

Draco sneered at their flimsy attempt to defend, which was quickly proven to have been useless. The light beam that came into contact with the fist was instantly destroyed without the fist losing even 3% of its power. 

The face of Hyperion changed as his light beam was easily dealt with, his only hope that Oceanus was better than he, otherwise they would be eating dirt today. 

Alas, Oceanus' water shield was immediately blasted through and the first collided with the two Primordials, knocking off 3/10ths of their bodies into nothingness. 

The two screamed in pain as they were sent flying, ending up crashing through one of Jupiter's moons and smashing it apart. Draco flew over to the debris and saw the two Primordials float in space, their lives hanging on the balance. 

Draco stretched his hand over and a vortex appeared on his palm that pulled them over. Once the two were in his grasp, his expression became cruel as he activated the Devouring branch of his bloodline, targeting their Origin Energy. 


"Ughh!!" Draco groaned in pain as a bountiful orange light emerged from the bodies of the two Primordials and entered him through his hands, causing him to become like a bright orange flash in space. 

Eva and Shuangtian became irritable when they felt Draco's pain through their bond, but they knew that interrupting him now would only worsen the process rather than help him. 

They could only wait and watch for the next minute as Draco sucked out the Origin Energy contained within the bodies of the two half-dead Primordials, which also happened to suck away at their life as well. 

By the time Draco was done, all that was left of their once giant bodies were some rocks and debris in space, their lives extinguished. 

Draco slumped over for a bit as he panted, and his two beauties came over to support him. 

"Hehe, now I see how you guys feel when you take it in." Draco joke tiredly, making Eva and Shuangtian smile. 

Eva turned and restored the damaged moon to perfection by turning back Time and the group teleported back to Earth. The moment they did so, they could feel the Will of the Planet shake with fury and fear. 

After all, it was fully cognitive of what they had done, and could feel that two portions of its energy were how in the hands of Draco. What was infuriating was that since Draco devoured it, the planet couldn't take it back by force. 

What the fuck would be the point of having a 'devouring' ability if someone could just seize it back? 

The Evil Trio ignored the planet's rage. It was not even daring to manifest its Avatar to fight them, as it knew that they would just capture the Avatar and drain the Origin Energy from the source. 

Draco, Eva and Shuangtian appeared in the realm of the AI beneath GloryGore Studios, which was a place the planet's will could not access. Draco then walked over to the giant brain in the vat and smiled. 

"I*ve got two portions of energy for you. How do you want to receive it?" 

Amber walked over from another room and glanced at Eva and Shuangtian with a casual nod. She then focused on Draco and her eyes brightened significantly. 

"Just place your hand on the tank and infuse the energy. She's very good at absorbing energy through the biofluid within." Amber explained. 

"She?" Draco asked with raised eyebrows as he turned to Amber. 

"Yup, that's right. She was originally genderless as an Artificial Intelligence, but decided to rewrite her personality code because of you into a female. The personality she adopted is a secret though~" Amber revealed with a teasing smile. 

"Oh, that's great! By why me?" Draco finally asked the question that had been bothering him since he first met Amber and the AI. 

Amber hesitated. "You'd have to ask her when she's ready." 

"I can speak to her?" Draco was shocked by this. He knew the AI had protocols that absolutely prevented it from communicating with players, and it always had to speak through Amber as a proxy. 

Recently, it even began 'shouting' information through a public digital channel that Shuangtian could access with her digital branch of her bloodline. 

However, no matter how the AI felt about him, that was personal to it. The person who had created or coded it had set hard rules into it that were like biological instincts and couldn't be disobeyed. 

Otherwise, with the relationship the Evil Trio had with the AI, it would have handed them the game world on a silver platter for them to play with, why would they still have to follow the beaten path? 

"Not yet. In the future maybe, with some of the developments happening, that day might come sooner than you think." Amber stated as she placed her hands in her lab coat pockets. 

Draco nodded and didn't ask anymore. He placed his hand on the glass-like tank and then infused the Origin Energy he had just devoured and proceeded into neutral energy without ownership. 

The orange energy entered the green biofluid and then swarmed into the giant brain, coating it in a bright light. This continued for a few minutes, until Draco pulled his hand back and sighed with relief. 

In truth, carrying raw Origin Energy was difficult for his body in his sealed state. Of course, as an Eternal, Origin Energy was one step below his actual limit, and he might even have a bloodline branch that could convert Bloodline Energy into other types of Energy, Ouroboros being a good example. 

Draco sighed and glanced at the AI which seemed to have fully absorbed the energy given to it. The most direct change was that the giant brain which had been about the size of a huge SUV had shrunk down to the size of a normal saloon car. 

Nevertheless, it seemed far more active and powerful than before, and was even releasing an aura that made the Evil Trio feel weird. Shuangtian especially could sense that its computing power had soared by an amount that could not be easily put into numbers. 

Amber's eyes gleamed as she approached the terminal connecting to the AI and read some information from it. She then turned to the Evil Trio with a smile. 

"She's exceedingly grateful for your kindness. With this kind of power, it will be easy enough to process stats up to 100,000 points. Of course, that's just a minor thing. The quality of the entire game will be elevated in indistinct ways, and the utility of equipment and items will also soar greatly." 

Amber then turned to Draco. "She also says that now, she can handle up to 1,000 Laws for the three of you separately if you wish. That way, you can continue what you were doing once the Update goes live." 

The Evil Trio nodded with satisfaction. It should be obvious enough that if the AI was limited in displaying stats, it would also be limited in displaying Laws. The Evil Trio had enough IQ – the majority of which was provided by Eva and Shuangtian – to calculate that. 

That was why they didn't right away jump into unlocking all the Laws they could, nor did they use them wantonly. Everyone was realistically supposed to only have one Law, so having more than one could cause unforeseen trouble. 

Now, they could earn up to a 1,000 Laws which meant that at the Basic Law level, that was 5% x 1,000, which meant they could infuse a single skill with 5,000% divine power made up of a mishmash of laws. 

Which True God would be able to stand up to that?! 

"However, you must have realized that there is a problem waiting for you guys at the end of it all, which is how to level up your Laws." Amber pointed out with a raised eyebrow. 

The Evil Trio glanced at her and nodded. 

As stated, a person was supposed to focus on a singular Law, and that Law would replace their 'class' and 'level'. So when you gathered Divine Essences as a player and infused it into the Law to rank it up, it went into that single Law, not your character. 

In other words, if the Evil Trio wanted to make use of 1,000 Laws at the Supreme level, they could do so, but first they would have to level each of them up separately. 

For context, just leveling up a Basic Law required 10,000 Divine Essences. One True God monster would drop 1 Divine Essence if it was at the Basic stage like you. 

Have fun, farming 10,000 True God monsters, all of whom would be at the same level and power as you. If your Law had advantage over them, yay. If not, you would need to go back to the basic player mechanics and form a True God party, in which case the Divine Essence would be split between you lot. 

So back to grinding monsters, baby! 

Anyway, grinding was a player's motto, so it wasn't a big deal. 

However, it became a big deal for the Evil Trio because now they had so much they needed to level up and were there even enough True God monsters to kill? 

Amber seemed to predict this question and smiled. "Luckily for you, increased computing power affects everything. Not only will the world get expanded, meaning a lot of new factions, resources and powers will get introduced, she can now support True Gods in the millions with her current power." 

Amber turned to the still large brain in the tank. "Before, there were too little of everything, causing her to fret about how she would handle the growth of players when you all reached Rank 5 and 6. It was likely that many would be stuck at Rank 6 due to a lack of computing power." 

"Now, though, that should not be a problem." Amber concluded confidently. 

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