Guild Wars

Chapter 1158 The Start Of It All 2

Chapter 1158 The Start Of It All 2

This kind of melodramatic tension continued for a few more years. It peaked when Dante and Lilith announced that they would officially get married. Given that the two were extremely talented and highly regarded, the entire Lineage erupted into cheers and celebration. 

Of course, there was one person who was unable to share this enthusiasm. Fyre had held onto hope that Dante would come around and apologize, or at the very least that Lilith would admit that her way of doing thing had been wrong in an attempt to patch things up between the two sisters. 

Alas, they were all young and hot blooded at that time. Each of them were convinced to be the one in the right who had done nothing wrong, which perpetuated the tension even further. Only Dominic, the one standing by the sidelines, could see the problem. 

Unfortunately, he did not see the value in interfering with this cheap drama. Rather he was certain that at some point Fyre would give up on her grudge, most likely once she found someone better suited to her than Dante. 

The marriage was grand and the festivities held on for over a week. The groom was wearing a black suit personally tailored to him by Giorgio Armani while Lilith wore a wedding dress that had to be forcefully expanded at the lower side since her backside was too voluminous for the dress to handle. 

At the same time, in a bar in Florence, Fyre was sobbing as she sat alone deep into the night, drinking the toughest brew she could get that barely made her drunk while reminiscing about the past. 

In the beginning everything had been so perfect. Her little sister always used to cling to her and said she would become as heroic as her elder sister. Dante always used to supplicate himself to her for her to teach him some combat tricks. Dominic… well, Dominic was always amiable but there had always been that very tiny sense of distance. 

Ultimately, time continued to pass. 

What could Fyre do but accept it? Her resentment began to decrease as she matured, and even her romantic feelings for Dante had grown cold, though she continued to treat him with respect as the appointed Clan Master. 

Lilith too had spent many years trying to rebuild the two sisters' prior relationship as they had both grown up and were no longer hot blooded. She had worked hard to show her elder sister that she was sorry for her actions back then, and Fyre eventually caved in. 

However, a bit of problem remained between them because what Lilith apologized for was not wooing Dante during Fyre's absence, but her actions of trying too provoke or tease her sister, as well as her various behaviors over that time. 

Fyre sighed but accepted it. To some extent, she accepted that Lilith simply seized an opportunity. Who told her to go out and gather power to try and impress Dante? In case their roles were reversed, with her being the one to win Dante's affection during Lilith's absence, would she have agreed that her behaviour would be wrong? 

After that, she finally let go of her resentment and the Lineage entered its golden age. Fyre became the trainer for the Serpent God Inheritances and enjoyed having a throng of nerdy young boys who stared at her magnificent chest that bounced vigorously at the slightest movement. 

Lilith acted as the trainer for the Dark Angel Inheritance and she mostly had young girls following her, wanting to learn her seduction techniques as well as be like her. Lilith's every move was filled with temptation and desire, even leaving the young maidens flushed. 

Dominic handled the Horned Demon Inheritance, and he was like a big jock teaching little jocks. If it wasn't for the fact that they were all Italian and lived in Italy, there would be constant 'bro', 'dude', 'right on' and chest bumping. 

Despite becoming the Clan Master, Dante hated sitting in the clan to solve political issues. He usually delegated it down to others and spent his time outside, fighting head on with the other Lineages and beating them black and blue. 

The reason we haven't heard anything from the Morrigan, and Ilah Lineages in the modern day was because Dante crippled them to the point of near death. Same with the Anansi Lineage, the reason why only Gage could be found in the modern day was how brutally they were scattered by Dante. 

You could be sure that the Pangu Lineage was furious and tried to stop him, but this was all before the prodigies had been born. The balance of power between the Lineages was skewed, as Dante was far stronger than Ao Litian, Shangtian's father who was the clan head at the time. 

At this time, it was around 2020 and Misery's generation had been born. Time flowed at the Lineages had mostly stopped fighting openly in the face of technology which could track their fights and decided to become lowkey. 

Hence, Misery's generation and even Nightwalker's generation which came before were able to grow up in peace. After this, it was time for the next generation to be born, and this was where everything changed. 

It was unknown what was special about the year 2044, but this was the year that everything changed. Draco, Eva, Shuangtian, Gage, Connor Baines, Connor Lord, Luke, Cobra, Elle, Fitter and everyone else were born at different times during the year. 

In actual fact, whether it was Eva's mother, Kiyoko, Shuangtian's mother, Ao Bingtian and Draco's mother, Lilith, all became pregnant during 2040. They were pregnant for almost four years straight, which not only put great stress on them mentally and physically, but also cost the Lineages resources as the babies were voracious. 

This was how each Lineage knew that something was wrong, and that something would be different this time. When the women did give birth, it was a very difficult process, but Eva came out first. 

She had a bloodline purity of 85%, greatly shocking the entire Lineage landscape and setting off a bomb. If it wasn't for the fact that Bingtian was still pregnant, Litian would have started a war to kill that child immediately. 

Next to come was Shuangtian, who had a 90% bloodline purity. This seemed to balance out the tensions greatly, though some sort of scuffle went on in the Pangu Lineage over the next few months. 

The spies they had planted were unable to find out anything except the fact that Litian and his Lineage disappeared overnight while Ao Lingtian had replaced him. They then announced Ao Shangtian, the heir with 90% bloodline purity and the lineage went into silence. 

Dominic had pushed Dante to strike during the Pangu scuffle many times, but now that he was becoming a father, his war-like nature had reduced greatly, and he advocated for stability. He did not want anything to happen to his child in the least. 

A few months later, Draco came out and had a whopping 95% bloodline purity right from the get go! While the Lucifer and Amaterasu Lineages rejoiced, the Pangu Lineage could not sit still, as if there was fire on their buttocks. 

Lingtian had used that time in which Dante did not strike to consolidate his hold over the clan. Now that he heard this news, he could no longer hold back and directly mobilized for a life and death war. 

After all, no matter how good Shangtian was, two fists cannot block four hands. With two little brats against him, how could he survive and come out on top? 

As such, there was no time to think about it. Lingtian mobilized his men in the various sub-Lineages to pull their arms and force them to send out fighters to assist them. The Merlin Lineage sent out Walter, Nicholas, Hector and Edward who were young champions but were extremely unwilling. 

Juno had just recently been assassinated and the Buddha Lineage was extremely damaged due to the scuffle. They could not send out many fighters in the end. The Zeus Lineage sent out some of their best fellows, as their beef with the Lucifer Lineage was the strongest as both parties existed in Europe, just a few thousand kilometers away from each other. 

It didn't help the matter that they had been one of Dante's favorite targets whenever he had been bored. They, more than anyone else, wished to tear a chunk of flesh off from the Lucifer Lineage. 

Still, the Zeus Lineage was quite insidious. They had hidden the existence of Luke Reyson, son of Alistair who was blessed with extremely high purity and practically the dual reincarnation of Poseidon and Achilles from the Pangu Lineage. 

After seeing how hot and bothered the main Lineages were by the other possessing a child with such talent, they had wisely decided to hide theirs because even their own master the Pangu Lineage, might slap him to paste using some flimsy excuses. 

Soon, the conflict began. It was small scale at first, skirmishes to test the bottom line of each other while trying to hide from the interference of the United Nations who were already slowly crumbling apart in 2044. 

What surprised everyone was the fact that something strange seemed to be happening at the Lucifer Lineage over these past few months, something that would change the outcome of this war altogether… 


Author's Note: It's been a while since I've had to do this because I have not encountered any problems with the story till now. I went on hiatus on January 2021 for Guild Wars because it failed to fulfill my personal goals in terms of popularity and ranking following the aftermath of of chapter 30, so I started Darius Supreme in order to scratch that itch. 

After 6 months of writing Darius at full speed, it proved to be even worse, and the reasons for that are enough for me to write a whole new novel about it. Eventually, I realized what I had done wrong and after a long talk with friends and my parents, I got good advice and sobered up. 

I gave up my desire for popularity and fame and decided to honestly write and enjoy it till I was done, so I went out of hiatus in July 2021 for GW and began dual writing GW and DS. It was very stressful and taxing, to the point I developed some health issues that have lingered till now, but it was also very rewarding. 

Unfortunately, I got temporarily 'crippled' by some food poisoning and was bedridden for half a month in January 2022 and my writing enthusiasm fell. I wrote on and off for a few months, switching between DS and GW alternatively, and my rankings bombed compared to 2021. 

Then in September 2022, I picked up writing for GW mostly and left DS behind in order to tunnel vision. I have maintained that pace until this month, despite various issues. 

To simplify, the core of the issue and the reason for the wall of text above is that I am experiencing the same problems with GW as I did back then. It started a few months ago actually, but became severe this month after I decided to re-read some chapters. 

I realized that it was something you might have already suspected... I have lost my way. Even looking at the writing in those chapters before which were filled with direction and liveliness, I could see the problem. 

For me, it started when Shuangtian was introduced. Rereading it, I believe that you can easily tell that she was not supposed to be a part of the original story, but I felt like I had to add her in order to add more content. I once promised that Guild Wars would go to up to 2,000 chapters and I have tried to live up to that promise... 

Unfortunately, that might be part of my problem. 

Nowadays, having to write 1,500 words for a Guild Wars chapter, it feels like I'm running up a hill with a rock tied to my back, mentally speaking. It does not flow anymore and I do not enter the zone, every line is deliberate and requires deep thinking. I get distracted easily and find myself pressing my phone or wanting to leave the computer after every two or three lines. 

Meanwhile, my new novel, which is flourishing more than DS or even GW at its prime, I can write until it is my tired body that stops me, not my mind. Even reading others' novels fills me with disdain, and I can't help but want to write more for it. 

I once felt like this for Guild Wars, and I briefly felt like this for Darius Supreme. Worry not, I won't pause Guild Wars, because I promised never to do so again, but I cannot promise frequent or daily chapters anymore. 

As such, I feel it is only fair for me to remove privilege for GW. Thanks for your patience, and hopefully, your understanding. 

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