Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife


Mu Feng suddenly remembered something. "Oh, I remember. It can be sister Lan Lan's brother. He never showed his face in front of us, but he kept contacting her. It could be him."

It was true that he could steal from Mu Feng's laboratory in broad daylight without leaving any trace. He could even destroy the surveillance footage of certain time without even going to the security office. He could hack from who knew where and just remove his trace.

Mu Liang also admitted that. He couldn't brush off the idea of Mu Feng. A few days ago, Mu Lan's brother came to Italy and contacted Mu Lan. Mu Liang secretly send people to trace him, but after talking to Mu Lan, her brother simply vanished. Just like that.

Except for Mu Lan, no one could tell where he was or how to contact him.

Mu Laing even let his team to look for him through the satellite, but there was nothing about him, not a single information. It was as if the person wasn't in the planet.

Mu Liang was used to think that only one person could do such thing and that was Mu Lan.

But the question was, if she really hide his brother, then she knew everything, didn't she? But for a child to know everything, was it that the death of her mother and father was also known or caused by her?

However, if she knew all these, she already knew who her enemy was. Then why did she fall for 'that guy'? Wasn't he the enemy?

Clearly 'that guy' joined his hand with her enemy who sold her off in Japan when she was little. If not, why would he hurt her? What would he accomplish by hurting her?

'That guy' who never eyed a woman let alone touched them. Then why he was so engrossed in her?

And what about Mu Lan? Judging by Mu Lan's capability, if he was her real enemy, then why did she still fall for him? Why did she still suffer?

Or could it be everything was an act….?

Or, could it be everything was just to finish him off….?

Mu Liang shook his head. He was deep in thought.

If it was all act, could it be the sacrifice she did two years ago was an act?

No! Never!

She wasn't the person who liked to self-sacrifice. She would want to finish her life just to make her enemy suffer.

Or could it be…. she really fell in deeply love with him even knowing he was his enemy? Maybe that's the reason why she endured everything he made her through…..

Unconsciously, Mu Liang clenched his fists so tightly that his finger nails cut through his palms and his hands were covered in blood.

'Will she leave me after regaining her memory...?'

After so long, hiding his emotion, his fear arouse once again.

When he told Mu Lan about her past, she didn't think of anything. Moreover, she was dissatisfied with her taste in men. She blamed herself.

However, she thought like this only because she had no recollection of him now. Now that she love Mu Liang deeply, she couldn't feel for another man. That was not her style.

But what will happen after she regains her memory? Certain emotions will certainly change, and there is no doubt about it.

Then, who will she choose?

Of course, by her character, even though she loved 'that guy', she wouldn't say that aloud and would stay beside Mu Liang silently.

But Mu Liang could never endure that.

He could never accept that she would force herself to be with him when she clearly loved the other man.

Mu Liang would certainly let her go at that time, no matter how painful it would be for him, no matter how deadly scenario it would be.

"….Brother! Big brother! Big brother!"

Mu Feng's concerned tone and jerking, made Mu Liang come back to senses.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! Your palms are bleeding!" Mu Feng took the bowl of cold water from bed side table which was prepared for Mu Lan and cleaned Mu Liang's hands.

"Honestly! You scared the hell out of me!" After cleaning Mu Liang's hands, he took the first aid box and applied ointment before wrapping the wounds.

"What were you thinking that made you hurt yourself?" Mu Feng asked in concern.

He knew his brother from the moment he was born. He knew his big brother's character more than anyone. This was the first time, he saw her causing him hurt himself like that. Last time, Mu Liang broke the window of his study room in Paris after he heard that Mu Lan was dying.

It didn't take Mu Feng to guess, who his brother was thinking of. But he couldn't guess the reason, why his brother hurt himself.

'Is big brother thinking of sister Lan Lan's injuries… or is it how punish Romano…. Or is it something else.....? Hmm…. Since he didn't lose after seeing her injuries, it must be something else. Was big brother thinking of 'that guy' again?' Mu Feng thought that it must be the reason.

After he finished wrapping up the wounds, Mu Feng put the first aid box in place.

Mu Liang still didn't answer him. He kept gazing at his own palms.

Mu Feng sighed. He sat beside his big brother and his cell phone rang. He answered the call. "What?.... Now?.... Okay…. Really?" At this time, he frowned. "Are you sure?" He had doubt lingering in his tone. "I see…. Okay, I'm on it. Don't do anything, just keep a low profile... It's fine. I understand... Fine, wait for my instruction."

His tone and chatting made Mu Liang curious. He glanced at his brother.

Mu Feng hung up and said, "This old geezer is really something!"

"Are you talking about Romano?" Mu Liang guessed correctly.

Mu Feng was pissed. "Or whom? This guy made a move right after Chen left the company. It looks like he doubted Chen. Now he just contacted an arms dealer."

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