Handsome CEO’s Darling Wife

Chapter 912 A Letter to My Most Beloved Readers~

It has been a super long journey. I still remember that I first wrote this chapter on 9 July 2018 and today is 9 April 2020. It took me 1 year and 9 months to finish it.

At first, I thought it would be a normal love story. That's how I planned it. While writing, I found lots of gaps in the info I gave in the novel. So, to cover them up, I had to make something that I never imagined that I could. I invented THE COBRA.

When I think about it, I still wonder how I came up with it. I should have written it down. Now I can't remember. I vaguely remember a mark of a crab in a girl's hand in a movie. Maybe that's how I came up with The Cobra and all.

As the plot progressed, I had to rethink again and again if I wanted to end the whole story in this novel. But if I did, some of my readers would be bored with such a long story. So, I broke the whole plot in 4 pieces. The first piece is about Mu Lan and Mu Liang. The next one is about Xue Lin and her mysterious grey-eyed man. The third piece can't be revealed now. The last part is about The Cobra.

When I started writing, I was still a student busy with exams, assignments, office, training, piano classes and so on. There wasn't a day I could relax and have a day for myself. And when the novel ends, I'm at home, totally in lockdown.

I didn't think while writing this letter, my eyes would blur. It's hard to write this way. I'm not an emotional type. But I was reading your comments before writing it. Your heartwarming comments pierced through my heart and I almost died. (Just joking!)

There are two reasons I started writing novels. First and foremost, make money to study abroad and get freedom; and second, to entertain people. I hope I entertained you with comedy, smuts, and adventure.

I was also entertained with your emotions as you expressed through your comments, emails, and texts.

You have no idea how your positive words can support a poor pathetic soul.

There are times when I was abused by my parents both mentally and physically. My mind was in a mess and my hands were in pain. It was hard to write. Haha! Write what? I couldn't even think properly. How could I make a plot? Since I'm not a cry baby type and I didn't have friends to share my pains, I endured everything.

But your support brought me to light. You guys showed me the life with your inspirational and encouraging words

And I have to mention Author Ajzhen, Piokilek, LuoYe, Eustoma, mynovel20, they listened to my story when I almost broke down. They also helped me to look for university.

Also, AuthorWiz, Exlor helped me a lot when I asked for help. Their ideas improved me greatly. Though I'm not sure if I can ever get to the top like them.


Dream_ash, I didn't forget your ideas. I'll keep them in my mind.

SayuriHyuuga, you are a wonderful person. Chatting with you was always fun. Your story inspired me to write. I'm your fan. And I know that you know. Hehe!

And of course, my Editors, Kryptos, Harshitha, megha1106, Waphles, Lemon and ForeverLost, you guys worked for me for free. I couldn't pay you since Bangladesh doesn't have a rule to transfer currency to a foreign country. Aside from working for free, you motivated me and was by my side. I still remember our enjoyable group chat and how I tortured you by sending the pictures of my cooking in the middle of the night.

Xocolet, dumdum007, Helpful2468, rattienovelreading, ForeverLost, rose1091 and prathyusha nuthalapti, you guys helped me a lot by pointing out my mistakes. I know more readers pointed out my mistakes in the chapter comments and papa comments. But there are so many names! If I write all names, I will become 1000 words for sure.

Auamaze, Helpful2468, DaOist0015, Bibliophile_Anna, Kuku-P, Reddy_LiangLan, Belle_220504, Sreemoyee, rudy18, venlyanna and 4.5k readers, thank you soooooo much for your gifts and votes. I can't thank you enough for your generosity.

Reddy_LiangLan, you changed your profile picture to Mu Feng and Qi Ying's chibi characters. I saw it. It was great! Thank you!

Shansai, ysel, xiaoqi7, 14ssmith, ellaby, charryjane, attractive30, DeadlyGun, AnnoyingWizard, Cracedkaye and 3k commenters, thank you for your wonderful comments.

Adleena, ForeverLost, Waphels, Meghak, Quake, JoanaAngel05, sapna_16_ and all (242 members of Discord) who approached me and talked to me, thank you for doing so. They reminded me that I'm a human being and I needed space. You all taught me that I shouldn't back down but fight.

Of course, your Happy-go-lucky Author is a fighter. She is fighting against her family, her culture, and her country to survive if she is forced to live with her parents. She is saving money to make her dreams come true. And whoever hit her, even if they were her parents, she hit them back.

I just cannot stay still when someone hurts me without any specific reasons, you know. I got a temper. It's not my fault though, I got it from my father. That's why my paternal relatives don't try to control me. They know that I will slice them with my shamelessly shameless words when I'm angry. However, it's clear that as long as I'm spending my own money to do whatever I want, my rice father won't say anything. So, I can live with it. I already told him that I don't need an ounce of money after his death.

When they are alive, they won't give me a penny. After their death, if I take money, won't their soul haunt me down? How can I take risk of that?

Though I'm sickly, I'm taking great care of myself with my ability. And with my great adaptation skills, I'm doing great after lockdown. If I can do it, I can also win the world.

All in all, thank you, everyone, for reading my work. I made lots of mistakes, made your sleep go away and some of you even read the novel before exam and under 18 read my r-rated smuts. I'm sorry that you guys had to go through all this and it's a great joy that you guys enjoyed reading my creation. If I could, I would give every one of you warm hugs.

I will never forget what you guys did for me and I'll keep you in my prayers.

Stay safe!

Love you!

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